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BT Business Continuity Quick Start Service



Business continuity management, service availability and the ongoing assessment of business risk are essential activities for organisations.

Business continuity management, service availability and the ongoing assessment of business risk are essential activities for organisations.



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BT Business Continuity Quick Start Service BT Business Continuity Quick Start Service Document Transcript

  •  BT Business ContinuityQuick Start Service Business continuity management,service availability andthe ongoing assessmentof business risk areessential activities fororganisations.The BT Business Continuity QuickStart service enables you to assessyour current resilience and recoverycapabilities against recognised bestpractice and relevant standardssuch as BS 25999. BT was one ofthe first organisations to achievecertification to BS 25999-2:2007and this invaluable experience isbrought to bear to your advantage.By analysing and identifying areasfor improvement, BT will help youimprove the resilience of yourorganisation’s infrastructure andbusiness processes, and at thesame time help maximise yourinvestment in business continuityrelated products and services.BT AssureSecurity that matters  
  •   About the BT Business Continuity QuickStart ServiceThe importance of BS 25999 Why BT?business continuity Identified by Gartner2 as being a BS 25999 is the first ever British ‘full service provider’ of business Standard that establishes the process, continuity solution capabilities, BTIn an increasingly uncertain world, principles and terminology of Business is uniquely placed to deliver thebusiness continuity and crisis Continuity Management (BCM). full range of business continuitymanagement capabilities are now more Developed by a range of expert solutions to any organisation.relevant than ever. They allow the practitioners from across the globe, itmission critical functions of an provides the basis to understand, Practical experienceorganisation to continue operating measure and implement business With decades of experienceduring and after a disruptive event. continuity within any organisation – designing, building and managingNatural disasters, network intrusions, regardless of its size. Measurement, resilient global communicationshuman error, security and terrorist benchmarking and certification to BS networks, BT has already achievedconcerns – the list of threats to 25999 will provide assurance that your full BS 25999 certification for itsorganisations keeps getting longer. In organisation is prepared to meet the national 21st Century Networktoday’s integrated digital networked range of events that could threaten its (21CN) project. BT is therefore ableeconomy, even a few hours of service ability to operate, or even survive. to draw upon an unrivalled level ofdisruption can have a devastating knowledge and expertise in this area,impact. to advise and implement business Why use the BT Quick Start continuity and risk reduction within anIn a recent Forrester survey1, business Service? organisation in-line with the latestcontinuity and disaster recovery was standards and best practice.identified in 56% of major enterprises as Effective business continuitythe most critical concern for senior management requires a careful International presenceexecutives. Governance and regulatory understanding of the appropriate mix of In addition to our experience, BT’srequirements, compliance against people, process, technology, global presence provides a breadthstandards (such as the recognised information and supplies in delivering and depth of coverage that few canBusiness Continuity Management mission critical activities. rival. With 35,000 people in 50standard, BS 25999), supply chain countries, BT is a truly internationalconcerns, the looming threat of Often it is the inability to thoroughly company which is able to providepandemic influenza, and the potential assess these factors and identify service and support in over 170impact on revenue, brand and weaknesses that leads to poor countries worldwide.reputation, have all helped move management of disruption – somethingbusiness continuity higher on the that can escalate to threaten the very Technical expertiseboardroom agenda. Organisations are existence of the organisation. BT has a Global Continuity andnow realising that existing plans and Security practice with full-time,procedures may no longer be adequate The BT Business Continuity Quick Start qualified practitioners andin light of these new threats. Recent service is a carefully designed mix of consultants who are members orexperience has shown that lack of consultancy, professional services, associates of the Business Continuitypreparation for less frequent but high products and solutions, that can help Institute and other relatedimpact events, such as flooding or the put your organisation on the front foot professional bodies. BT provides aBuncefield fuel depot explosion in the with business continuity planning, full end-to-end service, incorporatingUK, can quickly result in an delivery and management. a broad range of professional andunacceptable impact on an organisation managed services across the whole– even total operational failure. of the business continuity life cycle. Strategic partnerships BT has extensive strategic partnerships with the world’s leading market vendors. BT takes business continuity and disaster recovery, as well as effective governance, extremely seriously. As a result, BT works with many national and international organisations to develop and implement their own robust business continuity arrangements.1 Forrester: Enterprise Infrastructure Adoption, Oct 20062 Gartner presentation Greg Young “Business Continuity Management Today: From Storms to Blackouts to Terrorism” Sept 2004; page 19
  •   The processStatus checklist Level One The objective is to establish yourThe Quick Start service starts with a current business continuity planning (approx 1-3 days) and develop a clear understanding ofhigh-level checklist which enables usto understand your business the required action needed thereafter.continuity arrangements and With the Level One workshop(s), your This engagement uses a blend ofrecommends an appropriate starting organisation could undertake a high- interactive workshops andpoint. This non-technical level assessment of the areas that presentations, with subsequentquestionnaire can be completed by require investigation; gain assurance, analysis and management reportingany senior manager who is familiar as well as a transfer of skills and where appropriate. The workshopswith your current BCM capabilities. knowledge; understand how your available are shown in the following business fairs in relation to table.The checklist: recognised standards.• Provides an initial high-level overview of your BCM capability Business Continuity Quick Start, Level One Workshops• Allows you to compare your BCM capability with recognised Offering Description Output Timeframe standards like BS 25999• Enables you to consider the Business Interactive workshop involving • Management Report 1 Day Continuity senior managers and process detailing findings, appropriate next steps Review owners, to assess an conclusions & Workshop organisations business continuity recommendationsThere are two levels of Quick Start management capability • Skills & knowledgeavailable. benchmarked against best transfer practice and relevant • Awareness of keyLevel One offers a choice of focused management standards. issues and best practiceworkshops, to suit your business’ • Outline action planneeds. All offer an introduction to BS 25999 For those organisations wishing to • Skills & knowledge 1 Daybusiness continuity and planning for Expert exploit BS 25999, the Expert transferdisruptive events. Briefing Briefing provides an insight into • Awareness of key the terminology and essentials of issues and best practiceLevel Two is for those with more BS 25999 Parts 1 and 2, including • Outline action plan the BCM life cycle, establishing,mature business continuity maintaining and improving aarrangements in place, or for those business continuity managementwho have already completed Level system and the certificationOne. The assessment modules help process.evaluate an organisation’s businesscontinuity planning against best Pandemic A pandemic represents a distinct • Skills & knowledge 1 Day Planning threat to organisations and the transferpractice and standards. and characteristics of likely disruption • Awareness of key Response differ greatly from other events issues and best practice Workshop which are generally shorter term • Outline action plan in duration and effect. The Pandemic Planning and Response Workshop will identify the significant issues and subsequent areas for improvement. Crisis The ability of an organisation to • Management Report 3 Days Manage- successfully manage the outcome detailing findings, ment of a crisis is dependent on what it conclusions & Workshop does in the acute phase of that recommendations incident. Without effective crisis • Skills & knowledge management capabilities an transfer organisation is likely to suffer • Awareness of key greater disruption The workshop issues and best practice is an interactive session that will • Outline action plan identify significant issues and areas for improvement in crisis management. View slide
  •   The processLevel Two Module #3 – Technical Operational avoid incidents and recover in a Resilience Assessment timely and effective manner should(approx. 1-4 weeks) Today’s organisations rely heavily on the need arise. IT and communications (ICT)The Level Two assessment generally systems. The operational resilience Module #7 – Data Centre Servicestakes place over a one to four week assessment takes a holistic view of BT is a leading supplier of Dataperiod for the majority of existing capabilities and delivers an Centre Services with 11 UK and 58organisations, although this is unambiguous assessment of data centres covering the globedependent upon the size, module(s) physical, environmental, system and providing managed hosting and tele-selected and scope operational resilience in-line with housing solutions. BT’s strength inof the engagement. emerging methodologies and multiple IT sector partnerships standards. enables it to provide wide, tailoredDesigned to be applicable to a wide and truly agnostic hardware andrange of organisation types and Module #4 – Business Continuity software solutions.sizes, the modular approach allows Management Planning andthe most appropriate area(s) of focus Delivery Module #8 – Mobility and Peopleto be selected, and can involve a mix Business Continuity Management Resilienceof products and service deliverables. planning is a core activity. This The ability to decouple key workers module reviews existing strategies from a dependence on physicalPlanning and scoping against organisational goals, relevant locations by using innovative BTA brief meeting is held to agree the standards, legislation, regulations or mobility solutions – such as unifiedscope, engagement structure, identify even stakeholder requirements and communications, MobileXpress, Fieldkey stakeholders and plan a schedule develops new resilience and recovery Force Automation, Conferencing,of future activity. The initial meeting strategies. Plans can similarly be Workstyle and Corporate Fusionwill also identify which modules analysed for adequacy and convergence solutions – provides yououtlined below are the most developed as required. Transitioning with an inherently resilient capabilityappropriate for the assessment. from planning to delivery can include that is able to withstand disruptive training and awareness, exercising events, enabling your people to beModule #1 – Business Continuity and simulation. effective before, during and after aImprovement Assessment disruption.The Business Continuity Module #5 – Incident ResponseImprovement and Module #9 – Workplace and ITAssessment is a comprehensive and Crisis Management Recoverydetailed assessment of your existing The Incident Response and Crisis In the event of a disaster, Recover tobusiness continuity management Management module provides you Home offers a rapid and costarrangements against accepted best with a range of products and services effective service that enables yourpractice as defined by BS 25999 and including in-depth analysis and users to be operational, with minimalother applicable publications. Using a review of crisis/incident management disruption to both staff and business.range of techniques, the assessment capabilities, independent verification The module offers 24/7 rapidwill include business impact of capability, media communication response to IT infrastructure loss ofassessments (BIA), benchmarking, raining, stakeholder information lines service with responsive, reactive anddocumentation audit, interviews, (BT Message Link) and other proactive solutions includingworkshops and physical inspections. communications services. emergency ship-to-site of complete or partial IT infrastructure estates,Module #2 – BS 25999 Readiness Module #6 – Resilient secure hot standby to nationally andAssessment Communications and Networks globally positioned datacentres,For those organisations seeking A full range of resilient interconnected on a private UK widecertification to BS 25999-2 communication and networking data network or IP Connect Global.Specification for Business Continuity solutions and other communication For loss of access to the office,Management, the readiness recovery services including Diverse Workplace Recovery providesassessment module provides a clear and Alternate Routing, Exchange facilities in 15 networked UK businessgap analysis against the Line Site ssurance, recovery locations (8,000 seats).requirements of the specification, Proactive/Directed DDI recovery,demonstrating readiness for a highly resilient global VPN (Onecertification audit by an accredited voice), unified communicationscertification body. solutions and satellite access. This module provides valuable assurance that your communications are able to View slide
  •   The outcomeThe BT Business Continuity QuickStart provides you with a clearunderstanding of your currentresilience/recovery capabilities. Ithighlights a range of effectivesolutions that can be deployed tosupport a holistic business continuitystrategy, to underpin yourorganisation’s long term objectives.Example of BusinessContinuity Maturity Model
  •   Status checklistThe following questions will help Has your organisation identified Does the strategy encompass civildetermine the most effective starting business critical activities and the emergencies and other large-scalepoint for a BT Business Continuity processes/resources that support incidents?Quick Start engagement with your them? Yes Partially Noorganisation. Please answer ‘Yes’, ‘No’, Yes Partially Noor ‘Partially’ by checking the appropriatebox. You can then total your answers in 4. Developing andthe summary section, which will give Has your organisation identified implementing a Businessyou an indication of your current status. recovery priorities and recovery timescales for key business processes, Continuity Response services and systems? Has a comprehensive incident response1. BCM programme structure been implemented? Yes Partially Nomanagement Yes Partially NoDoes your organisation have a senior Have these recovery priorities andperson specifically accountable for recovery timescales been formally Have incident management plans beenBCM? agreed at senior level? agreed and published? Yes Partially No Yes Partially No Yes Partially NoDoes that person proactively champion Has your organisation formally Has a business continuity plan beenthe need for effective BCM? undertaken a risk analysis? fully documented? Yes Partially No Yes Partially No Yes Partially NoDoes your organisation have a 3. Determining business Do incident communications plansdedicated business continuity manageror other person whose sole job is the continuity strategy provide for effective communications with stakeholders, staff, media,implementation and maintenance of Does your organisation have a current partners, suppliers?business continuity arrangements? and documented recovery strategy, in the event of a significant or unplanned Yes Partially No Yes Partially No incident? Yes Partially No Are all critical activities covered in theDoes your organisation have a clear business continuity plan?policy on BCM? Does that strategy cover: Yes Partially No Yes Partially No People? Yes Partially No Is there a process that requires theDoes your organisation have a specific business continuity plan to bebudget for BCM? maintained in a current state to reflect Yes Partially No Premises? all changes to the business? Yes Partially No Yes Partially NoDoes your organisation have adocumented business continuity Technology? Is there a nominated owner who ismanagement system? responsible for ensuring consistency, Yes Partially No Yes Partially No currency updating and maintenance of the business continuity plan? Information?2. Understanding the Yes Partially No Yes Partially Noorganisation Supplies?Has your organisation identified key Has the business continuity plan been Yes Partially No developed and documented fullybusiness objectives specificallyassociated with a major disruptive involving the employees who would beevent? Stakeholders? involved in a real emergency? Yes Partially No Yes Partially No Yes Partially NoHas your organisation quantified the Has the recovery strategy been formally Are suitable locations (real or virtual)business impacts of an unplanned agreed with senior management or at identified for use during an incident?interruption over increasing periods of board level? Yes Partially Notime? Yes Partially No Yes Partially No
  •   Status checklist5. Exercising and testing of 7. Pandemic preparation 8. BS 25999 alignmentbusiness continuity plans Have you carried out an impact Are you currently using BS 25999 as aIs there a process to review and test the assessment for critical human means of defining a common andbusiness continuity plan on major resources in your organisation? repeatable best practice approach?organisational change or periodically? Yes Partially No Yes Partially No Yes Partially No Have you determined key skills that are Is awareness of BS 25999 widespreadHave all aspects of the plan been fully needed to maintain your critical throughout your organisation?tested in the last 12 months? business activities? Yes Partially No Yes Partially No Yes Partially No Does the organisation currently have aDoes testing include desk check, Have you put into place policies, ‘Management System’ implemented orsimulation, partial test and full test, guidelines and plans that will allow your plans to do so in the future?including incident management? business to continually operate during, and after, a pandemic? Yes Partially No Yes Partially No Yes Partially No Is there a requirement for you toHave the tests been undertaken by become certified to BS 25999?those staff that would be involved in a Have you determined the impact on your business of your key suppliers Yes Partially Noreal emergency? unable to provide essential services Yes Partially No and products during a pandemic Is there a plan in place for you to outbreak? proceed to certification to Part 2Have the results of the tests been fully Yes Partially No (Specification) of BS 25999?documented, with associated corrective Yes Partially Noaction plans for rectification andimprovement? Does the organisation have flexible working policies and processes in Yes Partially No place, such as mobile working and home-working?6. Embedding business Yes Partially Nocontinuity in theorganisation’s cultureIs there a process for creating business 9. Summarycontinuity awareness in theorganisation? Yes Partially No Yes Partially NoAre key staff members able to attend 1. BCM programme managementregular business continuity training? Yes Partially No 2. Understanding the organisationIs there a programme of skills updatingand formal qualification, such as 3. Determining business continuity strategyaccreditation to BCI or DRII? Yes Partially No 4. Developing and implementing a BC responseIs business continuity managementinformation available on relevant web 5. Exercising and testing of businesspages or intranets? continuity plans Yes Partially No 6. Embedding business continuityIs development of a business continuity management in the organisation’s cultureculture supported by senior personnelin the organisation? 7. Pandemic preparation Yes Partially No 8. BS 25999 alignment
  •    Next stepsWhy BT? resilient security technologies. About the BT Quick StartThe Business Continuity Quick Start Working with you as a trusted business partner, BT can help you Seriesservice enables organisations to BT’s Quick Starts are concise, service-determine their current business identify and meet business continuity led engagements focused on keycontinuity status and take remedial priorities, maximise return on services and technologies that are ofaction, where required. For some investment, and provide you with critical importance to organisationsorganisations, this may merely be the scalable options to route for maturing within the digital networked economy.start of a business continuity journey. its resilience and continuity These services and technologiesAs a full service provider of business capabilities. combine to form a wider infrastructurecontinuity solutions and capabilities, model, each representing significantBT is uniquely placed to deliver a The following is a brief selection of advances and long-term efficiency forrange of business continuity the additional services and integrated the organisations deploying, and can also help support business continuity and securityoperational risk management and the solutions available from BT, which The Quick Starts can be used as andeployment of could be hugely valuable to your integral part of an organisation’s organisation’s coordinated continuity roadmap along their development planning. journey. BT Quick Starts enable customers to assess, test, plan and establish the validity of each service orBusiness Continuity and Resilience Capability technology in manageable parts. • Resilience capability assessments Each Quick Start is formed usingBusiness Quick Start Level OneContinuity • Business Continuity Management Planning Quick Start Level Two defined stages with clear outcomes andManagement and Delivery consultancy utilising accepted Modules 1-4 will provide the necessary information best practice and standards not only for the technical aspects of • Business case support, benchmarking and deployment, but also for the commercial skills transfer justification of infrastructure or network • Solutions in all areas of the business changes. continuity life cycle • Secure and highly dependable IP What next?Resilient infrastructure Quick Start Level TwoCommunications Module 6 We can take you through the benefits • Full range of resilient circuit routing optionsand Networks and implications that would directly • BT’s WAN provides the basis for next affect your organisation. In addition, we generation converged solutions with quality of service and reliability can help to build tangible examples which are more valuable to your • Secure and resilient hosting of client business stakeholders. Contact your BTData Centre Quick Start Level Two Account Manager to arrange a meeting systems in BT data centresServices Module 7 • Fail-over service – full client system and discuss how the Business duplicated in BT facility Continuity Quick Start can help your • Storage (email archiving, data vaulting, etc) business. • Crisis communications solutions thatIncident support organisations, warning and Quick Start Level OneResponse and informing their stakeholder groups Quick Start Level TwoCrisis • Comprehensive inbound solutions to enable Module 5Management rapid information dissemination • Crisis management consultancy, capability planning and deliveryMobility and • Provision of secure mobile Quick Start Level Two communications, enabling locationWorkforce Module 8 independent operationResilience • Flexible working and home-working solutions to enhance workforce resilience • Mobility consultancy that ensures needs are adequately articulated and investment maximisedWorkplace and • Workplace recovery Quick Start Level TwoIT Recovery • IT systems recovery Module 9 • Voice and data recovery services 
  •   Offices worldwide The services described in this publication are subject to availabilityand may be modified from time to time. Services and equipmentare provided subject to British Telecommunications plc’srespective standard conditions of contract. Nothing in thispublication forms any part of any contract.British Telecommunications plc 2011.Registered office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJRegistered in England No: 1800000