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Partnership presentation 2

  1. 1. Team LgN Partnership Presentation<br />2011<br />Elliot “LgNDarigaz” Smith<br />
  2. 2. It’s About Market Exposure<br />Thank you for taking the time to consider our organization and for reading through this partnership proposal. We appreciate quality companies who see the value in the e-sports marketplace. These companies help propel the exploding gaming market, and in turn they receive community exposure by supporting the players. Team LgN is a dedicated, international team of professional Starcraft 2 players. We have players from Korea, Mexico, and the US competing in North American tournaments and gaming events. Our players represent a wealth of untapped market potential, and we hope that after reading this proposal, you will see the value in a simple advertising opportunity. <br />Team LgN Partnership Proposal –<br />
  3. 3. Starcraft 2 is the worlds <br />The world wide sale of Starcraft 2 h<br />The Numbers<br /><ul><li>It took 24 hours for Starcraft 2 to sell a million copies
  4. 4. Starcraft2 sold more than 3 million copies within a month after release
  5. 5. The game has proven to be one of most popular spectator sports within the gaming community, drawing thousands of viewers to online streams and live events.85,000 people viewed the online stream for NASL (North American Star League)
  6. 6. As of 2011, the average age for a video game player is 37. ESA reported that 71% of people age six to forty-nine in the U.S. played video games
  7. 7. Around 68% of U.S. households now play computer or video games</li></ul>Team LgN Partnership Proposal –<br />
  8. 8. Our Community<br />The gaming community hosts 30,000 threads, 200,000 posts, and 4872 registrations. Funding for the community comes from member donations. These donations have helped fund the initial construction of the Starcraft 2 team. Hundreds of community members are backing the team and its sponsors. The community also hosts several events, like weekly tournaments and an internal ladder pool to help stimulate a proactive and dedicated fan base.<br />Team LgN Partnership Proposal –<br />
  9. 9. The Team<br />(The Power 12)<br />Founded September 15th, 2011, as the result of the long standing community (since 2001), Team LgN represents the infrastructure it takes to comprise a top notch pro team. With players from teams like Prime (Korea), and Sky (Mexico), as well as a host of incredibly talented new players, Team LgN emerges a strong contender in the e-sports field. Among LgN’s gifted pool of players, Team LgN is the home of 5 players ranked in the Grandmaster league in the Korean servers.<br />JimRiSiNg<br />a.k.aSkyTJimRiSnG<br />Trump<br />iDrone<br />Not Pictured:<br />TheoRy<br />Luxury<br />SouthPaw<br />Mystic (a.k.aMysticPrime)<br />Gun<br />SpaWn<br />a.k.aSkyTSpaWn<br />BoSs<br />ChiTa<br />a.k.aChiTaPrime<br />CoOL<br />Team LgN Partnership Proposal –<br />
  10. 10. Recent North American Player Results<br />Team LgN Partnership Proposal –<br />
  11. 11. Administration<br />Team Manager <br />LgNDarigaz, 22,a.k.a Elliot Smith, has been the manager and founder of for more than 10 years. With now being self sustained, he has invested his skills in the management of Team LgN. LgNDarigaz also runs Rendition Consulting, a small web design company which provides portfolios for artists, and he also specializes in sustainable agriculture. <br />Public Relations & Casting<br />LgNButteryGreg, 22, a.k.a Greg Malysa, has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University. He is currently employed by the United States Air Force. Greg also played a prominent role in the SWC <br />Community located at where he worked as game developer, game server administrator, and IRC administrator. <br />Additional staff applications are pending<br />Team LgN Partnership Proposal –<br />
  12. 12. Featured Players<br />LgNChiTa<br />LgNJimRiSiNg<br />a.k.aChiTaPrime, PswChiTa<br />Played for team Prime (Korea).<br />Winner of over 10 recent NA tournament titles in the Grandmaster and Master leagues<br />Runs a blog where he discusses playing and being a pro<br /><ul><li>Well known in North America and Korea for his games with other celebrity Sc2 players, and his streamed appearances in Korea</li></ul>LgNChiTagameplay<br />a.k.aSkyTJimRiSnG<br /><ul><li>Top 10 player in Mexico
  13. 13. High Masters League ranking player in NA, Europe, and Korea
  14. 14. Finalist in dozens of Mexican and NA tournaments
  15. 15. Maintains a popular stream</li></ul>LgNTrump<br />a.k.a Trump<br /><ul><li>High Masters League ranking in North America
  16. 16. Large North American fan base.
  17. 17. Streams to roughly 500 viewers on a routine basis
  18. 18. Known for unique analytical play</li></ul>Team LgN Partnership Proposal –<br />
  19. 19. Sponsors’ Benefits<br /><ul><li>Logo on home page, servers page, and and forum home
  20. 20. Logo on the team website at sponsor still available)
  21. 21. Logo on all team and player streams, as well as all team media portals
  22. 22. Logo on team uniforms, which will be worn at events
  23. 23. Canvassing for sponsors at gaming events and public venues
  24. 24. Advertising access to hundreds of fans and stream viewers every day</li></ul>Team Benefits<br />Sponsors have a number of options for supporting Team LgN:<br /><ul><li>Financial Support: Payment plans that go directly toward player travel and equipment. Financial support can be adapted based on advertisement exposure rates
  25. 25. Equipment Support: Gear for our players from companies who wish to advertise their brand by providing hardware. Gear plans can be arranged to maximize product exposure
  26. 26. Community Support: Helping to organize, manage, or promote the team and its players can provide mutual exposure without dedicating financial or material resources</li></ul>Have other ideas? If you have any other suggestions about how we can work together to benefit both the team and its sponsors, let us know!<br />Team LgN Partnership Proposal –<br />
  27. 27. Team LgN’s Financial Structure<br />Team LgN does not operate for the personal profit of its organizers. All funding for Team LgN goes directly into the community through tournament prizes and expenses for the professional players (equipment, travel, etc.). The community at is similar, with all donations returning to the community through server costs and community events. We seek to work with companies and communities in a way that allows for a steady return on investment while supporting Team LgN’s players. Team LgN operates on a monitored team fund handled by a dedicated group of Team LgN administrators.<br />Team LgN Partnership Proposal –<br />
  28. 28. Conclusion<br />Thank you for reading through our partnership proposal. We hope you will consider supporting Team LgN and taking advantage of the emerging e-sports market to promote your company. If you are Interested in this opportunity, we welcome you to contact our team manager for a casual or formal meeting.<br />Contact Information:<br /> Email: (Email for a phone appointment)<br />Starcraft 2: Darigaz.158<br /> Skype: ewsgnc<br />Team LgN Partnership Proposal –<br />