2013 HID University Introduction

2013 HID University Introduction



2013 HID University Introduction given at the Life Technologies Forensic Seminar Series

2013 HID University Introduction given at the Life Technologies Forensic Seminar Series



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2013 HID University Introduction 2013 HID University Introduction Presentation Transcript

  • 1Life Technologies™ | Introduction: Increasing Success Rates & Efficiency from Crime Scene to Courtroom Ariana Wheaton Senior Market Development Manager - Americas Life Technologies
  • 2Life Technologies™ | Increased  Efficiency   Ease  of  Use   Success  with   Difficult  Samples   Simplified   Interpreta;on   Higher   Throughput   Streamlined   Workflow   Technology  Improvements  Over  Last  7  Years…     Increased  Integra9on  and  Efficiency  
  • 3Life Technologies™ |    Time  to  Result     (hrs/per  24  samples)   ~1-­‐3.5  hrs   ~0-­‐2  hrs   ~4  hrs   ~1.5  hrs   ~1  hrs   Improved  Efficiency  for  Single  Source  Sample  Processing        Time  to  Result     (per  24  samples)   0   0   ~40  mins   ~35  mins   ~5-­‐10  mins   Total  Time  to  Result  =  ~7-­‐12  hrs   Collec;on   Extrac;on   Quan;ta;on/   Normaliza;on   Amplifica;on   Detec;on   Analysis   Total  Time  to  Result  =  ~1.5  hrs  
  • 4Life Technologies™ | Total  Time  to  Result  =  ~10-­‐58  hrs    Sample     Prepara;on   Quan;ta;on/   Normaliza;on   Amplifica;on   Detec;on   Analysis      Time  to  Result     (hrs/per  6-­‐16  samples)   ~1-­‐48  hrs   ~2  hrs   ~3.5  hrs     ~0.75  hrs   ~2-­‐3  hrs  Time  to  Result     (hrs/per  13  samples)   ~1-­‐3  hrs   ~1.5  hrs     ~1.5  hrs   ~0.55  hrs   ~1-­‐2  hrs   Total  Time  to  Result  =  ~6-­‐9  hrs   Dependent  on   sample  type   and  method   Improved  Efficiency  for  Casework  Sample  Processing  
  • 5Life Technologies™ | A  lot  of  progress…  But  how  much  have  we   increased  your  casework  success  rates?   Increased  Efficiency   Ease  of  Use   Success  with   Difficult  Samples   Simplified   Interpreta;on   Higher   Throughput   Streamlined   Workflow   Technology  Improvements  Over  Last  7  Years…  
  • 6Life Technologies™ | Results from recent Forensic Magazine survey… Failure rate following Amplification/CE Overall average from North American Crime Labs (n=126) §  20% - Note: Labs processing higher % of property crimes and touch DNA have much higher failure rates. Ø  We did a similar survey in 2006, and the average failure rate was also 20%! Ø  Survey indicated failure rates have not been reduced, but this is due to increase in property crime processing and more challenging samples (i.e. touch samples)
  • 7Life Technologies™ | What is the cost of failed samples? §  2006 study* in the USA estimates processing a single piece of evidence through a DNA workflow takes on average: §  157.6 minutes of analyst and labor time §  Anywhere between $425 and $1,720 §  In addition, outsourcing labs typically charge the same flat fee for service whether or not the submitted sample yields probative or useful information *Source: Cost Study of DNA Testing and Analysis North Carolina DOJ OSBM March 2006 Increasing success rates in the lab means more efficient use of investigative and laboratory resources
  • 8Life Technologies™ | What contributes to the total processing cost for a DNA evidence sample? 0%   10%   20%   30%   40%   50%   60%   70%   80%   90%   100%   Typical  Cost  Breakout*   Labor  Cost/Time   Facility  Overhead   Shipping     Reagents/Supplies   Most   impacted   by    1st  Pass   Success   Rate   *Actual cost breakout will vary by laboratory
  • 9Life Technologies™ | The “Hidden Cost” of Low First Pass Success Rates Higher  1st  Pass   Success  Rate  =   Less  Re-­‐runs   Lower  1st  Pass   Success  Rate  =   More  Re-­‐runs   Reduced  Labor  &  Consumable  Cost   Increased  Labor  &  Consumable  Cost  
  • 10Life Technologies™ | Detection & Analysis Our Mission: Improve Efficiency. Increase Success Rates. Provide More Info. LIFE Offers Complete Integrated HID Workflow GeneMapper® ID-X Expert System Software Next Generation STR Kits 3500/3500xL Genetic Analyzer 3130/3130xl Genetic Analyzer Extraction Quantification Amplification 7500 Real-Time PCR Instrument Next Generation Quantifiler® Kits PrepFiler™ Forensic DNA Extraction kit Veriti® 96-Well Thermal Cycler GeneAmp® PCR System 9700 Cycler AutoMate Express™ Collection Copan 4N6FLOQSwab™ & NUCLEIC-CARD™ Screening ParaDNA® Converge™ Software DNA Workflow Kinship and Paternity Direct Search Familial Search NEW NEW NEW NEW Converge™ Software NEW NEW
  • 11Life Technologies™ | Strategies for Increased Downstream Success Rates: Improve Collection & Sample Selection Collection 4N6FLOQSwabs™ Patented technology to maximize DNA collection and elution efficiency; enables significantly improved profile success rates compared to cotton swabs Screening Sample to Answer Casework Screening Device to help determine which samples contain the highest likelihood of generating a probative DNA profile in a laboratory workflow
  • 12Life Technologies™ | NUCLEIC-CARD™ System—Now Available Globally §  Scheduled toA reliable device for collection, preservation, and long-term storage of nucleic acids Chemically-treated matrix to enable cell lysis and protein denaturation NUCLEIC –CARD™ NUCLEIC –CARD™ COLOR NUCLEIC –CARD™ Collection Device
  • 13Life Technologies™ | Quantification – Areas for Improvement   Predic9on  of  M:F  Mixture  Ra9o   Improve  Sensi9vity  and  Reproducibility   Predict  Sample  Quality   Match  Performance  to  Newer  Genera9on  STR  kits   Improve  DNA  Standard  Consistency   Faster  Time  to  Result  
  • 14Life Technologies™ | Quantifiler® Kits Product Family   Quantifiler® Duo Kit Quantifiler® Human Kit Quantifiler® Y Human Kit Three kits – for different applications • Quantifies DNA from wide variety of sources • Works with wide variety of DNA input • Sample Extraction chemistry compatible • Guides selection of optimal AmpFSTR® PCR Amplification Kit • Accurate, Sensitive & Specific Next Gen Quantification   Two new Quantifiler® Kits in 2013 + Flexible workflow software To integrate with Next Generation STR kits Quantifiler® HP Kit Quantifiler® Trio Kit HID RT v1.2 Software NEW
  • 15Life Technologies™ | The GlobalFiler™ Kit: Going Further for Casework
  • 16Life Technologies™ | Additional 6-dye Application: Yfiler® Plus Kit
  • 17Life Technologies™ | Fall 2013 Yfiler® Plus: The First 6-Dye, 27 Marker Y-STR Multiplex Plus in Power of Discrimination •  All 17 loci amplified by the Yfiler® kit •  10 new Y-STR loci including 7 Rapidly Mutating1 Y-STRs for ability to discriminate between close male relatives •  11 mini STRs below 220bp Plus in Performance •  Improved sensitivity & results with challenging casework samples •  Improved recovery of alleles and intracolor balance in male/female mixtures containing high female background •  Improved resolution capacity for male/male mixtures •  Expanded allelic ladder •  Shorter amplification times •  Direct amplification protocol with single-source samples 1.  Rapidly Mutating Y-STRs have mutation rates above 1 x 10-2 per marker per generation. 17 Yfiler Y-STRs show mutation rates between 1 x 10-3 and 1 x 10-4 per marker per generation.  The content provided herein may relate to products that have not been officially released and is subject to change without notice.
  • 18Life Technologies™ | Ion Torrent™ Semiconductor Sequencing for Forensic Applications Casework Single Source
  • 19Life Technologies™ | Mitochondrial   DNA  Sequencing   SNP  Genotyping   Paternity,  Mixtures,  Missing   Persons,  DVI   Ancestral  &  Phenotypic   SNPs  for  Inves;ga;ve  Leads   Eye  Color     Hair  Color     Missing  Persons,  DVI   Facial   Reconstruc;on   Looking  ahead…   Poten9al  PGM™  Human  Iden9fica9on  Applica9ons  
  • 20Life Technologies™ | Webinar  hosted  by  Forensic  Magazine   Ion  Torrent™  Semiconductor  Sequencing  for  Forensic  Applica9ons   Lisa Calandro Director of Product Management Life Technologies Dr. Walther Parson Institute of Legal Medicine University of Innsbruck, Austria Available to view “on-demand”: www1.gotomeeting.com/register/134635184
  • 21Life Technologies™ | HID Workflow Software Solutions
  • 22Life Technologies™ | Converge™ Software - Integrate & Manage All Your Data, Analysis & Reporting Tools §  Modular system means easier deployment of new: −  Analysis tools (i.e. Paternity/Kinship, Database & Familial Searching) −  Lab management tools −  Data management tools −  Reporting tools Long term goal of Converge™ Centralize and integrate data, analysis and reporting across all points of the forensic DNA workflow including: −  At the crime scene −  At the police agency −  At the crime lab −  In the court room Converge™
  • 23Life Technologies™ | Our Mission: Improve Efficiency. Increase Success Rates. Provide More Info. More Workflow Efficiency Higher Success Rates More Information 4N6FLOQSwab™ & NUCLEIC-CARD™ Collection Devices ü   ParaDNA® Screening System ü   Next Gen Quantifiler® Kits ü   ü   ü   GlobalFiler® Kits ü   ü   ü   Yfiler® Plus Kit ü   ü   ü   Converge™ Software ü   ü   PGM™ for Forensics ü  
  • 24Life Technologies™ | Today’s  Agenda   Most of the presentations will be posted to SlideShare: http://www.slideshare.net/ Lifetech_HID
  • 25Life Technologies™ | THANK YOU!! Ariana Wheaton Senior Market Development Manager-Americas Life Technologies Phone: 650.638.6317 Email: ariana.wheaton@lifetechnologies.com FOR FORENSIC OR PATERNITY USE ONLY. ©2013 Life Technologies Corporation. All rights reserved. The trademarks mentioned herein are the property of Life Technologies Corporation and/or its affiliate(s) or their respective owners. The content provided herein may relate to products that have not been officially released and is subject to change without notice.