Mccpta reflections spring training 2013


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Mccpta reflections spring training 2013

  1. 1. MCCPTAReflections TrainingSpring 2013Presented byMelissa A. McDonald, MCCPTA Reflections Co-chairwith Paul Geller, Vice President for Programs,MCCPTA, and a panel of experienced ReflectionsChairs
  2. 2. MCCPTA Reflections Co-ChairsChris McDermottPhone: 301-253-9059E-mail: malimcdermott@verizon.netMelissa McDonaldPhone: 240-654-4855E-mail:
  3. 3. MCCPTA Reflections 2012-2013―The Magic of a Moment‖
  4. 4. What is Reflections? The program offers students the opportunity tocreate works of art for fun and recognition. Students in preschool through grade 12 areencouraged to submit works of art in six areas:Visual ArtsFilm ProductionDance ChoreographyLiteratureMusicalCompositionPhotography
  5. 5.  In its 40+ year history, the program hasencouraged millions of students across thenation and in American schools overseasto explore their artistic talents. The Reflections Program was started in1969 by then Colorado PTA PresidentMary Lou Anderson.
  6. 6.  Each year, the Reflections Programchallenges students to create art thatrelates to a specific theme. Themes are selected from thousandsof ideas submitted by students toPTA‘s Reflections Program ThemeSearch.
  7. 7. Reflections & FamilyEngagement The arts—and the PTA Reflections Program, inparticular—can be a valuable tool for building strongerpartnerships in your school community. Standard 1: Welcoming All Families into the SchoolCommunity Standard 2: Communicating Effectively Standard 3: Supporting Student Success Standard 4: Speaking Up for Every Child Standard 5: Sharing Power Standard 6: Collaborating with Community
  8. 8. 2013-2014 Reflectionstheme is:“Believe, Dream, Inspire”
  9. 9.  This theme was submitted through theReflections Theme Search Contest byJulie Lampert of Waverly Park PTA,located in East Rockaway, New York. ―My Inspiration for the theme came frommy experience in competitive sports. Ihope that students across the country willstrive to make their dreams become areality,‖ Julie writes.
  10. 10. To learn more about Reflections: (Please join this listserv as it is our primary form ofcommunication) (State Reflections website) (Note: use forms on MDPTA website) (National Reflections website) (National Reflections website)
  11. 11. Reflections Yahoo Listserv Most of our communication is via e-mailand the Yahoo listserv – please join today! Local Reflections Chairperson and PTAPresident are asked to join the
  12. 12. CategoriesVisual ArtsPhotographyLiteratureDance ChoreographyMusic CompositionFilm Production
  13. 13. DivisionsPrimary: Grades preK-2Intermediate: Grades 3-5Middle/Junior: Grades 6-8Senior: Grades 9-12
  14. 14. New in 2012-2013:Special Artist DivisionA non-graded division limited tostudents whose physical, cognitive, ormental health challenges meet theguidelines set forth in the ADA.
  15. 15. Ways to implement a Reflectionsprogram at your school: Publicity Judging Paperwork
  16. 16. MCCPTA Reflections:2011-12 Visual Arts & PhotographyAward of Excellence WinnersMCCPTA REFLECTIONS 2011-12Photography & Visual ArtsAward of Excellence Recipients“Diversity Means…”
  17. 17. PUBLICITYReflections Art Program
  18. 18. Get the Word Out! Let all of your school‘s teachers know aboutthe program Via E-mail Leave flyer in mailbox Speak directly to the teachers at a staffmeeting Announce in the school‘s newsletter, morningannouncements, web site, Listserv, etc. Hang posters in your school
  19. 19. Reflections Logo
  20. 20.  Customizableflyers availablefor your use!(Check – membersonly section - for thisyear‘s poster)
  21. 21. On the reverse, include details ofyour school‘s program:•Deadline for submission•Where to submit (drop off in workroom/mediacenter, main office, etc)•Details for submitting (very important to have asigned entry form attached)•Date of showcase & reception•Chairperson‘s contact information
  22. 22. Helpful Suggestions E-mail Student Guidelines Packet directly toparent when you are able to do so; Leave a stack of flyers in a convenient place forstudents to pick-up themselves (in the mediacenter, for example); Post the Student Guidelines and official entryform on your school or PTA website; Utilize social media as available;
  23. 23. Helpful Suggestions Shrink wrap visual arts and photographysubmissions* Mount artwork on foam core or stiff poster board(but do not exceed maximum dimensions)*rolls of shrink wrapavailable at Michael‘s
  24. 24. New Requirements* Include this important information on cover of theStudent Reflections Packet: Maximum dimensions of artwork File type and length maximums – DVD/CD entries not recorded in stated formatWILL NOT BE ACCEPTED*Check carefully the current year‘s Reflections guidelinesfor details – requirements are subject to change.
  25. 25. Official Entry Form Requirements* Entry form must be signed beforeturning in to MCCPTA – REQUIRED Title and artist statement –REQUIRED Completed PTA section –REQUIRED*Check carefully the current year‘s Reflections guidelines fordetails – requirements are subject to change.
  26. 26. JUDGINGReflections Art Program
  27. 27. Judging Each PTA Reflections chairperson isresponsible for securing judges of their ownlocal contest Helpful to find judges that work with childrenand understand their levels of ability Judge may use this form (see Local Arts Chair‘Guide):
  28. 28. Name ofEntryInterpretationof ThemeArtisticMerit/CreativityMastery ofMediumTotal Points Commentsfor StudentMCCPTA 2011-12 REFLECTIONS PROGRAM JUDGING SHEETTheme: “Diversity Means”GRADE DIVISION ARTS AREA___ Primary, Pre – 2 ___ Dance___ Intermediate, 3 – 5 ___ Literature___ Middle, 6 – 8 ___ Musical Composition___ Senior, 9 – 12 ___ Photography___ Visual Arts___ FilmJUDGING CRITERIAInterpretation of Theme: How closely the piece relates to the theme, based on the artworkitself and the artist statement. Total points=20Artistic Merit/Creativity: How creative and original the piece is in its conception of thetheme and its presentation. Total points= 10Mastery of Medium: The level of skill demonstrated in the basic principles/techniques ofthe arts area. Total points=10Maximum Total Points = 40
  29. 29.  Judges should not be from your ownschool –MUST conduct blind judging(judge cannot see the name of thestudent).
  30. 30.  With a Post-It note, cover up name ofstudent if it is on the front of theartwork. Judges should not be able to identifystudent‘s work
  31. 31. Thank the Judges…a few ideas Barnes & Noble, Panera Bread, Michael‘s,Starbuck‘s gift cards PTA Reflections lapel pin to each judge School SWAG Certificate of Appreciation
  32. 32. PAPERWORKReflections Art Program
  33. 33. Official Entry Form The PTA section MUST be completed –including all of the dates requested, and PTAID number Entries will not be accepted at the MCCPTAoffice if entry form is incomplete and/or yourPTA is not in good standing with MDPTA.No exceptions.
  34. 34. Please Note! Local PTAs must be in good standing withMaryland PTA by January 1, 2014 (tentativedate) in order to participate in MCCTPAReflections. No exceptions. Details are outlined in the chairperson guide-please read the document carefully beforeimplementing your local program. Contact Chris or Melissa with questions!
  35. 35. To Be In Good Standing: All Standards of Continuing Affiliation(SoCA) requirements must be met.See MCCPTA website for details:
  36. 36. Entry Form – MUST HAVES* Each submission must have a signed officialentry form (including the PTA section). Each submission must have a title and amandatory artist‘s statement. Each submission must be correct size (length,width, and thickness, etc) *Subject to change, check next year‘s guide book carefully
  37. 37. Please Note! There are NO EXCEPTIONS to any andall of the mandatory requirements asoutlined in the Local Chair Guidelines.MCCPTA cannot accept any entries thatdo not adhere to the requirements.
  38. 38. • Please, please readguidelines carefully and askquestions!• Remember we are allvolunteers trying to makethis a successful program forour students.
  39. 39. Forms & Paperwork All forms must be completed and included withthe artwork moving up to the council leveljudging. Online forms are available on the MDPTAwebsite under the Reflections tab: will also be uploaded onto the MCCPTAyahoo group site.
  40. 40. Deliver to MCCPTA OfficeEntries should be dropped offduring these dates/times.Dates to be announced, but will be inDecember before Winter Break.
  41. 41. MCCPTA OFFICEUpcounty Regional Services Center12900 Middlebrook Road, 3rd FloorGermantown, MD 20874(301) 208-0111Office Hours: 10am -2pm M-FOffice Manager: Pam Loebach2013-14 Drop-off Dates and Times TBAPlease call ahead before dropping off entries.
  42. 42. All documents are availableon the MDPTA website andthe Yahoo
  43. 43. AWARDS CEREMONYReflections Art Program
  44. 44. Awards and RecognitionCeremonies Local (school ) level – top 3 in each age divisionand arts category division move up to countylevel MCCPTA (county) level- top 3 in each agedivision and arts category move up to state levelMCCPTA Showcase & Awards Ceremonyheld in the spring (usually March)
  45. 45. Maryland PTA AwardsMaryland PTA will honor its 2012-13 winners asfollows:Outstanding Interpretation of Theme --Certificate, Ribbon, Trophy, 3 Complimentarytickets to the Awards Dinner in July and $100Award of Excellence – Certificate, Ribbon and$75Award of Merit – Certificate, Ribbon and $50Up to ninety entries will be recognized withmonetary awards: 30 Outstanding Interpretationof Theme, 30 Awards of Excellence and 30Awards of Merit (one award per arts category perage division).
  46. 46. Local (school) level awards Local award ceremonies and recognition are theresponsibility of the local Reflectionschairperson. It is recommended that each student receive aparticipation award, and those that moveforward to the county level can be awardedappropriately. Be Creative!!
  47. 47.  We have used Wholesale and CrownTrophy, and havehad good service from both companies,but you may use whomever you wish. The national PTA web site offersReflections awards : (clickon PTA store link)
  48. 48. Examples of AwardsStickers MedalsLapel Pins
  49. 49. Example of SKR‘s Certificate:This certificate is awarded to“I Can Make a Difference by...”Christopher Wynne, Principal, Dr. Sally K. Ride Elementary School Melissa A. McDonald, Reflections ChairpersonStudent‘s nameIn recognition of your 2007-2008 PTA Reflectionsliterature EntryCertificate of ExcellenceDate
  50. 50. Showcase & Reception Ideas Hang a Reflections ‗gallery‘ in a hallway nearthe site of your awards ceremony (such as themedia center) two weeks before the reception,so that all students and teachers will be able toview the submissions. Tie it in with a PTA meeting: ReflectionsShowcase & Reception held directly after a briefPTA meeting in early December.
  51. 51. Other Ideas for Award Ceremonies At WLES, the submissions were hung in theirgallery (main hallway) a few weeks before theirreception. The judges did their judging at theschool. WLES held a reception in Media Center oneevening in mid-December. Each child introducedhis or her art piece, and received certificate &pin. Clarksburg ES had an award ceremony in themorning and included breakfast.
  52. 52. Still More Ideas for AwardCeremonies Pizza party at lunch time – Great for highschool students. Hang artwork and awards in your school‘smedia center for a few weeks so that theentire school can see the entries. Use your imagination & make it your own!
  53. 53. MCCPTA Reflections AwardsCeremony & Gallery All local Reflections chairpersons are onthe MCCPTA Reflections AwardsCeremony committee – thanks in advancefor your time, energy and support!  Event details TBD – watch the listserv forinformation!
  54. 54. Join our Yahoo! GroupReflectionsMCCPTA-subscribe@yahoogroups.comLots of useful (and important)informationis posted there – this is our primaryform of communication - please join!
  55. 55. TOP TIPS FROM LOCALCHAIRSSuccessful Reflection Programs
  56. 56. Top Tips for a SuccessfulProgram• Involve administration and staff• Take advantage of all social media tools• Publicize widely throughout your schoolcommunityPlease click link below to access the documentfilled with suggestions:
  57. 57. Have fun with your program –the quality of the kids‘ workwill amaze you!
  58. 58. Questions ??