Mobillify FingerPrint april 2012


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FingerPrint - visual analytics for mobile apps. Contains 3 key features: HeatMap, EyeTrack and PlayBack.
Those features allow our customers - developers, UX specialists, content managers, publishers, designers and advertisers. To optimize app performance, improve usability and to measurably increase conversion rates!!!

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Mobillify FingerPrint april 2012

  1. 1. FingerPrint by
  2. 2. IDEA: Get insight into your users behaviour Every mobile application developer wants to know:“How do users interact with my application?”
  3. 3. Bring WebAnalytics (user experience) IDEA: to the mobile application worldOur service, Fingerprint, offers a visual approachto identifying how users actually interact with a mobileapplication or a mobile internet site.WebAnalytics is the measurement, collection, analysisand reporting of internet data for purposes of understandingand optimizing web usage.
  4. 4. PRODUCT: FingerPrint Get insight into your users’ behaviourin your mobile application or mobile internet site. EyeTrack TouchMap
  5. 5. PRODUCT:TouchMap analytics can be used in every stage of a mobileapplication life – design, development, deployment anddistribution.By using an EyeTrack you can easily evaluate your visitors’engagement with your content and improve the effectivenessof your application design.
  6. 6. PRODUCT: TouchMap
  7. 7. PRODUCT: EyeTrack 25 seconds average user acquisition 10 seconds average user acquisition 1 seconds average user acquisition
  8. 8. THE MARKET:
  9. 9. THE MARKET:Web Analytics Market to hit theBillion-Dollar Mark by 2014(Forrester’s ForecastView 2011)150,000 clients of On-Pageanalytics services in traditionalInternet.Mobile Applications: 16 Billiondownloads , 8,000 companies,11-15 Billion dollars(TechCrunch, abiresearch)
  10. 10. Basic Plus ProApplications Up to 3 active Up to 5 active Up to 15 active applications applications applications Sessions 1000 /app 10 000/app 30 000 / app EyeTrack No Yes Yes Playback No Yes Yes Alerts Weekly Daily Hourly Price Free 49$ 99$
  11. 11. Milestones: Software: May 2012 - ET and TM for mobile phone (android) July 2012 - ET and TM for iPhone September 2012 - ET and TM for tables (android) December 2012 - TM for Facebook Business Events : Feb. 2012 - Barcelona (World Mobile Congress) April 2012 - Tel Aviv (APPSMANIA) April 2012 - Bejing (Global Mobile Internet Conference) June 2012 - London (MobiSys’12)
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