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Bring your best self
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Bring your best self


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Workshop delivered to teens about the importance of adopting uniqueness, authenticity and empowerment as self positioning.

Workshop delivered to teens about the importance of adopting uniqueness, authenticity and empowerment as self positioning.

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  • How many people here have heard the phrase: Beauty is an inside job? How many people have heard that in order to be truly beautiful on the outside, you have to start with the inside?Well, I find that success is an inside job, too. So if you are bringing your best self to something, you need to work on the outer esthetics, which my colleague Aliesh Pierce will talk to you about. But it is my belief that success is also an inside job a well.So in order to be successful you have have a series of successful beliefs in place about yourself before you can move forward, which is what my friend Linda Clemons was talking about right? It’s more about your non verbal communication and how you say things than what you say.
  • So how are you going to develop the kind of confidence you truly need to be successful?In order to answer that question, you need to think about what makes you different from your competition? I want a few people in here to share some of their qualities with me:Your individualityYour uniquenessYour natureYour character
  • Beyonce and India ArieThey are very different entertainers with different brands, right?
  • What if Beyonce was all like: “I am not my hair”And India Arie was like: “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh…”People can sense it if you’re not being who you are so be you!My mother used to say “You are a designer original” so
  • Go around the room and ask kids about their interests…
  • If plan A doesn’t work out what do you do?Have a plan B.And a plan C, D, E, F, and G if you have to. A really important life skill is being flexible. Know what you want to do, but if you have to move in a different direction, don’t feel defeated.You can always get back on course.
  • Never lose sight of your dream. It may not happen tomorrow. As much as you want it you may not medal tomorrow.But that does not by any means mean that you won’t win in your chosen field or be recognized for your talent.
  • If you do not take anything away from this presentation, I want you to remember this slide, and the powerful message that it shares. This was so powerful to me when I read it that I posted it on my Facebook page.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Presented by Christina Royster President and CEO @leveragecommun
    • 2. What is the Self?
    • 3. Who are these people?
    • 4. Can you imagine them like this?  Beyonce – “I am not my hair” Carter??  India Arie – “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh….”
    • 5. Moral of the Story? Be Yourself!
    • 6. Be Engaging  Many types of education  Formal (what you are learning in school)  Informal (hobbies)  Explore Your Interests  What are some of yours?  Be excited about them.
    • 7. Be Prepared
    • 8. Don’t Lose Sight of Your Dream!
    • 9. What is the most important thing successful people never do?
    • 10. QUIT!
    • 11. You! So when you think of success, I want you to see Michael and Oprah, and…
    • 12. Thank you! I truly feel fortunate to have presented to you…
    • 13. Presented by Christina Royster President and CEO @leveragecommun