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Information Need Analysis and Search


Description of the capstone project for CPRG 105

Description of the capstone project for CPRG 105

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  • 1. Information Need Analysis and Search CPRG 105 CAPSTONE PROJECT
  • 2. Information Need  Identify a real-world person with an information need  Can be  Your employer  A relative  A friend  Even yourself  Need must be complex and require research for a variety of helpful, appropriate sources
  • 3. Information Needs can be…  Work or career related  Health or safety related  Real-world issue related (e.g., impact of fracking in the area you live)  Other complex issues that impact you or someone you know
  • 4. Past Information Need Examples  How to sustain a healthy lifestyle after diagnosis of diabetes for a mother  Educational resources available for the autistic son of a sister-in-law  How Risperidone affects the mind of a schizophrenic in a positive/negative manner (for a cousin with schizophrenia)
  • 5. Pieces of the Project  Introductory paragraph  Describe your info need  Include your research question  Why you want to research this info need  Your Search Strategy  Critique of Your Search Strategy  Your 5 sources  Citations in MLA (7th ed.) or APA (6th ed.) style  Evaluations of each source
  • 6. Introduction  In this introductory paragraph, briefly convey your information need, your research question, and why you chose to research this topic.  ~ 3-5 sentences
  • 7. Search Strategy  How did you go about searching for sources on your topic?    What search tools did you use [at least 3 different search tools] What terms / subject headings / keywords you searched What difficulties you faced
  • 8. Critique of Search Strategy  Explain what you did well and what you would improve if you had time to do so
  • 9. Source Choice  Variety of sources, appropriate for college level research:  1 Web source (for background)  2 scholarly journal articles  1 popular or trade article  1 eBook (or section of eBook)
  • 10. Citation Format  MLA 7th edition or APA 6th edition: CHOOSE ONE!  Be consistent in the style you use  Double space citations  Don’t forget hanging indent!  Citations should be in alphabetical order by author last name (title, if no author).
  • 11. Evaluation  Evaluate each source using the CRAAP Test model  Be sure to address ALL components of the CRAAP Test  Any source that you select MUST pass the CRAAP Test and be appropriate for college level research