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Business benefits of video for the organisation
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Business benefits of video for the organisation


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In today’s business environment communicating in person is not always possible. But video provides a means to the next best thing: instant virtual in-person communication. Do you video?

In today’s business environment communicating in person is not always possible. But video provides a means to the next best thing: instant virtual in-person communication. Do you video?

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Do You Video?White paper
  • 2. ContentsDo you Video? 3 4 5Discover the BenefitsImagine how your organisation might use video?Typical video usage cases per line of businessROI: See How Video Can Pay for ItselfWhy BT Video? 7Video changed our way of working! 9
  • 3. 1Do you Video?Understanding the business benefits of video for your organisationOf course, in today’s business environment communicating in person is not always possible.But video provides a means to the next best thing: instant virtual in-person communication.Telepresence and video conferencing are powerful multimedia tools that allow for natural,face-to-face communication even when people are miles or continents apart.What does this mean for your business? Many organizations consider telepresence andvideo conferencing to be critical cost-reduction tools. It is true; almost 90 percent of videocollaboration technology users identified reduced travel and cost savings, which also includeincreased productivity, to be a benefit of the technology. However, cost is only one of the benefitswhen implementing a video strategy; environmental responsibility, work-life balance, reducedtime to market and faster decision taking, are also important factors.Video collaboration affects the way that business is conducted across an entire organization.With video, you can interview job candidates remotely, enhance telework programs, get real-time feedback from suppliers straight to the manufacturing floor, record training sessions andCEO messages, and much more.Today, organizations use video for more than just meetings from conference room to conference “room. Video collaboration can be a very personal experience when people at all levels of anorganization can choose the solution appropriate for them and participate in video calls withanyone, anywhere. 55% of commu­ni­cation is visual. 38% is tone of voice. Only 7% is verbal. Albert Mehrabian, Silent Messages, 1971 White paper: Do You Video? 3
  • 4. 2 Discover the Benefits The business benefits of videoconferencing Videoconferencing can present direct cost savings – like reduced travel expense – as well as intangible benefits that are more difficult to quantify. The value proposition of high-end immersive telepresence is also different from that of desktop video. Overall, companies benefit from videoconferencing by: • Cutting time and expense and the organization’s carbon footprint. Travel and carbon emissions savings are still the most recognizable benefits, particularly when accompanied “ by a Clevel mandate to cut costs. Some organizations set aggressive targets in the first year, such as 20%-30% reduction. The time saved, results in higher productivity. And improves the work life balance of your workforce. For Tommy Hilfiger’s • Improved communication, is more challenging to measure. All videoconferencing international design tools can enhance communications, improve understanding among parties and provide teams in Amsterdam immediate access to experts. Video enables you to take advantage of the expertise of a few people across your entire organization. Further, remote workers like feeling connected to and New York BT the rest of the company. created the virtual fitting rooms where Although often not formally recognized, some organizations are able to point to video’s they can collaborate impact on faster decision-making and on specific performance metrics like time-to- faster and more market. Video also reduces confusion across cultures and locations. effectively with their manufacturing Bringing the organization together: Multiple offices do not have to mean isolated team in Hong Kong. teams. After a global expansion, merger, or outsourcing initiative, departments often Now instead of find themselves isolated and disconnected from project goals and a communal company missing birthdays culture. Video creates a virtual meeting room for collaboration, helping to keep everyoneand important family informed and, the designers If you are considering a telepresence or video conferencing purchase for your organization, can make critical you now have a wider range of video endpoints, deployment and service models. The decisions quickly video collaboration industry is changing rapidly. With the proliferation of IP, simplified user without having interfaces, and the introduction of new form factors, such as business-quality personal to fly around the video solutions for the desk or laptop, video collaboration is more accessible than ever. world and spend At the same time, the introductions of immersive telepresence solutions and high-definition unnecessary time room systems have increased expectations for quality and design. This expanding videoaway from home. It is collaboration universe also means you need to carefully weigh a broad array of features and functions to assemble the video collaboration program that is best for your organization.also speeding time to market 4 White paper: Do You Video?
  • 5. 3 Imagine how your organisation might use video? Imagine how your organization might use video. With video collaboration you can improve almost any workflow process that you currently implement with telephone, email, or travel. You will be surprised to discover how video actually improves communication. More and more, companies are choosing to combine room-based and desktop systems from the start. As long as the products you choose are standards based, everyone from desktop users to room-based groups can be part of the same conversation. By extending your video program to the desktop level, you can “personalize” the experience for your end-users. Employees stay connected – and enjoy the power of visual communication – regardless of location. The videoconferencing resurgence in recent years is due, in part, to better video quality with HD, more user-friendly interfaces, and improved interoperability between systems and improved B2B communications. Cloud- and service-based delivery models have also reduced complexity and opened the market to small and medium-sized businesses expanding the usability and impact on the organisation.4Typical video usage cases per line of business: Executives • Hold regular face-to-face management meetings with anyone, anywhere • Conduct board meetings face-to-face without travel costs or burdens • Reach critical decision makers whenever they need them, immediately and “in- person” • Stream CEO briefings live or record them for later viewing by all employees Sales and Marketing • Build stronger relationships with clients and more opportunities by seeing them face-to- face more often • Provide customers at branch offices with expertise from home or remote offices • Link remote sales people to headquarters for more personal interaction and coaching • Conduct market research with customers face-to-face • Get marketing messages out to the field • Serve more clients in a day by reducing travel White paper: Do You Video? 5
  • 6. Human Resources • nterview faraway candidates face-to-face, reducing travel costs and burdens I • onduct more efficient training by bringing virtual groups together face-to-face C • elp smooth integration after a merger H • nhance and sustain telework programs E RD and Product Development • hare product documents or drawings immediately and make changes in real time S • et real-time feedback from suppliers and customers G • ccess remote experts in real time A • ake faster, smarter decisions about product development and design M Manufacturing • old quality control inspections across different locations H • rovide experts for remote machinery repair P • oordinate shipments with suppliers C • onduct focus groups with customers C • treamline supply chain management S Finance • ollaborate in real time: Set daily strategies, share news and market conditions, and make C decisions without confusion • xtend expert financial services to customers in remote branch offices E • nterview potential job candidates from afar “in person” I • ffer face-to-face training and consulting opportunities O Education • ollaborate with other educational institutions in real time and “in person” C • xtend classes to students in rural or remote areas to participate as if they were there E • nclude presentations from experts and virtual field trips in your curriculum I • ffer continuing education and training for instructors and staff O • old face-to-face administrative meetings among multiple campuses H6 White paper: Do You Video?
  • 7. 5ROI: See How Video Can Pay for ItselfAfter you identify the ways your organization could use video collaboration, you can calculate thetime and resources you currently spend on the activities you would like to replace with video.Consider:• How many people are travelling to meetings? What does that travel cost? • How could staff be using their time more effectively by reducing travel? • How long does it take your organization to bring a product to market? Complete a consulting engagement? Hire a new employee? Repair a problem?• How could training sessions be consolidated to require less travel, less employee time away from work, and less time training staff?Each time you replace a practice with video collaboration, you gain the opportunity to measure yourreturn on investment (ROI).Our BT Advise organisation can help you to build that Business case and calculate your ROI by using aproven methodology and tool set.Why BT Video?BT’s video portfolio is positioned by Current Analysis, Oct 31 2011 as a leader, because BT operates from 6a base of service intelligence that accommodates an array of telepresence solutions from major suppliersincluding Cisco (also legacy Tandberg) and Polycom. In addition to hosting dedicated exchanges forcustomers, BT operates two public, immersive video exchange platforms.• BT is the only global provider who can interconnect all the different Video/Conferencing brands• BT were the first Global Service Provider to market with Managed Video Service• BT has extensive video conferencing expertise: BT Conferencing is No1 in Europe• BT is the only European provider to achieve a Cisco Certified TelePresence Connection certification • Proven capabilities: 25K Video enpoints, from which 900 immersive ones• The Highest level of certified people who provide extensive consultancy servicesBT can help you on different levels:• Advise and develop the requirements• Advise and develop the UC roadmap and Business case• Expertise in managing heterogeneous videoconferencing environments White paper: Do You Video? 7
  • 8. • Offer pay as you go models that mitigate the technology risk of your video investments • Simplified usage and provide a better end-user experience 1. Set up, initiate, and monitor meetings 2. Manage and maintain equipment 3. Dedicated video Concierge service • esign and deploy video solutions premise based to hosted infrastructures (private cloud D – public cloud shared) • Promote / drive user adoption via multiple proven programs and trainings BT’s video bridging platform extends your B2B reach and assures that you can use the latest technologies available in the market place: 1. Cross –platform support 2. Extending video conferencing to desktop, laptops, personal and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets 3. Access via different means (ISDN,MPLS,IP) 4. A large enterprise community (25,000 video endpoints registered) 5. A pay as you use model 2 E. g. : Email Overload: Exploring Personal Information Management of Email: Steve Whittaker and Candace Sidner Lotus Development Corp.8 White paper: Do You Video?
  • 9. 7Video changed our way of working!Global players in virtual auditions: Southbank Sinfonia Challenge Southbank Sinfonia wanted to audition and select musicians from around the globe in a more sustainable way. Solution Working with BT and Cisco, Southbank Sinfonia scheduled a series of global auditions using TelePresence. Value Players were chosen from Scotland, Spain and New Zealand. The environment did not suffer.ClientThe inspiration of its founder and Director of Music, Simon Over, Southbank Sinfonia exists to support agroup of outstanding musicians at a critical point in their careers.Simon explains where the idea came from: “While conducting a group of young conservatoire students,I was struck not only by their dedication and outstanding talent, but also by the uncertainty they facedin beginning their professional careers. Our aim is to provide an ensemble that will offer its members aspringboard into the music profession.”Every year a new orchestra of 32 music graduates, each supported by bursary, is selected for a fulltimeprogramme of public performance and professional development.By broadening their skills, exposing them to a wide range of performing experiences, and giving thema perspective beyond the solely technical aspects of musical execution, those artists emerge betterequipped to succeed in their vocations. The Southbank Sinfonia ethos also encourages them throughouttheir careers to kindle in others their own passion for music.Worldwide collaboration by design: HOKFounded in 1955, HOK is a global provider of architectural planning, design, and delivery solutions.Today it is one of the world’s largest, most diverse, and respected such practices with more than 2,000professionals linked across a network of 24 offices on four continents.“Every business line in HOK has a different reason why they love TelePresence. Marketing people lovethe fact that they can develop campaigns face-to-face. Project teams love the way they can collaborateand contribute on design aspects in real time. HR people love the ability to interview and sift potentialemployees at a distance. My IT people love more effective team meetings. The list just goes on and on.” John Bartolomi Director of IT Services HOK White paper: Do You Video? 9
  • 10. Why BT is a founding member of: Because: llowing Visual communications! Via Any network - Anytime - Anyplace - A Anywhere through any device is in our genes! References 1. Cisco Whitepaper Extending telepresence Beyond the Boardroom - Jan 2011 2. Cisco Whitepaper Guide to making a Success of Your Telepresence Program - May 2011 3. Ipsos Mori Study The Benefits and the barriers to Video Collaboration - Sep 2010 4. Cisco Whitepaper Video Collaboration Guide - Nov 2010 5. Forrester Brownlee Thomas, Ph.D. and Philipp Karcher Accelerate Your videoconferencing strategy with managed services - Nov 2011 6. Forrester Answer To your Top Videoconferencing Questions - Aug 2011 7. Current Analysis Video Comparison - Nov 2011 8. Current Analysis BT Conferencing - Nov 2011 9. IDC Webcast The new Dialtone for Business communications - Mar 2011 10. Bern Elliot, Daniel O’Connell Critical capabilities for unified communications as a service - Mar 2011 11. IDC Rich Costello Worldwide Unified Communications and Collaboration 2011-2015 Forecast - Sep 2011 12. Cisco Whitepaper Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2010-2015 - May 2011 13. PiperJaffray Troy D. Jensen, Patrick J. Mulvehil Polycom Inc. Overweight Video conferencing and unified collaboration outperformers - Jun 2011 14. Dr. Nicola J Milard with Steve Gillies Workshift: The future of the office Part 1 2011 15. Gartner Eric Goodness, Christine Tenneson Magic Quadrant for Communications Outsourcing and Professional Services - Dec 201110 White paper: Do You Video?
  • 11. BT Offices worldwideTelecomlaan 91831 DiegemThe telecommunication services and their availability as described in this publication are subject tochange. Services and hardware are supplied in accordance with the standard terms and conditionsof contract of BT Worldwide Ltd. Nothing in this publication may be construed as being part of acontract. Nothing in this publication may be reproduced and/or published by means of printing,microfilm, electronically or in any other way without the prior written consent of BT Worldwide Ltd.BT is a registered trade mark of British Telecommunications plc.© British Telecommunications plc, 2012Registered office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ.Registered in England under number 1800000.