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Ems student handbook 2012 2013

  1. 1. East Middle School Student Handbook 2012-2013 1
  2. 2. East Middle School School-Wide Student Expectations Classroom Hallway/ Office School Bus Gym Field/ Cafeteria Bathroom PRIDE Lockers Patio Have required materials Talk and visit quietly Use school language Use school Welcome all guests to Enjoy being outside Use School Use school each and every day language/inside voice the gym language/inside voice language/inside voice Use school language TNK (True, TNK (True, Positive Actively participate Necessary, Kind) TNK (True, Encourage yourself Necessary, Kind) TNK (True, TNK (True, Necessary, TNK (True, Necessary, Kind) and others Keep field clean Necessary, Kind) Kind) Compliment your peers Necessary, Kind) Be kind to everyone TNK (True, Place all trash in cans Thank the cooks for TNK (True, Necessary, Necessary, Kind) on the field serving you Kind) Be kind to everyone Honor personal space Enter using Student Make room for others Take care of Keep area clean Be patient and wait Keep stalls, mirrors and and property Waiting Area equipment and your place in line area clean Be on time (Keep hands to Keep hands, feet, and property Share equipment, yourself) Be patient and wait objects to yourself fields and courts Say please and thank Flush toilets Respect Follow classroom rules your place in line Follow all rules you Keep area clean Follow bus rules appropriate to the Include others in the Wash your hands Keep the classroom Say please and thank event game Learn each other’s clean Give assistance to you Keep the bus clean names those who need it Wait to be invited into If not participating, Stay in your the office area stay seated and enjoy designated area Honor personal space the event and property Welcome visitors Tell the truth Go quietly and Respect the privacy of Do the right thing Follow the rules of the Follow all rules Follow cafeteria rules Report directly to your others even when no one is game problems/violations Do your own work destination looking Do the right thing Do the right thing Always have a hall Accept consequences Stay positive even when no one is even when no one is Always have a hall pass Integrity pass Help others looking looking Keep locker Do the right thing Always use the combination even when no one is Report problems Report problems bathroom appropriately confidential looking Set Goals Keep locker organized Complete tasks in a Stay seated Work hard to improve Return equipment Place all trash in the Return to class promptly Be patient with timely manner your skills promptly to the containers hallway traffic Help to ensure a safe appropriate location Check that your table Attempt to use duringDetermination Challenge yourself to do Return to class ride Never give up is clear and clean passing period or lunch your best Leave MP3 players promptly Try new activities Cover food in the and cell phones off microwave Complete tasks and and in your locker Leave microwave assignments on time during school hours clean 2
  3. 3. Do your personal best Take all needed Make the best of your Remind others of Demonstrate good Invite others to join Invite others to join Wash hands on all assignments and materials to your next situation expectations sportsmanship your table assessments destination Meet new friends Leave no traceExcellence Do your personal best Leave no trace Keep locker locked in every type of Remind others of Remind others of Close locker quietly performance/event expectations Meet new friends expectations 3
  4. 4. ZERO TOLERANCE FOR VIOLENCE/ BULLYINGEast Middle School has a zero tolerance policy for any acts of violence or bullying. The Police Department may be summoned in theevent of any fights, assaults, or battery upon another person. This is to ensure that the campus is a safe environment for all who attendschool, work, or visit our campus. Cyber-bullying will not be tolerated and will be referred to the campus Resource Officer. MANDATORY RECOMMENDATION FOR EXPULSION OFFENSES  Possession of a dangerous weapon (includes pellet gun, B. B. gun, knives, etc.)  Distribution/sale of any controlled substance, alcoholic drink or intoxicant  2nd offense/use of any controlled substance, alcoholic drink or intoxicant  Serious verbal and written threats that could cause bodily or emotional harm DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR, BULLYING and TOBACCODisruptive BehaviorColorado House Bill 1203, “Safe Schools Legislation”: Essentially, the law deals with providing a learning environment that is safe,disruption free, and conducive to learning in every way. Every teacher has a right to teach a class without interruption and everystudent should have the opportunity to receive an education without disruption. (C.5) Declaration as a habitually disruptive student, which expulsion shall be mandatory. For purposes of this paragraph (C.5), “habitually disruptive student” means a child who caused a disruption in the classroom, on school grounds, on school vehicles, or at school activities or events more than three times during the school year, because of behavior which was initiated, willful, and overt on the part of the child and which required the attention of school personnel to deal with the disruption; except that no child shall be declared to be an “habitually disruptive student” prior to the development of a remedial discipline plan for such child in accordance with the conduct and discipline code so long as such definition is no less stringent than the definition in this paragraph (C.5).BullyingColorado House Bill 1254- According to HB 11-1254, "Bullying" means any written or verbal expression, or physical or electronic orgesture, or pattern thereof, that is intended to coerce, intimidate, or cause any physical, mental, or emotional harm to any student."Bullying" is prohibited against any student for any reason, including but not limited to any such behavior that is directed toward astudent on the basis of his or her academic performance; or against whom federal and state laws prohibit discrimination upon any ofthe bases described in section 22-32-109 (1)(11)(l).Tobacco ProductsIn accordance with Senate Bill 94-100 no smoking or use of chewing tobacco is allowed on the campus of East Middle School. STANDARD DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURESA standard procedure for dealing with violations of the school’s code of behavior has been developed to ensure fairness to students.Incidents are handled on an individual basis. For each offense during an academic year, there is a consequence ranging from aphone call home for minor offenses to suspension for major offenses. For very serious offenses, the school may make an immediaterecommendation for expulsion. DEFINITIONSDetentionDetention is held every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday after school. Detention begins at 2:45 and ends at 3:30 p.m.Detention is held in a teacher’s classroom. Students are required to bring school work to work on during this time. Transportationhome will be provided by the parent. If a student misses detention without previously notifying the office, the detention will doubleand administrative action will be taken.Expulsion (The maximum penalty for a disciplinary violation)A student who is expelled from school in Mesa County Valley School District 51will be expelled for one day to one calendar year.The Superintendent of Schools may order that alternative educational services be offered to special needs students, and a counselor isassigned to track expelled students within the system.ISS (In School Suspension) Removal of a student from a class or classes for adjustment purposesCredit for work performed can be granted and credited to a student’s grade provided the student cooperates with the adjustment. ISSis not to exceed five days.OSS (Out of School Suspension) Removal of a student from school for adjustment purposesThe student may not participate in or attend any school activities or practices, or be on any District 51 campus for any reason untilofficially readmitted to school. OSS is not to exceed five days without a hearing. The student and parent or guardian must attend are-entry conference before the student can return to classes. Students shall be provided an opportunity to make up schoolwork duringthe period of suspension. Students will receive credit for make-up work, which is completed satisfactorily. 4
  5. 5. DRESS CODE POLICYWe appreciate students dressing appropriately for class. The image of the school and the individual pride of the students are evident inthe manner in which students present themselves to the public.Individual schools have guidelines dealing with standards of decency, cleanliness and good grooming. Students have the right to dressfor individual expression and student satisfaction. However, when one’s dress or grooming disrupts the learning process, thedesignated official has a responsibility to take action. Clothing and accessories will not be allowed that are:  Degrading to any race, creed, or sex  Hazardous type of apparel  Disruptive to the educational process  Promoting drugs, sexual behavior or alcohol  Showing undergarments  Vulgar or morally suggestive, i.e., too provocative or extreme. (Tank tops with a sleeve of less than three inches, mid-drift tops, and shorts, which are too short, are not appropriate school attire.)Hats are not permitted in the school building.Pajamas, slippers and skate shoes (heelies) are not considered appropriate school attire.Shorts will be allowed if they are of an appropriate length.Dresses and tops should have necklines that do not expose private parts.Shoes must be worn at all times. Students are prohibited from wearing chains at school.Pants must not expose undergarments.Belts should be the student’s waist size and not longer.Consequences for students finding themselves in violation of dress code policy will be: (1) student will correct the problemimmediately at school, (2) the student will turn their shirt inside out or wear a shirt provided by the school, (3) student will be senthome to correct the problem and parents notified. The "disruption" standard will be enforced. GANG POLICYEast Middle School is focused on creating a safe learning environment; one where all students feel comfortable and which has zerotolerance for gang-like or intimidating behavior. Students wearing altered or gang-related clothing, e.g., AduRags (bandanas) will bewarned of its impropriety. The wearing of altered clothing or bandanas, gang-like graffiti, hazardous apparel, or any paraphernaliaassociated with gangs that could interfere with maintaining a safe school may result in suspension or expulsion as a result of repeatedor serious violations. Items with the ICP logo or words or graphics associated with ICP are prohibited.Association with trespassers on campus may result in school suspension. Flashing of hand signs is prohibited. 5
  6. 6. ELECTRONIC DEVICE POLICYStudent possession of cell phones at East Middle School is allowable subject to the following rules and regulations:Though allowed, cell phones/electronic devices can be a distraction which can result in disciplinary action as needed by teachers andadministration. With this in mind, the administration requests that if parents choose to allow their students to possess electronicdevices at school, please establish an understanding with them that, during school hours, all electronic devices should remain turnedoff and in lockers. When instructed by teacher for use in learning activities, students may be allowed to have cell phones/electronicdevices in the classroom.The school reserves the right to define the educational value of any new electronic devices that may become available to the public inthe future and to prohibit their use if they have little or no educational value or if such use creates learner distraction or disruption.Possession of electronic devices by a student is a privilege, which may be forfeited by any student not abiding by the terms of thispolicy. This policy statement serves as a first warning, detailing the rules and discipline, associated with East Middle School’s cellphone/electronic device use policy.The school will not be responsible for any electronic items when lost or stolen.This policy will be enforced during all times of the school day.Procedures for violation of this policy:  1st violation- The student will be required to put the electronic device in their locker  2nd violation- The student will be sent to the office with the electronic device  3rd violation- The parent will be notified and required to pick up the electronic device. GUM, CANDY, AND POPCandy and pop are not permitted during the school day. Gum is permitted as long as it does not interfere with teaching, learning,and does not litter the school campus. Gum is not permitted in Band, Choir, Orchestra, or PE. The school reserves the right toinstill a no gum rule if gum becomes a problem. If a student violates the gum policy, a loss of privileges will result. CAFETERIA EXPECTATIONS At East Middle School we ask that you observe the following courtesies:  Wait your turn in line  Be courteous to other students in line and to the cafeteria staff  Use please and thank you to cafeteria staff  Do not take food or trash off the patio  Pick up after yourself wherever you choose to sit and eat (food wrappers, trays, cartons, napkins)  Students who do not pick up after themselves will be asked to help clean the lunchroom  All food and drink must be finished before entering class  Students will seat no more than 5 at a table SKATEBOARDS, BICYCLES, SCOOTERS and ROLLER BLADESSkateboarding, rollerblading and cycling are not allowed on campus before, during, or after school. Bicycles, scooters,skateboards, and roller blades, may be used after the student leaves the campus. When heading east off campus, the student mustpass the backstop before riding. When heading west, the student must be past the school grounds before riding. LOCKERSEvery student will be assigned a locker for his/her use. Students are to keep the combination confidential. Lockers are not to beshared or traded. Locks are to be kept free of anything that would jam or keep the lock from locking. Backpacks are to be kept inlockers and will not be allowed in the classrooms. VISITORSUpon entering the building, all visitors must report to the Main Office with identification. All visitors must wear a visitor pass.Student visitor passes will not be issued. Students from District 51 Schools may not visit when school is in session. Parents arealways welcome to visit at any time. 6
  7. 7. DISCIPLINARY ACTION Incidents are handled on an individual basis. The following are examples of possible and/or mandatorydisciplinary actions that may be taken.Offense Discipline if 1st Offense Discipline if 2nd Offense Discipline if Additional OffenseUnder the influence of any 5-day suspension and Extended suspension up tocontrolled substance, alcohol referral to other appropriate 15 days. Mandatorydrink, or intoxicant of any kind program; parent conference; recommendation to Middle- police notification School Director or Superintendent for expulsion for semester or remainder of school year. Police notificationPossession and/or use of any 5-day suspension; parent Mandatory recommendationcontrolled substance, alcoholic conference and referral to to Middle-School Directordrink, or intoxicant other appropriate program; or Superintendent for police notification expulsion for remainder of semester or school year. Police notificationDistribution of any controlled Mandatory recommendationsubstance, alcoholic drink, or to Middle-School Directorintoxicant or Superintendent for expulsion for remainder of semester or school year; police notificationPossession of concealed Strong and immediateweapon or use of any type of action due to potentialweapon seriousness of offense; 5 day suspension with approved additional days by the Superintendent; parent contact; confiscation; police notification; mandatory recommendation to Middle- School Director or Superintendent for expulsion for remainder of semester or school yearOvert or Passive Defiance- Conference, detention Remediation or suspension Up to a 5 day suspensionInsubordination; Disrespect for and/or possible suspension; with parent conference, and/or recommendation forAuthority, Disruptive Behavior parent contact or conference based on degree of incident expulsionTruancy or excessive tardies Attendance contract; parent Possible suspension and Referral to school district contact; detention time for parent conference attendance officer class(es) missedTheft or possession of stolen 1 to 3-day suspension; 3 to 5-day suspension; 5-day suspension and/orproperty restitution; required parent restitution; police referral for expulsion; police contact; police notification notification; required parent notification conference 7
  8. 8. Offense Discipline if 1st Offense Discipline if 2nd Offense Discipline if Additional OffenseVandalism or destruction of 1 to 3-day suspension; 3 to 5-day suspension;property, e.g. graffiti restitution; required parent restitution; hearing with contact; police parent. Police notification notificationNo Public Display of Parent contact; warning; Parent Contact; detention orAffection- This includes detention suspensionhand-holding.Sexual Harassment/ 1 to 5-day suspension; Possible 5-day suspension; 5-day suspensionHarassment/Taunting/Teasing parent conference; referral police notification and/or recommendation/Bullying to other appropriate for expulsion; police program; contract notificationBomb threat; arson; or false 3 to 5-day suspension; 3 to 5-day suspension; 5-day suspension and/orfire alarm restitution; police restitution; police recommendation for notification; required parent notification; required parent expulsion conference conferenceMissed Detention Detention doubles or ISS (In 1-day suspension for each School Suspension) day of detention not completed within allotted time frame; in-school suspensionSerious verbal and written Mandatory recommendationthreats that could cause for expulsion; policebodily or emotional harm notificationExcessive horseplay Detention; or other loss of Possible suspension and privileges parent notificationForgery, Plagiarism, Loss of credit for Possible suspension; parentCheating/Violating User assignment or the student contactAgreement may have to redo; detention; parent notification; loss of internet privilegesDetrimental Behavior Detention; loss of 3 to 5-day suspension 3 to 5-day suspension and privileges; 3 to 5-day referral to law enforcement suspension and/or recommendation for expulsionFighting 3 to 5 day suspension; 3 to 5 day suspension; 3 to 5 day suspension, referral to law enforcement referral to law enforcement referral to law enforcement and/or recommendation for expulsion 8
  9. 9. ATTENDANCE POLICIESRationaleThere is a direct relationship between success and class attendance. Students having good attendance achieve better grades, are moreresponsible, and gain more from the school experience than those who have poor attendance. It is expected students will attend schoolregularly, and will be on time for classes in order to maximize the benefits they can expect from school.Procedures when absent from schoolParents of students who are absent from school are asked to assume either of these responsibilities: 1. Telephone the Attendance Office (254-5020) between 7:15 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., the day of the absence or tardy and inform the school of the reason for the absence or tardy. If a call is not received by the Attendance Office, the absence will be considered unexcused. 2. Or, upon returning to school, he/she is to bring a note, signed and dated by the parent or guardian, stating the date(s) of school missed and the reason for the absence or tardiness. The student will not be allowed to use the office phone to clear absences upon his/her return.Excused and unexcused admitsIn an attempt to clarify exactly what is an excused absence as opposed to what is an unexcused absence, the guidelines listed in theColorado State Law will be used.According to the Colorado School Attendance Law (22-23-104), the following conditions excuse a student from compulsory schoolattendance: 1. Temporary illness or injury or an absence approved by school administrator (doctor’s appointments, field trips, prearranged absences, etc., fall into this category). 2. Absences for an extended period of time due to physical, emotional or mental disability. 3. In custody of the court system or a law enforcement authority. 4. Student participation in a religious observance approved by the School District.Note• Oversleeping, babysitting, car problems, missing the school bus or your ride are not excused absences or tardies.• The administration has the authority by law to approve or disapprove student absences. If an absence does not fall into one of thesefour categories, it will be considered by the Attendance Office to be unexcused.TardiesLearning begins from the time the first bell rings in the morning to the last bell of the day. It is important students are in class on time.If a student earns a fourth unexcused tardy in a class during a nine-week grading period, the student will be required to make up thattime in detention.Prearranged absences (Advanced Excuses)Prearranged/advanced excuses have prior approval by the school for the student to be absent. Prearranged/advanced excuses must berequested by parents/guardians. Whenever possible, requests for advanced excuses should be submitted in writing at least one week inadvance. Students are to circulate a form to their teachers prior to the absence. An administrator will then review the form todetermine if the absence is to be approved.Unexcused absencesWithin (10) days after accruing (4) unexcused absences or a total of (10) absences, a conference with the student, parent,administration, and/or staff will be conducted to formulate an Attendance Contract to improve attendance.Leaving during the school dayA student leaving school because of illness must sign out with the Attendance Office or the absence will be unexcused. Any studentleaving school for an appointment must have a note from a parent/guardian stating the reason and time for release.Make-up workIt is the student’s responsibility to make up any work that has been missed because of an excused absence or tardy. Work should becompleted as soon as possible so that students do not fall behind in assignments. The student will have 2 days to make up his/hermissing work in the event of an excused absence. Make-up work for students who are ill will be gathered, upon parent request, afterthree or more consecutive absences. To insure that make-up work is ready, please call the office in the morning. Requests for make-up work received before noon are usually ready at the end of the school day. Students who are suspended will receive credit formake-up work that is completed satisfactorily. 9
  10. 10. LIBRARYFines and ChargesThere shall be no fees for the use of the school library/media center. Books shall be provided to students on a loan basis; no rental feewill be assessed for library books used in the classroom or for reference.Charges will be assessed to those who checkout materials (or their parents or guardians) if necessary for overdue, destroyed, damaged,or defaced materials. Students and their parents or guardians shall be assessed charges as follows:Books - The charge for a lost book is $25.00 regardless of the price of the book.Magazines - The charge for lost or destroyed magazines will be 100% of the replacement cost.Damaged Materials and EquipmentThe charge for materials with minor damage will be made at the discretion of the librarian with a maximum charge of $5.00. Ifrebinding is necessary, the rebinding charge will be included as well.Overdue MaterialsBooks $.10 per dayMagazines $.10 per dayReference Material $.25 per dayThe maximum charge for overdue materials will be $5.00 or one-half the cost of the materials, whichever is less. No overdue fineswill be charged if the library materials are due during an excused absence. The student must validate with the librarian/librarysecretary his or her excused absence.NOTE: Students and their parents or guardians will be billed for unpaid school debts at the conclusion of the school year or uponwithdrawal from school attendance. Any charge due to any school in the system not paid at the end of the school year will be carriedforward to the next succeeding school year, as such debts are considered to be debts owed to the school system and not to a particularschool. 10
  11. 11. East Middle School P.R.I.D.E. 2012-2013 School-Wide Expectations Student Handbook Signature FormStudent Name (Please Print) Grade I the undersigned, understand the East Middle School 2012-2013 School-Wide Expectations and Student Handbook.Student Signature Date 11
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