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Sumatra1000milesfromhome Sumatra1000milesfromhome Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome In Sumatra & Sulawesi Music Dwight Yoakam 1000 miles
  • Actually, the becak in Medan is the converted motorbike with sidespan. The 'bicylce becak' is called 'becak dayung', ie.'pedal becak' or sometimes 'gerobak', which is a bit more degrading.
  • Medan
    • " Jl. P.Pinang"
  • mind your step,madam..
    • No,not road under construction,this is regular pavement....
    • Soon as you step inside a""rumah makan"",a waiter will come up and pile up everything on the table. After beiing completely stuffed full of wonderfull,spicy food,the waiter comes back to check the bill,by looking wich plates are empty......(all of them!)
  • Sumatra
    • Lake Toba
    • Batak style houses
  • Batak ceremony
    • Walking in Medan,you can still see old dutch colonial buildings in art-deco and amsterdamse school style,dating back from between 1900 and the 1940s. Long time ago this was the AVROS-building(cooperation for rubberplanting),now used as a local office .
    • My heart goes out to all the people who died in Tsunami and the sufferings of the people who were effected by this attack of nature. I decided to go to Indonesia to see for myself how the man is fighting with the nature.... Indonesians are simply adorable !!!
  • Palembang Souped-up local fishing boat in Palembang - south east Sumatra
  • Typical house in Palembang in south east Sumatra
    • there is alot of view like this in indonesia. stand sweet in the truck which is ussualy for pick up animal or woods.. hehe :)
  • Palembang
    • More sedate procession - Palembang - south east Sumatra
  • Palopo, Sulawesi
    • the town
    • back street
    • a fishing village
  • Toraja house
    • A Toraja house, also called tongkonan. The tongkonan are built according to ancestral rules and their roof results from the assembly of thousands of bamboos. Splendid carved wood panels decorate the frontage.
  • Funerals
    • At the time of the funeral, hundreds of guests are joined together and tens of houses of bamboo built for the occasion. During several days, the ceremonials are link together: buffaloes fight, sacrifices, procession
  • Sadan
    • The village of Sadan. In a Toraja village, Tongkonan are laid out on two rows along a broad central alley.
  • 1000 miles from home kan niet bereiken met de beca Groeten Cor