Katerina Petrova


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A slideshow presenting Katerina Petrova (TVD characters) as she would of been known if she really did live back them.

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Katerina Petrova

  1. 1. Katerina Petrova By Liam Jacobs
  2. 2. Katerina Petrova• Katerina was born and Raised in Bulgaria, Sofa in 1475, Before getting Banished to England in 1492, There she was turned (Vampire).
  3. 3. Katerinas familyMr. Petrova Mrs. Petrova(Father) (Mother) Lady Petrova (Maid)
  4. 4. Why was she banished to England?In 1475, years after she was bornin Bulgaria, at the age of 18 Shebecame Pregnent by an unknownman.A t that time in Bulgaria having babywas not approved, So her familybanished her to England, and met anobel man named Klaus. But shewas mistaken when he turned out to be awerewolf and a vampire!>>>>>>
  5. 5. The Flee from Klaus!On the run from Klaus in the woods,She came across Klauss Brother ElijahMikaelson who was also pretending to befriends while she stayed with Klaus andalso out to find her,
  6. 6. Finding the Cottage.• Her friend Trevor told Elijah that she fleed the otherside of the woods. When Trevor catches up with Katerina, he tells her "Theres a cottage, youll be safe there!" so she runs and runs...Until she found the Cottage.• There she met a butiful woman named Rose he turned her in the first place.
  7. 7. Turning into a vampire!• In the Cottage dorm, Rose discovers that Katerina had stabbed herself with a wooden stake, has she dies Rose gives Katerina her blood because her friend Trevor will die as they both was linked by a witch, Katerina will be become one has well. A minute later, Katerina hangs herself and then comes back alive but as a young vampire who is craving for blood.
  8. 8. Katerinas Return to Bulgaria 1492• Katerina returns to Bulgaria to see her family and friends,• But Unfortunely her family was killed by Klaus because of her escaping from him.
  9. 9. Years Later in 1864Years after Katerina fleed from Klaus,Katerina arrived at nice place inAtlanta named Mystic Falls, therepretended to be a homeless orphan from anunknown city or town in Atlanta.Because of her terrible lie, The Salvatorefamily in Mystic falls taken her in. Asthe days progress she started to fall in lovewith both of the Salvatore Brothers,Damon Salvatore and Stefan Salvatoresons of Giusepee Salvatore.
  10. 10. Katerinas truth revealed to Mystic Falls!• Katerinas true self was clamied to be revealed to the town, When Stefan and Katerina was rumored to be making love and Katerina fead on him and rumored that she choked by Sir Stefan Salvatores injestion that was sneaked by his father.• Katerina was taken away by the town council and locked away in the towns old church...But just incase, she was planning a fake death so she could flee from Mystic Falls forever.
  11. 11. Katerina in 1920sKaterina decides to pay her boyfriend,Stefan a visit in Chicago, She didnt makeeye contact, she just spyed on him.GOOD QUALITY PICTURE
  12. 12. thanks for watching