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Litigation Catalog

  1. 1. Conduct your legal research with confidence—select print and eBook titles from Matthew Bender®, Mealey’s™ Litigation Reports, National Institute of Trial Advocacy and more!Authoritative litigation resources and legal news are essential toconduct comprehensive research and manage your trial practice. 2012 Catalog of Litigation Resources
  2. 2. LexisNexis® eBooks Trusted legal content the moment you need it, right at your fingertips.Access the legal content you trust most whenever you need it, without Portable: Download our eBooks tobeing tethered to your office or the Internet with LexisNexis® eBooks. your laptop, e-reader, tablet device or smartphone for on-the-go reference.*LexisNexis eBooks give you yet another option to research legal issuesyour way. Our collection of eBook titles provides anytime, anywhere Accessible: Gain access to legal texts with a click of a button, whether you haveaccess to hundreds of authoritative titles from Matthew Bender®, Internet access or not.Michie™, Mealey’s™ and others. Cost-Efficient: Call today to learn howOnce downloaded you can bookmark it, highlight it, skim it, annotate eBooks can reduce annual update costsin it, update it … you name it. If you can do it with a printed book, you while eliminating storage and distributioncan do it with an eBook. of print publications. To purchase an eBook: Contact your LexisNexis® representative Call 800.223.1940 Visit the LexisNexis® Store: Browse our collection of eBook titles at*LexisNexis eBooks are available in both epub and mobi file formats for eBook devices, tablets, smartphones, PDAs and computers.
  3. 3. 2012 Catalog of Litigation ResourcesAs a litigator, you already know LexisNexis® as a trusted resource … the Table of Contentspublisher of the United States Code Service, Mealey’s™ Litigation Reports Alternative Dispute Resolution ................2and Moore’s Federal Practice®. Our credible analysis and authoritative Appellate Practice........................................2content—in many cases exclusive—enable you to rely on your LexisNexis Class Actions..................................................3collection of research titles as the foundation for your research and Criminal Practice.......................................... 4litigation needs. Discovery.........................................................5• Bender’s Federal Practice Forms® provides a complete range of litigation Evidence..........................................................7 forms needed for practice in any federal court from federal district Forms..............................................................10 courts through and including the Supreme Court of the United States. General Resources..................................... 12 Mealey’s™ Litigation Reports...................14• Find the Federal Rules of Evidence, including the text of the Rules and Moore’s Federal Practice®........................19 compact analytical commentary on each rule in Weissenberger’s NITA®............................................................... 21 Federal Evidence. Primary Sources......................................... 23• Track over 50 niche areas of litigation within the pages of Mealey’s Trial Practice .............................................. 25 Litigation Reports—now available in print and eBook PDF formats.• Moore’s Federal Practice continues to set the standard for analysis of federal procedure. Recently expanded to cover the law and practice of arbitration, the treatise includes extensive commentary and analysis of the rules and cases interpreting the rules, written by highly respected judges, attorneys and professors.• Exclusive publisher of The National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA®) publication line including over 150 case files, textbooks, DVDs and reference materials.LexisNexis also publishes a wide range of jurisdictional titles that can helpyou successfully navigate today’s turbulent situations. Choose from ourgrowing coverage in print, epub and mobi formats. Visit the LexisNexis® ORDERStore at to view our entire TODAY!collection of national and jurisdictional litigation titles.Browse our 2012 Catalog of Litigation Resources to find the legal CALL toll-free 800.223.1940publications you want, today! VISIT the LexisNexis® Store at CONTACT your LexisNexis account representative
  4. 4. Alternative Dispute Resolution I Appellate Practice Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediation and Negotiation Reaching Agreements Mealey’s International in Law and Business, Revised Second Edition Arbitration Quarterly E. Wendy Trachte-Huber, Stephen K. Huber Law Review Covers consensual dispute resolution processes, predominantly mediation and Publishes thought-provoking commentary negotiation, focusing on business transactions, defined broadly to include employment articles authored by arbitrators, scholars and consumer disputes. and attorneys with firsthand knowledge of 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #03557, ISBN 9781422421376 the complex field of commercial dispute NS Previous edition cost: $95 resolution. Each issue contains analytical discussions and practical insights on current case law, new treaties and statutes, Mealey’sTM International arbitration principles, dispute resolution Arbitration Report techniques and more. Newsletter, published quarterly, Examines arbitration and related litigation in courts S Pub. #07080, ISSN 1530-7484 worldwide. Covers enforcement, jurisdictional disputes, Estimated renewal cost: $588 forum selection, use of experts by arbitral parties, judicial supervision, the United Nations Compensation Commission and events of interest at arbitration institutions around the globe. Newsletter, published 12 issues per year, Pub. #07037, S ISSN 1089-2397, eISBN 9780327167501 Estimated renewal cost: $2,716 Appellate Practice Federal Standards of Review, Art of Advocacy Series: Court of Appeals for the Fourth Edition Appeals Federal Circuit: Practice Steven Alan Childress, Martha S. Davis Marshall Houts, Walter Rogosheske and Procedure 3 volumes, hardbound, with supplement, 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated annually, Donald R. Dunner, Charles L. Gholz, NS Pub. #80464, ISBN 9781422479001, S Pub. #00049, ISBN 9780820510491, George E. Hutchinson, Don Dunner, eISBN 9781579118860 eISBN 9781579110666 Previous edition cost: $399 Estimated renewal cost: $305 Michael Jakes, Richard Rainey See the complete series on page 27. 2 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually, S Pub. #00261, ISBN 9780820512617, The Question Presented: eISBN 9781579112806 Estimated renewal cost: $399 Model Appellate Briefs Winning on Appeal: Better Maria L. Ciampi, William H. Manz Briefs and Oral Arguments, NS 1 volume, softbound, Second Edition Pub. #03566, ISBN 9781422415535 Ruggero J. Aldisert Prior year’s cost: $43 NS 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #28714, ISBN 9781556818240 Prior year’s cost: $75 Please refer to the NITA® section for more information.2 LexisNexis Litigation Catalog
  5. 5. Class ActionsMealey’sTM Litigation Report: Moore’s Federal Practice®Class Actions The Complete CAFA:Focuses exclusively on the hottest trends, rulings, Analysis and Developmentsverdicts, and settlements in class action litigation. Under the Class ActionThe report covers mass torts and beyond, includingconsumer law, employment law, securities litigation Fairness Act of 2005and e-commerce disputes. The Report provides Georgene M. Vairohard-to-find filings, class certification rulings, attorney This softbound pamphlet provides overfee news, new complaints, notice plans, national 200 pages of detailed coverage of thenews roundups, breaking news, concise case Class Action Fairness Act, addressingsummaries and trial updates. both the provisions of the Act itself and Newsletter, published 24 issues per year, the numerous cases interpreting the Act. S Pub. #07006, ISSN 1535-234X, eISBN 9781579119850 Coverage includes the Consumer Bill of Estimated renewal cost: $1,585 Rights and improved procedures for interstate class actions, requirements for CAFA jurisdiction, “Mass Actions” treated Federal Class Action Deskbook as class actions under CAFA and the Jenner & Block LLP effect of CAFA on federal and state courts. This single-volume publication on class actions in federal NS 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #00410, ISBN 9781422495537 courts is in five units, each containing extensive analysis, Prior year’s cost: $96 checklists and forms on the following topics: • Federal Court Jurisdiction and Removal of state court class actions to federal court (including the application of CAFA [Class Action Fairness Act of 2005]) • Pleading requirements for class actions in federal court • Substantive and procedural requirements for certification of class actions in federal court • Notice to class members of certification and opt-out rights • Appointment and compensation of class counsel • Settlement of class actions NS 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #01618, ISBN 9781422478516, eISBN 9781579114893 Prior year’s cost: $154 To order, call 800.223.1940 or visit 3
  6. 6. Criminal Practice United States Supreme Federal Habeas Corpus Practice and Procedure, Sixth Edition Court Cases and Comments: Randy Hertz, James S. Liebman Criminal Law and Procedure Consists of practical advice and analysis of U.S. Supreme Court cases including Hon. William H. Erickson, B. James George, Jr., comprehensive coverage of: Hon. Timothy M. Tymkovich, Nathan B. Coats • The Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA) Reach for this treatise to get an analysis • Requirements states must satisfy to obtain AEDPA “opt-in” benefits of United States Supreme Court case law • Statutes of limitations on a variety of constitutional issues, with • Petition filing requirements a concentration on those issues critical to • Appointment of counsel criminal proceedings. Material is helpfully • Range and types of discovery divided into two sections to aid with • Standards for obtaining federal evidentiary hearings quickly locating needed information. • Exhaustion of state remedies Part I offers an overview of Supreme • Procedural default Court cases, interpreting the First, Second, • Standards for applying AEDPA’s section 2254(d)(1) Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, Fourteenth and (d)(2) and Fifteenth Amendments; the remedies • Successive petitions for constitutional infringements, the • Obtaining a certificate of appealability constitutional right to privacy and the • Federal prisoner practice under section 2255 constitutionality of federal penal legislation • Types of claims that have led to the granting under the Commerce Clause; the of the writ constitutionality of state-directed • Military Commissions Act of 2006 mandates under the Necessary and • Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 Proper Clause; extradition; and citations • USA Patriot Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005 to pertinent statutes, rules and lower • REAL ID Act of 2005 court decisions. NS 2 volumes, hardbound, updated annually, Pub. #64330, ISBN 9781422483565, eISBN 9780327168621 Estimated upkeep cost: $74 Part II provides detailed summaries and 2 volumes, hardbound with CD-ROM, updated annually, ISBN 9781422483572 legal analysis of every major criminal law Estimated upkeep cost: $74 and procedure case decided by the Supreme Court since the 1979 – 1980 Term, as well as important noncriminal cases Federal Criminal Trials addressing the issues discussed in Part I. Hon. James Cissell S 5 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, Get in-depth coverage of the criminal trial process as it relates to constitutional protections, Pub. #00765, ISBN 9780820517650, eISBN 9780327171904 federal criminal procedure, rules of evidence, the latest citations from all circuits and Estimated renewal cost: $708 complex pre- and post-trial issues. NS 1 volume, hardbound, updated annually, Pub. #60877, ISBN 9781422428597, eISBN 9781579111137 Estimated upkeep cost: $814 LexisNexis Litigation Catalog
  7. 7. DiscoveryFederal Circuit Court Criminal Handbooks Discovery Analyze and prepare for every phase of a criminal case before the Moore’s AnswerGuide™: Federal United States Courts of Appeals for the Second, Fourth, Sixth, Seventh and Eleventh Circuits. These practical resources identify key rulings on Discovery Practice all major topics under each circuit’s criminal law jurisprudence. NS 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #01498, ISBN 9781422481080 Written by experienced practitioners and judges, these authoritative Previous edition cost: $160 handbooks give you the in-the-trenches guidance you need to See the entire series in the Moore’s Federal Practice section. confidently approach such topics as search and seizure, discovery, immunity, indictments, pretrial matters and more within the context of decisions issued by the U.S. Supreme Court and the Court of Bender’s Forms of Discovery Appeals for each circuit. Patricia Lewis, Janet Capurro Graham, Seymour Moskowitz 35 volumes, loose-leaf, updated 4 times per year, S Federal Criminal Federal Criminal Pub. #00103, ISBN 9780820511030 Estimated renewal cost: $4,066 Practice: A Second Practice: A Seventh For details on this title, please see the Circuit Handbook Circuit Handbook Forms section on page 10. Gordon Mehler, Hon. John Gleeson, Michael D. Monico, Barry A. Spevack David C. James NS 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery NS 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #60513, ISBN 9781422496473, and Evidence, Third Edition Pub. #60506, ISBN 9780769848730, eISBN 9781579112758 eISBN 9781579111809 Previous edition cost: $200 Michael R. Arkfeld Previous edition cost: $192 This comprehensive treatise addresses all the Ninth Circuit Criminal key aspects of the discovery and admission Fourth Circuit Criminal Handbook of electronic evidence, within the context of Handbook Hon. Larry A. Burns, relevant statutes, regulations, and federal and Hon. Carl Horn U.S. District Judge; Timothy A. Scott state case law. 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, NS Pub. #62935, ISBN 9780769851693, NS Pub. #01621, ISBN 9781422478547, The newly revised Third Edition includes eISBN 9781579112271 eISBN 9780327171058 authoritative discussion of court rules and Previous edition cost: $210 Previous edition cost: n/a federal and state cases on electronic discovery and evidentiary issues, clear explanations of Sixth Circuit Criminal Eleventh Circuit technology and legal concepts, and fingertip Handbook Criminal Handbook access to sample discovery forms, letters, court E. James King, J.H. King Donald F. Samuel orders, and dozens of practice tips and pointers. Also included are four portable Best Practices 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, NS Pub. #60510, ISBN 9781422499696, NS Pub. #60515, ISBN 9781422496374, Guides covering topics like Legal Hold and ESI eISBN 9781579112660 eISBN 9781579111816 Pretrial Strategies, a fully-searchable CD-ROM, Previous edition cost:$178 Previous edition cost: $193 and a Meet and Confer Planning Guide. NS 1 volume, loose-leaf, with CD-ROM and Best Practices Guides, Pub. #22425, ISBN 9781422482056 Estimated upkeep cost: $259 Arkfeld’s Best Practices Guide for Electronic Discovery and Evidence Michael R. Arkfeld NS 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #22432, ISBN 9781422489048 Previous edition cost: $110 To order, call 800.223.1940 or visit 5
  8. 8. Discovery Arkfeld’s Best Practices Guide Preparing for a Deposition in a Business Case for ESI Pretrial Discovery— Larry Pozner, Roger J. Dodd Strategy and Tactics From now on, your clients can learn how to perform effectively Michael R. Arkfeld in a deposition without your presence—saving you time and 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, money. Through a compelling blend of lecture and dramatic NS Pub. #22439, ISBN 9780769852904 representation, this program teaches them to listen to Previous edition cost: $110 each question, pause before answering, keep answers brief, never volunteer information and much more. Most importantly, it can help to reduce the likelihood Art of Advocacy Series: of embarrassing or even catastrophic errors and Discovery offer a more favorable outcome for your case. David B. Baum, Robert E. Cartwright, Bill Colson, NS DVD, Pub. #00867, ISBN 9781422483398 Robert L. Habush, Ann Weaver Housner, Previous DVD cost: n/a Joseph Kelner, Myron W. Kronisch, Norman J. Landau, Samuel Langerman, Stanley E. Preiser, Sheldon Tabak, Edwin Weidman NS 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated annually, Mealey’s Litigation Report: Discovery Pub. #00044, ISBN 9780820510446 Estimated upkeep cost: $308 Provides coverage of all discovery litigation essentials, including how different districts and See the complete series on page 27. judges interpret federal discovery rules, procedural changes, the work product, attorney- client and common interest privileges, and discovery abuse. It also covers e-discovery, including production of electronic evidence such as e-mail, disks, tapes, videocassettes, word-processing files, spreadsheets, e-mail routing data, file attachments, and deleted files; the cost of digital discovery and who pays for it; and disputes over identifying anonymous online message authors. Newsletter, published monthly, Pub. #07054, S ISSN 1548-6834, eISBN 9780327167426 Estimated renewal cost: $1,042 The Effective Deposition, Third Edition Anthony Bocchino, Peter Hoffman, David Malone NS 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #28738, ISBN 9781601560476 Prior year’s cost: $85 Please refer to the NITA section for more information. CALL toll-free 800.223.1940 ORDER VISIT the LexisNexis® Store at TODAY! CONTACT your LexisNexis account representative6 LexisNexis Litigation Catalog
  9. 9. EvidenceEvidentiary Foundations, Eighth Edition Federal Evidence Edward J. Imwinkelried Practice GuideTurn to this convenient resource for quick access to a Hon. Joseph M. McLaughlincomprehensive set of exemplary lines of questioning that Turn to this expert guide for provendemonstrates how to lay the foundation for admitting various strategies you can use to deal with evidencekinds of evidence. You get authoritative discussions of issues in federal court, with emphasisevidentiary doctrine, which breaks down the doctrine into a list on practical solutions to evidence issuesof foundation elements. You also get sample foundations that throughout trial preparation andshow how each element in the doctrine converts into concrete presentation. You get how-to tactics forquestions in the courtroom. gathering and organizing evidence, making NS 1 volume, hardbound, Pub. #63041, ISBN 9780769847696 pretrial motions, admitting documentary Previous edition cost: $126 and demonstrative evidence, dealing with witnesses, using experts, making objections and using evidence effectively in openingFederal Courtroom Evidence, Fifth Edition statements and closing argument.Joseph W. Cotchett Checklists and practice tips guide youRely on this resource for concise guidance on the Federal Rules of Evidence, which apply in through difficult and confusing evidenceboth civil and criminal trials. The chapters are organized in the order of the Federal Rules of procedures.Evidence. Each chapter includes the current text of the rule, all Advisory Committee Notes 3 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually,relating to that rule and any amendments to it, and an analysis of legal developments S Pub. #00473, ISBN 9780820514734 eISBN 9781579114244concerning that rule in the federal courts, supported by case annotations. With its special Estimated upkeep cost: $711mid-volume index and aligned chapter tab cards, this resource makes it easy for you to flipdirectly to the treatment of any given subject. NS 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated annually, Pub. #80456, ISBN 9780327162988, eISBN 9781579112301 Federal Evidence Tactics Estimated upkeep cost: $128 Edward J. Imwinkelried, David A. Schlueter 1 volume, loose-leaf with CD-ROM, updated twice per year, Pub. #80456, ISBN 9780327163039 2 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually, Estimated upkeep cost: $254 S Pub. #00218, ISBN 9780820528083 eISBN 9781579114084 Estimated renewal cost: $242Federal Evidence Courtroom ManualGlen WeissenbergerConveniently organized according to the Federal Rules of Evidence, it gives you analyticalcommentary on each rule along with references to other authorities for more extensiveresearch and analysis of recent cases interpreting the Rule. NS 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #04342, ISBN 9781593456641 eISBN 9781579112707 Estimated upkeep cost: $127 To order, call 800.223.1940 or visit 7
  10. 10. Evidence Federal Rules of Evidence Manual, Tenth Edition Weinstein’s® Evidence Manual Daniel J. Capra, Michael M. Martin, Stephen A. Saltzburg Jack B. Weinstein, Margaret A. Berger Rely on this comprehensive resource for the complete, up-to-date text of every Federal This concise guide to the Federal Rules of Rule of Evidence, complete with expert explanations, comprehensive descriptions of Evidence is a condensed and reorganized salient cases and the relevant legislative history. You also get a handy Trial Book that version of Weinstein’s Federal Evidence, provides practical applications for many of the rules discussed in the treatise. giving you access to all the essential 1 softbound volume and 5 hardbound volumes, updated twice per year, law of evidence in federal courts in one NS Pub. #66538, ISBN 9781422494493, eISBN 9780327171195 convenient, portable volume. You also get Previous edition cost: $753 verbatim texts of the applicable portions of the Federal Rules of Evidence, as well as cross references to Weinstein’s Federal Federal Rules of Evidence: Rules, Legislative History, Evidence for more extensive research. Commentary and Authority, Seventh Edition 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated annually, S Pub. #00819, ISBN 9780820505411, This handy resource gives you clear and concise explanations for the application and eISBN 9781579112851 practical effect of each Federal Rule of Evidence. Estimated upkeep cost: $335 NS 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #03545, ISBN 9781422495636 Previous edition cost: $55 Weissenberger’s Federal Evidence, Seventh Edition Weinstein’s Federal Evidence™, Second Edition James J. Duane Jack B. Weinstein, Margaret Berger, Joseph M. McLaughlin This treatise on the Federal Rules of Weinstein’s Federal Evidence™ has long been recognized as a comprehensive and Evidence is a self-contained discussion of authoritative source of federal evidence information. Designed to meet the needs of all the evidentiary rules applied in federal today’s federal law practitioners and enhanced with features to make your research faster courts. Not just a handbook, it provides a and easier, this dependable tool makes information accessible in the following ways: thorough and concise analysis of the • Rule-based chapter organization—each evidence application of the Federal Rules of rule, or proposed but unadopted rule (Supreme Evidence. An appendix containing Advisory Court Standard), has its own chapter. The Standards Committee Notes is included. are presented in separate chapters because they NS 1 volume, hardbound, with supplement, provide a useful framework for understanding Pub. #04341, ISBN 9781593458683, eISBN 9781579115005 important issues in federal evidence law not covered Previous edition cost: $212 in the Evidence Rules themselves. • Text of Rules and Standards set forth in full—each Evidence Rule or Supreme Court Standard is set forth Evidence Principles & in full, enclosed in a boldface box. Rules and Standards Practices: 150 Things You appear immediately following the tab card that identifies the location of the chapter, and again in the chapter’s Were Never Taught, Forgot, first numbered section. or Never Understood, • Many sections make coverage easy to locate—each chapter has been divided into Second Edition many sections and subsections, and each section and subsection features a heading Paul R. Rice specifically describing its contents. Every section number and heading appears in the chapter synopsis, and each page of the chapter text includes the appropriate subsection NS 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #03224, ISBN 9780820570587 number in its ear, to help the reader locate coverage of a particular issue as quickly Previous edition cost: $43 as possible. Weinstein’s Federal Evidence reflects the extensive 2011 style amendments to the Federal Rules of Evidence, which revised the language of virtually every rule and rearranged subdivi- Mealey’s™ Daubert Report sions in some rules. Covers the interpretation and adoption or rejection of the Supreme Court’s Turn to this authoritative resource for the expert guidance you need to use the rules to landmark expert admissibility ruling, your advantage, get evidence admitted, exclude your opponent’s evidence and cite the Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, best cases and authorities. Inc. As the nation’s jurisdictions grapple S 6 volumes, loose-leaf, updated 3 times per year, Pub. #00803, ISBN 9781593458140, eISBN 9790327170692 with so-called “junk science” testimony, Estimated renewal cost: $2,623 this monthly newsletter offers subscribers the latest key rulings in this contentious component of civil and criminal litigation. Newsletter, published 12 issues per year, S Pub. #07013, ISSN 1092-7565, eISBN 9781579119911 Estimated renewal cost: $9758 LexisNexis Litigation Catalog
  11. 11. EvidencePrinciples of Evidence, Federal Rules of Evidence with Objections,Fifth Edition Tenth EditionIrving Younger, David A. Sonenshein Anthony J. Bocchino, David A. SonensheinThis guide, written for law students, is NS 1 volume, softbound with CD-ROM, Pub. #28683, ISBN 9781601561794 Previous edition cost: $35equally useful for experienced practitioners. Please refer to the NITA section for more information.It provides an enriched blend of cases,rules, and scholarly and trial excerptsthat connect the theory and practice of Problems and Materials in Evidencecourtroom evidence. The authors have & Trial Advocacy, Fifth Editionsupplemented with numerous transcriptsfrom celebrated trials—Lizzie Borden, O.J. Robert Burns, Steven Lubet, and James H. SeckingerSimpson, John Scopes, and more—bringing NS 2 volumes, softbound with CD-ROM, Pub. #28753, ISBN 9781422491683 Prior year’s cost: $100theory to life and enabling readers to Please refer to the NITA section for more information.understand how the foundations werelaid and objections made. NS 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #03562, Evidence in Context: A Trial Evidence Workbook, Fourth Edition ISBN 9780820570273 Previous edition cost: $99 Robert P. Burns, Steven Lubet, and James H. Seckinger 1 volume, loose-leaf, Pub. #03562, NS 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #28665, ISBN 9781422491669 ISBN 9781422472606 Previous edition cost: $50 Previous edition cost: $72 Please refer to the NITA section for more information.Problems and Simulations A Practical Guide to Federal Evidence: Objections, Responses,in Evidence, Fourth Edition Rules, and Practice Commentary, Tenth EditionThomas F. Guernsey, President and Dean, Anthony J. Bocchino, David A. SonensheinAlbany Law School 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #28750, ISBN 9781601561978 NS 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #03563, NS Previous edition cost: $75 ISBN 9781422478974 Please refer to the NITA section for more information. Previous edition cost: $45Art of Advocacy Series: Basic Concepts in the Law of Evidence, DVD Series Irving YoungerDemonstrative EvidenceAshley S. Lipson Irving Younger’s famous Basic Concepts in the Law of Evidence DVD series was produced during the NITA 1975 National Session 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated annually, S Pub. #00082, ISBN 9780820510828 in Boulder, Colorado. The series addresses evidence essentials Estimated renewal cost: $306 such as failure of recollection, impeachment, rehabilitation, See the complete series on page 27. hearsay, burdens of proof and presumptions and more. NS 15 DVDs, Pub. #28670, ISBN 9781422479100 Prior year’s cost: $595Art of Advocacy Series:Documentary EvidenceAshley S. Lipson Understanding Evidence, Third Edition Paul C. Giannelli 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated annually, S Pub. #00028, ISBN 9780820510286, 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #03157, ISBN 9781422470381 NS eISBN 9781579110512 Previous edition cost: $43 Estimated renewal cost: $308 See the complete series on page 27. To order, call 800.223.1940 or visit 9
  12. 12. Forms Bender’s Federal Practice Forms This encyclopedic set provides a full range of litigation forms needed for practice in any federal court in the United States, from filing an action in federal district court to appealing a case to the Supreme Court. All of the civil and criminal forms are up to date—including everything from compliance with all recent amendments to controlling procedural rules, as well as compliance with the standards of practice in federal courts generally. This publication includes: • Thousands of court-tested forms—many selected from the files of eminent federal practitioners and based upon pleadings, motions and other papers filed in actual cases • All official forms • Useful references to relevant rules, statutes and cases • Extensive cross-referencing to Moore’s Federal Practice 20 volumes, loose-leaf, updated 3 times per year, Pub. #00090, ISBN 9780820510903 S Estimated renewal cost: $4,543 Limited volumes available in eBook format, eISBN 9781579115784 Moore’s Manual: Federal Practice Forms A handy condensation of Bender’s Federal Practice Forms, this indispensable desk set is a timesaving tool for all practitioners. You get: • Over 1,500 up to date, court-tested forms organized in chapter-to-chapter correspondence to the companion text • All the essential forms for use in civil litigation in federal court, from the initial filing of the action through appeal • Comprehensive cross references to Moore’s Federal Practice and Moore’s Manual: Federal Practice and Procedure • Extensive case citations These timesaving forms can also be adapted for use in any of the 39 states that have modeled their procedures after federal rules. 7 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, S Pub. #00413, ISBN 9780820514130, eISBN 9781579117054 Estimated renewal cost: $2,190 Estimated upkeep cost: $76910 LexisNexis Litigation Catalog
  13. 13. FormsManual of Federal Practice Warren’s Forms of Agreements®Forms, Second Edition Martin D. Fern NS 3 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually, This unique publication provides well-defined, well-prefaced forms covering nearly every Pub. #67064, ISBN 9780327144212, eISBN 9780327168287 transaction that an attorney will encounter in a business practice. Each chapter contains Estimated upkeep cost: $120 introductory material that provides legal and practical business information. It compiles 3 volumes, loose-leaf with forms on disk, more than 2,000 non-jurisdictional business forms. Topics include: updated annually, ISBN 9780327013792 Estimated upkeep cost: $156 • Organization of a business entity (limited liability company) • Corporations and joint venturesBender’s Forms of Discovery • PartnershipsPatricia Lewis, Janet Capurro Graham, • Sale of a businessSeymour Moskowitz • Franchising • Computer agreementsProvides an A-to-Z selection of sample • Intellectual property transactionsinterrogatories under more than 200 title • Disposition of personal propertycategories from Accounting to Zoning. • Construction contractsEach chapter contains a Scope Note with • Credit and financinga brief analysis of the subject title followed • Dispute resolutionby cross references to other related titles,as well as a synopsis of the chapter’s S 8 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, Pub. #00770, ISBN 9780820517704forms, indicating who is propounding and Estimated renewal cost: $1,443receiving the interrogatories. Each formitself contains a Summary of Form, whichdetails each question comprising the Warren’s Forms of Agreements:form. Includes forms for use in virtuallyevery type of discovery scenario, including: Fern’s Desk Edition Martin D. Fern• Requests for admission• Protective orders Contains the most frequently used forms from the full set and provides practical insight• Deposition notices into the legal and strategic issues that should be considered in drafting both standard and• Requests for production sophisticated business agreements.• Rule 35 requests and orders NS 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, Pub. #00771, ISBN 9780820517711• Motions and orders to compel discovery Estimated upkeep cost: $390• Motions and orders to modify or quash deposition subpoenas• Motions for criminal discovery Current Legal Forms with Tax Analysis• Orders in complex litigation Jacob Rabkin, Mark Johnson; updated by more than 15 contributing authorsTreatise chapters cover discovery in federal Provides information to draft legal documents quickly and securely, and to readily adaptand state courts with in-depth discussion forms to meet your client’s needs. This publication covers practically every non-litigationand action-oriented practice materials civil matter. Expert practitioners from a variety of practice areas supply tried-and-testedfor all other discovery methods beyond forms, drafting guidelines, and analysis of legal, tax and practical issues to provide theinterrogatories: depositions, requests for essential resources for any transactional attorney.production, requests for admissions, etc. 34 volumes, loose-leaf, updated 4 times per year, Pub. #00240, ISBN 9780820512402This treatise also features sample forms S Estimated renewal cost: $2,371related to the other discovery methods,comprehensive updated charts comparingthe discovery rules of the 50 states withthe various federal discovery rules andappendices providing the text of the statediscovery rules at variance with thefederal rules. 35 volumes, loose-leaf, updated 4 times per year, S Pub. #00103, ISBN 9780820511030 Estimated renewal cost: $4,066 To order, call 800.223.1940 or visit 11
  14. 14. General Resources Court Awarded Attorney Fees Federal Litigation Guide Arthur D. Wolf, Mary Frances Derfner Jenner & Block, LLP If you’d like to know the best way to oppose or petition for an Top federal litigators provide invaluable practical guidance on the attorney’s fee award, this is your legal bible. In this in-depth guide, strategy and tactics involved in handling a civil case in the federal you’ll find everything you need: complete analysis of the case law, courts. You’ll learn how to use the law to your best advantage in comprehensive information on the kinds of cases in which fees are every stage of litigation, including pleadings, pre-trial motions, available, thorough discussion on who is entitled to and eligible for discovery, trial, appeals and settlements. You also get practical a fee award, and much more. aids such as examples, charts, exhibits, and sample questions and answers—as well as approximately 35 FRCP Official Forms. Plus, you’ll benefit from comprehensive, practical information on fee-petitioning and procedures on how fees are calculated—as well S 4 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, Pub. #00097, ISBN 9780820510972, eISBN 9781579110765 as forms for each step of the fee-award process—whether you’re Estimated renewal cost: $1,475 the petitioner or the opposing party. 3 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually, Pub. #00168, ISBN 9780820511689, S eISBN 9781579115944 Estimated renewal cost: $1,245 Manual of Federal Practice Forms, Second Edition 3 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually, Pub. #67064, Weissenberger’s Federal Civil Procedure NS ISBN 9780327144212, eISBN 9780327168287 Litigation Manual Estimated upkeep cost: $120 3 volumes, loose-leaf with forms on disc, updated annually, Glen Weissenberger, A.J. Stephani Pub. #67064, ISBN 9780327013792 Estimated upkeep cost: $156 Rely on this practical resource for authoritative guidance on the For details on this title, please see the intricacies of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP). You get Forms section on page 11. the complete text of the FRCP along with insightful commentary explaining the practical application of each rule and cross references to supporting authorities. You also get recent significant cases Manual of Federal Practice, illustrating current judicial interpretations of each Rule, official Fifth Edition forms, relevant U.S. Code provisions and proposed amendments 3 volumes, hardbound, updated annually, NS to the FRCP. Pub. #67041, ISBN 9780327001393 Estimated renewal cost: $248 NS 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #04340, ISBN 9781593458072, eISBN 9780327167990 Previous edition cost: $12512 LexisNexis Litigation Catalog
  15. 15. General ResourcesBensen & Myers on Litigation Management Judicial Conduct and Ethics, Fourth EditionEric E. Bensen, Rebecca K. Myers James J. Alfini, Steven Lubet, Jeffrey M. Shaman, Charles Gardner GeyhThis book is organized in five distinct litigation-phase modulesso it’s easy to keep costs under control while maximizing Judges are expected not simply to decideperformance at every stage of the litigation lifecycle. Plus the the law but to exemplify it. In the face ofaccompanying CD has an extraction of all the budgets, forms increasing public scrutiny and many newand checklists featured in the book in an electronic format so decisions, here is the authoritative, practicalreaders have ready-made templates to use right away. Its guidance you’ll need to help ensure thatsystematic approach features: judicial activities are irreproachable. Now in its fourth edition, this resource has• An innovative budgeting tool that established its reputation as the nation’s gives you a clear picture of anticipated most definitive guide to the conduct of litigation costs for any case federal, state and local judges. It will update• Methods for streamlining the you on recent developments that are document collection, document critical to performing judicial work. review privilege review and deposition processes NS 1 volume, hardbound, with current supplement, Pub. #66921, ISBN 9781422421253• Guidelines and templates for Estimated upkeep cost: $46 optimizing collaborative efforts with outside counsel• Procedures to monitor, evaluate, and Jurisdiction in Civil Actions, Third Edition verify outside counsel’s work product Robert C. Casad, William M. Richman NS 1 volume, softbound with CD, 2 volumes, hardbound, with current supplement, Pub. #01491, ISBN 9781422423820 NS Pub. #81309, ISBN 9780327007142 Prior year’s cost: $199 Estimated upkeep cost: $138Practice Before Federal Magistrates Understanding Civil Procedure, Fourth EditionKent Sinclair Gene R. Shreve, Peter Raven-HansenThis publication details everything the practitioner needs to know NS 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #00797, ISBN 9781422407127when some or all of a case is being handled by a magistrate judge. Previous edition cost: $37 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated annually, Pub. #00557, S ISBN 9780820515571, eISBN 9781579112820 Estimated renewal cost: $233 Understanding Conflict of Laws, Revised Third EditionSanctions: The Federal Law of Litigation William M. Richman, William L. ReynoldsAbuse, Fourth Edition NS 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #00127, ISBN 9780820558073 Previous edition cost: $30Gregory P. JosephFederal courts have issued thousands of fines—many in excessof $1,000,000—against attorneys and parties engaging in litigation Understanding Remedies, Second Editionabuse. Make sure you know the law related to this critical topic as James M. Fischerwell as the latest changes that affect your practice. This publication, NS 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #00586, ISBN 9781422480533written by one of the nation’s most effective and experienced Previous edition cost: $41commercial litigators, clarifies the issues and provides a logical,step-by-step survey of sanctions law and its ramifications. Itcontains a current and comprehensive discussion of the lawof sanctions, including Rule 11, Section 1927, Appellate Rule 38,Section 1912 and the inherent powers of the court, as well asthousands of critical, relevant cases and much more. NS 1 volume, hardbound, Pub. #63600, ISBN 9781422422229, eISBN 9781579118518 Previous edition cost: $185 To order, call 800.223.1940 or visit 13
  16. 16. General Resources The Lawyer’s Craft: An Introduction to Legal Analysis, Writing, Research, and Advocacy Cathy Glaser, Jethro K. Lieberman, Robert A. Ruescher, Lynn Boepple Su NS 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #03616, ISBN 9781583607879 Prior year’s cost: $61 Media Skills: The Lawyer as Spokesperson Roger J. Dodd, Claudia N. Oltean Mealey’s™ Litigation Reports Covers every aspect of dealing with the media, from understanding how the media works to how to shine in the press and do damage control when your client is on the wrong side of the story. NS 1 volume, hardbound, with DVD, Pub. #28001, ISBN 9781422445846 Prior year’s cost: $245 Whether you serve as plaintiff, defense or in-house counsel, Mealey’s™ Litigation Reports deliver the game-changing news you need, when you need it. Each issue gives you concise, unbiased reporting on the most significant American Legal Systems: trials, court rulings, decisions, appeals and other current events in the litigation. A Resource and Reference You won’t miss any key facts on your way to trial or negotiations with: Guide • Case summaries that track crucial litigation from initial complaint to final Toni M. Fine appeal, giving you the timely details you need to craft case strategies and NS 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #03503, fine-tune arguments in your similar litigation. ISBN 9781422420775 Previous edition cost: $36 • E-mail bulletins that alert you to decisions, settlements, awards, new lawsuits, and major case developments practically as they occur. You’ll be among the first to know when big news breaks. • Full-text court documents including briefs, opinions, motions, appeals, jury instructions and forms, verdicts and settlement agreements. Many are difficult to track down otherwise, and unavailable online, so they can give you a clear competitive edge when preparing your case. • Expert commentary written by top trial pros that give you the inside story on what worked, what didn’t, and why—so you can exploit the successes and avoid the pitfalls that others have encountered. • Attorney listings that accompany each case summary, allowing you to build relationships with key players in litigation. For added convenience Mealey’s Reports are available in eBook PDF format.14 LexisNexis Litigation Catalog
  17. 17. INSURANCEMealey’s Litigation Report: Insurance Mealey’s Litigation Report:Tracks declaratory judgment actions regarding coverage for litigation arising from long-tail California Insuranceclaims—including environmental contamination and latent damage and injury allegedly Newsletter, published monthly, Pub. #07036,caused by asbestos, toxic chemicals and fumes, lead, breast implants, medical devices S ISSN 1536-5522, eISBN 9780327167150 Estimated renewal cost: $1,258and more. Key issues: duty to defend, duty to indemnify, notice, trigger of coverage, choiceof law, discovery, policy exclusions and known loss. Newsletter, published 4 times monthly, Pub. #07019, ISSN 8755-9005, eISBN 9780327167044 Mealey’s Litigation Report: S Estimated renewal cost: $2,804 Catastrophic Loss Newsletter, published monthly, Pub. #07011,Mealey’s Emerging Insurance Disputes S ISSN 1559-9221, eISBN 9781579119898 Estimated renewal cost: $1,425Tracks new areas of coverage liability, novel policy applications and conflicting policylanguage interpretations in litigation. Covers sexual harassment and discrimination; assaultand battery; professional liability; patent and trademark infringement; construction defects; Mealey’s Litigation Report:directors’ and officers’ claims; emotional distress; intentional acts; technology; and insurance Construction Defects business practices. Insurance Newsletter, published twice monthly, Pub. #07016, ISSN 1087-139X, eISBN 9780327167020 S Estimated renewal cost: $1,629 S Newsletter, published monthly, Pub. #07055, ISSN 1550-2910, eISBN 9780327167433 Estimated renewal cost: $1,258Mealey’s Litigation Report: Insurance Bad Faith Mealey’s Litigation Report:Details insurance coverage disputes arising from alleged breaches of the implied covenantof good faith and fair dealing. The topics covered involve third-party and first-party actions, Disability Insurancepunitive damage claims, coverage denials and delays, the definition of “bad faith” and S Newsletter, published monthly, Pub. #07007, ISSN 1532-7523, eISBN 9781579119867relevant legislation. Estimated renewal cost: $1,126 Newsletter, published twice monthly, Pub. #07020, ISSN 1526-0267, eISBN 9780327167051 S Estimated renewal cost: $1,757 Mealey’s Litigation Report:Mealey’s Litigation Report: Insurance Insolvency Insurance Broker Liability Newsletter, published monthly, Pub. #07065,Covers the legal and financial implications of insurer insolvencies nationally and internationally. S ISSN 1555-6816, eISBN 9780327167358Topics include receiverships, rehabilitations and liquidations; court rulings on guaranty- Estimated renewal cost: $996association liability and liability of other carriers, including excess insurers and reinsurers;solvency legislation; and suits against officers and directors of insolvent companies. Mealey’s Litigation Report: S Newsletter, published monthly, Pub. #07022, ISSN 1043-8416, eISBN 9780327167075 Estimated renewal cost: $1,683 Insurance Fraud Newsletter, published monthly, Pub. #07021, S ISSN 1075-380X, eISBN 9780327167068Mealey’s Litigation Report: Reinsurance Estimated renewal cost: $1,113Covers the dynamic and high-stakes field of reinsurance law, nationally and internationally,including reinsurance disputes related to insolvency, commutations, arbitrations, and Mealey’s Insurance Pleadingsregulatory actions by or against reinsurers and their cedents or retrocessionaires. S Newsletter, published twice monthly, Pub. #07010, ISSN 1538-9898, eISBN 9781579119881 Newsletter, published twice monthly, Pub. #07033, ISSN 1049-5347, eISBN 9780327167136 S Estimated renewal cost: $2,424 Estimated renewal cost: $1,193 To order, call 800.223.1940 or visit 15