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2300 week 1 2300 week 1 Presentation Transcript

  • What is public relations? COMM 2300 Week 1
  • PR DefinedO “Public relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other.” -- PRSAO Strategic conflict management
  • Basic PR PracticesO CounselingO Government affairO Employee relationsO Media relationsO Special event planning and fund-raising
  • Common Tech DutiesO Writing news releasesO Organizing news conferencesO Coordinating crisis communicationO Crafting org’s public identity/ imageO Plan + launch products/servicesO Sponsor tours, exhibitions and special eventsO Public speakingO Acting as organization spokesperson
  • Journalism & PR Journalism Public RelationsO Journalist serve general O PR specialists serve org public O Promote their client &O Avoid taking sides or advocate actions advocating O Provide info to journalists,O Control information that but don’t know how/if they goes into… use itO Rely on PR practitioners for O Depend on journalists for info coverageO Specialize in one form of O Wide range of media media O Ultimate goal: generatingO Ultimate goal: Inform Public goodwill toward client
  • PR & Advertising Advertising Public RelationsO Pay for space O FreeO Controlled space, O Artifact falls where it design, layout, etc. mayO Target audiences O Target publics
  • Marketing & PRO PR differs from marketing in the following ways; O PR builds relationships vs builds markets O PR address internal and external audiences vs. external audiences O PR is broader based rather than customer based O PR has many management/communication functions whereas marketing often limits PR to product publicity
  • PR JobsO Public relations people work for a variety of organizations. What type of organization would you prefer if you wanted to work in public relations? (page 24) O Corporations O Nonprofits O Public relations firms O Education O Independent consulting O Healthcare O Professional associations
  • 10 Qualities of a PR ProfessionalO Job placement directors say that employers are looking for 10 qualities in applicants for PR positions.O Can you name at least five of the ten qualities? (page 27)
  • Top 10 QualitiesO Good writingO IntelligenceO Cultural literacyO Know a good story when you see oneO Media savvyO ContactsO Good business senseO Broad communications experienceO Specialized experienceO Avoid career clichés
  • Check List Activity
  • A Robust ProfessionO Public Relations extends far beyond communicationO It has its roots in research and planning O Involves research management O Advocacy-Accommodation ContinuumO ROPE Model O Research, Objectives, Programming, Evaluation
  • Identifying Publics Before…O A public is any group of people tied together by some common factor.O “Unintended audiences” are called “nimbus publics”O Identify publics, then prioritize them
  • Promoting Hunger Games
  • Who are the targeted publics?
  • Potential PublicsO Media O International O DomesticO CustomersO Conferences/TradeshowsO EmployeesO Analysts
  • Identifying Targeted PublicsO http://www.youtube.com/user/UtahsHogle ZooO (August, 2012)O http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRvC9b VMX2k&feature=player_embeddedO (July, 2012)
  • Virgin GalaticO Identify five different audiences that should be targeted by Virgin Galatic.O Explain why each audience is a targeted audienceO Identify and list 5 editors and reporters that should be targeted by Virgin Galatic.
  • O How do you identify reporters and editors that should be targeted?O One free and quick way – GoogleO Google “spaceshiptwo and media coverage”O Google “spaceship two USA TODAY”