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Library Services presentation


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Presentation made to demonstrate the Library Service at the Dixie Grammar School, Market Bosworth. Shown to staff in January 2012.

Presentation made to demonstrate the Library Service at the Dixie Grammar School, Market Bosworth. Shown to staff in January 2012.

Published in: Education

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  • So here we are in October 2009, with a lovely refurbished library space. The stock is steadily improving and we have the facilities in terms of work-space and ICT that the staff and students deserve. So is my work now finished? Of course not – you all know that this is just the beginning! I now have to get the library used and continue the conversations that I started last year with the whole school community so that this library and librarian can have an impact on the school. We are a force for change and improvement – so watch this space!
  • I tried the usual formal things of asking Heads of Department to give me their Schemes of Work and lesson plans, or at the very least outlines and homework areas. So that I could begin to plan for re-stocking the library. As you would expect, this was as difficult as it seems to be in most schools and is still definitely a work in progress.Some departments responded very well. Modern Languages was a case in point. They were also interested in developing technologies – the HOD has his own blog. I was able to respond quickly to an expressed need for access to news headlines in different languages and so created the Netvibes page that you see here. This definitely made them begin to see me in a different light as they started to understand what a school librarian can actually do beyond their traditional idea!Other departments, such as History and English, gave me lists of requests during the year and I did my best to fulfil these where appropriate so that they could begin to see a real difference to the resources available to them through having a professional librarian.
  • Transcript

    • 1. @ Your LibraryThe Dixie Grammar SchoolMichael Parker Library & Junior School LibraryThink…Ask…Read…Imagine…Create...
    • 2. Library transformation From July to October 2009 wetransformed our Senior School Library into the Michael Parker Library.
    • 3. Library transformationFrom July to December 2011 we upgraded and improved our Junior School Library
    • 4. From this
    • 5. And this
    • 6. To this
    • 7. And this
    • 8. Creating a professionalLibrary Service for the whole school
    • 9. How do we use our libraries?
    • 10. Use of our libraries Research Skills ReadingLearning Developme Skills nt Personal Using New Developme Technologi nt es
    • 11. My Offer to You
    • 12. Resources: to support teaching and learning Books • Printed • E-books DVDs Newspapers Magazines and journals Online subscription databases • Access to 1000s of articles Artefact boxes Evaluated websites
    • 13. Resources: to support teaching and learningPurchased from theLibrary Budget… …or borrowed from our Schools Library Service - LSE
    • 14. Books Lots of books!
    • 15. Books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs…
    • 16. Online resources
    • 17. Online resources
    • 18. Online resources
    • 19. Online resources
    • 20. Online resources 20
    • 21. Facilities: to support teaching and learning Comfortable seating for a range of tasks Class or group bookings Flexible study space Laptops Headphones Floor sockets Colour laser printer Screen & projector
    • 22. Services: to support teaching and learningReading DevelopmentExamples: Reading Programme: Years 6-8 working with English Department Individual guidance Using technology – Reading is Fun wiki Extra-curricular activities
    • 23. "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." Richard Steele
    • 24. “There is a strong association between theamount of reading for pleasure childrenreported and their reading achievement.”Twist, L., Schagen, I. and Hodgson, C. (2007). Readers and Reading: NationalReport for England 2006. Slough: NFER
    • 25. Reading….…doesn’t always have to be from books
    • 26. Surveying our students to find outthe extent of ereader ownership… …so we can plan the next stage of library development
    • 27. Using technology toencourage reading
    • 28. Services: to support teaching and learningInformation Literacy – Research & Study SkillsExamples: Avoiding plagiarism Citation and bibliography Planning research Locating and evaluating information Individual guidance Using technology – Research Guides using LibGuides Materials available on Library Online
    • 29. Teachingstudy skills
    • 30. Teachingresearch skills
    • 31. Using ICT:to support teaching and learning
    • 32. The site is at Our main Library website: Library Online
    • 33. Using Netvibes with Modern Foreign Languages
    • 34. Business Newsusing Netvibes 40
    • 35. Collecting evaluatedwebsites for staff and students on Diigo 41
    • 36. Creating Research Guides withwebsites, videos, docu ments 42
    • 37. Creating Research Guides withwebsites, videos, docu ments 43
    • 38. Teaching materials & resources are uploaded to the library website 44
    • 39. All linked fromLibrary Online 45
    • 40. Library Online 46
    • 41. Some ideasMake sure the Ask students toLibrary has make resource listsreference copies of (bibliographies) foryour textbooks all homework/ coursework – and mark them!Ask me to build aResearch Guide foryou to use in the Borrow a book orLibrary, classroom artefact collectionor ICT room! from LSE
    • 42. AcknowledgementsImagesAll images © The Dixie Grammar School except:Slide 13: Offering 18: Credo ReferenceSlide 19: Guardian and Observer Digital ArchiveSlide 20: History Study CenterSlide 21: Science Reference CenterSlide 22: SpringShareSlide 30: Run by Sunrise 31 At the Library 32: Book Burning 33: ebook Readers Galore 34: PBWorksSlide 38: Delicious logo Diigo logo Facebook logo Flickr logo Anti-plagiarism: Google apps logo Netvibes logo SlideShare logo Twitter logo Youtube logo model good practice!