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Criminal Law Catalog

Criminal Law Catalog






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    Criminal Law Catalog Criminal Law Catalog Document Transcript

    • Navigate more efficientlythrough the complex processesof the Criminal Justice System. Criminal Law 2012 Catalog of Legal and Professional Resources From federal sentencing to criminal defense techniques, the LexisNexis® collection of titles has you covered.
    • In today’s technology-driven society, you can easily access trusted LexisNexis® criminal law content anytime and anywhere! LexisNexis® Electronic BookseBooks are a versatile tool for LexisNexis® now offers an expanded selection of titles coveringbusy professionals that put a the criminal law practice area in electronic eBook format:wealth of legal resources at your ƦƦ Criminal Defense Techniques link to lexis.com® !fingertips. Take your content tocourt, depositions, association ƦƦ Criminal Constitutional Lawmeetings or on a plane! ƦƦ Prosecution and Defense of Forfeiture Cases ƦƦ Drunk Driving and Related Vehicular Offenses ƦƦ Scientific EvidenceFor more information, go towww.lexisnexis.com/ebooks ƦƦ Trial Error and Misconduct ƦƦ Criminal Law DeskbookTo purchase an eBook,CONTACT your Be assured … our collection of eBooks is compatible withLexisNexis® representative dedicated e-reader devices, personal computers, tablet devices and smartphones using e-reader softwareCALL 800.223.1940 or or applications.*VISIT the LexisNexis® Store: Thanks to the functionality of eBooks, your legal library is nowwww.lexisnexis.com/ebookstore portable and easy to access. *LexisNexis eBooks are available in ePub format for use on devices like the Apple® iPad® and mobi format for use on devices like the Amazon® Kindle®.
    • Criminal Law2012 Catalog of Legal and Professional ResourcesTitles from LexisNexis® direct you through thecomplexities of the criminal justice system, fromthe inception of a case, strategic planning, pretrialmatters, plea agreements, sentencing hearings andmitigation to post-conviction relief and appeals.Authored by expert attorneys, our authoritative andcomprehensive treatises, handbooks and guides willprovide you the legal references you need daily inyour criminal law practice.Choose from publications on:ƦƦ DUI and traffic lawƦƦ Forensic sciences Evidence CONTENTSƦƦƦƦ Criminal law and procedureƦƦ Federal and state constitutional law Criminal Circuit Court Publications 2ƦƦ Business crimesƦƦ And more Alcohol, Drug and Motor Vehicle Violations 3 Courtroom Techniques and Practice 4 Criminal Practice 5 Evidence 7 Federal Criminal Laws 7Order today! Military Criminal Justice 9CALL toll-free 800.223.1940 White Collar Crime 10GO TO www.lexisnexis.com/CriminalLawCONTACT your LexisNexis® sales representative State-Specific Titles 11
    • CRIMINAL CIRCUIT COURT PUBLICATIONS Federal Circuit Court Criminal Handbooks Analyze and prepare for every phase of a criminal case before the United States Courts of Appeals for the Second, Fourth, Sixth, Seventh, Ninth and Eleventh circuits. These practical resources identify key rulings on all major topics under each circuit’s criminal law jurisprudence. Written by experienced practitioners and judges, these authoritative handbooks give you the in-the-trenches guidance you need to confidently approach such topics as search and seizure, discovery, immunity, indictments, pretrial matters and more within the context of decisions issued by the U.S. Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals for each circuit. New! Ninth Circuit Criminal Handbook Larry A. Burns, U.S. District Judge; Timothy A. Scott The latest addition to the LexisNexis Circuit Criminal Handbook series, this comprehensive handbook guides you through every topic in the Ninth Circuit’s criminal law jurisprudence. Covering hundreds of criminal issues, this single volume resource is broad enough to provide an excellent introduction for the newcomer to Ninth Circuit criminal practice, yet detailed enough to become a trusted resource for veteran practitioners and judges.  PRINT • 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #01621, ISBN 9781422478547 eBOOK • eISBN 9780327171058 Federal Criminal Practice: Fourth Circuit Federal Criminal Practice: A Second Circuit Handbook Criminal Reporter A Seventh Circuit Handbook Gordon Mehler, Hon. John Gleeson, Former U.S. Magistrate Judge and Chief Michael D. Monico, Barry A. Spevack David C. James Assistant U.S. Attorney Western District of  PRINT • 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually,  PRINT • 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, North Carolina Carl Horn III Pub. #60513, ISBN 9781422496473  Pub. #60506, ISBN 9780769848730  PRINT • Newsletter, 8 issues per year, eBOOK • eISBN 9781579112578 eBOOK • eISBN 9781579111809 Pub. #62937, ISBN 9780327106869 eBOOK • eISBN 9780327167280 Eleventh Circuit Fourth Circuit Criminal Handbook Criminal Handbook Sixth Circuit Donald F. Samuel Former U.S. Magistrate Judge and Chief Criminal Handbook  PRINT • 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Assistant U.S. Attorney Western District of E. James King, J.H. King Pub. #60515, ISBN 9781422496374  North Carolina Carl Horn III  PRINT • 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, eBOOK • eISBN 9781579111816  PRINT • 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #60510, ISBN 9781422499696  Pub. #62935, ISBN 9780769851693 eBOOK • eISBN 9781579112660 eBOOK • eISBN 97815791122712 CRIMINAL LAW  Legal and Professional Resources from LexisNexis • 2012 Catalog
    • Alcohol, Drug and Motor Vehicle Violations ALCOHOL, DRUG AND MOTOR VEHICLE VIOLATIONSDefense of Drunk Driving Cases: Criminal—CivilRichard E. Erwin, Dr. Leon Greenberg, Herbert M. Goldstein, Arne K. Bergh; Practice Guide by Richard J. Essen;scientific chapter revisions by Harvey M. CohenTake advantage of comprehensive coverage of the legal and technical issues that arise in a drunkdriving case. You’ll find up-to-date guidance on relevant statutes, case law and forensic science.This guide details pretrial discovery, defenses and trial tactics. It also features extensive backgroundinformation on the substance of chemical test evidence including physiology, pharmacology andanalytical techniques. All aspects of drunk driving defense are addressed, including:ƦƦ P ‌ er se laws ƦƦ F ‌ ield sobriety testingƦƦ ‌Implied-consent legislation ƦƦ A ‌ dmissibility of chemical test resultsƦƦ ‌Constitutional objections and other evidenceIncludes a practice guide with step-by-step description of how to handle a drunk driving case from the initialclient contact through appeal, including sample cross-examination, illustrative testimony and sample formsand motions, and also provides clear, nontechnical explanations of the scientific and mathematical foundationsof chemical testing. In addition, it covers pathological conditions whose symptoms sometimes resemble intoxication, leading toimproper arrests and false-positive test results.  PRINT • 4 volumes, loose-leaf, updated 3 times per year, Pub. #00275, ISBN 9780820512754 eBOOK • eISBN 9781579114190Defense of Speeding, Drunk Driving and Related Vehicular Offenses,Reckless Driving and 5th EditionVehicular Homicide Robert S. ReiffJames Farragher Campbell, P. David Fisher, Analyzes the many available avenues of prosecution and lines of defense.David A. Mansfield Noted DUI expert Robert S. Reiff, rated the most effective DUI advocateThis invaluable reference features in South Florida by the Miami Herald, shows you how to sell yourself tostep-by-step defense procedures your client, select a jury, cross-examine the arresting officer and deliverfrom pretrial preparation a strong closing argument. He offers his “Top Twenty Tips” for defendingthrough trial, including discovery, DUI cases and provides a large assortment of proven forms for pleadings,motions to suppress and jury motions, correspondence and other uses.instructions; complete analysis  PRINT • 1 volume, hardbound, with supplement, Pub. #61240, ISBN 9781422481257 of speed detection methods; eBOOK • eISBN 9781579111144examination of statutes and caseholdings (national in scope, withstate variations); sample direct and Apprehending and Prosecuting the Drunk Driver:cross-examinations of witnesses and defendants; accident A Manual for Police and Prosecutionreconstruction, including the use of human factors experts; Harvey M. Cohen, Joseph B. Greenand driver’s license suspension and revocation. Now law officers can find the legal, scientific and practical guidance they  PRINT • 3 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year,Pub. #00104, ISBN 9780820511047  need to ensure the effectiveness of each drunken driving stop, search,eBOOK • eISBN 9781579112332 arrest and prosecution—all in one place. This resource includes detailed discussion of essential procedures—such as how to recognize the characteristics of a drunk driver, the best ways to evaluate sensory cluesDefense of Narcotics Cases of alcohol and drug impairment, effective administration of field sobriety and preliminary breath tests, and much more.This indispensible publication gives you expert, up-to-datecoverage of such matters as identification of drugs, search  PRINT • 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated annually, Pub. #00197, ISBN 9780820511979 and seizure, motor vehicle and airport searches and pretrial   eBOOK • eISBN 9781579110949proceedings. It also covers informers and accomplices, thetrial, alternatives to standing trial, compulsory commitmentof narcotics addicts, defense of driving-under-the-influence Officer’s DUI Handbookcases and forfeiture proceedings. Plus, it also provides John A. Stephen, John B. Kwasnoski, Gerald N. Partridgeimportant information on sentencing post-Booker. Find out how courts have handled cases similar to yours with new caseIt comes complete with forms and easy-to-follow charts examples that can be used in training or on the road. Plan your strategyanalyzing federal drug law and provisions of representative based on these court rulings, which illustrate patterns derived fromstate laws. actual cases around the country. Use the citations following each case to further investigate a topic that interests you.  PRINT • 3 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually,Pub. #00249, ISBN 9780820512495  PRINT • 1 volume, softbound with CD-ROM, replaced annually, Pub. #37553, ISBN 9781422442937eBOOK • eISBN 9781579112455  To order, call 800.223.1940 or visit www.lexisnexis.com/CriminalLaw 3
    • Courtroom Techniques and Practice COURTROOM TECHNIQUES AND PRACTICE Criminal Defense Techniques Robert M. Cipes (1969 – 1972), original editor; Sidney Bernstein (1972 – 1976); Irwin Hall (1972 – 1980); Publisher’s Editorial Staff Get in-depth guidance from more than 100 leading specialists on bail and pretrial release, grand jury proceedings, direct and cross-examination, opening and closing arguments, use of forensic pathology and psychological evidence. You will also find guidance on: ƦƦ I ‌nterrogation and confessions ƦƦ ‌Securities fraud ƦƦ G ‌ uilty plea negotiations ƦƦ S ‌ peedy trial and appeal ƦƦ P ‌ robation and parole ƦƦ ‌Wiretapping This publication provides a library of court-tested forms on every aspect of criminal procedure. The latest release includes complete revisions to coverage of the following topics: Defense of an Obscenity Case; Defense of a Kidnapping Case; and Defense of Capital Cases. It also includes miscellaneous revisions to the rest of the treatise in order to keep the material current and especially useful to practitioners.  PRINT • 10 volumes, loose-leaf, updated 3 times per year, Pub. #00202, ISBN 9780820512020 eBOOK • eISBN 9781579112400 Criminal Investigation Handbook Cross-Examination of the Laura Ellsworth Analyst in Drug Prosecutions Get critical information about use of the Internet in perpetrating a computer crime— James Shellow; Foreword by Gerry Spence especially cybercrime—and websites, email addresses and databases that can be used in The case Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts investigations. Use this handbook for practical guidance through each element of a criminal opened up new possibilities, and every investigation as well as pertinent legal analysis. It includes a wealth of illustrations, checklists criminal attorney must understand the and forms. Whether you are a law enforcement officer, prosecutor or criminal defense consequences. Cited by Justice Antonin lawyer, you can find the information in this book useful to your case. Scalia in that groundbreaking decision,  PRINT • 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated annually, Pub. #00673, ISBN 9780820516738 this volume starts with a thorough eBOOK • eISBN 9781579114282 explanation of the scientific principles behind drug identification and of the role of the drug analyst. It also provides the Cross-Examination: attorney with the crucial techniques and Science and Techniques, 2nd Edition challenges that can make the difference Larry Pozner, Roger J. Dodd in a case and includes pretrial motion and orders, sample transcripts and proposed  PRINT • 1 volume, hardbound, with supplement, jury instructions. Pub. #65985, ISBN 9780327164340 BOOK & DVD SET • ISBN 9781422449189  PRINT • 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #22615, ISBN 9781422462133  Advanced Cross-Examination Eyewitness Testimony: Audio CD-ROM, 2nd Edition Civil and Criminal, 4th Edition Larry Pozner, Roger J. Dodd Elizabeth F. Loftus, Ph.D; James M. Doyle, Esq.;  CD-ROM • 6 audio CDs, single user, Pub. #69585, ISBN 9781422446751 Jennifer E. Dysart, Ph.D. DVD • 4 discs, ISBN 9781422446744  Offers courtroom-ready trial techniques PRINT • 1 volume, hardbound, with supplement and DVD set, ISBN 9781422449189  and the latest psychological research PRINT • 1 volume, hardbound, with supplement and 6 audio CDs, ISBN 9781422449172 concerning such issues as jurors’ beliefs about eyewitness testimony and the factors that may impede perception and Preparation for Deposition memory. Illustrates the consequences and in a Business Case effects of eyewitness testimony in both Roger J. Dodd, Larry Pozner criminal and civil trials. Proper preparation of your client prior to their  PRINT • 1 volume, hardbound, with supplement, deposition can prevent mistakes that can cost you Pub. #64394, ISBN 9781422421406 the trial or hurt your settlement. This new DVD helps eBOOK • eISBN 9781579113193  attorneys prepare their client for the often stressful experience of deposition. Save your time by using this billable tool to prepare your client.  DVD • Pub. #00867, ISBN 97814224833984 CRIMINAL LAW  Legal and Professional Resources from LexisNexis • 2012 Catalog
    • Courtroom Techniques and Practice | Criminal PracticeMealey’s™ Daubert Report Trial Error and Misconduct,This Report covers the interpretation and adoption or rejection of the 2nd EditionSupreme Court’s landmark expert admissibility ruling, Daubert v. Merrell Dow Bennett L. GershmanPharmaceutical Inc. As the nation’s jurisdictions grapple with so-called “junk  PRINT • 1 volume, hardbound, with supplement,science” testimony, this monthly newsletter offers the latest key rulings in this Pub. #82458, ISBN 9781422421918 contentious component of civil and criminal litigation. eBOOK • eISBN 9781579118327   Newsletter, published monthly, Pub. #07013, ISSN 1092-7565 eBOOK • eISBN 9781579119911 Trial Preparation for Prosecutors, 3rd EditionProsecutorial Misconduct: Law, Michael D. MarcusProcedure, Forms, 4th Edition This title:Joseph F. Lawless; Foreword byAlan M. Dershowitz, Harvard Law School ƦƦ E ‌ xamines each stage of trial preparation with step-by-step adviceProvides a comprehensive and scholarly analysis of ƦƦ M ‌ inimizes surprises with methodical and effectiveprosecutorial abuse, from the initiation of a criminal pretrial strategiesinvestigation through the appeal and post-conviction ƦƦ A ‌ dvises on anticipating the defense tacticsstages for both federal and state jurisdictions. Includesa complete collection of motions, briefs and arguments ƦƦ I ‌ncludes extensive citations to cases, statutesfrom actual cases handled by noted defense lawyers and regulationsDavid Kendall, Gerry Spence, Billy Martin, James  PRINT • 1 volume, hardbound, Pub. #61966,Brosnahan, John Cline and Michael Tigar and author ISBN 9781422478783 Joe Lawless. eBOOK • eISBN 9781579111830  PRINT • 1 volume, hardbound, with supplement, Pub. #64241, ISBN 9781422422137 eBOOK • eISBN 9781579113186 CRIMINAL PRACTICEForensic Sciences Search & Seizure,Cyril H. Wecht, M.D., J.D., General Editor 3rd EditionDozens of experts discuss the John Wesley Hallsciences relevant to criminal and Two essential volumes written by ancivil litigation and the law in the active trial lawyer for other active trialcourtroom. Includes coverage of lawyers and judges. This resourceexpert testimony and scientific offers expert insight on such issuesevidence—admissibility, scope, as reasonable expectation of privacy,impeachment, hypothetical consent and probable cause, asquestions, privilege and more. It also well as current guidelines governingcovers: search and seizure in such specificƦƦ F ‌ orensic pathology, anthropology, odontology, engineering, circumstances as vehicles, professional toxicology and pharmacology offices and airports. Reflects the changingƦƦ A ‌ ntemortem and postmortem alcohol determinations standards and applications of the law, including:ƦƦ ‌Firearm identification ƦƦ Proliferation of knock-and-talk consent searchesƦƦ C ‌ rime scene procedures ƦƦ Bus and train searchesƦƦ ‌DNA typing ƦƦ Highway detentions to bring in drug dogsƦƦ C ‌ hemical and biological terrorism ƦƦ Video surveillance in public and semi-private places  PRINT • 5 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, ƦƦ Searches of computersPub. #00313, ISBN 9780820513133 ƦƦ Litigation of motions to suppress  PRINT • 2 volumes, hardbound, with supplement, Pub. #63350, ISBN 9780327100119  eBOOK • eISBN 9780327171201 To order, call 800.223.1940 or visit www.lexisnexis.com/CriminalLaw 5
    • Criminal Practice Criminal Law Advocacy Mental Disability Law: Civil and Criminal, 2nd Edition Mark J. Kadish, Rhonda A. Bronfman, David Rossman, Michael L. Perlin, Heather Ellis Cucolo Ronald L. Carlson, Patrick L. McCloskey, Ronald L. Schoenberg,  PRINT • 5 volumes, hardbound, with supplement, Pub. #65810, ISBN 9780327005247  Abraham P. Ordover, Roger M. Goldman  PRINT • 7 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, Pub. #00198, ISBN 9780820511986 The Prosecution and Defense of Sex Crimes  PRINT • 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, Pub. #00562, ISBN 9780820515625  Criminal Law Deskbook eBOOK • eISBN 9781579117627 Patrick L. McCloskey, Ronald L. Schoenberg; revisions by Jay Shapiro This convenient deskbook provides concise discussion of the Prosecutor’s Manual for Arrest, basic principles of criminal procedure, substantive criminal law and criminal trial strategy and tactics. Logically organized Search and Seizure, 2nd Edition according to the chronology of a criminal case, it supplies James A. Adams, Daniel D. Blinka thorough coverage of everything from arraignment and bail to  PRINT • 1 volume, hardbound, with supplement, Pub. #60074, ISBN 9780327163664  sentencing. Numerous checklists offer a timesaving framework eBOOK • eISBN 9780327168140 for analyzing all aspects of a case.  PRINT • 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated annually, Pub. #00217, ISBN 9780820512174 Sexual Assault Trials, 3rd Edition eBOOK • eISBN 9781579111274 Paul DerOhannesian II A complete handbook for anticipating and fulfilling the special Criminal Practice Handbook, 3 Edition rd demands of sexual assault cases. Covering virtually all aspects of trial, this guide takes you from jury selection to jury instructions with Stephen Hrones the latest law and trial strategy. Gain step-by-step guidance through  PRINT • 1 volume, hardbound, with supplement, discovery and pretrial matters, direct and cross-examination, expert Pub. #62973, ISBN 9780820575841 testimony, presentation of evidence, and trial tactics to help you develop a winning strategy for your case. Entrapment Defense, 4th Edition  PRINT • 2 volumes, hardbound, with supplement, Pub. #61175, ISBN 9780820574660 eBOOK • eISBN 9780327173281 Paul Marcus  PRINT • 1 volume, hardbound, with supplement, Pub. #64635, ISBN 9781422473443  Contemporary Criminal Procedure: eBOOK • eISBN 9781579115258 Courtroom Decisions for Law Enforcement, 10th Edition Judicial Conduct and Ethics, Fourth Edition Larry E. Holtz James J. Alfini, Steven Lubet, Jeffrey M. Shaman, Charles Gardner Geyh  PRINT • 1 volume, softbound, with companion CD-ROM, replaced annually,  PRINT • 1 volume, hardbound, Pub. #66921, ISBN 9718422421253 Pub. #74892, ISBN 97807698471156 CRIMINAL LAW  Legal and Professional Resources from LexisNexis • 2012 Catalog
    • Evidence | Federal Criminal Laws EVIDENCECourtroom Criminal Evidence, 5th EditionFrancis A. Gilligan, Paul C. Giannelli, Edward J. Imwinkelried, Fredric I. LedererWith a wealth of information packed into two volumes, this guide serves as a source for quick reference and expert advice. Learnabout the latest developments in evidence law, including:ƦƦ E ‌ videntiary issues posed by faxes, emails, caller ID, ƦƦ ‌Automobile stops and computer-generated animations ƦƦ T ‌ he latest amendments to the Federal Rules of EvidenceƦƦ S ‌ cientific evidence after the Daubert trilogy ƦƦ A ‌ n extensive discussion of chain-of-custody issuesƦƦ ‌Polygraph evidence  PRINT • 2 volumes, hardbound, Pub. #63050, ISBN 9781422498491eBOOK • eISBN 9781579115241Criminal Evidentiary Foundations, 2nd Edition The Methods of AttackingEdward J. Imwinkelried, Daniel D. Blinka Scientific Evidence, 4th EditionWhen you’re faced with questions about how best to introduce evidence into a Edward J. Imwinkelriedcriminal trial, get the practical guidance you need to make quick, informed decisions Reviews the major evidentiary doctrinesin this guide. It shows by example how to convert abstract evidentiary doctrine into applicable to scientific evidence, includingconcrete lines of questioning, explains how to phrase questions on direct and cross- admissibility of chain-of-custody testimony andexamination, and includes hundreds of sample foundational questions adapted to expert-witness testimony.criminal cases.  PRINT • 1 volume, hardbound, with supplement,  PRINT • 1 volume, hardbound, with supplement, Pub. #62978, ISBN 9781422417416 Pub. #63044, ISBN 9780327164159Exculpatory Evidence: The Accused’s Constitutional Right Scientific Evidence, 4th Editionto Introduce Favorable Evidence, 3rd Edition Paul C. Giannelli, Edward J. ImwinkelriedEdward J. Imwinkelried, Norman M. Garland Explains in clear terms the latest forensic  PRINT • 1 volume, hardbound, with supplement, techniques and scientific concepts used inPub. #63065, ISBN 9780327163862  collecting and evaluating evidence. Includes coverage of the rules and precedents relating to admissibility, constitutional limitations,Federal Evidence Tactics discovery, expert testimony, laboratoryEdward J. Imwinkelried, David A. Schlueter reports and chain of custody, followed byTracking the Federal Rules of Evidence, this easy-to-use resource is designed to help analysis of the most frequently encounteredcounsel strategically analyze the issues involved in the introduction of and objection scientific evidence.to particular evidence.  PRINT • 2 volumes, hardbound, with supplement, Pub. #62380, ISBN 9780820575766   PRINT • 2 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually, Pub. #00218, ISBN 9780820528083  eBOOK • eISBN 9781579111182 eBOOK • eISBN 9781579114084 FEDERAL CRIMINAL LAWSBender’s Federal Practice Forms®: Bender’s Federal Practice ManualCriminal Procedure  PRINT • 3 volumes, loose-leaf, updated 4 times per year, Pub. #00100, ISBN 9780820511009The criminal volumes of this treatise cover criminal eBOOK • eISBN 9781579115791prosecutions in the United States District Court. The formsare organized into chapters based on the relevant FederalRules of Criminal Procedure. Volume 17 also deals with Criminal Constitutional Lawcollateral attacks (i.e., post-appeal attacks) on criminal David S. Rudstein, C. Peter Erlinder, David C. Thomasconvictions that may be brought in United States District  PRINT • 3 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually, Pub. #00098, ISBN 9780820510989 courts, including the rules and official forms for Section 2255 eBOOK • eISBN 9781579116767motions for relief from federal court convictions and habeascorpus review of state court convictions.  PRINT • 2 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually,Pub. #00090, ISBN 9780820520216Vols. 16 and 17 of Bender’s Federal Practice Forms To order, call 800.223.1940 or visit www.lexisnexis.com/CriminalLaw 7
    • Federal Criminal Laws Federal Criminal Laws and Rules Federal Sentencing for Business Crimes Volume 1 contains all the federal criminal laws and court Kirby D. Behre, A. Jeff Ifrah rules in the USCS. Offers clear and practical guidance through the complexities of the U.S. Volume 2 includes the entire text of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. This essential treatise features: Sentencing Guidelines. ƦƦ Explanation of the impact of criminal history on a defendant’s sentence and the role of plea agreements and plea agreement procedure in the  PRINT • 2 volumes, softbound, with CD-ROM, replaced annually, Pub. #22463, ISBN 9780769851075  sentencing process Vol. 1, ISBN 9780769851044  ƦƦ Expert treatment on sentencing process and procedure, including Vol. 2, ISBN 9780769851051  a discussion of applicable fines, terms of probation, and supervisory release eBook • eISBN 9781579116033 ƦƦ Separate chapters on specific offenses related to white collar crime, including: antitrust crimes, bankruptcy fraud, computer crimes, Federal Criminal Trials, 7th Edition environmental crimes, food and drug crimes, securities fraud, and tax offenses Hon. James C. Cissell  PRINT • 2 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, Pub. #00471, ISBN 9780820556567  This is the definitive volume on federal criminal procedure, eBOOK • eISBN 9781579114237 rules of evidence, and constitutional protections. Since 1946, federal prosecutors in the Department of Justice and attorneys in state courts have used this handbook as the Modern Federal Jury Instructions— authoritative courtroom reference. Criminal Volumes  PRINT • 1 volume, hardbound, with supplement, Pub. No. #60877, ISBN 9781422428597  Hon. Leonard Sand, John S. Siffert, Walter P. Loughlin, Steven A. Reiss, eBOOK • eISBN 9781579111137 Hon. Jed S. Rakoff, Steven W. Allen Judges in federal court increasingly Federal Habeas Corpus require jury instructions to be Practice and Procedure, 6th Edition understandable and free of legalese Randy Hertz, James S. Liebman and arcane language. Offering instructions for all aspects of a This publication is the resource referred to most frequently federal criminal jury trial, this set by members of the U.S. Supreme Court and lower federal courts as well as by thousands of other attorneys who saves you drafting time and helps practice in habeas corpus matters. It offers detailed you avoid giving jurors erroneous or analysis of: inappropriate instructions. ƦƦ A ‌ pplicability of the Antiterrorism and Effective Death ƦƦ G ‌ eneral instructions covering such areas as scienter, burden of proof, Penalty Act (AEDPA) evidence, and inferences ƦƦ R ‌ equirements states must satisfy to obtain AEDPA ƦƦ S ‌ ubstantive instructions for specific federal offenses, from aiding and “opt-in” benefits abetting to criminal antitrust violations and tax fraud ƦƦ S ‌ tatutes of limitations ƦƦ C ‌ itations to specific case authority and/or statutory authority to cut your research time ƦƦ ‌Petition-filing requirements ƦƦ O ‌ fficial pattern instructions for the First, Third, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, ƦƦ A ‌ ppointment of counsel Eighth, Ninth, and Eleventh Circuits ƦƦ R ‌ ange and types of discovery ƦƦ F ‌ ederal Judicial Center Pattern Criminal Jury Instructions ƦƦ S ‌ tandards for obtaining federal evidentiary hearings  PRINT • 4 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, Pub. #00485, ISBN 9780820520841  ƦƦ E ‌ xhaustion of state remedies Each volume also sold separately; call for more information. ƦƦ ‌Procedural default eBOOK • eISBN 9780327172284 ƦƦ S ‌ tandards for applying AEDPA’s section 2254(d)(1) ‌Successive petitions Moore’s Federal Practice®: ƦƦ O ‌ btaining a certificate of appealability Rules of Criminal Procedure ƦƦ ƦƦ F ‌ ederal prisoner practice under section 2255 Board of Editors: Daniel R. Coquillette, Gregory P. Joseph, Sol Schreiber, Jerold S. ƦƦ T ‌ ypes of claims that have led to the granting of the writ Solovy (1930-2011) and Georgene M. Vairo This edition and the accompanying supplement include Features unmatched coverage of every detail of procedure in federal extensive analysis of the latest habeas corpus case law criminal cases. Follows the sequence of the Federal Rules and includes as well as the important statutory changes effected by the complete Advisory Committee Notes and the Legislative Committee the Military Commissions Act of 2006, the Adam Walsh Reports. Also discusses the Magistrates Court Rules and the Habeas Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006, the USA PATRIOT Corpus Rules. Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005 and the Topics include: REAL ID Act of 2005. ƦƦ Applicability Venue ƦƦ  PRINT • 2 volumes, hardbound, with CD-ROM and supplement, Pub. #64330, ISBN 9781422483572  ƦƦ Preliminary proceedings Trial ƦƦ PRINT • 2 volumes, hardbound, with supplement, ƦƦ Grand Jury, indictment Post-conviction procedures ƦƦ ISBN 9781422483565  and information Supplementary and ƦƦ eBOOK • eISBN 9780327168621 ƦƦ Arraignment and preparation special proceedings for trial General provisions ƦƦ  PRINT • 5 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, Pub. #00410, ISBN 9780820520735 8 CRIMINAL LAW  Legal and Professional Resources from LexisNexis • 2012 Catalog
    • Federal Criminal Laws | Military Criminal JusticeMoore’s Federal Rules Pamphlets United States Supreme Court Cases andJames William Moore, Kevin Shirey, Ruby Udell Grad, Lawrence Kaplan Comments: Criminal Law and ProcedureThis handy, portable four-pamphlet set contains the full text of Hon. William H. Erickson, B. James George Jr.,federal procedure and evidence rules, plus insightful commentary Hon. Timothy M. Tymkovich, Nathan B. Coatsand case annotations.  PRINT • 5 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year,  PRINT • 4 volumes, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #00765, ISBN 9780820517650 Pub. #00415, ISBN 9781422493533 eBOOK • eISBN 9780327171904eBOOK • eISBN 9781422486221Volume 1 • Civil Volume 3 • Criminal United States Sentencing Guidelines Manual  PRINT • ISBN 9780769846293  PRINT • ISBN 9780769846316  PRINT • 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #00471, ISBN 9780820570754 eBOOK • eISBN 9781579115012 eBOOK • eISBN 9781579115036Volume 2 • Evidence Volume 4 • Judicial  PRINT • ISBN 9780769846309  PRINT • ISBN 9780769846323eBOOK • eISBN 9781579115029 eBOOK • eISBN 9781579115043 MILITARY CRIMINAL JUSTICENew! July 201 2 Military Evidentiary Foundations, 4th EditionAvailable David A. Schlueter, Stephen A. Saltzburg, Lee D. Schinasi, Edward J. ImwinkelriedMilitary Court Rules of the United States  PRINT • 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #66895, ISBN 9781422481325 Eugene Fidell, Editor-in-Chief, with contributing authors eBOOK • eISBN 9781579119607Military Court Rules differ from service to service, resulting in agroup of rules pyramids, each with the Constitution at its apex, Military Rules of Evidence Manual, 7th Editionbut of differing heights and width below. For every practitioner in Stephen A. Saltzburg, Lee D. Schinasi, David A. Schlueterthe military justice system, the National Institute of Military Justicehas compiled a broad array of the military justice system’s court  PRINT • 2 volumes, hardbound, with supplement, Pub. #66911, ISBN 9781422488881 rules into this single volume. The volume supplements the rules eBOOK • eISBN 9780327168638themselves with brief essays by some of the most provocativethinkers in their respective areas of expertise. The result is notmerely a collection of the existing military court rules—a worthy Military Justice CD-ROMachievement in itself—but an expansion of our knowledge and  CD-ROM • single user, Pub. #16375, ISBN 9780327161523understanding of those rules.  PRINT • 1 volume, softbound, updated annually, Pub. #01714, ISBN 9781422496695Court-Martial Procedure, 3rd EditionFrancis A. Gilligan, Fredric I. Lederer  PRINT • 2 volumes, hardbound, 1 volume, softbound, with supplement,Pub. #62410, ISBN 9780820575254eBOOK • eISBN 9780327173328Military Crimes and DefensesDavid A. Schlueter, Charles H. Rose III, Victor Hansen, Christopher Behan  PRINT • 1 volume, hardbound, with supplement, Pub. #60088, ISBN 9780820575988 Military Criminal Justice:Practice and Procedure, 7th EditionDavid A. Schlueter  PRINT • 1 volume, hardbound, with supplement, Pub. #66928, ISBN 9781422428757 eBOOK • eISBN 9781579115630Military Criminal Procedure Forms, 3rd EditionKen Jansen, David A. Schlueter, Kevin J. Barry, Kenneth A. Arnold  PRINT • 1 volume, hardbound, Pub. #66955, ISBN 9781422471074  To order, call 800.223.1940 or visit www.lexisnexis.com/CriminalLaw 9
    • White Collar Crime WHITE COLLAR CRIME Business Crime: Criminal Liability of the Business Community Stanley S. Arkin, lead author; with Earl C. Dudley Jr., Michael Eisenstein, Jed S. Rakoff, Donald M. Re, John S. Siffert Provides how-to guidance for: setting up compliance programs to prevent corporate liability; effectively conducting internal corporate investigations, and parallel administrative, civil, and criminal proceedings. Includes: ƦƦ D ‌ iscussions of substantive criminal law ƦƦ T ‌ actical and case-law information for grand jury representation or monitoring criminal counsel ƦƦ F ‌ orms for every area and stage of business crime practice ƦƦ T ‌ he bimonthly reporter Business Crime Commentary In the wake of the global financial crisis of 2008 and the revelation of massive frauds, there have been numerous case decisions that impact the liability of the business community. Discussion of this timely topic appears throughout the treatise. The latest release of Business Crime includes summaries of dozens of recent court decisions added to the relevant textual discussions throughout the publication.  PRINT • 6 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, Pub. #00265, ISBN 9780820512655  eBOOK • eISBN 9781579112028 Civil RICO Prosecution and Defense of Criminal David B. Smith, Terrance G. Reed Conspiracy Cases Responding to the growing use of civil RICO by private litigants, this Paul Marcus all-inclusive publication fills the need for knowledgeable discussion In this well-organized guide to criminal conspiracy, you will of the substantive law, while incorporating a close examination find complete coverage of substantive problems such as of the practical problems and procedural issues involved when requirements of agreement, overt act and specific intent as litigating a RICO case. well as procedural problems, including venue, joint defendant  PRINT • 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, Pub. #00527, questions, co-conspirators’ declarations, the hearsay exception, ISBN 9780820515274  eBOOK • eISBN 9781579112141 complicity and double jeopardy. You’ll also find a chapter on federal conspiracy principles, in addition to all state and federal conspiracy statutes in convenient tables and a discussion of Federal Sentencing for Business Crimes RICO conspiracy issues. Kirby D. Behre, A. Jeff Ifrah, with contributing authors ƦƦ N ‌ ew Appendix Z examines the superseding indictment of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.  PRINT • 2 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, Pub. #00471, ISBN 9780820556567 ƦƦ C ‌ hapter 4, “Scope of the Conspiracy, Number of Agreements, eBOOK • eISBN 9781579114237 RICO, Duration,” has been updated to include further discussion of substantive RICO provisions. ƦƦ C ‌ hapter 5, “Co-Conspirators’ Declarations: The Non-Hearsay Mealey’s™ Litigation Report: Insurance Fraud Exception,” has been updated to include case analysis on the Confrontation Clause Challenge. Reviews civil and criminal cases arising from efforts by policyholders and third parties to defraud insurance carriers. Full range of ƦƦ C ‌ hapter 11, ”Practical Considerations in Conspiracy Trials,” now includes significant discussion of defense witness immunity. topics includes false and fraudulent claims, arson, reverse bad faith, restitution, RICO, incontestability clauses, material  PRINT • 2 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually, Pub. #00365, ISBN 9780820513652  misrepresentation, rescission, qui tam actions, and fraud rings.   eBOOK • Vol. 1, eISBN 9781579116880  PRINT • Newsletter, published monthly, Pub. #07021, ISSN 1075-380X  eBOOK • eISBN 9780327167068 Tax Controversies: Audits, Investigations, Trials Robert S. Fink with the assistance of the attorneys at Prosecution and Defense Kostelanetz & Fink, LLP of Forfeiture Cases A guide to all stages of a tax examination, investigation, litigation David B. Smith and prosecution—civil or criminal: This treatise provides the law and ƦƦ A ‌ udits and criminal administrative review practice of civil and criminal forfeiture, ƦƦ I ‌RS investigative powers and taxpayer rights and protections discussion of forfeiture in narcotics, ƦƦ ‌Defenses alien smuggling and foreign currency ƦƦ I ‌RS Audit Classification Handbook transaction cases and application ƦƦ A ‌ ccountant’s role in criminal tax cases of the relation back doctrine and postforfeiture administrative relief. ƦƦ C ‌ orporate criminal tax issues  PRINT • 2 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, Pub. #00099, ƦƦ M ‌ oney laundering and currency violations ISBN 9780820510996   PRINT • 2 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually, eBOOK • eISBN 9781579111212 Pub. #00305, ISBN 9780820554631  eBOOK • eISBN 978157911205910 CRIMINAL LAW  Legal and Professional Resources from LexisNexis • 2012 Catalog
    • State-Specific TitlesCriminal Law State-Specific Titles ALABAMA GEORGIA ion!New Edit Georgia DUI Law: A Resource for Lawyers and JudgesAlabama Rules of Criminal Procedure, 5th Edition George A. SteinHugh Maddox  PRINT • 1 volume, softbound, with current supplement, Pub. #60050,  PRINT • 2 volumes, hardbound, with current supplement, Pub. #64564, ISBN ISBN 97803271629649781422488478 eBOOK • eISBN 9781579118594eBOOK • eISBN 9780327171874 LexisNexis® Practice Guide: CALIFORNIA Georgia Criminal Forms Brian Steel, Donald F. Samuel Provides hundreds of modern, practical sample forms with practicalCalifornia Criminal Defense Practice commentary and references to relevant authorities. Full citations toMichael Millman, Charles Sevilla, Barry Tarlow, editorial consultants; all relevant procedural and substantive issues raised in motions.Beth Holzman, coordinating legal editor  PRINT • 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated annually, Pub. #01628, ISBN 9781422478615  PRINT • 7 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, Pub. #00171, eBOOK • eISBN 9780327171157ISBN 9780820511719 Georgia Criminal Law Case Finder Donald F. Samuel  PRINT • 2 volumes, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #66851, ISBN 9781422488874 eBOOK • eISBN 9781579111199 ILLINOIS Illinois Sentencing and Disposition Gino L. DiVito, Peter G. Baroni This publication helps judges, prosecutors and defense counsel navigate through the state’s complex sentencing structure. Authored by Justice Gino l. DiVito, CLEAR Co-Chair, and CLEAR Executive Director Peter G. Baroni, this annual publication offers full coverage of sentencing issues and options, including mitigation and aggravation, consecutive and concurrent sentencing, multiple convictions, DNA testing, restitution, probation and alternative dispositions.  PRINT • 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #01605, ISBN 9781422499320 eBOOK • eISBN 9781579118631 Illinois Criminal Procedure Ralph Ruebner, Colin Miller  PRINT • 2 volumes, hardbound, updated annually, Pub. #81091, ISBN 9781422478080 eBOOK • eISBN 9780327169406 MARYLAND Maryland Criminal Jury Instructions and Commentary David E. Aaronson  PRINT • 2 volumes, hardbound, updated annually, Pub. #60003, ISBN 9781422429914 eBOOK • eISBN 9780327173274 To order, call 800.223.1940 or visit www.lexisnexis.com/CriminalLaw 11
    • State-Specific Titles Criminal Law State-Specific Titles MASSACHUSETTS NEW YORK Suppression Matters Under Massachusetts Law New York CLS Desk Edition Gilbert’s Criminal Hon. Joseph A. Grasso, Jr., Hon Christine M. McEvoy Practice Annual  PRINT • 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #64530, ISBN 9781422494899  PRINT • 1 volume, hardbound, replaced annually, Pub. #00312, ISBN 9781422497357 eBOOK • eISBN 9781579111847 eBOOK • eISBN 9781579111052 New York Criminal and Civil Forfeitures MINNESOTA Steven L. Kessler  PRINT • 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #69140, ISBN 9780769846255 Minnesota Misdemeanors and Moving Traffic PRINT • 1 volume, loose-leaf, ISBN 9780769846262 Violations, 3rd Edition Martin J. Costello New York Criminal Statutes and Rules  PRINT • 2 volumes, hardbound, with current supplement, Pub. #81815, (Graybook) ISBN 9780327124573  PRINT • 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #00459, ISBN 9781422497500 eBOOK • eISBN 9781422486047 NEW JERSEY New York Search and Seizure Barry Kamins LexisNexis® Practice Guide:  PRINT • 1 volume, loose-leaf, replaced annually, Pub. #36076, ISBN 9780769851969 New Jersey Criminal Practice and Procedure PRINT • Softbound ISBN 9780769851976 eBOOK • eISBN 9781579112233 Alan Zegas, General Editor and lead author; with other contributors Topically organized, this publication covers the entire process of a criminal trial in New Jersey, from the initial representation of a client through sentencing and post-sentencing procedures and much TEXAS more. Each chapter combines authoritative legal analysis with an expert author’s practical insights, distilled from years of litigation practice. New Jersey Criminal Practice and Procedure includes Texas Criminal Practice Guide more than 120 Practice Tips—including Strategic Points, Warnings,  PRINT • 6 volumes, loose-leaf, updated 3 times per year, Pub. #00712, ISBN 9780820517124 Timing Issues, and Exceptions (with easy to recognize icons)—that eBOOK • eISBN 9781579118280 transition smoothly from legal analysis to practical application of a point of law.  PRINT • 2 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually, Pub. #01622, ISBN 9781422478554 eBOOK • eISBN 9780327169550 VIRGINIA Virginia Criminal Law and Procedure, 4th Edition John L. Costello  PRINT • 1 volume, hardbound, with supplement, Pub. #61000, ISBN 9781422421932 eBOOK • eISBN 9781579119614 WASHINGTON Defending DUIs in Washington, 3rd Edition Douglas Cowan, Jon Scott Fox  PRINT • 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated annually, Pub. #82808, ISBN 9781422411445 eBOOK • eISBN 978157911329212 CRIMINAL LAW  Legal and Professional Resources from LexisNexis • 2012 Catalog
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