Managing Your Online Presence - Promoting Digital Literacy


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A presentation I gave at the WHELF conference at Gregynog on 11th June 2012.

My pitch for why librarians can (and should) teach social media awareness to our students. Tells the tale of our experiments with this (so far...) at Swansea University. Includes a link to our resources shared under CC.

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Managing Your Online Presence - Promoting Digital Literacy

  1. 1. “Managing yourOnline Presence”Promoting digital literacy Sam Oakley, Deputy Subject Librarian Swansea
  2. 2. Our students (mis)use of social media hit the headlines this year...
  3. 3. EPIC FAIL
  4. 4. Not just for those students but also for the university’s reputation
  5. 5. “Digital Literacy = digital tool knowledge + critical thinking + social engagement”(Josie Fraser, in The Guardian, 15 May 2012)
  6. 6. - “Send for the librarians!” -
  7. 7. If a digital literacy issue at ourinstitution is hitting the headlines,maybe we (the library) could help?
  8. 8. “Librarians can(and should)teachundergraduatessocial mediaawareness”
  9. 9. “This is the kind of thing academic libraries should be offering IF this isn’t already catered for elsewhere in the University”Tweet by Ned Potter (‘The Wikiman’), 16.5.12
  10. 10. Is there a demand?This is what happened at Swansea when wetried it out......
  11. 11. Original inspiration froma blog post by DavidHopkins on a sessionhe had run....
  12. 12. Tiggerishenthusiasm....met with interest &encouragement(e.g. fromCareers)...a team of librariansset to work
  13. 13. Your (next) employer could be watching you!“What’s Your E- Reputation? Managing Your Online Presence”Hand-on sessionWed 2nd May, 1-2pm
  14. 14. DISASTER!The date =Varsity Match!Not enoughbooked on to run
  15. 15. - The End? -
  16. 16. Things are taking off...• Session for final-year social work students• Part of new Study Skills module for nurses – Social media use is a big issue for public sector workers• Interest from other subject areas – Demand coming from academics?• General session to run again next term – demand from students?
  17. 17. So what do we teach them?(There’s a link to our stuff at the end)
  18. 18. First we scare them with a few social media horrorstories....
  19. 19. Then wehelp them:tools, tipsandstrategiesto takecontrol oftheir socialmedia use
  20. 20. ...and we tell them all the benefits of using social media for jobhunting, professional development and current awareness
  21. 21. That’s all very well butwhybother?(I’m busy)
  22. 22. The Library can be seen to Great for collaboration offer a solution to a very (Careers, e-learning, visible problem for the academics, students university union)Engage with key Demand fromissues: academics:•Employability health & social care,•Student Experience business,•Digital Literacy law, teaching.... It’s a fun topic! We use social media & we know And easy to teach. the benefits (information literacy!) as well as the issues (Badge available at Zazzle)
  23. 23. Our Stuff: to my fellow librarians Katrina Dalziel, Elen Wyn Davies, Susan Glen & Bernie Mathias who helped develop & publicise the session!Images used under Creative Commons courtesy of: LorenJavier, tinoubao, jurvetson, Libertinus, Country_Boy_Shane, kamshots, solaro and xraydeltaone on Flickr