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Sixth Form Guide


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Guide to the Library Services at The Dixie Grammar School for Sixth Form students.

Guide to the Library Services at The Dixie Grammar School for Sixth Form students.

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  • 1. Sixth Form: Guide to your Library Services at The Dixie Grammar School Think...Ask...Read...Imagine...Create... @YourLibrary
  • 2. There is so much information out there—books, databases, images, DVDs, magazines, videos, newspapers and the Internet. Are you really confident that you know how to find everything that you need? I can help you to find, organise and use the information that you want. This guide will help you to find out what the Library can do for you. I want to get good grades... Using your Library will help you to do well during your time in the Sixth Form—international research has proved this! Help...I don’t know where to find things! Now you are in the Sixth Form your teachers will expect you to work more on your own. I can help you find the things that you need—books, reference materials, databases, journal articles, newspapers and the Internet are all available. I really need somewhere to study... The Library is a really supportive place for you to work. You can study on your own or work in a small group. Please ask me if you want to book a group in to work together and I will try my best for you. I really need some support… We all want you to get the best out of the Library, so please talk to me about how I can help you. I can work with you to improve your research skills using a range of resources or the Internet. My work has been given awards and has been marked as outstanding by inspectors—so come in and find out why! I need access to a computer... The Library has laptops which you can book. There is also a range of other equipment: headphones, mice, a colour laser printer, a scanner, and a drop-down screen and data projector. Please come in and book these with me in advance. Your Library Services... Fanz (2006)
  • 3. I really want to improve my research skills... It is my job to help you! Have a look at the Library Online website. This has links to useful sites and also downloadable resources. I can help you personally or work with groups or classes to improve your search results. I can also give you advice to help you make sure that you do not plagiarise when you are writing coursework—come in and see me! We also have a range of Research Guides to support you with your work. Library Online is at : Research Guides are at: Who runs the Library? I am a very experienced professional Librarian who won the SLA School Librarian of the Year Award for the UK and Ireland in 2005. I have Masters degrees in Ancient History and Archaeology and also in Librarianship. I have worked as a Librarian in six schools since 1982! Please talk to me as I am very happy to help you! When can I use the Library? In the Lower Sixth, you are expected to use the Library during your Study Periods. Upper Sixth students are welcome too! Sometimes there will be classes booked in to work with me and then you will have to go to another room. Bookings are posted on the notice boards at the bottom of the stairs and in the Library entrance. You are welcome to stay in the Library over Break and Lunch, although you may find lunchtimes very busy with younger students! Please don’t leave your things in the Library when you are not in here though as this can inconvenience other people. Please talk to me if you want to book yourselves in as a study group and I can get resources and equipment ready for you. Your teachers may also book you in as a class. What about borrowing? You can borrow the following items from the Library : Books: 6 items for 6 weeks Short Loan: 1 item for 3 days Reference: Reference stock cannot be borrowed. Sian (2006)
  • 4. Please bring anything you wish to borrow to the Check In Desk, even if you only want it for a few minutes. Ask me if you are not sure what to do. Just tell me your name and I will do the rest! When you want to return your books, please bring them back to the desk so that I can take them out of your account on the computer. If I am not at the desk, then please leave me a note or use the sheet and box to borrow or return books. Remember YOU are responsible for any items borrowed in your name, please look after them and bring them back on time. Reservations and Renewals Resources can be renewed and reserved. Fines We do not charge fines, but please bring resources back on time, because other students may need them. If you lose or damage anything then we will have to charge the full replacement cost. So, remind me, what does the Library have for me to use? Physical Resources:  General and Young Adult fiction.  Reference and information books.  Newspapers and magazines.  DVDs. Virtual Resources available 24/7:  Library Online Services Websites.  Research Guides on LibGuides.  Subscriptions to essential online databases.  E-books—coming soon! Facilities and equipment:  Laptop computers, headphones, mice, printer, screen and projector.  TV information screen.  Floor sockets for use with your personal laptops and equipment. Professional services:  Supportive working environment.  Professional staffing.  Help with resources and research skills.  Advice with technologies. Duncan (2010)
  • 5. How are we expected to behave in the Library?  Respect the needs of other students to study in comfort and quiet.  Ask in advance if you want to book in for group study.  Take your stuff with you when you leave the Library.  You may bring in water bottles, but no food or other drinks.  Switch off mobile phones and music players.  Do not use the Library as a short-cut.  Be aware that the Library may be booked.  Remember to ask if you need any assistance. Images: Duncan, D (2010) Nice laptop on a glass table Available from: Date accessed: 01/07/10 Fanz (2006) Studying… Available from: Date accessed: 01/07/10 Sian, R (2006) Reading Available from: Date accessed : 01/07/10 Also screenshots from Netvibes and LibGuides. Other images are copyright to The Dixie Grammar School, Michael Parker Library. Mrs A Robinson, Librarian, Michael Parker Library 2013 Library Online The main website for our online Library Services. http://library- Research Guides Made to support your work: http://library-