Film opening timelines


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This is the slideshow i produced on the happenings of three separate film openings, all different styles and genres.

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Film opening timelines

  1. 2. 0:00 0:12 2:59 Warner Brother Productions Introduced. 0:31 Landscape shot of lake and mountainous region, before dissolving into birds eye view shot of moving car. 0:51 Birds eye view shot of car driving across the mountainous road, cuts to aerial shot of moving car. 1:18 Aerial shot of car driving along mountainous road, cuts into landscape tracking shot. 1:40 Credits start to scroll up the screen. 2:10 Cut to birds eye view shot of car driving down road, credits continue to roll. 2:34 Landscape shot of mountainous region and woodland area, car continues to drive with credits still scrolling. 2:44 Cut to aerial shot of car driving now with a snow landscape, credits finish scrolling. Cuts to different aerial shot slowly focusing in on the hotel, centre of the film.
  2. 3. 0:00 1:39 0:04 Credits begin to Appear on plain black screen. 0:18 Credits continue to role with the sound of a crisp packet being opened. And the fridge door opening and closing. 0:25 Cut to close up shot of cheese being sprinkled on crisps, credits continue rolling. 0:27 Cut to close up shot microwave being switched on, credits continue rolling. 0:31 Close up of character looking in the microwave and the plate spinning round, credits continue rolling. 0:35 Tracking shot of clothes being pulled out a washing bin, credits continue rolling. 0:37 Close up of plate, bowl of cereal and drink being lifted up, credits continue rolling. 0:51 Cross cuts between character sat on sofa and his mother walking out the door, credits continue rolling. 1:11 Cross cuts between character playing computer game, and father in the doorway, credits continue rolling. Establishing shot of conference room, credits continue rolling. 1:18 A series of cross shot between a close up of the lecturer and a female character sat in the audience.
  3. 4. 0:00 1:38 Credits begin to start rolling with the sound of rain being introduced at 21 seconds. 0:30 Close up shot of a camera lens with the sound of the camera starting up. 0:32 0:36 Close up of camera filming zooms out to a long shot of camera filming. 0:44 Medium close up of American footballer adjusting helmet and stepping back. 0:50 Variation of shots of an American football match, long shot, close up shot, and a two shot. 0:52 Camera zooms out and focuses into two shot, dialogue is exchanged. 1:00 Variation of shots of an American football match continuing Two shot, long shot, close up and medium long shot. 1:02 Establishing shot of stadium, zooms out during shot. 1:25 Variation of shots of an American football match continuing, medium shot, medium close up, very long shot, close up and a two shot. 1:27 Tracking shot of scoreboard. Variation of shots of an American football match continuing, long shot, close up, long shot, medium close up, very long shot and two shot. 1:38 Variation of two shots, reaction shots, over the shoulder shots and close ups as a fight breaks out. 2:20 2:22 Crane shot of all football players joining in with fight, shot cuts to black, end of scene.