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What Constitutes Excellence in the Library Profession?
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What Constitutes Excellence in the Library Profession?


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A presentation discussing varying factors that can produce an excellent library service.The slides were delivered as a presentation on 29.6.11.

A presentation discussing varying factors that can produce an excellent library service.The slides were delivered as a presentation on 29.6.11.

Published in: Career, Sports, Technology

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  • 1. What Constitutes Excellence In The Library Profession?
    Samuel Wiggins
  • 2. There are two parts to every library:
    library materials and library personnel
    To make a library service effective, the two are dependent on each other
  • 3. You can have lots of stock
  • 4. with some of the
    latest technology
  • 5. and a fantastic
  • 6. but without good staff, how would users find their way through all that information?
  • 7. Similarly, an information professional without adequate materials can find themselves restricted
  • 8. The professional and their materials need to work together
  • 9. Therefore...
    to achieve library service excellence, the information professional must work their resources hard
    to fill in the blanks for the user
    But how?
  • 10. Be proud of what we do!
  • 11. We need to speak up for ourselves...
  • 12. A good information professional will make use of their many skills
  • 13. Cataloguing...
  • 14. Training...
  • 15. A keen attention to detail combined with strong search skills...
  • 16. and be up to date with all the latest technology
  • 17. BUT
    underpinning these attributes and putting them into practice are...
  • 18. What did the LIS profession think?
    One simple question
    305 Respondents
    Sent out via JISC’s LIS-LINK and Twitter
  • 19. Please select the skill that you feel is the most important for completing your day to day work
  • 20. This is simplified – just a snap-shot to gain a broad overview and invite discussion.
    A more detailed survey would aim to demonstrate how all these aspects are intertwined and build upon each other
    An appreciation of the need for a unique, individual tailored approach to every user and their query
  • 21. Poll Limitations...
    • Failure to include an “other” response box
    • 22. Failure to cater for higher level managerial responsibilities
    • 23. Failure to include an option for budgetary/financial responsibilities
    • 24. Responses contained a mix of personal characteristics and taught skill sets
  • Poll Successes...
    • Simplistic format enabled a high response rate
    • 25. Serves as a talking point and starts conversations
    • 26. Demonstrates the breadth and depth of the LIS profession
  • So excellence in the library service consists of multiple skills intertwined with an added personal touch?
    Wait... There’s a catch?
  • 27. Your work within your job role
    Your work within the profession
  • 28. There are a lot of other information services
    out there and excellence is comparative.
    There is no room for complacency.
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  • 30. Twitter: @LibWig