2009-09-09 FNF PAK - Liberalism AU


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Lecture on Liberalism at the Air University, Islamabad, Sept. 30th 2009, by Olaf Kellerhoff, Resident Representative Pakistan of Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF)

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2009-09-09 FNF PAK - Liberalism AU

  1. 1. Liberalism Air University, Islamabad 10. Sept. 2009 Olaf Kellerhoff Resident Representative Pakistan
  2. 2. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Overview 1. Friedrich Naumann Foundation working for Freedom in Pakistan since 1986 2. Liberalism – a history of thoughts political philosophy based on equality 3. Liberalism – freedom and equality Are you strong enough to be free? Friedrich Naumann (1860–1919)
  3. 3. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Resident Representative Pakistan Olaf Kellerhoff Islamic History + International Relations (MA) at Hamburg Univ. Missions & Experiences abroad Somalia Marocco Turkey Kosovo (3x) Afghanistan (3x) Lebanon Apprenticeship as photographer
  4. 4. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 1. FNF
  5. 5. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Founding a foundation: President Heuss First president of the Federal Republic of Germany, Theodor Heuss (1884–1963), founded the endowment 1958 Heuss named the foundation after his mentor Friedrich Naumann Theodor Heuss – lifelong liberal: founding member of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) and its first chairperson 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  6. 6. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Changing this world Naumann = protestant priest confronted with social question in Hamburg at an orphanage Getting active – liberalism as solution: published a magazine founded a party became MP parliamentarian, politician, Friedrich Naumann (1860–1919), philosopher – mastermind seen by Max Liebermann 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  7. 7. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit Founded 1958: civic education for Germans regional offices in the provinces Liberal Institute (LI) think tank Scholarship department International Academy for Leadership (IAF) Headquarters in Potsdam (Germany), Jan. 2009 since 1963 abroad 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  8. 8. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Worldwide: in over 60 countries Regional approach 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  9. 9. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Sharing the fate with FNF in Pakistan Pakistan… working for Freedom in Pakistan since 1986 objectives: liberal democracy civic education human rights free market economy peaceful conflict resolution … and consequently working for betterment 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  10. 10. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Small team – big outcome Syed Hussain Shah Muhammad Nisar handyman handyman outside the office inside the office Muhammad Anwar Chief-Administrator Munazza Batool Program Coordinator 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  11. 11. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Sustainable work through partners Crucial Element is the self-responsible programme work of our partners. FNF trains, consults, interlinks and funds. 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  12. 12. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 LFP-Elections in Larkana Meeting in Mithi Seminars, workshops, meetings Lahore (FGP), Karachi, Management Conflict Jul. 09 Children’s parliament (SPARC), Isl. 09 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  13. 13. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Millenium Development Goals Pursuing MDGs… UN initiative in 2001 – achieved by 2015 1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger 2. Achieve universal primary education 3. Promote gender equality and empower women 4. Reduce child mortality 5. Improve maternal health …with German tax payers’ money: 6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other Minister for Economic Cooperation and diseases Development, Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, 7. Ensure environmental sustainability and German Ambassador, Michael Koch, in discussion with the German foundations. 8. Develop a global partnership for development Serena Hotel, Islamabad, Apr. 2009 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  14. 14. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Political Foundations Instrument to implement constitution: The political parties contribute to the formation of the political will of the people. [German Basic Law, Art. 21] Weimar Republic (1918– 1933): Democracy without democrats =>civic education Pluralism: democracy taught with different views learning respect for each other 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  15. 15. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Same view – different duties party: develops political objectives and raises political will to achieve those goals Courtesy of © Harald Kirschner faction: turns party will into parliamentary work foundation: research and formulation of policies capacitates political actors Delegation of the foundation at raises political interest the party’s parliamentary group hall 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  16. 16. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 2. Liberalism - a history of thoughts
  17. 17. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Liberal: Misuse and Misunderstanding Liberal: from latin: liber – free Liberalism – concerning Freedom Libertarian: a person who upholds the principles of absolute and unrestricted liberty esp. of thought and action Libertine: a person who is unrestrained by convention or morality, one leading a dissolute life 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  18. 18. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Liberalism political philosophy economical ideology worldwide movement hardly an undisputed definition – Liberals avoid Dogmas =>approach by seven selected thinkers Hambach Festival, 1848 (Germany) 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  19. 19. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 You belong to yourself John Locke (1632–1704), English philosopher social treaty theory incl. protection of individual rights and property Self = continuity of consciousness religious tolerance Locke – Initiator of Enlightenment 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  20. 20. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Self-interest as driving force Adam Smith (1723–1790), Scottish moral philosopher, father of modern economics in Theory of Social Sentiments: value of sympathy in The Wealth of Nations: human is striving for benefit Adam Smith, seen by Etching 1787 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  21. 21. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 The mainspring is competition Frédéric Bastiat (1801–1850), French political economist and member of National Assembly in Harmonies économicques: self-interest + competition in La Loie: through development a just system of laws + demonstrates by these laws a free society The state is the great fictitious entity by which every- one seeks to live at the expense of everyone else. 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  22. 22. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Act like you want without harming others John Stuart Mill (1806–1873). English philosopher + political economist, MP On Liberty: The harm principle + self-government Tyranny of majority =>limits on the ruler’s power, constitutional checks How can great minds be produced in a country where the test of a great mind is agreeing in the opinions of small minds? 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  23. 23. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Constant Change and Reform Edmund Burke (1729–1797), Irish statesman, political theorist rejects the idea that societies can be planned => against any ideological revolution condemning imperial practices in British India A state without the means of some change is wihtout the means of its own preservations. 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  24. 24. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Limited role of the state Friedrich August von Hayek (1899– 1992), Austian-British Economist + philosopher, Nobel laureate in Road to Serfdom: against all totalitarian regimes Welfare state undermines basis of free society I am certain that nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical safeguards of individual freedom as the striving after this mirage of social justice. 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  25. 25. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 All life is problem solving Karl Popper (1902– 1994), Austrian-British philosopher Critical rationalism: no ultimate truth The open society – undermining most forms of authoritarianism + totalitarianism Will the sun rise tomorrow? 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  26. 26. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Liberty leading the people before Socrates Locke: Two treatise on Government, 1690 American Revolution, 1776 French Revolution, 1789 Hambach Festival, 1848 19th century economic La liberté guidant le peuple take-off Eugène Delacroix, 1830 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  27. 27. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Wir sind das Volk Protestant Prussia Totalitarianism: National Socialism Communism Peace & freedom after 1945 Renaissance since 1989 Berlin Wall open: 12. Nov. 1989 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  28. 28. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Neoliberalism Answer of world economic crisis 1929 Classical liberalism too much stress on economic issues and too much laisser-faire The new (gr. neo) liberalism: state as supervisor of framework in which forces Social Misery described by Charles may act and interact freely Dickens – State has to supervise. 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  29. 29. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 3. Liberalism - Freedom and Equality
  30. 30. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Freedom / Liberty own Freedom of responsibility Freedom from social Freedom to responsibility 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  31. 31. Olaf Kellerhoff youtube.com/user/LiberalFriendsofPAK Liberalism 10.09.2009 The philosophy of liberty 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  32. 32. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Conservatism lat. conservare = conserve, keep political and social philosophies supporting Poster of the con- tradition and servative Party, 1909. status quo Interestingly, the conservatives accom- No utopian modated mostly the programme socialist (compare F.A. Hayek’s Road to serfdom) 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  33. 33. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Socialism := equal access to resources for all with an egalitarian method of compensation = denies nature of human beings = unfair: equal compensation for different efforts 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  34. 34. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Comparison of Values Socialism Liberalism Conservatism Social justice Freedom Order Material equality Rule of law Duty Redistribution Choice Tradition The common goals Tolerance Hierarchy Classless society Entrepreneurship Authority Solidarity Competition Discipline Public ownership Property Endowment Social responsib. Responsibility Charity 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  35. 35. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Liberal positions Individual freedom + equal chances Liberal democracy & pluralism Rule of Law & Good Governance Free Market Economy The prosperity that liberalism had created reduced considerably infant mortality, which had been the pitiless scourge of earlier ages, and, as a result of the improvement in living conditions, lengthened the average span of life. Nor did this prosperity flow only to a select class of privileged persons.” Ludwig von Mises (1883–1973) 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  36. 36. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 Liberal World Minimal state Free market Peace Liberalism is that principle of political rights, according to which the public authority, in spite of being all-powerful, limits itself and attempts, even at its own expense, to leave room in the state over which it rules for those to live who neither think nor feel as it does, that is to say as do stronger, the majority. José Ortega y Gasset (1883–1955) 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
  37. 37. Olaf Kellerhoff Liberalism 10.09.2009 1. FNF 2. Thoughts 3. Concept
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