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With a user-definable topology model, BT Diamond IP customers can logically associate IP address space with locations, applications and business units, enabling users to quickly drill down to the location in question and identify and rectify DDI related issues. On top of simply managing IP address space and corresponding DHCP and DNS services, the exhaustion of IPv4 space is prompting many customers to obtain
IPv6 address space. Managing lengthy hexadecimal IPv6 addresses will prove difficult to track via spreadsheets.

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BT Diamond IP products and services

  1. 1. DDI Products and ServicesOffices worldwideAll trademarks and registered trademarks are properties of their respective holders. This document isfor planning purposes only and is not intended to modify or supplement any specifications orwarranties relating to BT Diamond IP products or services.© 2012 BT Americas, Inc. All rights reserved.25 April 2012
  2. 2. Every IP network manager, whether an enterprise network engineer or aservice provider operations technician, must track IP addresses and assignthem in accordance with a diligent inventory and assignment process. This DDI Products and ServicesIP address inventory drives the configuration of deployed DHCP and DNSservers running throughout the network, which automate address from BT Diamond IPassignment and resolve domain names for clients. Managing these critical BT Diamond IP DDI products and services automate these threeand tightly integrated DDI (DHCP/DNS/IPAM) functions requires a powerful key elements of DDI:and flexible solution. Enterprise network managers who use spreadsheets • IP address management (IPAM) – address inventory trackingor server-by-server configuration methods run the risk of mistyping and managementinformation or provisioning inconsistent information on different servers. • DHCP configuration and managementThis multi-step manual method also delays provisioning by requiring entry • DNS configuration and managementof similar data in multiple systems by multiple personnel impacting servicedelivery intervals or trouble resolution timeframes. With a user-definable topology model, BT Diamond IP customers can logically associate IP address space with locations, applications and business units, enabling users to quickly drill down to the location in question and identify and rectify DDI related issues. On top of simply managing IP address space and corresponding DHCP and DNS services, the exhaustion of IPv4 space is prompting many customers to obtain IPv6 address space. Managing lengthy hexadecimal IPv6 addresses will prove difficult to track via spreadsheets. BT Diamond IP DDI solutions enable management of IPv4 and IPv6 address space together in an easy and intuitive user interface. Customers deploying BT Diamond IP solutions can also obtain management efficiencies through rich feature sets including subnet and IP address discovery with reconciliation, reclaiming of address space, auditing of address usage, delegating of administrator scope of control for accountability tracking and centralized management of BT Diamond IP, Microsoft and ISC/BIND DHCP and DNS services. BT Diamond IP’s scalable and resilient IPControl™ DDI portfolio helps businesses more efficiently manage IP address space across mid-to-very large sized enterprise and service provider networks. Available as a software application, as self-contained Sapphire™ appliances, or as managed DDI services, IPControl provides centralized, full lifecycle management of mission-critical IP management functions, including IPv4 and IPv6 address space assignment, allocation/ reallocation, pool monitoring and utilization tracking and creation and deployment of distributed DNS and DHCP configurations. Using IPControl, organizations can achieve a return on investment of 150% to 500% or more in 0-3 years by automating and centralizing the manual processes associated with IPAM and DNS/DHCP configuration. In addition, by automating these DDI functions, organizations can reduce network downtime by up to 15% and create a more efficient and stable IP infrastructure capable of supporting new technologies like voice over IP, wireless networking, and video conferencing. IPControl provides industry leading IPAM, DNS and DHCP capabilities, and is recognized for delivering a flexible, easy to use platform. In addition, IPControl is highly scalable and offers extensive user definability to match our customers’ unique requirements. Because IPControl supports multiple versions of DNS servers running BIND or Microsoft, this alone may lower total cost of ownership dramatically.
  3. 3. IPControl Software ™Award-Winning, Advanced IP Management SystemImproves Operational Efficiency and Service Levels IPControl Software ™• Comprehensive and patented approach require a complete forklift “upgrade” of your • Lower cost of ownership versus competitive Key Features • Advanced IPv6 address management Flexibility and Scalability to managing a critical network asset – existing infrastructure, IPControl integrates with solutions with more features at lower cost enables automated block allocation, IP addresses your existing DNS and DHCP environment, IPControl is a fully integrated software and domain creation, AAAA/PTR • Patented container mechanism enables you • Improve security by simplifying complex to organize IP address space according to• Flexible deployment options integrate with providing support for Internet Systems DNS/DHCP security parameters and appliance solution for the inventory, resource record automation and more. Consortium (ISC DHCP and BIND 9 DNS), your topology and router associations. your multi-vendor DNS/DHCP infrastructure configurations configuration and capacity management of • User-defined thresholds and alerts provide Microsoft and IPControl Sapphire DNS/DHCP IPv4 and IPv6 address space and multi-vendor notification of impending address depletion. • User-defined fields for devices, blocks,• Easy to use, intuitive graphical appliances. In addition, IPControl’s extensive • Simplify installation and upgrades with domains and containers enable association user interface IPControl Sapphire appliance deployment DNS/DHCP servers. • Multiple graphical reports at any level in the APIs/CLIs enable integration points between of additional information or links for each of• Centralized inventory with automated IPControl and external systems for advanced • Position organization to improve service Address Planning container or address block hierarchy. these elements. discovery and reconciliation automation of IPAM processes. management and create foundation for • Granular administrator policies dictate • User-defined device types and multi- VoIP, WLAN, Video, IPv6 and more • IPv4 and IPv6 networks allocated to any access to given functions, geographies, CIDR size or prefix length with ability to homed, multi-interface, multi-addressIP address management (IPAM) is a critical domains, subnets and blocks.necessity for today’s IP networks, which grow Manage Your IP Address configure individual IP addresses, ranges or capability supports today’s devices andmore and more complex as new IP services and Space the Way You Want IPControl Innovations in IPAM address pools within networks. • Audit reporting promotes accountability and assets. history tracking for administrators, subnets, • Policies for permitted block and devicetechnologies are deployed. Whether your • Optimal automated address allocation to devices, IP addresses and containers. IPControl is highly flexible and scalable, enabling • First IPAM solution with multiple IPv6 types, naming and address allocation can bebusiness serves customers, employees, partners maximize utilization efficiency or manual automate allocation methods include established at the container level.or suppliers, your end users rely on seamless IP you to model, configure and manage IP name override address allocation option. Integrated, Full Lifecycle Management and address space the way you want to, not the sparse, random, best fit and manualaddress assignment and rapid name resolution • Automated and manual IP address and • Granular administrator roles, controls and way the software dictates. IPControl’s patented • Site templates provides the unique ability to • Complete, top-down solution for managingto utilize IP network resources. subnet reclaim maximize address utilization reports promote accountability and container architecture enables you to not only add multiple subnets in one step including address space, from IPv4 and IPv6 address efficiencies while providing further automate audit tracking. define your own topology, address spaces, allocation dual stack subnets assignment to allocation/reallocation, poolIPControl™ is a next-generation, centralized automation and time savings. • Scalable to tens of millions of IP addresses. domains, device types and associated attributes, monitoring, utilization tracking and creationIPAM system that enables service providers and • Patented container architecture enables you • User-defined policies determine which and deployment of multi-vendorenterprises to take control of their IP address but to fully manage, configure, report on and to define and manage topology, address Proactive and Preventive Management integrate these user-defined elements with block and device types are permitted within DNS/DHCP and manage it according to their own space, device types and associated external systems. the hierarchy and who can administer them. • Address pool monitoring and alerting helppolicies and procedures. Using IPControl, attributes to conform to your IP network prevent IP address depletions and avoidorganizations can achieve dramatic policies and procedures • Address utilization trending and forecasting Benefits resulting losses in productivity and revenue.improvements in operational efficiency by Enhance Administrator • First comprehensive IP management enables proactive address capacity management. IPControl can help your organization • Active discovery, reclaim and “planned vs.simplifying and automating manual processes,reducing network downtime and creating a Control and Effectiveness solution encompassing the entire IP address • Simplified address renumbering allows dramatically improve operational efficiency actual” views provide exception reporting lifecycle with a server-based, appliance- movement of address space to where it’s needed. and service levels by automating, simplifyingmore stable and robust IP infrastructure capable and reconciliation of network changes of IP IPControl’s intuitive user interface, extensible based and mixed-deployment offering and integrating with your overall IP addressof supporting VoIP, WLAN, Video and IPv6. DNS/DHCP Server Configuration address assignments, router subnets or templates and built-in validation features • First and only integrated, full lifecycle IPAM management processes. Key benefits of switch ports. enable accurate configuration, consistent solution with allocation, assignment and • Server templates streamline the server IPControl include:Get Complete IP Address policy deployment and centralized discovery features providing unique configuration process. • Rapid trouble assessment and resolution Ease of Use and Reliability through the association of IP addresses withManagement in One System management of IP address space and “planned vs. actual” reports for accurate • Support for DHCP failover, multi-tiered topology or other user-defined container distributed DNS/DHCP servers even by non- inventory at layers 2 and 3 addressing, multi homed hosts, DNS views, • Intuitive web interface and validation structures.IPControl is the most advanced and innovative expert users. In addition, granular access DHCP client classes, transaction signatures, features enable accurate configuration and • First integrated IPv4/IPv6 addressIPAM solution available today. Available as a controls enable varying levels of responsibility MAC address processing, client ID, dynamic management of IP space and DNS/DHCP Lower Cost of Ownership management solutionsoftware application or pre-installed on to be delegated to multiple administrators DNS and more. servers by non-expert users.Sapphire™ appliances, IPControl provides across multiple dimensions. • First all-appliance IPAM solution with the • Affordably priced with respect to first IPAM appliance managing distributed • Advanced features configuration via the GUI • Allocation templates enable “cookie-cutter” comparable software solutions withcentralized, full lifecycle management of for views, TSIG, GSS-TSIG, logging, address deployment of pre-set configurations. DHCP/DNS appliances equivalent feature sets.mission-critical IP management functions, Realize the Results match lists, options and more. • Automated optimal address block allocationincluding IPv4 and IPv6 address space • Intuitive GUI provides easy navigation • Integrated IPv4/IPv6 support protects yourassignment, allocation/ reallocation, pool among containers, networks, subnets, IP • DNS configuration verification tool. saves time, reduces errors and maximizes IP management investment and streamlines • Achieve ROI of 150 to 500% or more over 3monitoring and utilization tracking, inventory addresses, devices, interfaces, resource address utilization. Additionally, sparse or your deployment of IPv6. years from automating manual IPAM and Address Management random allocation for IPv6 blocks leveragesassurance with layers 2 and 3 discovery, and DNS/DHCP processes records, domains, servers and more • Rapid trouble assessment and resolutioncreation and deployment of multi-vendor DNS • Patented container structure enables address this vast address space. • Reduce downtime by 15% or more with through the association of IP addressesand DHCP configurations. management according to your topology, Security with topology or other user-defined more accurate DNS/DHCP configurations geography or other user-defined hierarchy. container structures. • Centralize management with support for • Multilayer discovery enables security managersIntegrate with Your Existing leading native DNS and DHCP server products • Layer 2 switch, Layer 3 router, ARP and IP to validate NAC admission policies and discovery features enable IP inventoryMulti-Vendor Infrastructure • Empower administrators with granular assurance and identifies potential access investigate security alerts for rogue devices. delegation of functional and logical access, control violations.Unlike many of today’s IPAM solutions that only visibility and controlmanage IP address space in a static database or
  4. 4. IPControl Sapphire ™Simple, Secure, Comprehensive IPAM, DHCP and DNS Appliance Solutions IPControl Sapphire ™• Award-winning, appliance-based IP • The Sapphire 20 series, available as a Hassle-Free Administration Key Features Benefits Address Management Accountability address management centralized management (EX20) or DHCP/DNS (x20) appliance offers data center-quality IPControl Sapphire can provide substantial cost • Granular administrator policies dictate access• Hardware and VMWare models to choose All Sapphire models are simple to deploy and • Secure Linux OS with advanced security to given functions, approvals, servers, from for DNS/DHCP services performance, redundancy, and management. do not require you to apply OS patches or features savings by automating and simplifying your The Sx20 is a DNSSEC authoritative appliance entire IP address and DNS/DHCP appliance geographies, and blocks.• Simplified deployment and install DNS/DHCP services manually. The • Automated TwinMirror™ provides on the Sapphire 20 platform. appliances are shipped with IPControl IPAM or management processes. These savings can be • Audit reporting promotes accountability and automated upgrades redundancy with automated peer realized from the following key features. history tracking. DHCP and DNS services software pre-installed initialization for Sapphire x-series hardware• Built-in, secure hardened Linux OS • The Sapphire 10 series, also available as a on a hardened Linux operating system. • Powerful search feature provides quick centralized management (EX10) or platforms Powerful, Flexible Platforms• High availability TwinMirror™ Sapphire EX appliances provide centralized access to information. automated failover DHCP/DNS (x10) appliance offers mid- monitoring, services control, and patch • Up to four configurable network interfaces • Multiple Sapphire hardware platform options range price/performance for a wide variety management of distributed Sapphire x10 or including port bonding enable mix and match deployments for Complete IP address managementIIPControl™ Sapphire, an innovative line of of deployments. x20 appliances. • EasyUpdate™ provides automated software optimal price/performance. • Holistically manage IP inventory and DHCPadvanced network services appliances from and OS patch management • Virtual Sapphire appliance enables leverage and DNS configuration from centralizedthe BT Diamond IP product suite, simplifies • The Sapphire 5 series, available only fordeployment and consolidates monitoring and DHCP/DNS network services, offers a Complete, Centralized Solution • “Lights out” Intelligent Platform of virtualization benefits including energy IPControl interface. Management Interface (IPMI) support and real estate savings. • First appliance-based solution providingpatch management for distributed DNS/DHCP remote office solution with exceptional price/performance. The IPControl Sapphire appliance family • Local or remote console access • IPMI interface provides lights out operation comprehensive IP managementappliances. Each Sapphire appliance is pre- enables deployment of DNS/DHCP appliances, on all Sapphire platforms. encompassing the entire IP address lifecycle.installed with the IPControl centralized IPAM • SNMP support for status and statistics • The Sapphire Sx20 is a purpose-built management of existing leading-vendor • Fiber interface option for Sapphire 10 and or the IPControl DNS and DHCP collection • Integrated IPv4/IPv6 support protects your DNSSEC authoritative server, designed for DNS/DHCP services, and centralized IP addressservices software, and is price/performance- • Sapphire 20 features a hot-swappable power IP management investment and streamlines deployment as a hidden master, automating management in a software-only, appliance- • Local syslog with forwardingengineered to provide a wide selection among supply as well as hot-swappable hard drives. your implementation of IPv6. zone signing and key rollovers. only, or mixed deployment configuration with • Centralized management from IPControlthree platforms. one consistent, intuitive graphical web interface. software or Sapphire EX provides a single • Failover TwinMirror pairs support effortless Simple, flexible deployment This superior level of integration and flexibility user interface for: auto-synchronize for no fuss installation and helps vastly simplify operations, migrations, and • Simplified procurement and deployment with – Configuration of advanced DNS/DHCP replacement. staff learning curves and training requirements. one-stop integrated software and hardware feature parameters • OS, kernel and services upgrades can be or VMware installation. – Centralized monitoring of Sapphire deployed from the centralized IPControl • Flexible deployment options: server-based, services states and events interface. appliance-based, virtual, and mixed. – Control of appliance level configuration • Centralized appliance monitoring via – Integrated alerting capability for IPControl and via third party SNMP polling Secure, hassle-free administration notification of an appliance alert or state and syslog forwarding. • Hardened OS not based on a third party change DNS/DHCP Server Configuration Linux distribution. – Centralized patch management to • Intuitive, award-winning web interface simplify the upgrade process • Simplified configuration of advanced DHCP support of advanced features enables and DNS features while providing holistic configuration and management of IP space management of IP address space. Security Features and DNS/DHCP appliances and servers by • DHCP failover with support for client classes, less expert users. • OS kernel includes only necessary systems, MAC address processing, client ID, and more. • Four network interfaces with port bonding, services, and devices Simple, intuitive IPAM static routes, and access control lists enable • Uninterruptible boot process flexible partitioning of IP traffic. • Patented container feature enables • Services run on a separate jailed file system managing of address space in accordance Scalable, resilient architecture • Services, binaries, libraries, and all data files with topology, geography, or other user- • Hardware redundancy via TwinMirror do not have privileged attributes defined hierarchy. • Appliance alerting • Services run in a sterile environment, • DHCP pool utilization tracking, trending, and reducing exposure alerting. • Centralized Executive redundancy • Minimal open ports for use by DNS, DHCP, • Distributed multi-level discovery enables NTP, and IPControl collection of network actuals for subnets, switch ports, ARP cache, and hosts. • Secure IPControl management interface • Reconciliation and reclaim features keep the IPAM database accurate with respect to network actual.
  5. 5. Sapphire Virtual Appliances Sapphire Virtual AppliancesIPControl™ Sapphire from the BT Diamond IP Virtual Installations with Maximum IPAM Flexibility Key Features Security Featuresproduct suite simplifies deployment andconsolidates monitoring and patch Centralized Control The Sapphire virtual appliance is another • Multiple Sapphire platforms to choose from • SNMP MIBs enable collection of services • OS kernel includes only necessary systems,management for distributed DNS/DHCP deployment and IP management option for for mix/match optimal deployments statistics by SNMP management systems services, and devicesservices. All Sapphire platforms are purpose- Sapphire virtual appliances are simple to deploy as DHCP/DNS servers and do not require customers desiring to maximize the return on • Hardened Proprietary Linux OS with • Local and remote syslog support • Uninterruptible boot processbuilt, secure appliances and are IPAM investments. The IPControl architectureperformance-engineered for a variety of manual application of OS patches or installation advanced security features • All models support four 1Gbps network • Services run on a separate jailed file system of DNS/DHCP services. The virtual appliances depicted above features a centralized,deployment options. The Sapphire virtual redundant IPControl Executive, available as • EasyUpdate™ provides automated software interfaces with port bonding, static • Services, binaries, libraries, and all data filesappliance is a self-contained virtual machine are shipped with IPControl DHCP/DNS services and OS patch management and eliminates routes, and DNS anycast software pre-installed on a hardened software or as a Sapphire EX appliance. The do not have privileged attributeswith the proprietary Sapphire operating centralized system is used to configure, monitor DNS/DHCP server upgrade hasslessystem which is built from the ground up by BT proprietary (not a modified distribution) Linux • Services run in a sterile environment, operating system. Each Sapphire virtual and manage a variety of deployed DHCP and • Centralized management from IPControl reducing exposureDiamond IP. IPControl Sapphire virtual DNS implementations, including Sapphire software or Sapphire EX simplifiesappliances and can be installed on VMWare appliance can be centrally monitored via a • Minimal open ports for use by DNS, DHCP, centralized IPControl software installation or a hardware appliances, Sapphire virtual deployment of advanced DNS/DHCP featuresESX 4.x servers and managed using the appliances, stock ISC/BIND DHCP and DNS NTP, and IPControlcentralized IPControl IPAM solution. Sapphire EX appliance, either of which provides centralized monitoring, services control, and servers, and stock Microsoft DHCP/DNS servers. • Secure IPControl management interface patch management of distributed Sapphire BT Diamond IP also offers a variety of supportSapphire Virtual virtual appliances. Patch upgrades encompass programs as well as managed services in various flavors to assist customers in maintaining theirAppliance Benefits DNS/DHCP services upgrades as well as those to IPAM infrastructure and to perform moves, the appliance OS and kernel. adds and changes on behalf of customers.Sapphire virtual appliances provide a similarfeature set as Sapphire hardware platforms, IPControl centralized management provides awith the added benefit of installing as a virtual holistic, consistent user interface to managemachine. Virtual appliances enable all of your IP address space, subnets, addressorganizations to realize the benefits of pools, DNS domains and resource records.virtualization, including: DHCP and DNS configuration information is created and deployed to relevant DHCP/DNS• Reduced energy consumption servers, hardware appliances or virtual appliances accordingly.• Server consolidation• Reduced rack space requirements• Ability to leverage current virtualization architectureAs with our software, Sapphire virtualappliances are licensed perpetually with noexpiration date as with other comparablevirtual appliance products. Maintenancesupport programs are available to enable BTDiamond IP call center, web and emailsupport, and IPControl; and Sapphire OSupgrades are included.
  6. 6. Managed IPAM Services Managed IPAM ServicesStreamlined IPAM Managed IPAM Service The IPAM Services Stack Traditional IPAM systems stop at this point, Service Benefits Key Features leaving the customer to monitor deployedand DHCP/DNS The Managed IPAM Service encompasses and Any IPAM deployment requires administration not services, performing upgrades of DHCP/DNSManagement Services embellishes the SIM Service to provide only of IPAM application layer changes such as services as well as operating systems, applying • Effortless lifecycle management of Sapphire • Secure, reliable managed services security patches, and backup and restore. IPAM, DHCP, DNS appliances environment support for IPAM moves, adds and changes. subnet, address, resource record or address poolBT Diamond IP’s award-winning IPControl The IPAM Managed Service offers a complete moves, adds and changes, but additionally These tasks are often cumbersome yet critical • 24 x 7 x 365 staffed managed services • Round-the-clock automated problemSapphire product line streamlines customers’ IP IPAM outsource option, providing all of the administration of the underlying server and/or to keeping DHCP and DNS services up and center for support and monitoring of your resolution by IPControl expertsaddress management (IPAM) functions as well system administration, monitoring and appliance infrastructure. Depicted to the right as a running. BT Diamond IP Managed IPAM Sapphire infrastructure • Proactive maintenance of your IPAM andas DHCP and DNS server administration. upgrades for deployed Sapphire DHCP/DNS four layer stack, the IPAM functions comprise the Service can help you address these lower • Streamlined trouble reporting and Sapphire DHCP, DNS infrastructureAcclaimed as “amazingly intuitive” by Network appliances plus the day-to-day updates to IP top layer and include block management, subnet layers or the entire IPAM stack. resolution times • Automatic updates of the latest networkTesting Labs, IPControl simplifies IP address address blocks, subnets, IP address allocations and static and reserved IP address • Encompasses Sapphire system services security patchesplanning and DHCP and DNS server assignments, address pools, DNS domains and assignments. This layer also includes DHCP pool BT Diamond IP administration functionsconfigurations. But as with all appliance- or • Continually updated IP infrastructureserver-based services deployments, the resource records. Customers may establish regular changes and log requests through a planning in conjunction with the address plan and DNS domain planning. These functions in turn Managed Services • No need to train personnel on Sapphire information and monitoringadministration of each server introduces added simple BT Diamond IP Managed Service portal. support the DHCP/DNS layer where pools, domain system administration, monitoring and • Automated problem reporting andtechnical and political complexity. BT Diamond IP’s hallmark is flexibility; the troubleshooting These IPAM functions are performed by BT and resource records are configured on respective IPControl Sapphire product line is the most flexible resolution Diamond IP experts within the BT Diamond IP DHCP and DNS appliances. on the market. But now BT Diamond IP offers an • Flexible deployment of Sapphire • Continuity in managing changes to IPAM,Customers manage not only the IPAM Managed Service Center to provide rapid and at customer sites, BT Diamond IP sitesconfigurations of deployed DHCP and DNS additional dimension of flexibility, encompassing DHCP, DNS infrastructure accurate IPAM services. all or part of the IPAM services stack. or bothservices in their respective networks, but also • Supports IP address, subnet, pool, domain,perform system administration tasks such as • Proactive notification of alerts affecting and resource record moves,monitoring, upgrades and configuration of the your IPAM infrastructure with resolution adds and changesservers running these services. Often this status and resultssystem administration function is performed by • Scheduled feature upgrades includeda separate organization or team, which further providing continual usability andincreases complexity in the coordination of functionality benefitsupgrades and troubleshooting. • IPAM moves/adds/changes • Reduced IPAM lifecycle costsSapphire Infrastructure • IP blocks, subnets, addresses, DHCP andManagement (SIM) Service DNS server configurations • Reduced IPAM training andThe foundation of BT Diamond IP’s Managed support requirementsIPAM Service is the Sapphire InfrastructureManagement (SIM) Service, which provides The SIM Service, highlighted in green in this • Enhances overall IPControl Sapphire supportmanagement of backups, upgrades, monitoring IPAM services stack, enables you to retain all leveraging detailed knowledge of yourand administration of deployed IPControl IPAM move/add/change (M/A/C) functionality IPAM/Sapphire infrastructureSapphire appliances. The SIM service provides while outsourcing monitoring and • IPAM reportsfor the system administration of deployed administration of deployed SapphireSapphire appliances, including 24 x 7 x 365 DHCP/DNS appliances.monitoring of Sapphire appliances, proactivetrouble reporting and resolution and upgrading The IPAM Managed Service adds the blueof Sapphire operating system, kernel, as well as portion to encompass the entire stack,DHCP and DNS services for security fixes or new providing the benefits of the SIM service withfeature sets. These requisite administration the added ability to outsource M/A/C for yourfunctions are performed by BT Diamond IP IPAM infrastructure including address blocks,experts within the BT Diamond IP Managed subnets, IP addresses, address pools, DNSServices Center, offering unsurpassed expertise domains, resource records and otherand responsiveness. DHCP/DNS configuration parameters. IPAM M/A/Cs can be made at regularly scheduled intervals and upon request using BT Diamond IP’s Managed Service request portal.
  7. 7. Planning and Product Training Ongoing Support Implementation Services Extensive product training is available to If IP networks were static, you’d have no IPControl and Sapphire products offer the educate you and your team on the rich need to manage your IP space after industry’s most flexible deployment feature set available to you with IPControl deployment. The only “static” reality is options. Whether you’re seeking to and Sapphire. Standard week-long that IP networks are dynamic, constantly centrally manage an existing classroom training is provided quarterly, requiring updates to address allocations, infrastructure of ISC and Microsoft with hands-on lab exercises. Ad hoc assignments, and DHCP/DNS server servers, migrate to an all-appliance scheduled training at your facility is also configurations. BT Diamond IP deployment, or even deploy IPv6, BT available on a variety of IP address professionals are available to operate or Diamond IP professionals are available to management topics. help you operate your IP network, help you plan your best practices based including management of your IP address deployment of IPControl to help you meet IPControl and Sapphire space using IPControl Sapphire. Our products are fully supported under your your performance, high availability, Integration Services support agreement, which offers the scalability, and budget requirements. following support options: Leverage IPControl’s rich set of IP Management integration functionality to integrate IP • 5 X 8 U.S. or Asia local time support for System Migration address management functions into your Standard help desk support overall IT automation architecture. For Whether you’re upgrading from a example, implementation of a customized • 24 X 7 Gold help desk support with competitive product or spreadsheets, BT end user request portal enables around-the-clock staffing, not pager Diamond IP professionals can assist with organizations to empower their end users support the migration planning and with handling common address implementation. IPControl Sapphire offers assignment tasks while keeping the • 24 X 7 Platinum help desk support a variety of migration and upgrade IPControl database up to date. with remote VPN access to assist with techniques and automation tools to “virtual hands on” facilitate this process. From imports of standard BIND configuration files, DHCP All support programs provide for all address pools, spreadsheet data, discovery subscribed product upgrades and new data, to massaging competitive database releases, help desk telephone access files, BT Diamond IP is there to get your during subscribed hours, full support site data upgraded. access to published KnowledgeBase articles, and our quarterly Customer Spotlight newsletter.BT Diamond IP backs up its award-winning DDI products with the vast resourcesand global presence of BT. BT Diamond IP professionals are available to providea variety of services to enable you to realize the maximum benefit from yourIPControl Sapphire deployment. From planning your deployment to migratingfrom a legacy DDI solution, and from classroom or on-site training to ongoingoperation support, BT Diamond IP is there to make your smart choice evensmarter. BT Diamond IP also offers a variety of support programs to suit yourbudget and support requirements.
  8. 8. BT Diamond IP is a leading provider of software and appliance productsand services that help customers effectively manage complex IPnetworks. Our next-generation IP management solutions helpbusinesses more efficiently manage IP address space across mid-to-verylarge sized enterprise and service provider networks. Our cable firmwaremanagement solution helps broadband cable operators automate andsimplify the process of upgrading and maintaining firmware on DOCSISdevices in the field. Our customers include regional, national and globalservice providers and enterprises in all major industries.For more information, please contact your local BT Diamond IP Representative.You can also email us at,visit our web site at, or call 1-800-390-6295 in the USor +1-610-423-4770 outside the US.