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In today’s complex market, the network and delivery of network
services are increasingly critical to the efficient running of any
business. This requires them to be more intelligent than ever before
to cope with the ever changing and unbalanced world we operate in.

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BT Connect IQ Quick Start

  1. 1. BT Advise ConnectDelivering intelligent networkcapability around the globeBT Connect IQ Quick Start BT Advise
  2. 2. BT Connect IQ Quick Start More than just technologyIn today’s complex market, the network and delivery of network The solution isn’t just about introducing new technology though. Theservices are increasingly critical to the efficient running of any first step is to establish your intelligent network vision by engagingbusiness. This requires them to be more intelligent than ever before with the experts that can help you realise it. Only then can you startto cope with the ever changing and unbalanced world we operate in. thinking about the technology your network needs to meet your changing business requirements.By intelligent we mean that networks must support businessprocesses and objectives intuitively and instantly adapt to new That’s exactly what BT Advise Connect can help you do.circumstances and demands. They must be aware of threats, be BT Advise Connect is a global team of 400 professional servicessustainable in minimising an organisation’s carbon footprint and be experts, with decades of broad industry experience and the deepingeniously simple to operate, despite dealing with complexity. technical expertise that will ensure that your network meets theOur intelligent network capabilities balance flawless performance, growing needs of your business. Using our unique insight, analysisresilience and value for money to help you align your technological tools and industry leading technology partners to assess yourrequirements with your business strategy and objectives. existing infrastructure, we can help you develop your intelligent network strategy, implement improvements and provide you with the platform you need to deliver optimum worldwide service. We are part of BT Advise Connect - our larger global professional services practice employing more than 4,500 experts drawnIncremental traffic will force the rethinking from a wide range of backgrounds who use their specific industryof the network to meet tomorrow’s needs – experience and knowledge to drive businesses towards network intelligence. Our team includes more than 1,400 ITIL-accreditedthat of an intelligent, secure, network that personnel, 2,000 Cisco, 950 Microsoft, and approximately 900 Avayaexcels in application performance.” certified employees.IDC, Top 10 predictions, World Enterprise Networking 2012 Top 10predictions, February 2012 Did you know? Sales conversion increases by 74 per cent when average page load times drop from eight seconds to two seconds.* (*Based on analysis of 30 major retailers using BT web monitoring platform with 10 million or more page views) Did you know? Our BT Connect Optimisation service can identify what traffic is using a TCP or UDP port, and use this information to alter its priority on the network. At times of network congestion, business-critical applications can be guaranteed the access they require while less important activities are slowed down. Did you know? An average network attack costs $470,000 due to endpoint remediation and lost data; 144,000 malicious files are detected each day - that’s 4.3 million per month; even a tiny percentage of those succeeding result in major economic loss.* (*Security Best Practices Survey)
  3. 3. How intelligent is your network? Depending on your current IQ your account manager may suggest that you’d benefit from our BT Connect IQ Quick Start programme, orOur approach is customised to your individual circumstances using one of the other Quick Starts in our portfolio. These assessments area number of strategic planning and assessment techniques to derive designed to provide you with the information you need to supportwhat you need to make your network more intelligent. There are two your network development decisions well into the future.main routes you can take to understanding your network’s maturityand readiness for change. Find out if a BT Connect IQ eValuator is right for you -Our BT Connect IQ eValuator is a short, complimentary assessment speak with your account manager or register at www.of your network and is a great starting point to understanding your for your free BT Connect IQ eValuatornetwork IQ. assessment.You can also engage immediately in our fee-based BT Connect IQQuick Start - to gain an in-depth analysis of your network with BT Connect IQ Quick Startdetailed improvement recommendations. Understanding your network and how it aligns with your business strategy and objectives is central to our approach. Through detailed questioning and stakeholder meetings our consultants will provide you with a detailed analysis of your current network status – both perceived and reality - and how it aligns with your businessAn intelligent network can help an objectives.organisation come to grips with the This Quick Start is a fee-based service conducted by our globalmultifarious challenges to efficient and business and network consultants, which takes 10 to 15 days to complete. It covers performance and security at a high-level, with aeffective IT delivery in a world where more intense focus on business integration.content and access within the enterprise are The data we capture helps us provide you with a comprehensivebeing “democratised.” analysis of your network and change recommendations that will deliver real business value, highlighting the challenges you faceOvum, The Intelligent Network and the Future of the CIO - A smarter across the following areas:network will enable smarter IT, December 2011 • business integration – how well is your network is aligned to the needs of your business?BT Connect IQ eValuatorThe BT Connect IQ eValuator involves a discussion with your account • performance – how efficient is the performance of your network?manager, a network specialist and your CIO or IT director to gain an • security – how vulnerable is your network?understanding of three key areas: security, performance and businessintegration. • network – develop a deeper dive understanding of your network?The IQ eValuator is designed to help you understand how intelligent We also understand that you want choice when it comes to selectingyour network currently is and how intelligent it could be if you the technology and vendors you use. As a multi-vendor consultancy,were to make a few changes. The process takes around one hour to we have strategic alliances with many technology industry leaderscomplete, and results in recommendations of next steps you could including Cisco, Compuware, Huawei, Ipanema Technologies andtake to improve the business value your network delivers. Riverbed. These relationships assist us in recommending the best solutions to meet your needs. BT Connect IQ eValuator outcomes: Each circle below highlights in red the dominant issues that may be returned from the eValuator. Circles one and two highlight only one problem area indicating that a very specific security or BT Connect Applications professional services engagement is required. Circle three however shows issues in all three areas indicating the need for a BT Connect IQ Quick Start. Next step: Security professional Next step: BT Connect Applications Next step: BT Connect IQ Quick Start services engagement professional services engagement
  4. 4. The process Example: Diagram (a) illustrates the importance of a series of technicalStep one - focus and priorities strategies to this particular business, and in comparison diagram (b)An initial meeting will take place with your CIO or key sponsor to shows the current status of their network infrastructure against theseestablish the business objectives, priorities and success criteria. We strategic objectives. From this you can see that capacity planning iswill also review any output from the IQ eValuator. strategically important, and yet the current status is scoring below 1. As such there is a disconnect that needs to be addressed through theStep two – stakeholder review meeting Quick Start engagement.A review meeting will then be held with key stakeholders based onthe output from the CIO review. This meeting will involve IT and Diagram (a)network-specific representatives, including head of networks, IT,network and strategy directors. ImportanceThe meeting will explore the challenges being faced across theorganisation, the current situation and your business objectives.This session will give us a balanced view of your IT, operationaland business functions, and the consolidated output will be usedto match the requirements of your business against your currenttechnological infrastructure.Step three - data captureInformation will be captured in the following ways:• documentation reviews• questionnaires• face-to-face interviews and workshops.Representatives from various functional units will be involved toensure that the final report includes views and data from acrossthe business.Step four – analysis and recommendationsThe ultimate aim of any Quick Start engagement is to identify Diagram (b)efficiencies and deliver recommendations for specific performanceimprovements. The outcome of every Quick Start is different; you Network designwill receive a baseline view of your current network environmentwith improvement recommendations. Depending on our findingswe will also provide you with high-level strategic and networktransformation recommendations where appropriate.Your final report will include:• an assessment of your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses; an outline of what you’ve told us is important to your business, and we’ll highlight areas of opportunity identified by our consultants• graphical representations, like the ones opposite, to show your performance against assessment areas• network improvement recommendations• clear benefits to your business in implementing our recommendations.
  5. 5. The value of Quick Start Why BT?The benefits of engaging with our consultants to understand your • Our combination of network professional services and industrynetwork intelligence include: expertise mean that we can support the needs of any business• improved decision-making – providing you with all the • We can give you the investment advice that will support your information you need to make informed decisions about your business goals and help you measure results network and network services • We’ll take an independent view of your needs to offer the best• cost control – highlighting where consolidation of your network solution. Our global capabilities and network of trusted partners infrastructure and suppliers will have a positive financial impact allows us to provide you with the unique solutions you need, but on your business with the advantage of a single, trusted supplier• increased productivity – identifying the network design • Our continued investment in our next-generation network and BT bottlenecks that are impacting your business Connect portfolio, including BT Advise Connect and our BT Advise Connect applications value-added services, sets us apart in the• performance improvement – enabling you to prioritise your industry to deliver the full mix of network services you need network traffic in line with demand. • We’re very proud of the excellent service that we offer, and this has been recognised by the World Communication Awards, which named us ‘Best Global Operator’ for the second year in a row in 2011.An intelligent network has the capabilityto address mixed end-user and customer About the BT Quick Start seriesrequirements and manage traffic across BT’s Quick Starts are concise, consultant-led engagements focused on key services and technologies that are critically importanta heterogeneous set of access points and today. These services and technologies combine to form a wider infrastructure model, each of which represents significant advancesunderlying transport bearers.” and long-term efficiency for the organisations that deploy them.Ovum, The Intelligent Network and the Future of the CIO - A smarter The Quick Starts can be used as an integral part of an organisation’snetwork will enable smarter IT, December 2011 roadmap along their development journey. Our Quick Starts allow you to assess, test, plan and establish the validity of each service or technology in manageable parts. Each one is formed using defined stages with clear outcomes, and What next? will provide the necessary information not only for the technical aspects of deployment, but also for the commercial justification of To talk about your individual journey to infrastructure or network changes. network intelligence get in touch with your account manager, who can advise you on the BT Connect IQ eValuator and BT Connect Quick Start. Alternatively visit for more information.Offices worldwideThe telecommunications services described in this publicationare subject to availability and may be modified from time to time.Services and equipment are provided subject to BritishTelecommunications plc’s respective standard conditions ofcontract. Nothing in this publication forms any part of any contract.© British Telecommunications plc 2012.Registered office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJRegistered in England No: 1800000