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Results for survey


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Results for survey created on Thriller movies

Results for survey created on Thriller movies

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  • 1. Results for survey In total 33 people answered the survey. We did an online survey using ‘Survey Monkey’ We sent out the survey using Facebook and also giving people the web link.
  • 2. Q1 - What do you think is the best thing about Thriller/Horror films and why ?
    • 6 -Makes you stronger, if you watch more and more thriller’s you feel less scared
    • 4 - exciting
    • 7 - Sitting on edge of your seat
    • 2 - Get a buzz, suspense and thrilling
    • 1 - its dramatic captures audiences attention
    • 2 - Atmosphere in cinema
    • 2 - Scary music
    • 3 - Reactions
    • 3 - Adrenaline
    • 2 -Makes you jump
  • 3. Q2 - What colours do you most associate with Thriller/Horror films and why?
    • Most of the answers were:
    • - Black and red – black represents death and red represents blood
    • - Dark Colours
    • - Grey for ghosts
    • - Contrasting colours – highlights vulnerabilities
    • - Black as it shows night time its scary
  • 4. Q3 - In the opening titles of a Thriller/Horror film, do you think the titles (e.g. Director's name) should be displayed on top of moving film or on black background with black writing More people would prefer it on the moving film
  • 5. Q4 - Do you think a Thriller/Horror movie should start with: A shocking start (e.g. car crash) or a slow moving start More people would prefer a shocking start
  • 6. Q5 - Do you think a Thriller/Horror film should refer to/show a past event? Yes - it should bring a significant event from the main character's past into the film (e.g. main character's family member died)/ No – No past, only present More people would prefer the movie to refer to a past event
  • 7. Q6 - Do you think make-up in a Thriller/Horror film (e.g. blood, pale skin, flesh wounds) can:
    • Other:
    • Too cliché
    • More realistic
    • Depends if it’s good make-up & it looks good or bad
    • Distracts from the movie
    From this you see that people would like make-up in the thriller film as long as its realistic and not cliché
  • 8. Q7 - Is there anything that you think would be inappropriate in a Thriller/Horror film, for example - a little girl being hit by a car?
    • it’s acceptable as it’s a scary film, people expect that
    • kidnapping, murder
    • Rape
    • Nudity
    • Nothing is inappropriate as long as its introduced in correct context
    • E.g. human centipede has gone to far, don’t do anything like that
    • Paedophilia
    • Abuse
    • Violence involving kids
  • 9. Q8 - Would you be more keen to watch a "Certificate 15 or 18" Thriller/Horror film and why?
    • Why?
    • 15 - Less scary
    • 18 – more blood and violence
    • doesn’t make a difference
    From this we can see people would prefer Certificate 18
  • 10. Q9 - What would you recommend to people making a Thriller/Horror movie to make it as good as possible (e.g. film at night, use fast/ slow pace music..)
    • Scary and realistic
    • Don’t be cliché
    • Good lighting
    • Appropriate music
    • Build suspense
    • Blood and gore
    • Film at night
    • A twist at the end
    • Black and white movie