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  1. 1. DIP Tech protects valuable IP, better utilizes company resources and improves overall customer experience with Sentinel HASP. CASE STUDY DIP Tech, a leading supplier of inkjet digital printing systems for the glass industry, develops, manufactures and markets inkjet digital printers and ceramic inks for a wide variety of glass applications. The company’s patented GlassJet™ is the only digital printer in the world featuring ceramic ink technology based on an- organic pigments that are tempered into glass and can withstand both interior and exterior applications. DIP Tech needed the ability to protect this one-of-a-kind processing and printer operating system software to ensure they maintained their competitive advantage.BackgroundBefore the DIP Tech GlassJet, glass printing was accomplished using Challengesilk screens, an expensive, labor-intensive process that involved set Protecting high-valued printer and imaging software from piracy andup, clean up, storage and reclamation. Each panel of glass required reverse engineering. Ability to provide a trial application, softwarea separate screen for each color, so it was not very cost-effective downloads, and feature-based licensing to customers.for projects requiring smaller quantities or an extensive variety ofdesigns and glass shapes. SolutionDIP Tech’s GlassJet printers digitally reproduce intricate designs HASP HL & SL combination provide a very protected, flexible andacross multiple, large panes of glass for windows or exterior building automated solution.facades. All colors are printed together at one time and printingirregular glass shapes is much easier. The unique ink is stable under Resultshigh temperatures and is tempered with the glass, ensuring that • Robust protectionthe design is scratch and weather resistant. This saves time andmoney when compared to traditional glass printing methods and also • Savings in money, time, and resourcesprovides a better quality product. • Improved internal processes • Enhanced customer experienceDIP Tech protects valuable IP, resources and improves customer experience with Sentinel HASP. 1
  2. 2. Business Challenge “We received the best professional and personalSince DIP Tech is the only company in the industry that has support from SafeNet. Implementation was veryimplemented digital printing using ceramic ink on an ink jet printer;they have a substantial competitive advantage. The software is quick and efficient and it all works perfectly,”critical because it integrates all of the other components within the — Dorit Regev, Head of Software Research & Development, DIP Tech.printer to drive its operation; yet it’s the easiest part to copy. “Theseare high-valued printers, at up to $550,000 per printer. We wanted The Resultsto protect our investment against piracy and guard our competitive The HASP Business Studio decreases the amount of time andadvantage against reverse-engineering. We also needed to gain more internal resources that DIP Tech has to devote to handlingcontrol over version upgrades,” said Dorit Regev, head of software operational functions: creating software licenses, generatingresearch and development at DIP Tech. activation codes, and emailing customers throughout the entire process. Everything is automated, reducing the amount of mistakesThe GlassJet software needed to be secure, but so did the imaging due to human error, while improving the overall customer experience.tools that prepared ‘design color formulas’ for the printer. DIP Techwanted control over the list of users, as well as an option that Providing software evaluations and licensing per feature has alsoallowed prospects to trial their software prior to purchasing it. increased prospect-to-customer conversions. Customers appreciate the ‘try-before-you-buy’ option and attractive pricing enabled byThey were looking for a solution that offered the strongest security feature-based licensing.and software licensing options that were both flexible and easyto integrate with their back-end systems. Dorit had first-hand Overall, delivering the software electronically saves time andexperience with the successes of Sentinel HASP, through other money in shipment costs, while offering a more convenient andprograms with previous employers. instantaneous way for customers to receive their products. In the future, DIP Tech plans to add more features to the hardwareThe Implementation key and use it for varying levels of users and authorizations. TheirConnecting the HASP Business Studio API to the organization’s accounting department also intends on using HASP’s timer option toERP system was a relatively straight-forward process. By enlisting ensure and enforce that customers with outstanding invoices will bethe help of SafeNet’s Technical Support Team, DIP Tech was able limited or restricted until further payment is received. “I am confidentto integrate the technology into their software infrastructure and that with the reliable and flexible HASP infrastructure already in place,application in about a month. “We received the best professional and adding these things in the future will be easy,” said Dorit.personal support from SafeNet. Implementation was very quick andefficient and it all works perfectly,” said Dorit. About SafeNetWith Business Studio, DIP Tech’s customer service team can now Founded in 1983, SafeNet is a global leader in information security.issue feature-based licensing via the internet, making it easier to SafeNet protects its customers’ most valuable assets, includingcontrol version upgrades and track all transactions. In fact, Dorit identities, transactions, communications, data and softwaresays, “Our customer service team embraced this updated process licensing, throughout the data lifecycle. More than 25,000 customersand was using the new system within a month!” across both commercial enterprises and government agencies and in over 100 countries trust their information security needs to SafeNet.The Solution About DIP TechFamiliarity with Sentinel HASP coupled with its flexible licensing and DIP Tech is the leading supplier of inkjet digital printing systems forprotection key options made SafeNet the clear choice. Utilizing both the glass industry. DIP Tech develops, manufactures and marketshardware and software-based protection accomplished all of the inkjet digital printers and ceramic inks for a wide variety of glassorganization’s objectives. Sentinel HASP HL keys were chosen for their applications. The products are based on DIP Tech’s patented commonsuperior protection and portability. Every printer is shipped with a HASP platform. For more information visit, www.dip-tech.com.HL hardware key and will not perform, unless the key is present.HASP SL allows DIP Tech to trial their image processing software for alimited period of time. Potential customers can easily download andinstall the Photoshop plug-in and create their designs. The plug-inwill separate the file into DIP Tech’s specialized color palette so it’scompatible for the GlassJet printer. Upon purchasing, the 30-day trialextends into a fully-functioning perpetual license.The HASP Business Studio automates, manages and tracks both HASPHL and SL licenses. Contact Us: For all office locations and contact information, please visit www.safenet-inc.com Follow Us: www.safenet-inc.com/connected ©2011 SafeNet, Inc. All rights reserved. SafeNet and SafeNet logo are registered trademarks of SafeNet. All other product names are trademarks of their respective owners. CS (EN)-01.21.11DIP Tech protects valuable IP, resources and improves customer experience with Sentinel HASP. 2