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Completed shot list

  1. 1. Shot No. 1 Shot type Extra long shot Action Panning right to left 2 Close up 3 Medium close up 4 Medium shot 5 Long shot Low level shot of boot. Camera tracks movement as character walks away from camera. Crunch of leaves, then music starts up. Mans rubbing hands together to keep warm as he walks Man pulling coat tighter against cold. Tilt down from tree top to floor 6 Close Up 7 Medium close up 8 Medium long shot Camera pans out showing man walking towards camera. 9 Medium shot Camera zooms into hands 10 Long shot Still shot with performer in center third of the frame Hand held shot, man touches tree bark as he walks past Hand held camera shot Mise en Scene Whitcliffe scene over town, early morning. Bird song etc. Natural lighting Walking boot in autumn leaves. Woodland pathway. Man wearing coat, woolly jumper (cold weather clothing) Autumn leaves falling from trees in breeze. Vibrant colours. Sleeve of coat woolen and hand. Man rubbing hands together and blowing on them Man walking down woodland path wearing coat and scarf. Surrounded by trees. Natural lighting. Two people holding hands, presumably male and female Low key lighting, performer is playing and singing on a small stage. Casually dressed in shirt jeans etc
  2. 2. 11 Extra long shot Camera tilts upwards from ground to sky Birdseye view of mans hand feeling leaves. Camera moves in a 180-degree circle around main character. Camera at eye level. 12 Medium close up 13 Medium shot 14 Low Angle Shot 15 Tilt Shot 16 Medium Shot The MS will focus on the artist playing the guitar and singing. 17 Close Up 18 Zoom Out CU of the artist singing. This will establish a brand identity as it still shows the artist to be the ‘star’ of the video. The camera will then zoom out to focus on the whole location. It will LAS of the tea lights surrounding the artist in the performance section. This establishes a change in the location and section. The TS will establish the change from the LAS. It will focus on the change from the tea lights and gradually tilt up to the head of the artist performing. Moving clouds, birds, wind in trees ------------------Character stood in woodland contemplating; circular movement of camera shows emotional turmoil. Natural lighting. The shot will focus on the low-key lighting in the assembly rooms or drama studio. The tea lights will be the primary focus with the artist in the background. The location will be the same as the previous shot and there will still be elements of low-key lighting. The lighting will have gotten a bit brighter in order for the audience to see the artist clearly. Location is still the same. The artist will be wearing jeans, a casual t-shirt and maybe a few accessories. Location is still the same. Location remains the same; however, the lighting will steadily be made brighter.
  3. 3. 19 Zoom In 20 Tracking Shot 21 Medium Shot 22 Long Shot 23 High Angle Shot 24 Panning Shot 26 Extreme Close Up allow the audience to see the artist surrounded by the tea lights and playing guitar. The camera will zoom in to the artist once more before the scene/location changes. The camera will track the narrative section where the ‘Dad’ is seen to be walking. MS showing the girls red hair, this will illustrate the lyrics. The camera will be filming from behind us as she is running in the woods. LS showing the performer walking towards the camera. He will be looking sad and barely engaging with the camera. HAS showing that the performer has stopped walking. The shot will only last for a brief second. The camera will pan from left to right to show the performer looking at polaroid photos. The photos will be of his family. ECU focusing on one of the polaroid No changes The location has changed to the woods. Therefore, there will be trees and leaves and possibly a few people walking by. The lighting is now high key as it is now outside. The girl can be seen running in the woods; however, she will be wearing: boots, tights, skirt, coat, hat and scarf. Location is still in the woods. The performer will be wearing jeans, walking shoes, coat and possibly a scarf in order to suit our genre. No changes. The performer will now be inside, sitting on a chair with his head bent down looking at his past memories. The location will not be seen in the
  4. 4. photos. 27 Close Up 28 Zoom Out 29 Medium Close Up 30 360 Rotation 31 Track Out 32 Close up (eyelevel) 33 Long shot from low camera angle (narrative section) background. CU of two people holding hands. The camera will only focus on the hands in this shot. The camera will slowly zoom out to reveal a bit more of the two people who are holding hands. The MCU will show the artist in the performance section. The shot will show his head, shoulders and part of the guitar whilst he is singing. This shot will track the artist in 360 degrees. The shot will start from the front and slowly pan around to the back and to the front again. The camera will track out from the artist, in order to signify that the scene is about to change once again to the narrative section. Eye level shot establishes audience at par with the audience. Gives a comfortable atmosphere and allows the audience to connect. Camera angle from the ground looking up towards the subject who is walking away from The two actors will be walking slowly in the woods. The two actors will still be walking in the woods and wearing outdoor clothes. The artist will be inside, sitting on a bar stool and surrounded by either fairy lights or tea lights. Nothing will have changed. Nothing will have changed apart from the lighting, which could be dimmed. Use of studio lighting in a controlled environment. Lighting will be warm and comforting-link to the lyric. Natural lighting will be dim and crisp due to season. Leaves falling from trees. Clothing will be rustic
  5. 5. the camera through thick woodland. 34 Tracking shot (narrative) Camera in front of subject moving away. Smooth and slow shot to give emphasis on his loss. 35 Mid shot (performance) Shot of whole body sitting on chair with guitar n lap. Still shot. 36 Close up (performance) 37 Extreme close up (narrative) 38 Panning shot (narrative) 39 Close up (performance) 40 Long shot (performance) Shot from behind the artist casting a silhouette. Quick change from pervious shot in time with change of beat. Shot of performers face from lower angle as he walks through woods. Shot of the subject walking through a clearing and on to a view point looking over the landscape Shot of performers face. Showing him with closed eyes. A longer shot showing the singer on a chair lit by fairy lights 41 Panning shot (performance) A slowly moving shot circling the subject as he plays the guitar. and layered which links to the cold lighting. Again, natural, cold lighting showing his emotion of loneliness and mourning . Trees in foreground which take up proportion of screen as if to suggest he is disappearing. Use of warm studio lighting. Performer is wearing t-shirt and hoodie, casual clothing to reflect his comfort in the song. As the shot will be a silhouette there will be a simple shade of darkness. ‘Monsters in your room’. Link to lyric. Focus on face showing his emotions of his loss. Looks cold and shivering. Shows his reminiscing and him thinking about his loss. Emotional singing to reflect the meaning of the song. Dark background and having the subject lit will give the whole focus of the shot on him. A 360 degree shot of the performer at eyelevel giving the audience a feel of equality between them and the performer.
  6. 6. 42 Following shot/low level (narrative) A ground level shot following the footsteps of the performer as he walks over dead leaves. 43 Over the shoulder shot (narrative) 44 Close up (narrative) A shot showing the back of his head and over the shoulders as he walks down a street through crowds of people. As he finds his lost person. Shot showing is face and emotions. 45 Log shot (performance) 46 Moving shot (performance) 47 48 Showing performer from the other side of the room. Only he is lit. dark background Shot moving backwards away from the perfomer in to the distance. Slow motion footage of him treading, connoting progress and how he is reminiscing the past events. Outdoor boots and jeans. Connoting how he is separated from the rest of the world through his loss. Making the audience feel the emotion. Slow motion shot where it shows him crying and shutting his eyes. Screen goes black. Coming to the end of his song, lighting fades slowly. Lighting fades to black and the screen then goes balck. Extreme close up Close up of entire face of actor that continues for a few seconds Lighting will be bright in order to signify hope and the fact he is moving on Long shot of the whole of the actor Panning shot of actor skimming stones on a lake, that moves around quickly (sped up) and finishes on him standing still Actor will be wearing a coat and scarf (‘dad’ clothes) and the lighting will hopefully be a gloomy winter’s day
  7. 7. 49 Mid shot/two shot Tracking shot of the backs of the male actor and female actor holding hands and walking- expansion of time Male actor will be wearing coat and scarf (dad clothes) and little girl shall we wearing a similar thing- coat, scarf, gloves and hat 50 Long shot of male actor sat on sofa alone- close up of hands holding each other Male actor will be wearing jumper and jeans- casual home wear- lighting will be high key on the hands and dark and dismal on the shot of the male actor alone 51 Mid shot Split screen between two situations to signify memories- hand holding in b/w- people in background of shot of male actor on his own- sped up- represent time elapsing quickly without daughter Tilt shot of performer on barstool- feet upwards 52 Extreme close up 53 Long shot 54 Mid shot Lighting shall be provided by tea lights- totally dark apart from that- performer shall wear a T-shirt, open hooded jacket and jeans Eyeline match shot with Lighting on face of performer face of performer and shall be extremely bright, in audience, and then back order to signify hope being again to performer restored, whilst the audience will be dimly lit, in order to connote his separation from the world at this point in his life Jump cuts of faces of male Packing up car to go on actor and female actor’s holiday- miming eyes conversation (male actor) female actor now in shot- see actors holding hands in a ‘pact’ sort of manner from back window of car Continuity shot of male Shot shall be in colour and actor sitting on sofa again- lighting shall be low key and people walking behind him gloomy- same clothes as in and out of house- sped before- jumper and jeansup- he remains sittingmessy hair- room slowly time elapsing around him becoming more desolate and again messy
  8. 8. 55 Mid shot Tracking shot of male and female actor running through woods- expansion of time- can still only see eyes of female actor- close up of her mouth smiling Black and white- high key to resemble intense happinesswinter gear (scarves, coats and boots) actors smiling as they chase eachother- female actor still not in shot 56 Extreme close up Shot reverse shot of eyes Tear running down male actor’s face- see female actor close eyes and turn (only head in view so you still cannot tell her age) 57 Extreme long shot Male actor standing alone in woods after being leftfade into performance Winter clothes- light going from very high key to very low key as male actor is left alone and the shot fades out 58 Mid shot Panning shot of performer sitting on stool Casual clothes- jeans and hoody- still lit by candle light 59 Extreme long shot of male actor walking towards camera Handheld camera- shaky in Colour- low key light due to order to suggest instability sadness and metaphorically falling apart
  9. 9. 60 Close up shot of empty hand Empty hand of male actor as he walks away No glove- colour- low key lighting 61 Close up Graphic match of hand holding the hand of female actor Lighting immediately increases as other person is introduced again 62 Mid shot Hands slipping awayexpansion of time- male actor clasps hand into fistfrustration Fading into black and white and low key light as female actor is taken from male actor once again