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BT’s On Demand Compute is a pre-provisioned hosted data centre infrastructure that enables you to create, deploy, monitor and manage your own service through a self service portal.

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BT On Demand Compute

  1. 1. BT On Demand ComputeA new and flexible IT infrastructureBT ComputeServices that adapt
  2. 2. BT’s On Demand Compute is a pre-provisioned hosted data centre infrastructure that enablesyou to create, deploy, monitor andmanage your own service through aself service portal. “ At the end of last year, BT responded to organisations’ cloud-based concerns by introducing On Demand Compute across Europe. Along with Private Compute this is another major step forward in ourBusinesses have become more and more dependent on the ability to address the complex needs ofagility and availability of their critical IT systems. At the our enterprise and corporate customers.same time, they need to respond rapidly to changingbusiness needs, as well as the challenges of convergence This is another clear demonstration of ourand the emergence of a global services market. This means innovation, investment and commitmentthat they must be able to launch new services quickly, to our customers to take them beyond thereliably and cost effectively. hype to focus on deliverable businessAs the latest concept in service delivery BT’s On Demand benefits.”Compute service gives you the assurance you would expect Neil Sutton, vice president, globalof an Enterprise class infrastructure. portfolio, BT Global Services.The ability to self-service allows you to create and managethe infrastructure you need, at your convenience.Automated service delivery ensures changes happenquickly and efficiently.By exploiting the latest advances in technology, On DemandCompute is self healing and inherently resilient assuring youa service level of 99.95% availability, whilst offeringsignificant TCO savings (up to 40%) in comparison withtraditional approaches.BT On Demand Compute’s extensivebenefitsOne of the keys to future success is an IT infrastructure thatis agile, flexible and responsive. But traditional systems canbe unwieldy, inflexible and expensive. This is why BT hasdeveloped On Demand Compute – a versatile service thatempowers you to enable your business.
  3. 3. • Lower total cost of ownership. Within the service, yourcosts could be reduced by up to 40%. Because you pay for BT’s On Demand Compute servicewhat you use, your costs are aligned to your business layers include:needs. Computing layer – Customers can create, customise and• Increased speed and agility. You can create or change control small, medium and large virtual servers via theyour service rapidly. As a result, you can respond to new portal. They will be offered options that include highdemands, building and managing your service in days and availability and additional value add services.hours rather than months and weeks. Storage layer – This enables the customer to allocate data space as required and includes virtual application storage• Wide-ranging flexibility and scalability. With On Demand (fast); virtual shared storage (slow); and snap backup andCompute, your computing power, network resources and storage can be scaled to match changes in your Network layer – This includes the provision of firewallbusiness needs. New applications and services can be services; virtual ‘service’ load balancing; and virtualintroduced when you need them and scaled as required. networks and switches. BT’s consulting services – Our Assess and Migrate services• Enhanced service levels. Our approach reduces your can help a customer assess, justify, plan and execute areliance on physical hardware and replaces it with an strategy to deliver the maximum benefit in the earliestemphasis on service. On Demand Compute is a complete possible timeframe.end-to-end solution that covers the whole customerexperience and delivers improvements across every aspect In summary, BT Compute services offer the latest conceptof the service wrap. in service delivery, enabling you to create and manage services quickly, helping you save money and improve• Greater environmental efficiency. Our service exploits the service. BT has a range of services to help you takelatest advances in virtualisation technology. This reduces advantage at the earliest opportunity.the footprint of the data centre in terms of the space “required; the level of emissions produced; and the powerconsumed.• Enhanced security and less risk. BT’s On DemandCompute service has been architected to ensure the serviceoffers physical and/or logical separacy at all times tomaintain integrity. The service has been designed to BT On Demand Compute offered us amaximise resilience, with self healing to maximiseavailability. number of advantages. It’s very flexible• Local infrastructure and support. For added security and and, with minimal setup time, we couldease of use, our services are available in Europe with local get to market far more quickly. Noinfrastructure, and in local languages too. significant up-front capital expenditure was necessary, and the charging regime is transparent.” James Davies, Application Development Manager, Norton Rose LLP.
  4. 4. “Making a differenceOur BT Compute services enable you to consolidate andoptimise your IT infrastructure, saving costs and energy.Here are a few examples of the benefits that can beachieved: We chose BT’s On Demand Compute• A large UK financial institute was able to reduce its 22 because it has the lowest total cost ofproduction systems to just four virtual servers, with aphysical infrastructure saving of 20%. ownership, lowest risk and most• One of our global financial customers reduced its servers flexibility.It also meets two of our highestfrom 700 to less than 100, generating expected savings of priorities in public sector spending50%, with payback within a year. constraints and reducing our carbon• Virtualisation has boosted application performance and footprint.”reliability and has also improved business resilience for theCity of Edinburgh Council. Paul Fisher, Assistant Director of Education, Norfolk County Council.Working with BT• Experience – we have wide technical expertise, withhighly professional people dedicated to managing servers If you have any queries, or need moreand data centres around the world.• Choice – with strong geographical coverage, global details on any aspect of On Demandservice is consistent, with a choice of local infrastructure Compute, please contact your Accountand support.• Scale – proven consulting support, tools and methods you take advantage of the latest technologies, whilstmanaging the risk.• Innovation – we invest millions in research anddevelopment every year, so you don’t have to. Combinedwith our partnerships with industry leaders such as HP andCisco, we help you get the benefits of the latest technologywith minimal up-front costs.• Greener – we have won awards for our green credentials,including the Green Award at the 2010 WorldCommunication Awards.Offices worldwideThe services described in this publication are subject to availabilityand may be modified from time to time. Services and equipmentare provided subject to British Telecommunications plc’srespective standard conditions of contract. Nothing in thispublication forms any part of any contract.British Telecommunications plc 2011.Registered office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJRegistered in England No: 1800000