Student i pad use


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Student i pad use

  1. 1. Rules and Guidelines
  2. 2.       Landrum Middle School has obtained a class set of 30 iPads for student and teacher use. These iPads will be available for teacher checkout only. They will be used as an educational TOOL in the classroom. Rules & Guidelines have been established for proper use for both teachers and students. You will be trained on how to properly use this educational tool. You will sign a Student Pledge for iPad use in the classroom.
  3. 3. Every student will be assigned an iPad number for each class.  You are responsible for your behavior on the iPad for example websites visited, pictures taken, apps accessed, ect.  If any iPad is returned with unacceptable behavior, profile setting changes, pictures taken, ect. the student will be held accountable for this.  Inappropriate use may result in barring the student from future use of the iPads.  Every student is responsible of notifying the teacher if any changes have been made to the settings, or background pictures ect. before using. 
  4. 4.       ALWAYS make sure your hands are clean before using. ALWAYS have the iPad flat on the middle of the desk screen facing up for use or apple side down for instruction. If an app requires or the teacher instructs you to hold the iPad in another way this is the ONLY time the iPad can be held in another way. GENTLY touch the screen to use for navigation. NEVER have drink, candy, gum, or anything in the category of food near the iPad when using. Please do not use the iPad as a clipboard or stack ANYTHING on top of the iPad. This also includes other iPads. Stacking can cause scratching.
  5. 5.   Think of your use of the iPad with your teacher like a game of Simon Says. If your teacher has not instructed you to do something, then you should not be doing it. For example, use of safari, apps, the camera, ect. SHOULD NOT be accessed unless the teacher has instructed you to do so. This includes moving ahead in instruction.
  6. 6. The student profile and settings for each iPad have been set for student use.  NEVER change the background, the wallpaper, the screensaver, or ANY of the settings.  The alignment and structure of the apps is to never be changed.  Mrs. Blakeney is the only individual who is permitted to do so.  If your iPad background, screensaver, ect. has been changed please notify your teacher before using.  The use of the camera is not permitted unless a teacher has instructed you to do so.  If pictures of ANY kind are found on the device ( without proper instruction) actions will be taken. 
  7. 7.   Defacing the number, serial number, or any other district markings is not permitted. The purchasing, movement, and alignment of apps on the iPads are not permitted.
  8. 8.     The iPad is an educational tool that needs to be treated as a TOOL. Please respect the rules, guidelines, and proper use of iPads. We all want to ensure every student has the opportunity to utilize this tool. Following the rules and guidelines will ensure that the iPads will remain in good condition for others to use.
  9. 9.   Questions & Comments? Sign & Return the Pledge.