2010-11-17 FNF PAK - Eid Card front


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2010-11-17 FNF PAK - Eid Card front

  1. 1. BACK FRONT Not two, but one FUR DIE FREIHEIT The Holy Ouran was surely the main source of knowledge and inspiration for Allama Iqbal (1877-1938). Besides, some might be aware that much of his vast knowledge and inspiration did stem from his studies in Germany, namely in Heidelberg and Munich. But only few might know that one of the philo- sophers who influenced lqbal was his contemporary Friedrich Naumann (l860—l9l9l. / 'l'l'l‘. ll‘ l brlil l’ ‘Til Friedrich Naumann Muhammatl Iqbal Friedrich Naumann was not only a parliamentarian, politician, publicist and painter but foremost a priest and philosopher. His book "Briefe iiber Religion” (Letters about Religion] bears diamonds of wisdom — diamonds which Allama Iqbal had explored. For example in "The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam'' he refers to Naumann in one of the most essential theological questions: Eid mubarak by Olaf Kellerhoff [. .] How is it, then, possible to reconcile the goodness and omnipotence of God with the immense volume of evil in His creation? This painful problem is really the crux of Theism. No modern writer has put it more / qua/ _Wfl WW accurately than Naumann in his Brief uber Religion. VWateifSti’t| e;‘J 15 thfe‘ We possess, he saysza knowledge of the world which ; )‘f‘0”]Wfe‘f‘a[, ‘ja°, §j: }' ‘"36 teaches us a God of power and strength, who sends «ive«gNeckau in out life and death as simultaneously as shadow and H‘‘‘’””‘'‘'‘‘ light, and a revelation, a faith as to salvation which declares the same God to be father. [. ..]And yet they are not two gods, but one God. Somehow or other, their arms intertwine. Only no mortal can say where and how this occurs. 7 Naumann was both a strong believer in one God and a secularist, i. e. separating religion from state affairs. He worked for both for this world and the thereafter. Allama Iqbal was a philosopher and religious scholar. He lived for the revival of Islamic thought and supported the new secular state named Pakistan of Oaid—e Azam. Today, at Eid let us enjoy their vision. Eid mubarak! More on life and works of Friedrich Naumann can be downloaded at: www. southasia. fnst. org/ Publications/365c765/index. html l Iqbal, Allam Muhammad: The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam. Publisher Emporium: Lahore’ 2003' P’ Bat Heidelberg Castle Water Colour by Friedrich Naumann, 1910