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Final Presentation for Field Study Course LBSC744

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Lbsc744 fieldstudypresentation melissamcdonald_v1

  2. 2. A Comparison: vsBallou Senior High School Somerset Elementary SchoolDistrict of Columbia Public Schools Montgomery County Public Schools
  3. 3. Ballou Senior High Somerset Elementary School School* Enrollment 1100 509 Black 98% <5% Hispanic 1% 7.7% White 1% 72.5% Asian 0% 11% FARMS 80% <5%Special Education 22% <5% ESOL 0% 9.4% Budget $0 Approx $12/student Library Schedule Flexible Fixed *summer school enrollment = 59 students and ESOL population approximately 30%
  4. 4. Ballou Senior High School3401 4th Street SE, Washington DC
  5. 5. Ballou Senior HSCampus
  6. 6. Ballou, a documentary filmMembers of the Ballou Senior HighSchool Marching Band rise above theirviolence-filled Washington, D.C.,neighborhood in this documentary,which follows the group as they try toachieve their dream of winning thenational marching band competition.Inspired by their tireless director,Darrell Watson, and helped by adedicated team of volunteers, themusical teens put their heads, heartsand souls into making the band thebest it can be.www.balloumovie.com
  7. 7. Ballou in Pictures Animoto Video (click on logo)
  8. 8. Librarian Led Activities Slam Poetry Club Chess Club Book Club Animé Club
  9. 9. Dedicated LibrarianSponsor of the After-School Research Lab
  10. 10. Resourceful LibrarianResume WritingWorkshop withvolunteers fromHoward University
  11. 11. My Collaborative ProjectHonors English 10: Genocide Research Project Presented: Summary of project: •AGOPPE Research Method using Prezi Presentation After reading Night by Elie Wiesel and •Created Student Research excerpts from Salvaged Pages by Packet Alexandra Zapruder (followed by an author visit), and studying World War II, •Demo’d access to online data the students will have a solid bases background in the history of the •Research steps vertical Poster for Holocaust. This culminating project the LMC will be to demonstrate the knowledge they have gained about the Holocaust through a comparison of the Holocaust with modern genocide.
  12. 12. My LMC PresentationsYALSA Teen Tech Week:•Technology Book Display•Cyberbullying PPTAGOPPE Research Method:•Prezi Presentation•Vertical Poster with Steps
  13. 13. Read Across America DayIn the spirit of ReadAcross America Day andDr. Suess’ Birthday, we: Invited the toddlersin for a storytime;Handed out red,handwritten “I love toread” stickers to thestudents;Distributed freebooks to studentsduring lunch;Walked aroundschool catching staff &students reading;
  14. 14. Somerset Elementary School5811 Warwick Place, Chevy Chase (Town of Somerset), MD
  15. 15. Somerset Elementary SchoolCreated usingGoogle MapMaker
  16. 16. Somerset in PicturesAnimoto Video (click onthe mascot bannerbelow) or URL:
  17. 17. Black-Eyed Susan Displays
  18. 18. My Collaborative ProjectsGrades 2& 3 English Class Computer ClassObjective:  Objective: By the end of the lesson,  By the end of the lesson, students will to be able to students will to be able to identify traits of a folk tale, identify steps of the and to compare and AGOPPE research method, contrast two or more access online databases, versions of the folk tale and take proper notes for ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ research project. using a Venn diagram.
  19. 19. My PowerPoint Presentations Tips to Make a Great PowerPoint PresentationGoldie Socks and the Three by Ms . Me lis s a McDonald Libearians S chool Library Me dia S pe cialis t Written by Jackie Mims Hopkins & Illustrated by John Manders RESEARCH METHOD WHAT ARE THE NAMES OF THESE FOLK TALES? Reading & Information Literacy Warm-up
  20. 20. Student PowerPoint Presentations By: Eléa Cahuet
  21. 21. Collaboration: Lessons LearnedEnglish Computer Make sure to check with  Make sure that you teacher about the lesson remember who your they will be teaching, and audience is and create not assume they will be lessons and presentations following the curriculum to that grade level Always be prepared with a  Can’t remind students back-up lesson! enough to cite their sources!
  22. 22. Strengths & Weaknesses of LMC ProgramStrengths Weaknesses Media Specialist caring &  Ballou- Super Librarian and dedicated to staff, collaborative in many ways, students, and parents the actual circulation of books was very low, and she had no collection Ballou – administration very supportive, just little development policy money for LMC program  At Somerset, the summer Collections met the needs school administration did not of each community understand the significance of the LMC program
  23. 23. My Strengths & WeaknessesStrengths WeaknessesFrom my initial reflection:  Still learning the word Curiosity “NO” Creativity  Take on more Determination responsibilities than I Willingness to Do What it Takes to Get the need to or should Job Done (Resourceful)After my field studies, add: Sense of Humor Keep Trying Till I Get it Right, but Know When to Seek Help Advocate for the Under Dog
  24. 24. For More Information: Check out my LiveBinder: Access Key: lbsc744
  25. 25. Questions or Comments? One last thought … from actress Helen Hayes: “From parents you learn love and laughter and how to put one foot in front of the other. But when books are opened you discover you have wings.”
  26. 26. References:District of Columbia Public SchoolsBallou Senior High School Profile County Public SchoolsSomerset Elementary - School at a Glance 2011-2012 photography by Melissa McDonald unless otherwise noted.