Create a Phone System


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Create a Phone System

  1. 1. Creating an effective, trouble-free phone system for your state party By TOM ISENBERG YOUR PHONE LINE IS sorry, but all our lines are busy. [Technically, thats YOUR LIFE LINE true.] To receive a free information packet, please The most basic function of each state LP is to have leave your name, address, and phone number. Thank you for calling!" a phone line to handle inquiries. Ideally, this should consist of both a local and toll-free number that goes to a voice mail box - not a physical phone or TOLL-FREE NUMBERS someones answering machine. The reason is that a Also, get a toll-free number for prospects outside voice mail box is always on duty, always cheerful, your local calling area. In Washington, we use Sprint never screws up, and the phone number wont ever (1-800-877-4020) for our toll-free number, and it need to be changed (i.e., because your phone staffer doesnt cost much more than cheaper services. (Plus, moves or is not doing a very good job.) theyll be in business for a while.) Our toll-free bill is In Washington state, we disconnected our physical about $25 a month, and there is no setup fee. phoneline and had the existing number redirected to You can pick your toll-free number, so make it~voicemail box. Things are much more efficient something easier to remember (if you were to hear it JW! on a radio ad, for example.) There are still some 1-800-xxx-1776 numbers left! VOICE MAIL BOXES And make sure that your 1-800 number also goes to your voice mail box. Instead of having a residential phone/answering machine, get a «market expansion line" and a voice Again, make sure that only one person (your mail box from your local phone company. (You can Treasurer?) is authorized to make any changes/ keep your existing number.) Your phone companys cancellations to your toll-free service and arrange voice mail service wont cost much more than cheaper with the phone company to demand a password companies, and theyre not likely to go out of before implementing any changes. business. Remember, your phone number will be on a- -I-orof-1iteTature~-so-yOUl:iunrwanr-nrhave-tcn:hange . -~I=I-Q-N-E-bl~-+-I-NGS·-- ----: - ...-- it! Call all the local phone companies that service In Washington state, our "phone bill" is about $30 your state to get your 1-800 number listed in all the a month with a one-time setup fee of $40. Make sure major phone books in the state (outside of the local that only one person (ideally, the membership chair, calling area, of course.) List the local number in your or whoever handles prospect mailings) knows the local area directories only. Due to the monopoly password to the voice mail box. nature of local phone service, phone books do not Make sure that only one person (your Treasurer?) overlap coverage areas. It costs about $1 a month for is authorized to make any changes/cancellations to each phone book listing. this service and arrange with the voice mail company Also, make sure that your toll-free numbers are to demand a password before implementing any listed statewide with directory assistance, the changes. Secretary of State, the League of Women Voters, etc.~ Have an attractive female voice record your Anticipate the different ways people will try to find sndly voice mail message. For example: "Thank you your number! ror calling the Libertarian Party of Washington! Were 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW, Suite 100. Washington DC 20037 • (202) 333-0008