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Key Traffic Systems

  1. 1. Key Traffic Systems Penetrate New Markets by Adding Sentinel HASP SL, Software-based Licensing to its Traffic Management Software CASE STUDYKey Traffic Systems Ltd. (“KTS”), the UK leader in highway and traffic management software, is also a longtime SafeNetcustomer. With a large and growing user base, KTS needed the ability to offer hardware or software-based licensing and securedownloads of its software to accommodate changing customer needs as well as appeal to new markets. Sentinel HASP wasright there to help.Background ChallengeKTS software is used by various government organizations and engineering • Protecting their intellectual property investment against fraudulentfirms to design and manage road safety and regulation features. KTS use while providing legitimate users from a large and distributedcustomers can access the software through a central network. user base with flexible, no-hassle access • The ability to offer secure electronic delivery and activation ofIn 2007, KTS moved to Sentinel HASP HL. After many years of using this their softwaresolution, KTS wanted to upgrade their in-house network license model • Easily and cost-effectively enter new markets and geographiesto one which offered greater reliability, better user-controllability, and • The flexibility to offer a secure alternative to USB keyswhich could also be used over both wide and local area networks. Theyalso needed a solution which represented value for money.With a large and distributed user base, KTS needs to provide flexible, Solutionno-hassle access to legitimate users while protecting their intellectual SafeNet Sentinel HASP provides hardware and software-basedproperty investment against fraudulent use. They recognized that software licensing and securitySentinel HASP was still the perfect solution for KTS and took advantageof an upgrade proposal. Results Key Traffic Systems appreciates the robust protection, flexibility and ease of use that HASP offers.Key Traffic Systems Penetrate New Markets by Adding Sentinel HASP SL, Software-based Licensing to its Traffic Management Software 1
  2. 2. Business Challenge “It’s a great experience to be able to work with anAfter a few years, KTS was ready to make another upgrade to their organization that we have such a long standingSentinel HASP system. While the current HASP HL solution stillprovided outstanding protection, a high level of flexibility and control relationship with, like SafeNet. We look forwardin a single out-of-the-box system; there were a number of advantages to more software protection and managementthat could be gained by implementing a software-based solution. innovations in the future.”Chris White, software development manager at KTS, comments, “We — Chris White, Software Development Manager, Key Traffic Systemswanted to launch our AutoSTRIPE software into the Australian andNew Zealand markets and it was not practical to enter those markets KTS Operations’ staff can also confirm that fulfilling software orderswith a hard lock key.” Simultaneously, a significant portion of the using the Sentinel HASP Business Studio saves a considerable amount ofcompany’s current UK customer base was migrating to servers without time, sometimes up to 15 minutes per order. It also alleviates error whenUSB ports, such as virtualized servers and blade, so hardware dongles generating activation codes and makes it possible to instantly and cost-were no longer an option. effectively serve foreign markets any time of the day or night. The new solution was also well received by the KTS user base. “All in all,The Solution people are happy about Sentinel HASP SL, it’s transparent to the endSince Key Traffic Systems was already a long-time user of Sentinel user, quick to set up, hassle-free and it does its job!” said Chris.HASP, implementing HASP SL alongside HASP HL was a logical andstraight-forward progression using the familiar HASP toolset. Now, KTS Benefitscan accommodate all of their end users; still providing the same level of Copy Protection: Sentinel HASP protects software from piracy and unauthorized use.control but with increased flexibility. The Admin Control Center withinthe HASP Business Studio, enables centralized tracking of applications IP Protection: Sentinel HASP prevents reverse-engineering of code andand the administration of license managers and protection keys; offers robust anti-debugging and code obfuscation technology.ultimately distributing electronic keys. Business Studio’s Trialware, also Cross-Locking™ technology: Sentinel HASP allows you to quickly andenables customers access to their software immediately, eventually easily choose either hardware or software-based protection keys toconverting the full version of the product by hardware key or by entering enforce software electronic activation code. When referring to integrating Sentinel Multiple licensing options: HASP enables multiple licensing options,HASP licensing into KTS’s CRM system, Chris stated, “The Business allowing software vendors flexibility to meet market-specific demands.Studio API is very functional and it comes with a great example that Increased Sales: Sentinel HASP allows KTS to enter new marketsshows you how to do everything. All of our software-based licenses are that were not possible otherwise.generated without anyone having to touch the system.” Ease of Implementation: The Sentinel HASP Envelope’s wrapping technology makes protection implementation quick and easy.RewardsYears after first implementing Sentinel HASP, it’s still a win-win Effective Management: The Sentinel HASP Business Studio Admin Control Center enables centralized tracking of HASP-licensedsituation. Dr. Jeremy Ellis, Director of KTS, describes the integration applications, as well as administration of HASP License Managers andprocess as “straight forward, allowing us to concentrate more on HASP software activations.the development and release of our software.” From there, KTSrealized immediate returns. Moving to Sentinel HASP SL provided KTS About SafeNetcustomers with a more flexible network licensing solution, which in Founded in 1983, SafeNet is a global leader in information security.turn increased availability — and revenue. “Software-based licensing SafeNet protects its customers’ most valuable assets, includingreduces costs significantly and when you add the fact that we now identities, transactions, communications, data and software licensing,have fully-secure electronic distribution and activation you really see throughout the data lifecycle. More than 25,000 customers acrossthe value,” says Chris White. both commercial enterprises and government agencies and in over 100 countries trust their information security needs to SafeNet.“Our customers far prefer the Sentinel HASP system About Key Traffic Ltd.when compared to other licensing systems they use, Key Traffic Systems Ltd. is the UK market leader in software solutionssuch as Flex LM. They find it much easier to install, and for Highways and Traffic Management. KTS offers a comprehensiveset up; overall Sentinel HASP is more reliable.” range of Computer Aided Design and database applications for traffic engineering, road safety, street lighting, and highway maintenance— Chris White, Software Development Manager,Key Traffic Systems engineering. As market leaders, KTS software is used by county councils, sign manufacturers, police forces, metropolitan councils, district councils, civil engineering consultancies, and more. For more information, visit: Contact Us: For all office locations and contact information, please visit Follow Us: ©2011 SafeNet, Inc. All rights reserved. SafeNet and SafeNet logo are registered trademarks of SafeNet. All other product names are trademarks of their respective owners. CS (EN)-01.20.11Key Traffic Systems Penetrate New Markets by Adding Sentinel HASP SL, Software-based Licensing to its Traffic Management Software 2