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Open architecture PSIM is growing more important in security deployments, as they provide the perfect integration platform for different security systems, and next step procedures for operators.

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AppVision PSIM presentation 2013

  1. 1. Physical Security Information Management AppVision © 2012
  2. 2. AppVision : the most popular PSIM worldwide • • • • • • • • Highly open architecture PSIM Configuration freedom for administrators Cause and effect management for connected systems Already integrated with a large number of systems Aggressive pricing model Free of charge SDK No compulsory maintenance fees OEM versions • Over 2,200 projects already deployed • 200 new projects per year and growing AppVision.NET © 2010
  3. 3. Video Analysis Video/Audio over Networks Surveillance Live & Recorded Safe Lock Management Audio Record/ Archive Access Control Biometrics Mass Storage The AppVision ecosphere Time and Attendance Building Control Input – Ouput relays SMS Perimeter Intrusion Detection GPS Tracking Intruder Alarms Fire Alarms ATM Monitoring Parking Management Prysm© 2012
  4. 4. Integration and interoperability Server AppVision provides interaction between all different connected systems to the user. Cause and effect relationships are easily created : open zonal cctv on alarms, switch off alarm system when valid access card is used, send alarm messages to PA broadcast……. IP CCTV via VMS Input – Output relays Perimeter Systems Intruder alarms Fire alarms Access control • Building or street lighting • Temperature control • Lift management Audio analytics and PA Systems BMS
  5. 5. Multiple servers and client stations AppVision virtual matrix in GUI allows user to drag and drop cameras to video wall • • Unlimited number of clients can be connected to server Each client GUI can be unique, based on user profile, requirements and level of access Server Redundant Servers Inter Server driver enables commuication between all AppVision regional servers over IP CCTV and VMS Input – Output relays Perimeter Systems Server redundancy automatic failover Intruder alarms Fire alarms Access control Audio analytics and PA Systems BMS
  6. 6. Open architecture is an applied philosophy : • AppVision supports proprietary systems and open protocols • Open & industry standard protocols enable PSIM’s to connect a large number of security and building automation systems, • For new integrations : We facilitate external development with our free of charge Development Kit (SDK) Or we can undertake the development at very competitive rates
  7. 7. Is integration to a system always possible? • The manufacturers decide on the features that are available to a PSIM / SMS through their Software Development Kit (SDK) or protocol. • Some manufacturers have no desire to open the access to their systems. These are called closed protocol systems, often with the intention to lock the clients and installers into a forced long term relationship with them. Here is an example: ACS brand 1 provides an SDK to enable full integration by a PSIM . Features include : • Alarm and door events live • Photo ID on event • Force door, Lock door • Create new cardholders, delete or modify existing cardholders • Etc …. ACS brand 2 is a closed protocol system. • Clients are locked into this technology for other integrations (cost, delay, ROI, risk, futureproofing…). • The manufacturer will not release an SDK. Often the only choice is to replace the system.
  8. 8. Manage security with all systems seen together
  9. 9. Use the security systems to reduce building energy costs • Security systems already monitor room occupancy. • Why not use them to manage heating and lighting?
  10. 10. Energy costs … AppVision to iBMS software : OBIX Server Local Area Network protocol Security Systems Server AppVision Building Manager supports many protocols used in building automation, but can also link to a dedicated BMS software for alarm and event centralisation. Here we present the link to Honeywell Tridium’s Niagara platform via the OBIX protocol development Lighting HVAC Energy
  11. 11. Flexible & modular solution : from small to multi site projects Only 3 modules to manage : •Technical alarms & building management •CCTV •Access control Low cost & scaleable solution for projects starting with a few cameras / alarm detection points Modular & scaleable software for fully integrated systems
  12. 12. Some of our driver integrations include CCTV / Video Surveillance Avigilon, Axis, Camtrace, Dedicated Micro, Honeywell, Intellex, Sensormatic Genetec, Geutebrück, GeoVision, JVC NVR, Milestone, Onssi, Mobotix, Matrice Lilin, Mobotix Sony, Bosch – all cctv systems, Samsung Techwin, NiceVision, VDG, Vicon Honeywell Active Alert, Foxstream, UDP….. cctv systems can be interfaced very easily Intrusion and Fire Detection Systems Honeywell Galaxy, Ziton ARD Isoview, GE/ ARITECH CD150 & Master …, Bosch DS7400, D6600, UTC FP2000, Erobus, …, C+K / APLEX, 3GS, Siemens Sintony & Sipass ELKRON MB 60/500, MP200 …, TELEM Belledonne, ATSE, DEF, ESSER, Tecnoalarm DIALOG 128 Other TOA, Commend, Zenitel Stentofon ASCII, KNX, TCP / IP, Modbus, Inter server, SNMP, OPC Access Control ARD, ATS Master, ASSA ARX ASICE, Cardax (Gallagher), DDS, I2E GE SECUREPERFECT & GE Facility Commander Maxxess, NEDAP AEOS, SYTEL Siemens, Synchronic, TDSI, Winpak Many others AppVision is a gateway for external access control software to become a multi protocol graphic interface. Contact us for details. SCADA, Building Automation and Control EIB/KNX, Merlin Gerin, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, MODBUS / JBUS master or slave (Modicon, April, ...), UNITELWAY, ETHWAY, FIPWAY Telemechanics, SINEC-H1, SINEC-L2, 3964R Siemens, SYSMAC-WAY (Omron), MELSEC (Mitsubishi), MEWNET (Matsushita), DF1 (Allen Bradley), SUCOMA (KlocknerMoeller), SOFBUS (Sofrel)
  13. 13. Custom build your interfaces Import your own graphic interface with site layout and dynamic symbols for each security device Fire and burglar alarm management CCTV can be built into GUI Live photo update of person on badge access and exit Real-time on screen security events Trace of all alarm activity Timestamped log of all operator activity Permanent status of all connected devices
  14. 14. Some sample AppVision screenshots AppVision © 2010
  15. 15. Custom Scenario Building with AppVision With AppVision you can build animated scenarios and interactive buttons EXAMPLE : AppVision can automatically open or close doors either from a physical device trigger or from an interactive on screen button AppVision © 2012
  16. 16. Easy import wizard : AppVision synchro with VMS in seconds Example with Milestone : Input IP address for VMS and AppVision imports cameras AppVision.NET © 2012
  17. 17. Video Walls, Navigation & Drag and Drop Icons Click or drag icons to AppVision to open camera in desired video wall window or pc screen AppVision contains its own video wall matrix application AppVision.NET © 2010
  18. 18. Easy interaction between alarms & playback Click on the alarm event in AppVision to display the CCTV playback stored in the VMS. AppVision does the work for you and pulls up the cctv.
  19. 19. AppVideo Virtual Matrix AppVision contains its own virtual matrix feature that uses powerful script commands to configure formats and display cameras on screens or walls of monitors. If you don’t see the format you want – we’ll make a new one for you.
  20. 20. Priority of cctv control for multiple users Taken over PTZ control When multiple users are connected to the same cameras a system of hierarchy and prioritisation is used. The Supervisor
  21. 21. Add Hotspots as you see them on cctv Create a Hotspot and log a security event that was seen on cctv cameras Click later on the Hotspot or in the log and AppVision will pull up the cctv images for the event Enter some detail for the event - this is now logged for later consultation.
  22. 22. CCTV integration with alarm systems : cause & effect CCTV display activation can be automatic upon detection of an intrusion Radar Dome
  23. 23. Video Analytics or Number Plate Recognition: - direct or via VMS AppVision can be directly interfaced with some video analytics applications High Street South Alarm trigger inputs are sent to AppVision by the analytics software or via the VMS and are treated as any other alarm input. Alarm inputs can also be used for cause and effect with other connected alarm systems.
  24. 24. Specific use : ANPR input and database comparison On entering site : 2 cameras placed on entering site : rear and front of vehicle ANPR input for each number plate to AppVision Number plates are logged into AppVision archive On leaving site : 2 cameras on leaving site : rear and front of vehicle ANPR input for each number plate to AppVision 2 Number plates compared to initial data at entry point AppVision management : If 2 plates are not the same, AppVision will generate an alarm Gate could automatically be closed by AppVision on alarm event
  25. 25. Switch cameras automatically : graphics & cctv Configure AppVision to switch dome cameras automatically or you can PTZ manually from the graphic plans This feature is also useful with cctv virtual guard tour applications High Street South
  26. 26. Time saving : very large sites / Autocad • Autocad floor plans often exist for very large sites • AppVision can easily import these DXF format plans as background images onto which are placed the various security equipment animated icons • This saves enormous amounts of time (and hence money) for the end client • Another special feature for large sites is the navigation window : a miniture of the total floor plan that is used to easily situate the current view and to navigate by moving the blue square • In addition to the standard go to GUI upon alarm feature where AppVision opens the associated GUI for a particular alarm device, it is also possible to zoom down to a preset level of detail for DXF files. •AppVision can auto zoom to a preset level of detail for GUI. Navigate directly from within the navigation window
  27. 27. Import GIS mapping or AppVision static maps High Street South AppVision map management is included free of charge and easy to set up for static maps. You can also use open architecture GIS mapping with AppVision icon overlays,
  28. 28. Coming soon – AppVision version 4 • Secure light client access to user profile using browser • More complete internal messaging • Internal voice communications between client stations • And more… …. Release 2013
  29. 29. Market model – pricing guide •Aggressive pricing model •Only 3 modules : •AppVision : incidents, alarms, hvac, low level data inputs •AppVideo : mix and match brand of cctv cameras, DVR or VMS •AppControl : direct control over access hardware • Installer or distributor oriented pricing model – not end user • Scalable pricing model that fits to project size •Low starting price point / size
  30. 30. Market model(s) – who deploys AppVision Project Management Assistance Deployed by security installer • Product Configuration : •Plans & addresses, •Menus, •Cause & effect links… • Configuration training (min 2 days) • Certification • Deployment & tests on site • End user training • Support Our goal is to empower our partners • Installer manages project •Software configuration, •Deployment, •Tests on site, •End user training. • Support
  31. 31. Some AppVision case studies : security and building management Please note : these are high security sites and are not open to visits by our clients nor can they be viewed with remote IP connections
  32. 32. National football stadium, Stockholm • Management of all security systems using AppVision Building Manager • Large scale project with centralisation of hundreds of cameras, doors, fire doors and automation systems • Special configurations that automatically sends commands to systems based on the type of event, part of the stadium to be used by the event and also for each stage of the event • AppVision video wall management using virtual matrix
  33. 33. Bank World HQ, Middle East • Management of all security systems using AppVision Building Manager •Hundreds of cameras, access control, doors, fire doors and automation systems • Special configurations that automatically sends commands to systems based on the type of event, part of the stadium to be used by the event and also for each stage of the event • AppVision video wall management using virtual matrix
  34. 34. City Centre CCTV control room • Over 150 fix and PTZ dome cameras based in city centre • Nice Systems recording software platform • Hotspot zone management : icons and statistics for incidents by area • Cause and effect links between cameras is managed by AppVision • Multiple user login with various levels of user access • AppVision displays workflow recommendations and actions
  35. 35. Multiple prisons deployment • Several new prisons in same country in middle east region • Access control, cctv, perimeter protection, fire systems, emergency doors • Cause and effect links between hardware systems managed by AppVision • Multiple user login with various levels of access • On alarm AppVision displays recommendations and actions • User can be asked to complete event reports sent by AppVision to his bosses • AppVision contains a full log : user reaction time, modifications, screens viewed…..
  36. 36. Major new hospital deployment • Brand new hospital with state of the art security system • Access control, cctv, perimeter protection, fire systems, emergency doors • Cause and effect links between hardware systems managed by AppVision • Multiple user login with various levels of access • On alarm AppVision displays recommendations and actions • User can be asked to complete event reports • AppVision contains a full log : user reaction time, modifications, screens viewed…..
  37. 37. Air Force Base Highest level security project at underground nuclear base • Milestone XProtect Video Management system • Axis CCTV cameras • Siemens Sintony alarm panels • Honeywell Galaxy alarm panels
  38. 38. European Parliament, Strasbourg over 10,000 intruder detection inputs, emergency exits and emergency lighting • Phase 1 of this project was to manage all intruder systems in conjunction with emergency door exits and lighting • Phase 2 incorporates the existing cctv system and walls of monitors • AppVision contains many time saving features for new configurations that enable us to develop custom command systems in very short lead times • Despite the size of this project phase 1 was managed in a matter of weeks from time of ordering to deployment.
  39. 39. Gas Pipeline & Terminal Large project that unifies intruder detection, access control and cctv • Pelco Endura CCTV system • GE Security Master alarm panels • CHUBB Security CH400 access control
  40. 40. Schenker Joyau Logistics CCTV and alarms management • centralisation and control of 4 major logistics sites • management of 800 cameras using AppVideo module • synchronisation & management of 20 Camtrace NVR light client servers (uses Linux) • Mix of Axis encoders for legacy analogue cameras and axis IP cameras • wall mounted monitors • CHUBB CH400 alarm panels
  41. 41. Army Base - Mechanised Division AppVision simplifies emergency procedures • This site contains 4 separate locations used by the army. AppVision centralises and manages all 4, • Previously, the client used old style LED circuit boards alongside typewritten notes for each security event, • AppVision replaced this with a modern security application that enables • buildings to be secured remotely, • emergency instructions to be presented on screen upon alarm event (each alarm can have separate instructions) • security personnel must type in a report following each security event, This enables security personnel to be replaced rapidly with minimal training requirements for new staff, • This infrastructure uses several Bosch panels with a Bosch reception bay
  42. 42. Public Transport CCTV sites security surveillance • AppVision manages site security for a major capital city public transport provider. This includes : • cctv cameras using several analogue DVR’s over several sites • Honeywell Active Alert video analysis software • Alarms management and suspicious behaviour alerts are treated by AppVision and action recommendations are sent to the control room staff
  43. 43. Abbey in Luxembourg Integration of security and building management systems • centralisation and control of : •GE Security Master & Honeywell Galaxy intrusion, • EAL access control, • NBGS emergency exit, • DBM fire alarms, • EVI Audio public address, •Tenovis communication, • lighting with Modbus protocol, • STIM cctv
  44. 44. Eiffel Tower, Paris AppVision centralises the management of cctv and access control • In partnership with the access control manufacturer NEDAP, AppVision was deployed on this site to centralise both the Aeos access control with NICE Systems NVR, cctv cameras and analytics technology. • AppVision permanently dialogues with the NEDAP Aeos software in order to centralise all access control security alarms. • Nice Vision cctv systems were integrated with AppVision so that all PTZ, playback and alarm features were made accessible directly from the AppVision graphic interfaces. • Alarms can be managed directly by AppVision from events and alerts from either Aeos or Nice Systems and cause and effect relationships are sent to the other system as a result by AppVision..
  45. 45. Supreme Court Major integrated security project • A major security deployment that involves the centralisation of • Nice Systems with 120 cameras • Video analytics • 6 large wall mounted split screens with AppVideo module • Galaxy intruder alarm panels • 10 AppVision client stations • DDS access control – events and alarms are centralised by AppVision
  46. 46. sales contact Liam Heatley - Sales Manager Skype : Liam001 Or look up your nearest AppVision partner on / contacts All images and logos are the rights of their owners and no intention to portray them otherwise is contained nor implied in this presentation.