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PGM for Forensics Brochure


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The power of the Personal Genome Machine® (PGM™)
System for forensics is the ability to help solve cases
that cannot be solved with traditional DNA profiling
technologies. Learn more

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Get more information from your forensic samples using ION TORRENT ™ SEMICONDUCTOR SEQUENCING The power of the Personal Genome Machine (PGM ) System for forensics is the ability to help solve cases that cannot be solved with traditional DNA profiling technologies. Though capillary electrophoresis remains the gold standard and most cost-effective option for forensic analysts working with short tandem repeats (STRs), the Ion PGM System extends forensic analysis capabilities by increasing the ability to obtain DNA results from compromised samples or when additional investigative leads are required. ® ™ ™ The Ion PGM System combines semiconductor sequencing technology with natural biochemistry to directly translate chemical information into digital data, democratizing sequencing and making it accessible to virtually any laboratory or research facility. The system’s use of simple, natural sequencing chemistry eliminates the need for expensive optics and reduces complex chemistries to measure natural DNA extension. Direct, real-time sequencing detection enables you to go from sample to results typically in under a day. ™ “The biggest impact is that we will be able to combine a large number of genetic markers of different types in a single run analysis, including markers such as STRs and SNPs (single base pair changes), potentially even RNA that cannot be multiplexed with any other current technology. This will open up new possibilities, as various types of forensically relevant information can be obtained from a single sample in a single analysis.” DR. MANFRED KAYSER DEPARTMENT OF FORENSIC MOLECULAR BIOLOGY ERASMUS UNIVERSITY ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS
  • 2. Learn more about relevant ION PGM SYSTEM APPLICATIONS ™ for processing your casework samples Next-generation sequencing has the potential to vastly expand the capabilities of human identification laboratories, enabling simultaneous analysis of a wide range of forensically relevant genetic markers to help resolve challenging cases. EXPANDED CAPABILITIES IMPROVE YOUR INVESTIGATIVE LEADS • Helps indicate probable physical features of the sample owner HAVE GREATER CONFIDENCE IN YOUR IDENTIFICATION RESULTS • Enables confirmation matches with more types of markers—including STR, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), and mitochondrial markers— and allows for better discriminatory match probabilities GET MORE INFORMATION FROM CHALLENGING SAMPLES • Allows for additional results from fragmented and partially degraded DNA AVOID REDUNDANCY AND GET QUICKER RESULTS • Concurrently interrogate several samples for hundreds of markers with the same instrument, enabling time and cost savings in your workflow and quicker results APPLICATIONS IDENTIFYING STRs • Helps identify a suspect’s repeat alleles and unique sequence using CODIS identifying loci IDENTITY-, LINEAGE-, AND PHENOTYPE-INFORMATIVE SNPs • Use multiple types of markers to identify and describe the owner of the sample • Identify samples from compromised DNA “The AmpliSeq PGM panels already include ancestry inference markers that allow for refined estimates of an individual’s biogeographic ancestry. The high-throughput sequencing methodology holds the promise for even more powerful forensic panels currently being developed.” ™ ™ DR. KENNETH KIDD YALE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE MITOCHONDRIAL DNA SEQUENCING • Explore the mitochondrial genome of several individuals concurrently using whole-genome sequencing, or efficiently match individuals with just the control region • Missing persons • Disaster victim identification “These results are extremely promising and are expected to significantly increase the random match probability for mtDNA analysis when evaluating highly compromised samples.”1 DR. WALTHER PARSON INSTITUTE OF LEGAL MEDICINE INNSBRUCK, AUSTRIA 2 Life Technologies | Ion Torrent™ Semiconductor Sequencing for Forensics and Human Identification
  • 3. TRADITIONAL FORENSIC WORKFLOW EXTRACTION QUANTIFICATION AMPLIFICATION STR PROFILE GENERATION DATABASE SUBMISSION EXTEND WITH THE ION PGM SYSTEM ™ IDENTITYINFORMATIVE SOLUTION MITOCHONDRIAL SOLUTION — For cases with insufficiently amplified DNA LINEAGEINFORMATIVE SOLUTION For partial or low-quality STR profiles For comprehensive familial and kinship testing cases — — PHENOTYPEINFORMATIVE SOLUTION — To generate more investigative leads Life Technologies | Ion Torrent™ Semiconductor Sequencing for Forensics and Human Identification 3
  • 4. ION PGM SEQUENCER SINGLE-DAY WORKFLOW ™ A simple, modular workflow with minimal hands-on time allows you to quickly go from sample to identification: EXTRACT SAMPLES 0.5 HR 5.5 HR 6.5 HR 4.5 HR SHARE EXPERIENCES WITH COLLEAGUES ON ION COMMUNITY • Quickly find answers to frequently asked questions and stay updated on new products • Explore exciting new forensic applications and the publications that describe them • See how our tools work with preloaded data in our virtual machine environment • Share methods and data with colleagues • Become a part of the early-access network Join the worldwide Ion Torrent community at: ™ For more information, please visit or contact your Life Technologies sales representative. 1. Walther Parson, Ph.D., Sharon Wootton, Ph.D., Lisa Lane Schade, MHR. “The Future of Forensics Has Arrived: The Application of Next Generation Sequencing.” Forensic Magazine April/May 2013. For Research, Forensic or Paternity Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. ©2013 Life Technologies Corporation. All rights reserved. The trademarks mentioned herein are the property of Life Technologies Corporation and/or its affiliate(s) or their respective owners. CO07253 1013 0.5 HR