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Haute Couture Spring 2013 Trend Report by Fashiontribes

Haute Couture Spring 2013 Trend Report by Fashiontribes



Once upon a time, there was a tale of a Fashion Fairy, a posse of tacky Real Housewives of the Harem & a town in serious need of a makeover. Stat. In this fun fashion fairytale, come journey through ...

Once upon a time, there was a tale of a Fashion Fairy, a posse of tacky Real Housewives of the Harem & a town in serious need of a makeover. Stat. In this fun fashion fairytale, come journey through the Spring 2013 Haute Couture Collections & take a trip through the top trends - both good & evil - with your friendly & expert guide, fashion critic & author Lesley Scott, Editor in Chief of Fashiontribes.com.



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    Haute Couture Spring 2013 Trend Report by Fashiontribes Haute Couture Spring 2013 Trend Report by Fashiontribes Presentation Transcript

    • Once Upon a TIME… HAUTE COUTURE SPRING 2013Trendspotted by Lesley Scott, Fashiontribes.com
    • CHANEL Once Upon a TIME…Photos: cover & above Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • VALENTINO there was a time Photo: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • JEAN PAUL GAULTIER…in searchof a Time. Photo: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • CHANELJust what wasa fashionistato do? 16th century doublet sleeve it? Photo: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • CHANEL MissHavishamit in tatters & tulle? Photo: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • CHANEL Go all matchy matchylike our 1950s sisters? Photo: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • CHANEL Sheath dress things Like we did In thePhoto: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • CHANEL Haute Hippie it?Photo: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • CHANEL Girl with a Dragon TattooPhoto: Luca Cannonieri/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • Well, if you were Karl Lagerfeld & this was CHANEL,Photo: Todd Eberle via source. then…pretty much Y-E-S. To all.
    • JEAN PAULGAULTIER So fashionistas looked East.Photo: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • MAISON MARTIN MARGIELATheylookedWest. Photo: Alessandro Viero/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • They GIAMBATTISTAlooked VALLI North. Photo: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • ULYANASERGEEKNO They lookedPhoto: Marcus Tondo/InDigitalteam | Gorunway South.
    • VALENTINOThey looked high. Photo: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • ATELIERVERSACE …& theyPhoto: Marcus Tondo/InDigitalteam | Gorunway looked low.
    • CHRISTIAN DIOR Some even slapped on some gloves…Photo: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • & wentdigging in the CHRISTIAN DIOR Photo: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • ULYANASERGEEKNO And some stopped searching. Entirely.Photo: Marcus Tondo/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • Throwing up their handsmelodramaticall y, they sacrificed the curtains
    • JEAN PAUL GAULTIER It appeared that the Real Housewives of the HaremPhoto: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • Were nowsetting the fashion trends. EGAD
    • ARMANI PRIVE Even the Emperor of Eleganc ePhoto: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • was under the nasty sway of…
    • girlsgonewild!
    • JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Had good tastePhoto: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway simply…
    • JEAN PAUL GAULTIER … left thePhoto: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway building?
    • for Forgood good? ?
    • Forgood?
    • Suddenly…There was a blindi ng *FLAS
    • ALEXIS MABILLEA vision of… candy pink poufiness*materialized* with some serious shizzle! Photo: Yannis Vlamos/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • Assessingher dress… the pinkpoufy vision shook herhead. “Too, too, tooMUCH!” she muttered.
    • Another blinding*FLASH* followed.
    • GIAMBATTISTAVALLI She reappeared, wearing something new. “Better, but…”Photo: Marcus Tondo/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • *FLAS H*
    • She sighed. CHRISTIAN DIOR“Pretty, but too, um, poufy. For now.” Photo: Marcus Tondo/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • *FLAS H*
    • VALENTINO “Beautiful …but not poufy enough.”Photo: Marcus Tondo/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • *FLAS H*
    • ELIE SAAB*head shake* “Hmmm … trousers perhaps? Photo: Yannis Vlamos/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • *FLAS H*
    • ATELIERVERSACE “Maybe for when… I’m off duty,” mused the Fashion Fairy.Photo: Marcus Tondo/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • *FLASH*
    • CHRISTIAN DIOR“Ooh, perfect…for my ‘surprise’birthday tea next week!2,500 already?! How time flies… Like me,” she added, cracking herself up. Photo: Marcus Tondo/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • *FLASH *
    • BOUCHRA JARRAR “Hmmm, I know black is back, but…”Photo: Marcus Tondo/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • *FLAS H*
    • ALEXIS “Perfect!” MABILLESatisfied (finally!) she nodded & did a quick twirl for stunned onlookers. Photo: Yannis Vlamos/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • SILENCE gave way to mayhem as the crowd Photos: Joan Rivers; Fergie; Drew Barrymore; Anna Wintour exPLOded!
    • Quickly the Fashio n Fairy wiggled her
    • Instantly Everyone In the crowdWas wearing…
    • CHANELA brandnew ARMANI PRIVE Outfit! Photos: Marcus Tondo/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • CHRISTIAN GIAMBATTIS VALENTI ELIE TA NODIOR SAAB VALLIPhotos: Dior; Valli; Valentino - Marcus Tondo; Saab - Yannis Vlamos - / InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • Wow!Everyone was rocking Haute Couture! *FLASH*
    • MAISON JEAN ATELIERMARTIN PAUL VERSACEMARGIELA GAULTIERPhotos: Margiela - Alessandro Garofalo; Versace - Marcus Tondo; Gaultier - Yannis Vlamos - / InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • CHRISTI “Well now…ANDIOR that’s certainly better,” beamed the Fashion Fairy. (She herself had changed outfits yetPhoto: Marcus Tondo/InDigitalteam | Gorunway again.)
    • In particular, her… hair, makeup + footwearCHRISTIANDIOR Photos: beauty - Gianni Pucci; shoes - Luca Cannonieri / InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • Glancingatherifyouhavetoaskyoucantaffordit Flying Tourbillon
    • VALENTINO She insta-changed Into a gorgeous lipstick red cocktail frock. “Oh, I’m so late,” she muttered. “Late LATE LATE! VALENTINOPhoto: Marcus Tondo/InDigitalteam | Gorunway Again.”
    • VALENTINO Adjusting yet… another pair of shoes & new coiffure…Photos: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • JEAN PAULGAULTIER She wiggled her nose. Photo: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • *FLAS Instantly, H* everyone was In RED.
    • CHRISTIAN ELIE ARMANI ALEXIS SAAB MABILLEDIOR PRIVE Photos: Dior, Armani - Marcus Tondo; Saab & Mabille - Yannis Vlamos - / InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • CHANEL“Hmm…maybe… Photo: Marcus Tondo/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • CHANEL Black & whitePhotos: beauty - Luca Cannonieri; boots - Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway Instead?
    • ELIESAAB& just like that…
    • Everyon ewas in BLACK & WHITE.
    • CHRISTIAN JEAN PAUL BOUCHRA VALENTINO DIOR GAULTIER JARRARPhotos: Dior, Bouchra Jarrar & Valentino - Marcus Tondo; Gaultier - Yannis Vlamos / InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • ARMANI PRIVE “Or perhaps color,” she mused.Photo: Marcus Tondo/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • Patting her latest ‘do, she pirouetted and preened, admiring herself in the full length mirror that bobbed along behind her. ARMANI PRIVEPhoto: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • She beganarguing with her reflection abouther shoes, which she liked. Her reflection felt otherwise. ARMANI
    • The crowd grew restless and theFairy glanced up surprised. (It was obvious she had forgotten aboutthem.) She pursed her lips prettily and wiggled her nose.
    • *FLAS H*
    • JEAN MAISON ATELIER CHRISTIANPAUL MARTIN VERSACE DIORGAULTI MARGIELAPhotos: Gaultier - Yannis Vlamos; Margiela - Alessandro Garofalo; Versace & Dior - Marcus Tondo; / InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • “Or not.” ULYANA SERGEENKO For a nano-second *Ka*BOOM who she resembled a superhero forgot her pants.
    • VALENTINO “I simply can’t decide!” She added. “So I won’t! Besides…Photo: Marcus Tondo/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • *FLAS H*
    • ALEXIS MABILLE I’m late …again.”The Fashion Fairy sighed.“What shall I Photo: Yannis Vlamos/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • *FLAS H*
    • VALENTINO “Yes. This’ll do. Nicely!” Satisfied, she again twirled for by- standers. Who were still stunned, but now Photo: Yannis Vlamos/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • VALENTINOThe embroideredbutterflies onher dressfluttered happily.From inside their tulle cage, the birds chirped & Photo: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • VALENTINO This pleased the Fashion Fairy immensely. She tilted her head & closed her eyes, listening to the soft sartorialPhoto: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway serenade.
    • & then…*FLAS
    • She vanishedin a puff of smoke & the faint echo of what sounded like “See ya next TIME!” THE END VALENTINO Photo: Gianni Pucci/InDigitalteam | Gorunway
    • About Lesley ScottLesley is the EIC of Fashiontribes.com.She harbors a raccoon-like love of all things shiny & purdy & has been blogging about it for the last decade. (Yes, there was Internet 10 years ago. Smartass.)Her latest book, How to Work withBloggers, covers the Dark Arts ofcorralling cats for fame, fortune &fabulousne$$.
    • Really, I don’t bite. InStalk earnest. (Unlike my puppyboo, me! Cassandra.) I’m all over the usual Social Media suspects every day so please reach out. Blog Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Pinterest Email: Lesley