2009-09-01 FNF Pakistan and Its Partners


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  • Chairperson / Board Chairperson: Anees Jillani Area of Work LFP is a political organization dedicated to the development of democracy based on liberal values such as personal freedom, social responsibility, the rule of law and free market economy. LFP conveys these messages mainly through campaigns and engages political forums, politicians and citizens in the discussions on current national issues to form pressure groups for effective lobbying. FNF-Funding & Relationship FNF supports LFP / FYG since 2000 in the form of strategic and tactical advice and the provision of funds for infrastructure and program funds. Ongoing Projects The LFP is an evolving organization with the potential of a liberal citizens' movement. It can pave the way for a Liberal Party to prepare, but itself is not in a party to be transformed. In 2007-2008 LFP focused on rule of law, restoration of judiciary and revival of democracy. In 2009 LFP wishes to launch campaigns on Good Governance and Inner-party democracy. History Founded in 2000, LFP is a membership based organization, currently in 32 basic units nationwide. Overall, LFP has almost 800 registered members. There are 600 registered FYG members, which is the youth wing of the LFP (FYG - Future Youth Group).
  • Chairperson / Board Chairman: Derrick Dean, General Secretary: Amber Alibhai, Board member: Roland de Souza Area of Work Shehri works in the areas of urban development and good governance. FNF-Funding & Relationship FNF supports Shehri-CBE since 1990 in the form of strategic and tactical advice and the provision of program funds. These resources include a small amount of money for infrastructure such as telephone and other office expenses. Ongoing Projects Shehri endeavours to develop a stronger civil society by raising burning civic issues of Karachi and its vicinity in special workshops. The seminars on public safety, Human Rights issues are organized for public, civil servants and government officials (Human Rights Trainings for Police). CBE prepares, publishes and disseminates information on creating awareness about the city management issues. In 2008 it focused on the issues of coastal development; commercialization of roads-policy; protection of open spaces; and crises of the urban governance. History Shehri-CBE an independent civic organization, was founded in 1988. It consists of a democratically elected board annually and has about 100 members. CBE aims to mobilize the citizens of Karachi to play their role in city governance. These concepts led Shehri to address current urban policy issues, such as development, road construction, transport, police, education, environmental protection, protection of the heritage, and local government system.
  • Chairperson / Board Excutive Director: Qindeel Shujaat Area of Work SPARC observes on the basis of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the child rights situation in Pakistan in terms of compliance or violation of child rights. SPARC strives to raise awareness of child rights. SPARC especially focuses on education, child labor, child abuse and juvenile criminal matters. Long-term goals deal with the abolition of child labor, the legal prosecution of child abuse as well as an adequate education for all children. FNF-Funding & Relationship FNF supported SPARC since 1998 in the form of strategic and tactical advice and the provision of program funds. The focus has been on consultations with multipliers on the local/national level through publications, seminars, workshops and conferences. FNF has recently supported the project of Children’s Parliament. Ongoing Projects SPARC will continue to work on elimination of bonded labour, creating awareness about human rights amongst university students and raising political awareness in the younger generation through establishing Children’s Parliament. History SPARC is an independent non-governmental organization which was established in 1992. SPARC consists of a democratically elected board regularly, but has no members.
  • Chairperson / Board Chairperson: Ms. Asma Jehangir, Co-chairperson: Syed Iqbal Haider, Director: Mr. I. A. Rehman Area of Work HRCP's goal is to control the observance of international human rights standards (in accordance with international documents such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and others) in Pakistan. These investigations are conducted and the status of the observance of human rights is documented. Recommendations for improvement are prepared. Besides this investigation awareness-raising events to highlight the issue of human rights are carried out. In the last two years HRCP has focused on the issues of missing persons, minority, women rights and decentralization. FNF-Funding & Relationship FNF supported HRCP since 1990 in the form of strategic and tactical advice and program funds. After initial support, also in the field of infrastructure, is the co-operation since 2004, only in program-related areas. The FNF will continue to support the work of HRCP further to the observance of human rights in the country. Special focus since 2006 is on the targeted implementation of human rights seminars for young people. In 2008 FNF worked with HRCP on the topics of joint electorates, new Charta minority rights, provincial autonomy and HR agenda for Pakistan. Ongoing Projects Presently HRCP is working on the issues related to the increasing ratio of suicides, conditions in prisons, police reforms, bonded labour, human rights agenda and provincial autonomy. History Since 1986 , the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has developed to become a broad-spectrum, countrywide human rights body. Nationally, the HRCP has established a leading role in providing a highly informed and independent voice in the struggle for human rights and democratic development in Pakistan - a role increasingly recognized internationally, also. It is an independent, voluntary, non-political, non-profit making, non-governmental organization.
  • Chairperson / Board The active core group consists of eight persons: Tauseeq Haider Gulmina Bilal Aniq Zafar Jami Chandio Huma Baqai Zafarullah Khan Anees Jillani Irfan Ahmed Urfi Area of Work Training on Liberalism to build a tolerant free society firmly rooted in liberally fertile ground that works for a sustainable liberal democracy in the country. FNF-Funding & Relationship Since its establishment, the seminars, training workshops and publications of FreedomGate Pakistan have been supported by FNF. FreedomGate Pakistan has been providing knowledge support to FNF partners through it seminars and workshop Ongoing Projects Training workshops on liberal topics and website. History FreedomGate Pakistan (FGP) is an informal network of alumni of liberal International Academy for Leadership in Germany (IAF) established in 2007.
  • Chairperson / Board EFN Pak has a core group that comprises four members. Zubair Ahmed Malik Ali Salman Khalil Ahmed Sameer Dodhy Area of Work EFN Pakistan promotes economic freedom in order to facilitate human development and economic growth. EFN works to appeal to the public policy advisors and political decision-makers, and to broaden the debate on the merits of free markets and limited governments, the EFN Pakistan provides a platform for political dialogue, public education and academic exchange. FNF-Funding & Relationship EFN PAK is supported by FNF since its coming into being in the terms of the program but not any infrastructural costs. Ongoing Projects EFN plans to work in 2009 on “subsidies and regulations”; “Property under Litigation: Value, costs and Implications”; “SAARC Government’s Commitment to Economic Freedom in South Asia”; “Intellectual Property Rights” etc. The final work plan is yet to be finalized. History The foundation of the network was laid in December 2007 while it could only identify its core group in April 2008.
  • 2009-09-01 FNF Pakistan and Its Partners

    1. 1. Partners and Scope of Work in Pakistan FNF – the Foundation for Freedom Olaf Kellerhoff Resident Representative
    2. 2. Olaf Kellerhoff 15.09.2009 Our Partners- Our Strength LFP Liberal Forum Pakistan (LFP) Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) FGP HRCP Society for Protection of Rights of the Child (SPARC) FNF Shehri – Citizens for Better Environment (CBE) EFN Economic Freedom Network SPARC PAK (EFN PAK) Shehri FreedomGate Pakistan (FGP) CBE
    3. 3. Olaf Kellerhoff 15.09.2009 Our Partners – Our Strength Liberal Forum Pakistan Society for Protection of Rights of the Child Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Shehri-CBE FreedomGate Pakistan Economic Freedom Network
    4. 4. Olaf Kellerhoff 15.09.2009 Liberal Forum Pakistan A civil society association of liberals in 28 districts of Pakistan Chairperson A. Jillani Working with FNF since 2000 for: Individual freedom Good governance Federalism and provincial autonomy Pluralism and inclusion Independent judiciary Elections in Chapter Khanewal. Secular state
    5. 5. Olaf Kellerhoff 15.09.2009 Shehri - Citizens for Better Environment A pack of passionate concerned citizens of Karachi Chairperson A. Alibhai Working with FNF since 1990 on: of the saviors of Khotari Park Member Khatib Ahmed – one Land use and Zoning Control Urban Services Improvement Institutional Strengthening Recreational Development Civil Society Mobilization Human Rights
    6. 6. Olaf Kellerhoff 15.09.2009 Society for Protection of Rights of the Child A nationwide structured movement for child rights Chairperson Qindeel Shujat Working with FNF since 1998 for: Child rights Bonded labor and child labor Civic education and empowerment of adolescents Juvenile justice and violence Book launching ceremony
    7. 7. Olaf Kellerhoff 15.09.2009 Human Rights Commission of Pakistan A nationwide volunteer based organization Working with FNF since 1998 for: Human rights Provincial autonomy Police reforms Joint electorate and minority rights Issues of terrorism Chairperson I.A. Rehman giving a speech
    8. 8. Olaf Kellerhoff 15.09.2009 FreedomGate Pakistan Network of IAF Alumni from Pakistan Working for FNF since 2006 for: Networking of liberals Training and capacity building on liberal topics Provide guidance and advice to policy makers and opinion leaders in Pakistan from a liberal perspective Supporting liberal initiatives and dialogue serving as a platform for liberals to discuss liberal concerns.
    9. 9. Olaf Kellerhoff 15.09.2009 Economic Freedom Network A campaigning and lobbying network Chiefcoordinator Zubair Malik Associated with FNF since 2007 focusing on: Promotion of free market economy and free trade Level playing field and open competition Lobbying for economic freedom and protection of property rights Providing a platform for political dialogue, public education and academic exchange EFN-SCCI joint Seminar
    10. 10. Olaf Kellerhoff 15.09.2009 Thank You!
    11. 11. Olaf Kellerhoff 15.09.2009 Follow us: twitter.com/FNF_Pakistan Keep in touch! See us: flickr.com/photos/liberal_friends_of_pakistan Watch us: youtube.com/LiberalFriendsofPAK Read with us: amazon.com (People search: FNF Pakistan) Learn from us: slideshare.net/LiberalFriendsofPakistan Become a fan: Liberal Friends of Pakistan www.mynameise.com/LiberalFriendsofPAK Also in Urdu www.southasia.fnst.org