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BT Mobile Device Management                                    BT Mobile Device Management comprises five                 ...
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BT Mobile Device Management


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Consumer technology is invading the workplace. Employees want to use the same smartphones and tablets at work they enjoy using in their private lives – to the extent that they are buying their own devices and connecting them to the corporate network and applications.

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BT Mobile Device Management

  1. 1. Data sheet BT Mobile Device Management Because mobility is everywhere “Consumer technology in the workplaceConsumer technology is invading the workplace. Global enterprises struggle to get aEmployees want to use the same smartphones and tablets handle on the rising costs associatedat work they enjoy using in their private lives – to theextent that they are buying their own devices and with mobility and to understand andconnecting them to the corporate network and rationalize their inventory of servicesapplications. and devices across multiple carriers.”There are real benefits from adopting technologies that 1 Current Analysys, 2011employees already know and value, but uncontrolledproliferation of personal devices connected to corporateresources has serious consequences for the organisationin terms of cost and security.As a result of the ‘Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)’ trend*IT departments find themselves expected to support arapidly increasing number of devices and operatingsystems and struggle to keep pace with the managementand security challenges that arise. In addition, employeeswith mobile devices consume ever more data and Internetservices* driving up the organisation’s costs.BT Mobile Device Management, part of the BT MobilityLifecycle Management portfolio, has been developedto help enterprises realise the benefits of mobility whilemaintaining application integrity and control of mobilecosts. BTGS Portfolio
  2. 2. BT Mobile Device Management BT Mobile Device Management comprises five modules:BT Mobile Device Management helps secure, monitor, IT Admin Self Service Reportingmanage and support company-owned and employee-owned mobile devices deployed across an organisation, Asset Self-service asset management Management Device provision/re-provisionincluding smartphones, tablet computers, mobile phonesand ruggedised laptops. Password reset Configuration PIM configurationKey features include: & Backup Hardware control – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, An up-to-date inventory of mobile devices, including Camera* etc… visibility of applications installed and version Device settings, including connectivity configuration Quick and secure self-provisioning of devices Security & Security policy application and Over-the-air (OTA) distribution of applications, data Compliance governance and configuration settings for a broad range of mobile Remote device reset, lock and wipe devices Encryption Self-service portal where end-users can resolve simple Content Content provision & backup issues such as resetting a password without contacting Distribution the IT helpdesk Content update The ability to define and enforce policies that limit data Application Application updates roaming charges for travellers and help manage costs Management Application distribution, white-list and black-list Control and compliance of all enterprise data on Unified Enterprise App Store smartphone devices Protection against data loss, with the ability to remotely reset, lock and wipe BT Mobile Device Management is available as a fully managed or co-managed service. Definition and enforcement of security policies, including PIN codes, password complexity, inactivity The fully managed option has BT take full responsibility timeouts, and encryption for your device management requirements, including ensuring user compliance with corporate mobility policies, Regular management reports such as asset reports, and keeping devices updated with the latest patches and software reports, application and usage reports software. The co-managed option allows you to leverage the capabilities of the BT Mobile Device Management “ platform, but to manage your mobile estate with your own procedures and resources. The growing maturity and Both options include a self-service portal that provides the ability to provision devices, reset passwords, competition in the mobile sector will troubleshoot issues, and perform a remote wipe/lock push the industry towards our of the device in the event it gets lost or stolen. 2020 vision of SMART (services, management, applications, relationships, and technology) and LEAN (low-cost enablers of agnostic networks) players”. 2 Ovum, 2011
  3. 3. How your business benefits Why BT?Introducing BT Mobile Device Management can deliver BT has an established reputation for delivering globalmajor benefits for the organisation, helping to: solutions to help large organisations control and reduce their mobility costs and is uniquely qualified as a providerImprove employee productivity. Giving employees of enterprise mobility services.appropriate mobile tools, applications and - above all -timely support can boost productivity. According to Extensive enterprise experience. We work with multiplea Yankee Group survey, 75% of employees believe mobile operators and support mobile enterprise usersenterprise mobility technology makes them more around the world. 3productive now than two years ago. BT is not a mobile operator. Unlike mobile networkControl and reduce mobile costs. BT Mobile Device operators* BT’s objective is not to increase AverageManagement provides you with full visibility and Revenue Per User (ARPU) but to save costs and deliverunderstanding of your mobile estate, which is essential to strategic benefits for our customers.controlling and managing costs. Better support to mobile Knowledge of global data & tariffs. BT’s expertise inemployees also reduces the cost managing high volumes of call data and billingof downtime. information from multiple mobile operators, andMaintain corporate security. Mobile security is one of the knowledge of local tariffs and plans, are central to cuttingtop three challenges in supporting the mobile workforce . 4 the mobile costs of our customers.BT Mobile Device Management enables you to implement Unique intellectual property and tools. We use uniqueand enforce a consistent mobile security policy that tools to analyse and audit your mobile estate. Our realprotects your assets while empowering employees on the world experience allows us to drill down and understandmove. your mobility cost base and identify economies andFulfil mobile employees’ expectations. When as many as efficiencies.62 per cent of the information workforce works in Legal and regulatory expertise. As a long established 5multiple locations during the week , employees expect to global provider, BT has extensive experience in managingbe supplied with devices, applications and operating contracts and negotiations on behalf of customers acrosssystems that support their working needs. This is many geographies.especially true of younger employees beginning theircareers.Support the complex, mobile environment. BT MobileDevice Management enables you to support an increasingdiversity of devices, operating systems and applications atthe same time as maintaining control of costs andprotecting corporate data and applications.In addition, full visibility of mobile devices establishes a BT Mobilefoundation for further mobilising corporate applications Deviceand unified communications. Management
  4. 4. Offices worldwideThe telecommunications services described in thispublication are subject to availability and may be modifiedfrom time to time. Services and equipment are providedsubject to British Telecommunications plc’s respective 1standard conditions of contract. Nothing in this MWC 2011:For the Enterprise, Mobile Device Management Takespublication forms any part of any contract. Center Stage, Current Analysis 2011 2 Global Mobile Market Outlook 2010-2015, Ovum, March 2011© British Telecommunications plc 2012 3Registered office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ Latest Enterprise Mobility Survey: Sometimes Less Control MeansRegistered in England No: 1800000 More Productivity, Yankee Group, Sept 2010 4 EMEA Enterprise Mobility Survey, Western Europe, IDC, 2010 Forrsights Workforce Employee Survey, Forrester, Q1 2011