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Comenius " Art in Nature"

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The Italian school system_Lia_Petrocelli

  1. 1. Comenius coordinator Teacher Rosalia Petrocelli Circolo Didattico San D. Savio- T. Fiore Via Antonio Punzi, 78 70024- Gravina in Puglia(BA)
  2. 2. The italian school is divided in two PARts: The first part is compulsory education. The second part is optional education.
  3. 3. The Italian compulsory education envolves children from 3 to 14 years old It’s dIvIded In Pre-school Primary school Secondary school of low level
  4. 4. The Italian optional education accepts children from 14 years of age upward. There is The Secondary school of high level; (Colleges and Technical Institutes) and The University.
  5. 5. Nursery: for children from 3 mounths to 3 years. Kindergarten: for children from 3 to 6 years.
  6. 6. Kindergarten The Kindergarten is not compulsory and envolves children from three to six years old Promotes education and development of affective, psychomotor, cognitive, moral, religious and social value of child.
  7. 7. Organization Number of pupils for each classroom is max 28/30. There are classrooms with pupils of same age and classrooms with different ages pupils. There are 2 teachers for each classroom: 1 during the morning and the second one during the afternoon The timetable of school lessons for pupils is forty hours in a week, for teachers is twenty hours a week, plus 2 hours each month, for planning the educational activities .
  8. 8. Primary school promotes the value of pupils, respecting the rhythms of their developmenta and the cultural/social differences.
  9. 9. Organization Numbers of pupils in each classroom minimum 15 max 20/25. There 3 teachers fot 2 classrooms. The timetable of school lessons could be: 27 hours 30 hours 40 hours in a week with lunch in the school
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Circolo Didattico San D. Savio - T.Fiore Via Antonio Punzi, 78 70024- Gravina in Puglia(BA)
  12. 12. From September 2013 our institution has changed its name, due to the merger of two different schools. It includes the Primary Schools and Kindergarten Schools from 3rd CD "SD Savio" and from 4th CD "T. Fiore" and serves three different neighborhoods.
  13. 13. San Domenico Savio Primary School is located in a central area. It has two floors with the headmaster’s office, fifteen classrooms, a gym, a library. There are, also, ITC, linguistic, scientific and a musical laboratories.
  14. 14. There are now 57 teachers and 848 pupils, two Primary schools, San Domenico Savio and Tommaso Fiore and two Nursery schools Carlo Collodi and Vincenzo Ragni.
  15. 15. The Tommaso Fiore Primary School and the Carlo Collodi Kindergartens are in the same building . It is situated in suburban area, has two floors with fifteen classrooms of primary school and six of nursery school, a library a gym, ITC, scientific and creative laboratories.
  16. 16. Two Kindergartens Vincenzo Ragni Carlo Collodi Kindergartens is located in another district, but next school year it will be located in the same building of San Domenico Savio Primary School. This school has got confortable admission for disable people, a big planted zone with trees, flower-beds and a botanical gardens cultivated by pupils.
  17. 17. In the territory of Gravina, however, numerous educational opportunities are offered by Cultural and Musical Associations. The presence of an archaeological museum, a library and an art gallery, as well as the richness and beauty of the natural heritage and landscape of our country (The wood ) gives our students valuable opportunities to enrich their knowledge .
  18. 18. Archaeological museum Finya library Bridge on Gravina river Wood Difesa Grande