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Common presentation 17 02 2013xyz


Global warming

Global warming

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  • The area of each country is transformed to reflect annual carbon dioxide emissions. Some of them are like balloons and the others are shrunk and almost disappear from the map.
  • We can conclude climate change and its follow-on effects pose a severe risk to political, economic, and social stability. The aggregate effects of climate change at global and regional levels will be negative, especially in the context of multiple stresses, and will lead us to an increasingly disorderly and potentially violent world. Can we prevent this badly scenario?
  • In 2008 Slovenia suffered two major storms. This year storms caused 52 billion EUR insured loss and many more economic loss.
  • We can save energy on many ways.


  • 1. Global warming and its consequences,alternative energy.The common multimedia presentation: Slovenia, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Liatva, Poland. http://www.google.pl/
  • 2. Think for the future. Act now.
  • 3. The sources of air pollution1. Drilling equipment and refineries(emitting chemicals).2. The cars and airplanes(poisonous ozone at groundlevel, dust of lead).3. The metal smelter(containing heavy metals).4. Coal power plants(SO2, CO2).5. Landfill of garbage(poisonous food scraps make the release of methane).6. The cities(the factories, cars, home ovens).7. Chemical works(release poisonous gases).8. Nuclear power plants(emission of radioactivesubstances).9. Agriculture(sprying of chemicals).Sources: Toxic Waste, Polluting the Air, Habitat Destruction; author dr Tony Hare.
  • 4. Solar power and coal power plants Coal powerA solar cell. plants,Obtaining energy from sunlight Energy from burning of coal.
  • 5. If everybody would do like the man from the left, we wouldn`t see “landscapes” like the one from the right
  • 6. Emissions of CO2 on world level
  • 7. It`s amazing how much CO2 wehave produced in the last years!
  • 8. Ecopolitical problems in the world if we do nothing to stop GHG emissions 2050s rising see level deforestation hurricanes new diseases decrease in agricultural productivity
  • 9. Summer storms and floods in Slovenia
  • 10. Can we change our habits toprevent bad scenario of the future?