A Small Scale Multi-type Library Consortium for the Purchase of Electronic Resources


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Poster presented at the Medical Library Association Meeting 2007.

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A Small Scale Multi-type Library Consortium for the Purchase of Electronic Resources

  1. 1. A Small Scale Multi-type Library Consortium for the Purchase of Electronic Resources Virginia M. Tanji, Director, Annis Lee Adams, Acting Head of Public Services, Luree H. Ohigashi Oasay, Technical Services Librarian John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI OBJECTIVE EVALUATION/SURVEY RESULTSTo develop a multi-type library consortium, the Medical Libraries PARTICIPANTS Participation by Resource 1 •100% of participants are satisified with consortial choices (63% of theConsortium of Hawaii, that functions as a “buying club” and Academic Libraries/Educational Institutions: respondents were very satisfied and 37% satisfied (16/16). Note: Only twopurchases medical electronic resources at a significant discount libraries have dropped out from the initial group (one was dissolved and thefor all participants, which include an academic health sciences Health Sciences Library, John A. Burns School of 12 other sold).library, other small university and community college libraries Medicine, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Oahu •“Very good value for the money.”(totaling 6 academic libraries), and 13 hospital libraries. 10 Hawaii Pacific University Libraries, Oahu •“Excellent -- we could not provide quality patient care without the 8 consortium.” Kapiolani Community College Library, Oahu Subscribe Number of •Purchasing “a la carte” is important to consortial participants. Of the 16 6 Would if $ Kauai Community College Library, Kauai Libraries respondents, six would not participate if they were required to purchase all SETTING 4 No Interest selections and nine did not know. Pacific Resources for Education and Learning, (PREL), Oahu •All 16 agreed that they had saved money by participating 2 •“…get best value for my limited funds…wouldn’t be able to affordThe setting is Hawaii, a small state, with several unaffiliated hospital Sullivan Library, Chaminade University, Oahu all the resources…otherwise.” 0libraries and university and community college libraries that previously BMJ Other BMJ ScienceDirect STAT!Refhad access to a wide range of electronic resources through Hospital Libraries: •“…Our users are pleased with the selection available as evidenceinstitutional memberships at a large private medical library, which was by the growing usage of these resources.”an independent unit of a large hospital system. This library was Alyce Haines Biomedical Library, Maui Memorialdownsized and at the same time, a brand new, state-funded academic Medical Center, Maui •Suggestions for improvement of the processhealth sciences library opened. •“My institution has expressed that it would like to see usage Castle Medical Center, Oahu included as one of the factors in allocating costs. I have thus far •The smaller hospital libraries, wanting to expand their electronic been able to convince them that the current method is fair.” collections, needed to find an affordable way to license online resources. Hawaii Medical Library, Queen’s Medical Center, Oahu Participation by Resource 2 •“Be sent invoices earlier…” •A loosely organized buying club was formed in July 2004 for Hawaii State Hospital Medical Library, Oahu •“…put…information/responses online in one place…in a wiki or a purchasing online medical resource packages. blog…might be easier than an email deluge.” Hawaii Pacific Health System includes: 8 •First purchases were effective for the 2005 calendar year. Arnold Library, Straub Clinic & Hospital, Oahu •Impact on your institution/library’s standing within the organization 7 Kapiolani Medical Center, Oahu •“Staff comment that they like when the full-text is available through Pali Momi Medical Center, Oahu 6 the various resources that we subscribe to. One psychologist Wilcox Memorial Hospital, Kauai especially likes ScienceDirect, since it has a few titles (pricier ones) 5 that we stopped our print subscriptions to.” Number of Subscribe Hilo Medical Center Library, Island of Hawaii 4 Libraries Would if $ •“Very helpful for outreach and training of public health staff. GUIDELINES FOR THE CONSORTIUM Medical Library, Kuakini Health System, Oahu 3 Essential resources. VERY grateful to have this access!!” No Interest 2 Medical Library, Tripler Army Medical Center, Oahu •“Good to have the resources via the Internet at their desks and 1 around the institution.”The Health Sciences Library serves as facilitator and negotiator for Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific, Oahu 0all contracts. MDConsult/ MdConsult MDConsult Nursing •“Our students rely heavily on the eBook collections, and our faculty Spark K. Matsunaga Veteran’s Medical Center, Oahu FirstConsult Clinics Addl Bks Consult are pleased with the journal access.”•All purchases may be made a la carte. •Barriers to Participation•Whenever possible vendors have been asked to invoice each •Cost/budget (10/11 respondents)library/institution directly. (Only one vendor declined, but made other •Resources available for purchase (3/11) SELECTIONS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT •Comments:accomodations.) CONSORTIAL RATES •“Need general science or biological databases”•No administrative fees for participating in the Consortium. BMJ Other BMJ Journals Participation by Resource 3 •“…small budget…can only subscribe to certain databases” •“budget…zero increase in funding the last 4 years”•Each participant’s purchase amount must be less than the cost to •6/7 comments related to budget and one to choice MDConsult/FirstConsultpurchase a resource independently. Clinics via MDConsult 14 Additional Textbook collections via MDConsult NursingConsult 12 OVID Books (selection of 65 books) OVID Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Total Access 10 Journal Collection 8 RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS OVID CINAHL Number of Subscribe OVID MEDLINE Libraries 6 Would if $ OVID PsycInfo No Interest OVID PsycBooks 4 •Consortium has now successfully operated through three subscription cycles. OVID PsycArticles 2 •Total monetary value of purchases for calendar year 2006 was approximately ScienceDirect via University of Hawaii at Manoa Library’s contract 0 $295,260. Ovid Books Ovid LWW Ovid Medline PsycInfo PsycBooks Psycarticles Ovid Cinahl STAT!Ref (five concurrent users, 71 books) Ovid Ovid •This consortium could serve as a model for a regional, multi-type library buying Ovid club with little administrative oversight needed.