History Study Centre Presentation


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Presentation for Sixth Form students to demonstrate how to use History Study Centre. Made for The Dixie Grammar School, Market Bosworth, UK.

Some materials adapted from official ProQuest resources.

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History Study Centre Presentation

  1. 1. Getting startedDGS Library Services: Online Resources
  2. 2. What is History Study Centre? online resource with digitised primary and secondarysources global history from ancient times to the present day. books, essays, journal articles, historical newspaperand magazine articles, maps, rarebooks, government documents, historicalspeeches, images and video clips. over 40,000 documents and articles, with over 50reference works, 3,000 images and links to 2,000Web sites
  3. 3. We have unlimited access forall DGS staff and students athome or at school.
  4. 4. How do I access HistoryStudy Centre?
  5. 5. Go to our Library Online website and clickon the “Online Resources” tab at the top.http://library-online.org.ukThis takes you to a password protected page.Please ask Mrs Robinson for the current password.
  6. 6. When the Online Resources page loads, scroll down toHistory Study Centre and click on the image.
  7. 7. You will then go through to History Study Centre.It will open in a new tab on your browser.
  8. 8. What are the contents ofHistory Study Centre?
  9. 9. The contents of HistoryStudy Centre are dividedinto five categories,which can be searchedseparately or together:1) Study Units2) Historical Documents3) Maps and Reference4) Multimedia5) Journals
  10. 10. Five Content TypesEditorially created unitsbringing together the best andmost interesting content on500+ historical topics.1. Study Units
  11. 11. Five Content TypesHundreds of importantofficialdocuments, transcriptsof speeches, personalnarratives, editorials, and other primary sources.2. HistoricalDocuments
  12. 12. History Study CenterEncyclopaedias, historicaldictionaries from publisherslike Penguin and Taylor &Francis, biographies, andmaps, including manyanimated maps.Topic overviews, or essay-length introductions tohistorical texts, events andthemes.3. Maps & Reference
  13. 13. History Study CenterThousands of historicalimages, video clips, andeditorially selectedweblinks.4. Multimedia
  14. 14. History Study CenterDozens of academicjournals fully searchableand browseable.Access to editoriallyselected articles fromhundreds more.5. Journals
  15. 15. What is Quick search?Quick search allows you to quickly search all of thecontent in History Study Centre or limit your searchto a particular content type: Study Units, HistoricalDocuments, Maps & Reference, Multimedia orJournals. A Quick Search box appears at the topof every page.
  16. 16. The Quick searchfeature allows youto type in a wordor phrase, andwill search for allitems that includethose words.The search willrespond byreturning a list ofresults that relateto your searchterms.
  17. 17. To conduct asearch, type yoursearch terms(individual wordsor phrases) intothe Searchfor box. Choosean option fromthe dropdown boxif you wish torestrict yoursearch to aparticular contenttype. When you have finishedentering your search criteria,click Go!.
  18. 18. Any recordscontaining the wordsyou typed will bedisplayed on theResults page.For precise searchresults, try addingmore keywords, orclick the link followingthe Go! button to usethe AdvancedSearch page.
  19. 19. Search Results OverviewUse quotation marksto search for anexact phrase.Results areorganized bycontent type, withjump-down links toeach section.Resultswithin eachcontenttype areranked byrelevance.
  20. 20. To find out more about:• Advanced Search• Printing• My ArchiveOr to simply remind yourselfabout how to use History StudyCentre……ask Mrs Robinson for a copyof the Guide to History StudyCentre.
  21. 21. To get more onlinesupport with usingStudy Units, HistoricalDocuments, Multimedia,Journals, Citation andso on, go to the OnlineHelp by clicking on Helpat the top of any page.
  22. 22. Quick Recap in less than 2 minutes!
  23. 23. Created by Mrs Robinson, Librarian for The DixieGrammar School Library Services.Some slides and resources were added from theofficial ProQuest History Study Center Presentation.