The Johan Cruyff Foundation Community Program


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BT is a proud partner of the Johan Cruyff Foundation. The Cruyff Foundation Community Program is the project for getting young people more involved in the community. It offers people between the ages of 14 and 21 an opportunity to get to know how activities are organised and teaches them how they can make a positive contribution within their communities. The Community Program is a project that, over a period of approximately eight weeks, trains young people in organising community events.

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The Johan Cruyff Foundation Community Program

  1. 1. THE CRUYFF FOUNDATION COMMUNITY PROGRAM The Cruyff Foundation Community Program is the project for getting young people more involved in the community. It offers people between the ages of 14 and 21 an opportunity to get to know how activities are organised and teaches them how they can make a positive contribution within their communities. The Community Program is a project that, over a period of approximately eight weeks, trains young people in organising community events. With the Community Program, we connect young people with the Cruyff Court and the community for the long term. The program gives young people more self-confidence, offers them a chance to discover and develop their talents, and challenges them to raise their personal ambitions. This is how we create role models. ‘I LOOK BACK ON A VERY POSITIVE EMMA LICHTENBELD (TIEL): CRUYFF FOUNDATION COMMUNITY PROGRAM PARTICIPANT COMMUNITY PROGRAM. ORGANISING MY OWN EVENT REALLY GAVE ME A LOT OF ENERGY.’ EXPERIENCE IN THE CRUYFF FOUNDATION
  2. 2. Professionals from the community who develop to become coaches. In the Cruyff Foundation Coach course, the local commu- nity sports leader learns how to provide the guidance a group of young people needs for the specific project. A Cruyff Foundation Coach is someone who is active within an organisation in the community (youth work, sports work in the district, schools) or within a sports club as a player, coach, team manager, or volunteer. A Cruyff Foundation Coach sets the personal goal of creating a strong and long-lasting bond between the young people, their community, and their Cruyff Court. The Cruyff Foundation Coach is responsible for a group of up to 10 people between the ages of 14 and 21. Over a period of about two months (six to eight meetings), the coach supervises the young participants as they organise an event at the Cruyff Court. During the project, the coach oversees the steps the group takes and encourages the young people to develop as individuals. Participants who complete the course with a positive result receive a certificate from the Johan Cruyff Institute. From then on, they are capable of pursuing the Community Program in their own communities as Cruyff Foundation Coaches. CRUYFF FOUNDATION COACH THE PROJECT In a number of meetings (generally eight), young people learn all the aspects of independently organising an event. The team of young people bear the responsibility for the event and make the decisions themselves. Competences like coopera- tion, setting goals, organising, taking the initiative, creativity, responsibility, and personal growth all come up over the course of the eight-week program. These competences are derived directly from the 14 rules of Johan Cruyff, which are a central element during both the meetings and the event. Naturally, however, real-world topics such as promotion, communication, building teams, and compiling a match schedule are also topics discussed in the meetings. The meetings are led by a certified Cruyff Foundation Coach. Ultimately the young people put the material learned into practice by actually organising an event on the Cruyff Court or elsewhere in the community. At the end of a successful project, the young people receive a certificate that shows that they have the skills to work on future activities in the neighbourhood. IMPACT Research by the Erasmus Centre for Strategic Philanthropy (ECSP) has shown that:  the Cruyff Foundation Community Program actually creates a stronger bond between young people and the community.  young people exhibit more confidence in their own abilities and a higher level of ambition after participation in the project.  many young people who participate in the project continue to be actively involved in organising community activities. MOHAMED BOULAKHRIF ROTTERDAM ‘The Cruyff Foundation Community Program had everything for my personal growth. There was so much involved. During the meetings we had to apply for permits, arrange sponsors and volunteers, and really work together as a team. It took eight weeks, and we needed every single day of it. And no matter how well you prepare something like that, you always learn afterwards how you it could be done better. That’s something you have to just accept for the time being. You take the things you learn with you. Now that I’ve learned the basics, I want to set up a really big football tournament one day, something that the real professionals will come out for. We had a lot of people come to watch the tournament, and the media too. Turkish granddads, Moroccan grandmas... all of them standing along the sidelines together and smiling, like they were drinking tea together. It’s a way of reaching the whole neighbourhood. That’s the great thing about this project.’ ’NOW I KNOW HOW TO PERFORM AS THIJS LASEUR (ARNHEM): CRUYFF FOUNDATION COACH TO GIVE YOUNG PEOPLE AS MANY LEARNING MOMENTS AS POSSIBLE!‘ CRUYFF FOUNDATION COACH IN THE PROJECT
  3. 3. BT Benelux BT has been affiliated with the Johan Cruyff Foundation since 2010 and is a dedicated Cruyff Foundation Community Program partner. Besides making a financial contri­ bution to help make the projects possible, BT also contributes knowledge and expertise to further develop the Community Program’s online platform, and facilitates Cruyff Foundation events by providing volunteers from its own personnel. BT has also set itself the goal of raising the funding to set up the first Cruyff Court in Belgium. For more information, see Postcode Loterij (postcode lottery) For fourteen years, the Johan Cruyff Foundation has been a beneficiary of the Dutch lottery organisations and their financial support of charitable causes. The Nationale Postcode Loterij (Dutch national postcode lot- tery) and the Vriendenloterij (Friends lottery) believe in the mission of the Foundation and have been partners of the Foundation since the very beginning. The support of all participants has enabled the Johan Cruyff Foundation to spend to spend more than 38 million on its projects since 1998. Thanks to this support, the Foundation has been able to create over a hundred Cruyff Courts and provide a continuous source of funding for the Cruyff Foundation Community Program. When you play the Postcode Loterij, 50% of what you spend goes to 86 good causes, including the Johan Cruyff Foundation. For more information, see Cruyff Institute The Johan Cruyff Institute believes that athletes and people with a heart of an athlete are best equipped to serve the best interests of sport and society. We are committed to developing talent, combining sport and study. Our programs stand for the highest levels of sport, quality and pride. We utilize knowledge, experience and facilities from the sports world to deliver our programs to the market. For more information, see UEFA In 2013, the Cruyff Foundation won the UEFA Charity Award in recognition of the work that the Foundation has been doing for many years to promote good lifelong exercise habits among children. The Award was accompanied by a cheque for one million euros, which the Foundation will put to good use over the coming years in various projects and initiatives revolving around the Cruyff Courts. One of the projects to be funded with this prize is the Cruyff Community Program. Johan Cruyff Foundation The Johan Cruyff Foundation was estab- lished in 1997 as part of Johan Cruyff’s wish to encourage children to exercise. Since its establishment in 1997, the Johan Cruyff Foundation has grown into an organisa- tion that encourages young people to be physically active every day. Every week, the sports projects supported by the Cruyff Foundation help more than 50,000 young people with a disability stay physically active. Worldwide, there are now more than 180 Cruyff Courts (small community sports facilities, open to the public) giving young people a place to play sports and games in their own neighbourhoods. The Foundation also promotes exercise among primary school children with Schoolyard14, a project upgrading school playgrounds, encouraging children to exercise more. For more information, see THIS PROJECT IS BEING MADE POSSIBLE IN PART BY: THE CRUYFF FOUNDATION COACH COURSE IS PROVIDED BY: The Johan Cruyff Institute is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) THE CRUYFF FOUNDATION COMMUNITY PROGRAM IS A PROJECT OF: ‘THE COMMUNITY PROGRAM GAVE ME THE SELF-CONFIDENCE TO DO MORE FOR THE COMMUNITY AND TAUGHT ME THAT I CAN BE AN EXAMPLE FOR YOUNGER KIDS’ BEHROEZ MAHBOBI (ENSCHEDE): CRUYFF FOUNDATION COACH
  4. 4. WANT MORE INFORMATION OR INTERESTED IN GETTING INVOLVED? For more information about the Cruyff Foundation Community Program, please contact the Cruyff Foundation. We would be happy to tell you more. Johan Cruyff Foundation | t.a.v. Community Program | Olympisch Stadion 5 | 1076 DE Amsterdam | +31 (0)20-305 77 66 | |  CruyffFoundationCommunityProgram |  @Community_progr THE CRUYFF FOUNDATION COMMUNITY PROGRAM IS A PROJECT OF THE JOHAN CRUYFF FOUNDATION