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  1. 1. CPC Protects with SafeNet Sentinel HASP Case study Duis eget nulla ut nisl rhoncus blandit non fermentum. Vivamus ut tempor nisi. Maecenas lacinia leo quis neque.CPC, Leader in Captioning Technology Continues to Rely on Sentinel HASP to Protect & License their Software forthe Hearing ImpairedBackgroundComputer Prompting and Captioning Co. (CPC) is the industry leader Challengein captioning, subtitling and teleprompting. CPC was founded in • Ensure license compliance by protecting their high-value1986 to address a need for visual text in video production, allowing software from unauthorized usethe hearing impaired to see dialogue. As CPC embraced emergingtechnologies such as webcasts, Vchip software and DVDs, theyhave come to rely on Sentinel HASP’s timely updates to keep their solutioncaptioning software secure. • SafeNet Sentinel HASPthe Business ChallengeCPC needed an unobtrusive, secure solution to protect their high Rewardsvalue ($2-$9K) captioning software from being pirated, stolen or • Increased sales: Protection against illegal use translates intoreverse engineered whenever the equipment left their facilities. increased sales through legal usage. • Remote updates: Sentinel HASP makes it easy to update softwareDr. Dilip K. Som, CPC’s President and CTO, explained that service license terms on keys in the field.companies who use CPC’s software frequently grow, requiring more • IP Protection: Sentinel HASP prevents reverse-engineering of codetechnicians and additional equipment. As is the case with high-value and offers robust anti-debugging and code obfuscation technology.software, rather than purchase additional licenses, users are temptedto violate the license agreement by running a single software copyon multiple machines. “Without powerful, reliable software security,our customers could run the same software on 20 different machinesCPC Case Study 1
  2. 2. which violates the license terms and results in thousands of dollars “Without powerful, reliable software security, ourin lost revenue for CPC,” said Som. “I cannot even imagine letting our customers could run the same software on 20product go unprotected.” different machines which violates the licensethe Journey terms and results in thousands of dollars in lostMore than a decade ago, CPC was using a different software protection revenue for CPC. I cannot even imagine letting ourkey, but found the key to be overly large and awkward for technicianswho needed to use CPC’s innovative captioning software. After an product go unprotected.”extensive search for a new solution, Som’s team selected Sentinel - dr. dilip K. som, President and CtOHASP for its ease of use and history of superior reliability. It featured Computer Prompting and Captioning Company (CPC)the strong protection required and did not interfere with software use. about Computer Prompting and Captioning Co. (CPC) CPC is the award-winning creator of Windows and Macintosh closedthe solution captioning software. Since CPC released the first simultaneousSentinel HASP allows CPC to license their software to one machine closed captioning/ teleprompting software in 1986, it has been theat a time connected to the Sentinel HASP key, preventing large industry leader. CPC also operates an award-winning captioningclients from sharing software among equipment for increased service, and develops subtitling and teleprompting software. Forproductivity without due licensing. Sentinel HASP protects CPC’s more information, visit www.cpcweb.com.revenue and intellectual property. CPC was able to grow in its reachand development of new technologies because of Sentinel HASP’s about safeNetflexible configurations and constant upgrades. Using Sentinel HASP, Founded in 1983, SafeNet is a global leader in information security.CPC offers video production companies the latest technology outlets SafeNet protects its customers’ most valuable assets, includingfor its innovative software without the risk of being unprotected. identities, transactions, communications, data and software“Taking that risk is out of the question,” said Som. licensing, throughout the data lifecycle. More than 25,000 customers across both commercial enterprises and government agencies and in over 100 countries trust their information security needs to SafeNet.the RewardsUsing Sentinel HASP, Som gained peace of mind, knowing that hiscompany’s core software products are protected from unauthorizeduse, safeguarding revenue. Som’s approach to security remains firm,benefiting from SafeNet’s ongoing commitment to updating SentinelHASP protection and support to allow for new technologies andcustomer needs.“With every Windows upgrade, we quickly received the updatedSentinel HASP drivers and were able to take care of our customerspromptly and efficiently,” Som said. “And upgrading the SentinelHASP keys to be used for higher versions of software has been veryeasy. Simple and accomplished via email, we’ve eliminated the waitfor updates through the mail and saved on shipping. When we neededinformation, Sentinel HASP specialists were definitely availableand able to answer our questions.” CPC was able to update theirsoftware to fit new operating systems, including Mac and the newWindows systems, without worrying about compromising protectionor causing delays for their clients. In a fast-moving industry, timespent upgrading software protection is a major concern. Holdups dueto protection upgrades can be annoying and even affect the bottomline. CPC found upgrading Sentinel HASP keys to be quick, easy, user-friendly and cost-free. Contact us: For all office locations and contact information, please visit www.safenet-inc.com Follow us: www.safenet-inc.com/connected ©2010 SafeNet, Inc. All rights reserved. SafeNet and SafeNet logo are registered trademarks of SafeNet. All other product names are trademarks of their respective owners. CS (EN)-12.26.10CPC Case Study 2