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What Master Social Media Can Do For You and YOUR Businesses Social Media!

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  • Your computer already remembers your history via cookies. The Facebook Exchange program will place cookies on third-party sites, usually when a user has shown an intent to buy.After that, the Facebook ads you see may be based on that cookie. So if you’re in the market for a car and peruse car reviews online, your computer will remember — and thanks to Facebook Exchange, this will increase the likelihood that you’ll see ads for cars on the social network.Up to this point, Facebook ads – while targeted based on your interests – have not been linked to your history outside the site.
  • Goals could be…Money, research, revealing a new consumer base.Target…It is more effective to align a target audience to a specific goalPrize…third party contests, a product from the business running the contest or intangibles…
  • Social Media

    1. 1. Social MediaFacebook forBusinessBy Simon Haggard
    2. 2. SimonHaggard.comWell YES I am Simon HaggardI have been self employed for over 10 years and reside inCaloundra on the Sunshine Coast.Father of 3 and have a blended family of 5Self Employed EntrepreneurI own a Social Media Specialist & Management Business , as wellas a Online Home Business within the Personal Development /Success Education Industry.
    3. 3. Social Media has become a part of daily life …Create a platform for business, organisations and artists to boostsales, awareness and recognition.You can reach your customers and keep them engaged at only afraction of the cost of traditional marketing.Reach your target audience and capitalise on sites such asFacebook, Twitter and YouTubedrive relevant traffic,increase sales,build your brand awarenessand generate a community.Understand your community and how they feel about yourbrand/service.
    4. 4. In Australia as at April 2012 And.. •Facebook 10.9 Million Users •YouTube 11 Million Users Newcomer •LinkedIn 2.1 Million Users •Twittier 1.8 Million Users PINTEREST •Pinterest 470,000 Users *Pinterest almost double their traffic in Australia compared to February * Facebook user numbers have increased a significant amount, almost 200,000 On a per capital basis Australia has one of the highest uptakes of social media in the world.Out of our population of 21 million, 14 million Australians are internet users and around 10.5 million are social media users.
    5. 5.
    6. 6. Benefit 1 – More traffic to your website Benefit 2 – Grow your „online community‟Benefit 3 – Instant Customer Service & Feedback Benefit 4 – No cost except your time? Benefit 5 – The viral effect Benefit 6 – Network your heart out Benefit 7 - Build your profile and credibilityBenefit 8 – Search engine optimisation benefits
    7. 7.
    8. 8. Preview your timeline Once you get timeline, youll have 7 days before anyone else can see it. This gives you a chance to get your timeline looking the way you want before other people see it. Decide what to highlight To help you get started, your timeline includes some of your top photos and stories. Hide or highlight whatever you want and add anything thats missing. Control who sees your stuff Only the people you originally shared a post with can see it on your timeline. If you want, you can go back and change who sees a post, delete it or just hide it from your timeline.
    9. 9. • Turn On Subscribe•Secure your Personal URL - across platforms• Create Interest Lists – Left Side Home• Set Milestones & And Adjust What‟s Displayed
    10. 10. • Friends List• Control who sees what• Easy to share information to theappropriate friends• Hide Your Friends
    11. 11. Control who sees content related to youShare and engage with confidenceUnderstand the privacy settings
    12. 12. Facebook Personal Profiles are meant to represent a single individual. Facebook Business Pages are designed to be a media rich, valuable presence for any artist, business or brand.
    13. 13.
    14. 14. and Benefits.. Two feature images of your business/ brand etc 1. Cover Photo 2. Profile Photo Star Posts Create Milestones Pinned Posts Highlight Posts Pre Plan Posts Change Dates on Posts Friend Activity Choose a default landing view – Find URL Custom Thumbnails Interest Lists
    15. 15. An effective Facebook strategy for your business—one that achieves your goals of education, engagement, lead generation or feedback, requires thoughtful planning. Cover and profile photos, tabs and favourite apps, milestones and more must all be considered in order to maximize all that Facebook’s NEW Timeline layout offers.1. Speak to your audience2. Voice and Tone (set it) ..decide your character of your business for your new audience i.e. Humorous, Quirky, Serious? Keep in mind facebook culture is can be fairly casual…3. Content – Be positive, engage your fans with material, don’t spam them4. Context – Great context gives people reason to come back5. Timing – The best time to post6. Interaction – Drive interaction by asking for advice, opinions, stories7. Responsiveness – Keep the conversation going
    16. 16. Manage Edit your page and see your activity logBuild Audience Invite contacts or friends, share your page and advertiseHelp Is help…Hide Removes the big admin panel from your screenNotifications / New LikesMessages / Page TipsManage PermissionsInsights
    17. 17. Let‟s start with Why do I need a “Like” page? Well, Here are my top five reasons why you should have a like page. 1. You can have an Opt-in Form (Build your Greatest Asset) 2. You can ask your visitors to “like” your Like page (Go Viral) 3. You can have a custom Welcome page 4. You can sell direct from your like page 5. You can have a video on your like page
    18. 18.  FAN-tastic Facebook Fan Page  A Custom Welcome Tab – including:  social icons/links  a welcome video or photo scroll available (client to supply if desired)  Cover & Profile Image  Customised Icons  Secure your Facebook Vanity URL  eg  Insert a Contact form for direct contact  Import of Your Blog (or any RSS feed)  Addition of a YouTube Video Tab linked to your YouTube Channel  Addition of a Twitter Feed Tab linked to your Twitter Page  Options Available  Shop within your Fan Page linked to PayPal where people can purchase product (12 items set-up included)  Mini Website with 5 Pages, contact form , photo, video and more
    19. 19. Social Media is NOT just a marketing responsibility.Having some young employees “do” social media whilethe rest of the organisation carries on as normal is arecipe for failure!Facebook has its own post planner now… Demonstrate POST
    20. 20. Social Media Marketing is using advertising on the social sites(such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and YouTube) to appeal toyour target audience.It is ideal for aiming your marketing towards specificdemographics or taking the successful "word-of-mouth" approachto a whole new level.
    21. 21. 1.Not filling out the page completely2. Using an Illegal Cover Photo3. Breaking Contest Guidelines4. Overposting5. Focusing Too Much on LIKES6. Too Much Text (1-2 lines of text gets 60% more likes)7. Posting Boring or OFF-Brand Content8. Ignoring Insights9. Being Vanilla (Spice Up Your Content)10. Not Making the Most of Facebooks Ad Options
    22. 22. Facebook Marketing is a crucial way to build a fan base and spread word about your business. Asuccessful campaign doesn’t have to be a drain on your time or your wallet.A few minutes a day and a strategic plan can have an immense impact on your brand’s Facebook presence, as long as you avoid the 10 mistakes above.
    23. 23. like Google AdWords, Facebook ads aregreat option to connect with potential customers.You can choose your audience by location, ageand interests. Choose to promote your website oryour fanpage.
    24. 24.* Pay Per Click (PPC) pricing* New Facebook Exchange program (Facebook ads you see may be based on that cookie)* Multiple ad formats available, including images Demonstrate Ad’s
    25. 25.* Have a Goal* Develop a Defined Target* Pick the Right PrizeDemonstrate Ad’s
    26. 26.  Social Media Business Fan Page Development Especially created for businesses looking to STAND out from the competition and stay ahead of the game on Facebook. well enhance your business profile & online presence to make sure you get the maximum value from social media! Create a reason for people to follow your page. Small Business Social Media Consulting We can help your business get started marketing its services online using Social Media sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogs and more Well show you the tools you need to manage these sites in a short amount of time each day to increase your traffic & sales Social Profile Management Especially created for busy executives, well manage your social profiles & online presence to make sure you get the maximum value from social media without having to spend your time online! What are others saying about you online when you‟re not looking? We can protect your online image by managing Twitter and Google alerts relevant to you & your business. Social Media Training The BUSINESS or GROUP coaching program is value for money to receive knowledge. As knowledge is power. Designed to help you manage and operate your social media effectively and efficiently! It includes training, tips and tools, as well as guidance, opportunities for Q&A. Need help implementing your Social Media Strategy?
    27. 27.  FAN-tastic Facebook Business Fan Page – $497* The Fan-tastic Facebook Fan Page package includes: Creation of a Facebook Fan Page Enhance Information Page with current data A Custom Welcome Tab – including:  social icons/links  a welcome video or photo „s(client to supply if desired)  a Monthly Hosting Fee May Apply for Advanced Welcome Tabs  Banner Promotion Image – (Fan Page Avatar located on the left side)  Secure your Facebook Vanity URLeg  Insert a Contact form for direct contact  Insert a FAN of the week application (optional)  Import of Your Blog (or any RSS feed)  Addition of a YouTube Video Tab linked to your YouTube Channel  Addition of a Twitter Feed Tab linked to your Twitter Page  Addition of a LinkedIN Tab linked to your LinkedIN Page  We will start you off by importing some contacts and show you how to Import your E-mail Database and Invite them to LIKE your page.  Client to supply all graphics, images and video
    28. 28. SimonHaggardThankyou