Scrum Gathering 2012 Shanghai 精益与持续改进分会场:6年一线敏捷实践心得分享之持续集成(秦之远)


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秦之远,诺基亚西门子持续集成Product Owner,敏捷过程改进执行者。秦之远目前负责诺基亚西门子两个大型WCDMA 3G通信平台的持续集成和交付。 2007~2011年,秦之远主导了下一代WCDMA 3G通信平台持续集成和交付转型,产品发布后,质量问题仅为同类产品的30%~40%,他因此赢得了2011年诺基亚西门子Service Excellence Award冠军。

秦之远于2006年加入诺基亚第一个敏捷团队(当时团队主要成员有:吕毅,窦涵之,李程远,徐毅),他先后担任了测试驱动开发教练(TDD Coach)、Scrum Master、持续集成technical leader、产品缺陷管理经理、持续集成Product Owner。


2008~2009年,我们和研发团队一起,用了1年时间把诺基亚西门子下一代WCDMA 3G通信平台转型为每日发布(SCM,过程改进,测试自动化, CI)。2009~2012,我们经历了平台扩张,人员扩招,客户增长,时至今日我们仍然具备每日发布的能力。在此过程中,持续集成如何不断深入改进?我们一起回顾这段历史:
1.2007 30人研发团队持续集成: 失败案例
2.2008~2009 80人以下研发团队的持续集成: CI 1.0
3.2009~2011 80~200人研发团队的持续集成: CI 2.0
4.2011~未来 500以上研发团队的持续集成: CI 3.0

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Scrum Gathering 2012 Shanghai 精益与持续改进分会场:6年一线敏捷实践心得分享之持续集成(秦之远)

  1. 1. 6年一线敏捷实践心得分享之持续集成 秦之远
  2. 2. Continuous integration and development process
  3. 3. Self introduction秦之远Nokia Siemens CI product owner• Lead continuous delivery transformation for NSN WCDMA 3G platform department(400~500 persons currently)• Starting scrum from 2006• TDD coach & Linux programmer• Focus on test automationWEIBO :
  4. 4. continuous integration technical areas continuous integration execution areas topic today
  5. 5. Iterative development story 10 tons appleIterative development Iterative items
  6. 6. Iterative development story EmptyAll iterative items are done 6 tons Where is the other 4 tons apple?
  7. 7. Iterative development story Where is the other 4 tons apple? • Quality leak • Technical debt
  8. 8. More teams turn to be maintenance team !
  9. 9. Iterative development story Small change, less risk Integrate earlier
  10. 10. CI preconditionSCM Basic AdvancedProduct coderepository Version control Unit test/Unit Visibility of SWmanagement test coverage code quality ProductCompiler & Cluster Incremental compilationcompile server compilation compilation architecture Automatically release & deploy
  11. 11. CI preconditionTest automation Basic Advanced TA case Visibility of TATA tool/case Modularity of admission cases’ metricsimplementation TA self control for CI / static analysisAvoid theduplexity of TA Classification/ TA coding style TA testingcase in management strategydifferent teams of TA cases.Jenkins & Plug-in development skill
  12. 12. CI preconditionPreferred agile practice Requirement I Grooming ATDD II R&D I&V II TDD III Coding UT III CI
  13. 13. A failed CI development process III IVis not really followed because of no visibility, that’s why the book fails III Pre-compile Develop I Pre- V check in IV Check out II UT & FT Product CI Compile & VI FTtrunk build x + 1 build x
  14. 14. CI 1.0 development processtoken CI system VII PCI success then release to B Pre-compile III Develop I token Pre- V IV Check out II merge UT & FT Product CI VII VI Compile & FTtrunk build x + 1 build x
  15. 15. CI 2.0 development processmulti-stage CI & promotion dependency management I check in I check in I check in component component component II CI (based II CI (based II CI (based on build x) on build x) on build x) promote promote promote III trigger Pending Queue sync trunk build x + 1 build x IV fail & rollback Product CI
  16. 16. CI 3.0 development processcontinuous quality improvement define quality I target coding static trunk … unit test style analysis merge VI set quality target 2 II on CI 3.0 product CI … Promote component CI-1 component CI-n V when clean code CI 3.0 analysis center IV duplex increase 2.5%check out/in III complex increase 2.7% UT coverage decrease 5%
  17. 17. Q&AThank you