BT Work AnywhereQuick Start Service        The BT Work Anywhere Quick        Start Service enables        organisations to...
About the BT Work AnywhereQuick Start ServiceThe big picture                                          The drivers for Work...
About the BT Work Anywhere Quick Start ServiceControlling costs                          Planning for sustainability      ...
A strategy for successMany organisations are aware of the         Ensure project sponsors andbenefits of flexible working,...
The benefits of flexible workingFor the employer:                                                                        “...
The processStatus checklist                            Level one: Quick StartTo get the Quick Start service              W...
The processLevel two: Quick Start                                           Inputs                 Activities             ...
The outcomeHaving completed the BT Work                   Cost-effective access through a range        Clearer corporate c...
Status checklistThe following questions will help                   2. Current flexible working                      3. Cu...
Why BT?                                                                  Simplicity and integrated                  About ...
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BT Work Anywhere Quick Start Service


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The BT Work Anywhere Quick Start Service enables organisations to understand how best to provide a flexible working environment for their employees.

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BT Work Anywhere Quick Start Service

  1. 1. BT Work AnywhereQuick Start Service The BT Work Anywhere Quick Start Service enables organisations to understand howbest to provide a flexible workingenvironment for their employees.This is typically driven by the need toattract and retain talented employees,increase productivity, reduce costs, makethe best use of office space and to offergreater freedom to employees to workwhen and where they are most effective,whether in the office, at home or on themove.By engaging in a collaborative process with BT, arecognised leader in flexible working, organisations canrapidly assess how their current infrastructure, propertyportfolio, HR processes and culture supports flexibleworking, and discover which best practices and technologyoptions will help make a flexible workforce a reality.Significantly, BT understands that new working practicesrequire a shift in behavioural and cultural attitudes. Not onlyhave we successfully managed this transformationourselves, but we have also worked with many public andprivate sector organisations to help them manage thesechanges. BT can help you transition to a new style ofworking, uncovering clear benefits for your organisation,your people and ultimately the customers you serve.BT Mobility
  2. 2. About the BT Work AnywhereQuick Start ServiceThe big picture The drivers for Work Improving customer satisfactionTo optimise the benefits of flexible Organisations are exploring ways of Anywhere empowering employees to spend moreworking, technology must take a back Attracting and retaining talentseat. Our previous experience and time with customers and devoting less Flexible working increases the time to administrative tasks. Givingresearch suggests that the best attractiveness of an employer andimplementations of flexible working employees clear objectives, the tools to improves employee retention. work remotely rather than simplysolutions start with a clear Increasingly, employees are looking forunderstanding of the needs of a rewarding attendance and access to the the option to work flexibly and new right customer information at the rightbusiness, its employees and its legislation gives them the right tocustomers. Information and time is the key to achieving great request it (1). A recent survey of results, leading to a happier, morecommunications technology plays a graduates revealed that an ability tosupporting rather than a defining role – productive workforce, delivering better work flexibly is a key consideration service to the end customer.delivering intelligent solutions that allow when selecting an employer (2).companies to work optimally, pursue Additionally, there are potential savingstheir strategic objectives, and serve to be made not only in recruitment andtheir customers efficiently and reduced retraining costs but also inprofitably. reduced losses from absenteeism.The BT Work Anywhere Quick Start Increasing productivityService uses a consultative approach, Employees waste time travelling to andwhich provides a thorough from work, between client offices, andunderstanding of your organisation and to different locations for meetings. Theaccurately calculates the cost and ability to work flexibly can help reducebenefit of the options available to you, this wasted time, allowing people tobased on our findings and make better use of the working day andrecommendations. stay in touch more effectively when they are on the move. “ But it isn‟t just about reduced travel time. BT has also found that giving employees the freedom to work from Deploying a flexible working solution home makes them more productive. didn‟t change our company‟s Work Anywhere solutions also provide objectives. It just added another set support for more collaborative working of tools to help us achieve those and information sharing. objectives. So at the start of the process, we focused on what we needed to improve – not what solutions or technologies were available.” Telecoms Equipment Vendor, USA (1) Working Family Flexibilty Act, USA; UK government extending the right to request flexible working hours to parents of older children, likely to come into force in April 2009. (2) Source:!eFjpaLm
  3. 3. About the BT Work Anywhere Quick Start ServiceControlling costs Planning for sustainability Improving resilience and securityBT recognises that there is increasing It is becoming increasingly important for Having people working remotelypressure on capital expenditure and all organisations to demonstrate their provides greater organisationalthat investments need to release real commitment to sustainability, not least resilience against unexpected naturalcashable savings. BT has saved over because of rising levels of legislation. and man-made events, such as€750 million a year on property over the Our Work Anywhere approach looks not flooding, transport problems andlast six years through its flexible only at the scope for reducing carbon security incidents. However, as part ofworking initiatives. Often, older office emissions, but also at how changing the the Work Anywhere agenda it is alsobuildings are poorly equipped, high way an organisation works can support important to consider how themaintenance and unable to support social, economic and workforce implementation of new workingmodern working styles. This only adds sustainability. Research undertaken in practices and technology impacts onweight to the financial argument for a 2005, suggested our strong Corporate information management and security.comprehensive reassessment of Social Responsibility (CSR) credentials Security is frequently cited as theproperty use. Significant cost savings had had a positive impact and influence greatest source of concern relating tocan also be gained from rationalising on bids and proposals tendered for. The flexible working. BT is an industrycommunications, infrastructure and ability to demonstrate a commitment to recognised security expert; we workaccess services and by reducin g travel sustainability has now become a clear with organisations to understand theirthrough the use of video and web business differentiator. business and ensure continuity plansconferencing. and security systems are robust now and in the future. “ “ Flex, Spain’s largest manufacturer of specialist E-working is an important area of BT is one of the early movers in the bedding products, chose a Government policy that we are area of climate change and its track managed, highly secure remote striving to achieve - employees are record is excellent. BT is one of the access solution to underpin its international expansion. “ fully contactable through BT very few companies to have reduced Workstyle services and they can its overall emissions while growing respond more quickly to events and the business. It has adopted a access the information they need to positive approach and is looking for make effective decisions. I have solutions for itself and for customers. Without a fast, secure and reliable If everyone was doing what BT is way of accessing and working with been working flexibly for four months and it has already reduced my costs, doing, we‟d be on our way to solving critical business information, our the climate problem.” international teams would be unable increased my productivity and allowed a much improved work-life Jorgen Randers, Norwegian School to operate efficiently. In terms of our balance. I‟m pleased DCSA and of Management, Oslo, 2005 global strategy, it is a prerequisite to our success.” MOD are recognising the possibilities for retention and Beatriz Nogueras, Marketing Manager, Flex recruitment that flexible working offers.” Lt Cdr Nick Chamberlain, Ministry of Defence, UK Please see ‘The outcome’ for further info on BT Workstyle Managed Services.
  4. 4. A strategy for successMany organisations are aware of the Ensure project sponsors andbenefits of flexible working, but often stakeholders agree the reasons forstruggle to develop a business case change and commit to the process ofthat satisfies all stakeholders. The changerelevant technologies are evolving Give project sponsors the tools torapidly, there are a host of solutions on communicate the need for changeoffer from different vendors, and successfullyindustry best practice and benchmark Identify and address the root causesfigures are not easily determined. of existing problems Approach implementation with theSo, while the potential to improve confidence that benefits will be seenbusiness efficiency and better meet across the businesscustomer needs is understood, senior Drive implementation by using themanagers can struggle to evaluate best combination of processes,flexible working solutions accurately, people, technology and propertyand frequently decide not to trial oradopt new styles of working and new “technologies.Our BT Work Anywhere Quick StartService involves the relevant Hot-desking wasn‟t a priority two orstakeholders from the start, including three years ago, but it is today. TwoHR, IT, Finance, Sales, Customer pilot wireless LAN programmes haveService and CxO representatives, and demonstrated huge benefits in termsuses a structured approach that will of greater flexibility to optimise ourhelp you gain control of the key use of valuable space and to helporganisational, cultural, technical and employees remain productiveproperty factors necessary for wherever they are. Importantly, oursuccessful implementation. In particular, security concerns have been metyou will be able to: and a company-wide rollout has now been recommended.” Dharam Korde, Prudential
  5. 5. The benefits of flexible workingFor the employer: “ Flexible working can help give organisations an edge over competitors when recruiting top candidates Improved productivity and overall efficiency From a strong field, we selected BT Reduced absenteeism because it had first hand experience of implementing flexible working Improved staff retention internally and had already helped Improved customer service other organisations succeed. In Possible reduction of office space, with associated cost reductions short, the BT offer was not only the Cost-effective connectivity best but also the most credible” Full management control over secure remote access, including billing Alan Kirkham, City of Wakefield Metropolitan District Council, UK Increased ability to respond quickly to customer demand in a 24x7 global environment Suppliers, channel partners and contractors can access the internet and their own networks while visiting your facilities Lower carbon footprint while reducing fuel and travel costs SABMiller Plc, a global brewing company, needed to relocate its UK headquarters. The moveFor the employee: provided the opportunity to Opportunity to work flexibly and increased job satisfaction maximise the benefits from technology, both for the people A more favourable work-life balance that work in the building and for Improved productivity; employees can connect remotely wherever the company as a whole. As well they are and minimise downtime as a single network to converge Straightforward connectivity, whether at home or on the road their voice and data services, a Not tied to typical office hours key requirement was a secure wireless network that offered both Reduced personal carbon footprint due to reduced travel employees and guest access. As a result of this solution, SABMiller’s employees are not fixed to working positions they can roam seamlessly between wired and wireless infrastructures. Additionally, a new unified messaging function means voicemail can now be accessed and managed through email. “ Working with BT was a breeze – quite simply there have been no major problems or hiccups at all. BT has demonstrated that its people know IP technology and they can support it end-to-end. In addition, we believe that BT will be able to help us going forward as the technology evolves.” Roger Chappé de Leonval, IT Manager, SABMiller
  6. 6. The processStatus checklist Level one: Quick StartTo get the Quick Start service Workshopunderway, we ask our customers to The Quick Start Workshop provides acomplete a simple checklist. This allows high-level introduction to the Workus to assess your current situation and Anywhere portfolio. It aims to expandconsider any progress you have already and validate your current understandingmade in terms of preparing for flexible of the benefits of flexible workingworking. practices, and demonstrates how these can be applied to your organisation.Although the checklist does not requirea large amount of technical input, itshould be completed by a senioremployee who is aware of currentflexible working policies andinfrastructure. With this insight, we canwork with you to decide whether your Inputs Activities Outcomesorganisation will benefit most froma Workshop or an Assessment. Agreement of Data gathering and scoping with Information forWhile both of these engagements scope and terms service heads and functional final report andaddress key issues and requirements, of reference with managers recommendationsthey differ in their level of detail and customer CEO orpurpose. Depending on the option you equivalentchoose, it will typically take either 2-3days or 2-3 weeks to complete. Information from Workshop with service heads and Common data gathering functional managers understanding of flexible working benefits Assessment of strategic objectives Identification of priorities Analysis of key Workshop with service heads and Final report and information functional managers. recommendations Key deliverables Report which includes: An understanding of flexible working benefits for your organisation Identification of priorities Assessment of strategic objectives and actions for the future
  7. 7. The processLevel two: Quick Start Inputs Activities OutcomesAssessmentEvery day organisations undertake newbusiness initiatives and changeprogrammes. When their attempts to Agreement of Launch with service heads and Commonchange processes fail, it is usually scope and terms functional managers understanding ofbecause there is no comprehensive of reference with scopeaction plan capturing the full scope of customer CEO or Assessment ofthe change required. equivalent strategic objectivesThe BT Work Anywhere Quick Start Prioritisation ofAssessment involves a more in-depth activitiesassessment of current flexible workingpractices, develops a cost / benefitanalysis of change, and culminates in Structured Service dialogues – one per functional Information tokey findings and recommended next questions area populate highsteps. It helps organisations to develop Work Anywhere level businessan action plan for the future and ensure assessment – casethat the business has a clear picture of property, people, Evaluation ofthe roles, responsibilities and benefits technology, Work Anywherethat the successful implementation of readiness for mix andflexible working can bring. change readiness for change ROI data Presentation of high level business Final report and Analysis of Work case to senior stakeholders recommendations Anywhere assessment Key deliverables Report which includes: Assessment of strategic objectives Identification of priorities Appraisal of strategic and operational benefits of implementing a Work Anywhere solution Key costs and challenges associated with implementing flexible working Recommended next steps
  8. 8. The outcomeHaving completed the BT Work Cost-effective access through a range Clearer corporate communicationAnywhere Quick Start Service, you will of Wi-Fi, dial-up and broadband Convenient access to seniorbe able to identify and prioritise areas of options managementimprovement, and those which will bring Greater control over IT costs with Reduced need for face-to-faceclear business benefits. Above all, you everyone accessing information in a meetingswill have a framework on which to base consistent mannerthe deployment of flexible working A range of security and authenticationsolutions. options to ensure compliance with BT Secure Wireless LAN your security policies BT Secure Wireless LAN solutionsThere are differing approaches that can Icon-based interface that is intuitive, enable enterprises to use wirelessbe chosen to best meet your easy-to-use and requires minimal networking to create a flexible workingorganisation‟s requirements, depending training environment and implement mobilityon your situation and the results applications that increase businessgleaned from the Quick Start process. agility, while ensuring the integrity andHowever, they could include: BT Corporate Fusion security of corporate data. Whether you BT Corporate Fusion is a fixed-mobile want to set up a new wireless LAN as convergence solution for large your core network infrastructure, extendBT Workstyle Managed organisations. It helps organisations your current LAN to include roaming improve productivity by givingServices employees a single device for users and guest access, or haveBT Workstyle Managed Services exist concerns about the security of an communicating inside and outside of existing network, our approach ensuresbecause flexible working means much the office. Employees can use one you have your wireless network estatemore than the implementation of a business number and one voicemail where you want it – secure and undertechnology solution. Many other wherever they are – making them control.elements need consideration if flexible easier to contact, reducing the timeworking is to be meaningful within an spent playing „telephone tag‟ withorganisation. BT Workstyle ManagedServices offers a portfolio of services voicemail systems, and reducing the BT Openzone (UK & Ireland time an organisation has to spendwhich address the Property, People and managing multiple fixed and mobile only)Process needs of your business. These BT Openzone is one of the UK and communication technologies.managed services complement our Ireland‟s leading public access wirelesstechnology expertise to provide a fully broadband providers. Our vision is torounded managed flexible working BT Unified Communications make Wi-Fi access similar to the cashsolution with outsourced administration point system – where anyone can usewhich delivers tangible benefit for our and Collaboration (UCC) Wi-Fi at any of thousands of hotspots.clients. BT UCC solutions can enable users to With our convenient, cost-efficient and take part in almost any kind of easy-to-use broadband internet access communication to anyone at any time, service, using wireless technology (Wi-BT MobileXpress by linking voice, mobile and data Fi) couldn‟t be simpler, giving yourBT MobileXpress is a global secure services with desktop and mobile employees access to the web, emailremote access solution that helps devices. This enables individuals or and other enterprise applications whenorganisations with their flexible working workgroups to work together via voice, they are travelling.policies by offering a reliable, easy, e-mail, instant messaging, presence-secure and competitively priced solution enabled applications, audio, video andfor mobile, wireless and broadband web conferencing, file sharing,data access to users who are working applications sharing, recordsremotely, from home or on the move. management or online discussions Long-term savings groups. BT has worked with:Benefits Surrey County Council, UK on Global coverage – mobile employees BT Conferencing deploying a flexible working can rely on the same access to BT Conferencing offers a complete scheme that has saved the corporate information they would portfolio encompassing a wide range of authority £28 million in reduced expect from within the office audio, video and web solutions, and space requirements. environment enables employees, business partners, The AA breakdown service to Improved productivity through customers and suppliers the flexibility to introduce remote call centre knowledge sharing and collaboration meet and collaborate remotely. working, which has increased across departmental boundaries and The benefits of BT Conferencing productivity by 34%, including geographically diverse teams include: significant savings on space Increased responsiveness through Reduced travelling costs utilisation. real-time access to information Lowered carbon footprint NHS 24, improving productivity by Improved employee productivity 20% within just seven months. Better online and virtual training
  9. 9. Status checklistThe following questions will help 2. Current flexible working 3. Current & planneddetermine the most effective startingpoint for a BT Work Anywhere Quick effectiveness flexible working initiativesStart engagement with your Do you have multiple sites and Do you currently have people workingorganisation. Please answer „Yes‟, „No‟, buildings and the desire to make more remotely/ flexibly/from home on aor „Partially‟ by checking the appropriate effective use of them? regular basis?box. You can then total your answers in  Yes  Partially  No  Yes  Partially  Nothe summary section, which will giveyou an indication of your current status. Do you do business in more than one Do you use Audio Conferencing, Web country or have people who frequently Conferencing or Video Conferencing?1. Organisational need to travel for work e.g. salespeople,  Yes  Partially  Noawareness and commitment project managers, senior executives?Does senior management recognise the  Yes  Partially  No Do you use wireless networking in yourbenefits of flexible working? Do you have a process for your offices or other facilities? Yes  Partially  No employees to securely access  Yes  Partially  No corporate data and applications remotely?Do your employees and potential Do you have contingency plans in the  Yes  Partially  Norecruits demand the option to work event of a disaster scenario whereflexibly? Are visitors and guests able to work access to offices is restricted and large effectively and get internet access when Yes  Partially  No numbers of employees would need to they visit your offices? work from home or temporary offices?  Yes  Partially  NoDo you have Corporate Social  Yes  Partially  NoResponsibility (CSR) or sustainabilityinitiatives? Do you have a requirement to improve efficiency relating to customer service? 4. Secure flexible working Yes  Partially  No  Yes  Partially  No Do you have any security concerns regarding remote access to yourIf no, do you hope or plan to have a corporate assets and information?CSR or sustainability initiative in the  Yes  Partially  Nofuture? Yes  Partially  No Do you currently have security in place for remote and fixed employees?Have you made investments to improve (Personal firewalls, VPN. antivirus, etc.)operational processes and efficiency for  Yes  Partially  Noremote and mobile employees? Yes  Partially  NoAre you currently looking for ways toreduce escalating business travelcosts? Yes  Partially  No 5. Summary Yes Partially No 1. Organisational awareness and commitment 2. Current flexible working Effectiveness 3. Current & planned flexible working initiatives 4. Secure flexible working
  10. 10. Why BT? Simplicity and integrated About the BT Quick StartScalable from local networks to global collaboration BT provides integrated communication, Seriesenterprises, our solutions enable The BT Quick Starts are concise,organisations to start on a very small messaging and collaboration solutions to enable employees to work more service-led engagements focused onscale and can increase over time, as key services and technologies that areexperience and confidence grows. productively wherever they are. BT manages more than 25 million of critical importance to organisations email messages each day, and over within the digital networked economy.BT itself is renowned as a pioneer in These services and technologiesflexible working transformation and is 1.5 million customer email accounts We support over 6,000 audio combine to form a wider infrastructureinternationally recognised as a leader in model, each representing significantflexible working practices. In the UK, BT conferences every day, globally – more than two million minutes a day advances and long-term efficiency forhas 73,000 flexible employees – 69% of the organisation deploying them.the total workforce – ranging from We support over 1,000 videosenior managers through to contact conferences each week, globally BT hosts and manages Microsoft‟s The BT Quick Starts can be used as ancentre employees. Additionally, over integral part of an organisation‟s13,700 employees are contracted to LiveMeeting Web conferencing platform development roadmap. They enablework from home, saving more than customers to assess, test, plan and€750 million in property management BT has key associate relationships establish the validity of each service orcosts each year (3). with industry-leaders like Microsoft technology in manageable parts. Each and Cisco Quick Start comprises clearly definedAt BT, flexible working policies have stages and outcomes that will providereduced overall absenteeism to 3.1%, More efficient use of property, the information necessary both tocompared to a national average of reducing overheads. deploy a solution and to commercially8.5%; and 99% of women return after Working with BT and its strategic justify any required change inmaternity leave, compared to the UK property associates you can be assured infrastructure, network or in any othernational average of 47% (4). of expert advice and insight into the area. broader set of business issues whenFlexible working practices have also embarking on a Work Anywhereenabled BT to save 12 million litres of journey. What next?fuel and 54,000 tonnes of CO2 each We can take you through the benefitsyear, in the UK. BT future proofs solutions and implications that would directly All of our solutions are designed to be affect your organisation. In addition, we sustainable and scalable in anticipation can help to build tangible examples that of our customers‟ future needs. are more valuable to your business stakeholders. Contact your BT Account Leader on security and Manager to arrange a meeting and authentication discuss collaborative working in more With an ever increasing amount of detail. corporate data now being stored on mobile devices, the security and integrity of sensitive corporate information is a growing concern. An estimated 63% of companies indicate that employees carry sensitive customer data on their mobile devices and 28% indicate that company mobile devices are used to access corporate financial data (5).BT has extensive experience in secure remote access and secure networking and mobility - across all market sectors. BT has one of the largest dedicated security and business continuity practices in the world, with over 1,300 full-time specialists. This means our offering is one of the strongest managed security solutions on the market.Offices worldwideThe services described in this publication are subject to availabilityand may be modified from time to time. Services and equipmentare provided subject to British Telecommunications plc’srespective standard conditions of contract. Nothing in thispublication forms any part of any contract.British Telecommunications plc 2011.Registered office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJRegistered in England No: 1800000 (3) Source: BT Workstyle case study, 2006 (4) Source: The BT Story case study, 2007 (5) Source: Strategy Analytics, 2008