Fundamentals Training Centre Company Profile & Course Information


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Fundamentals Training Centre Company Profile & Course Information

  1. 1. ISO 9001:2008 certified The Fundamentals Training Centre Certified by the International Organisation for Standardisation ISO 9001: 2008 Certified by BEE Verification CC BBBEE Status Level 3 Fully accredited by the ETDP SETA (Accreditation number ETDP10163) CELEBRATE LEARNING!
  2. 2. ISO 9001:2008 certified COMPANY ACCREDITATION ETDP SETA ISO 9001:2008 BBBEE CERTIFICATE This is the official state structure who quality assures training programmes provided in the education, training and development sector e.g. Training-of-Trainers. The ISO 9000 standard represents an international consensus on good quality management practices. It consists of standards and guidelines relating to quality management systems and related supporting standards. FTC is certified as having met these standards. Certified by the International Organisation for Standardisation ISO 9001:2008 Fully accredited by the ETDP SETA (Accreditation number ETDP10163) Certified by BEE Verification CC BBBEE Status Level 3 BEE (Broad Based Black Employment Equity) code certifies that we have met the standard within the South African national framework for black economic empowerment.
  3. 3. ISO 9001:2008 certified THE FUNDAMENTALS TRAINING CENTRE BACKGROUND WHAT DO WE DO OUR MISSION OUR VISION FTC has been in existence for four years delivering quality leadership and management training programmes to government, communities and corporates. We provide leadership and management programmes for corporate, government and communitiesWe consistently provide quality needs-based learning programmes that are geared towards helping participants achieve their professional and career goals. An internationally acclaimed leadership and management training provider OWNERS NOEL DANIELS Holds a M.A in Education Administration and Management from the University of Carlifornia, Berkeley. Noel serves on the Board of the Regional Chamber of Commerce in his capacity as the Chairperson of the Athlone & Cape Flats Chapter. He also is the Chairperson of African Development Options, a not-for-profit organisation active in the areas of poverty alleviation and employment creation. HOWARD JOHNSON Howard started One World Language School (OWLS) in 1998. He is a qualified teacher and trained as an English Foreign Language teacher in London. He was founding chairperson of English Language Travel Association (ELTASA) and is the current chairperson of South Africa Tourism Services Association (SATSA), Western Cape.
  4. 4. ISO 9001:2008 certified FTC’s TRACK RECORD Robben Island Museum Western Cape Education Department City Of Cape Town C.A.R.E. International South Africa Oil and Gas Alliance Department of Public Works Schlumberger University of Cape Town Chevron Road Accident Fund Our clients include:
  5. 5. ISO 9001:2008 certified FTC’s UNIQUE SELLING POINTS The way we structure and deliver our courses The programmes we are able to offer Our accreditation status Our people Our systems and facilities Our networks Our Customers
  6. 6. ISO 9001:2008 certified THE WAY WE STUCTURE AND DELIVER OUR COURSES Our courses are tailored to client’s needs Our course structure is flexible and designed to match clients needs in terms of time and budget FTC produces its own materials and on an as-needed basis can source reputable materials on the open market We are able to provide on-site training ( e.g. client’s premises) at no extra cost within the Cape Metropole
  7. 7. ISO 9001:2008 certified OUR CUSTOMERS We have a sophisticated feedback systems that seriously responds to the needs and satisfaction levels of our clients Our leadership and management courses are attended by large multinationals who find value in our service We have a repeat business rate in excess of 80%
  8. 8. ISO 9001:2008 certified OUR ACCREDITATION STATUS We are fully accredited by the ETDP SETA We are one of two private training providers in South Africa that has ISO 9001:2008 certification We hold BBBEE level 3 status with 100% Black Ownership and a 110% Procurement Recognition level
  9. 9. ISO 9001:2008 certified OUR NETWORKS We are members of a number of organisations including the Cape Regional Chamber of Commerce, the South African Oil and Gas Alliance the Education Coalition of South Africa and the South African Youth Travel Confederation Collectively, FTC’s owners, staff and associates are able to draw on a wide range of influential role-players through their active involvement in education, training and development for more than 30 years
  10. 10. ISO 9001:2008 certified OUR SYSTEMS AND FACILITIES We are the proud owners of our own offices Our conducive training facilities are located in a quiet and central part of Cape Town on the Klipfontein Corridor Our Quality Management System meets international standards
  11. 11. ISO 9001:2008 certified OUR PEOPLE We employ a core team of exceptional individuals We have access to more than 300 highly qualified and experienced trainers specialising in a wide range of course content who meet our stringent performance standards We provide experiential learning opportunities for local and international university students The Managing Director, Noel Daniels, has over 30 years experience in education, training and development in the private and public sectors
  12. 12. ISO 9001:2008 certified THE PROGRAMMES WE ARE ABLE TO OFFER Leadership and Management Business Communication Business Administration Human Resource Management Customer Relationship Management Peer Relationship Management Financial Management Anti-bias and Diversity Train the Trainer Personal Growth Development
  13. 13. ISO 9001:2008 certified LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT This programme addresses the day to day challenges that managers face in implementing the latest ideas and theories in the workplace Courses offered include: Becoming an Effective Manager, Applied Project Management, Leadership and Management in the African Context, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Mentor and Manage Mentoring programmes
  14. 14. ISO 9001:2008 certified BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION This programme is design to develop skills for the efficient and effective administrative and financial running of a department in a large or small organisation Courses offered include: Business Administration, Business Contract Management, Office Administration and Management, and Secretarial and Administrative Skills
  15. 15. ISO 9001:2008 certified BUSINESS COMMUNICATION This programme is especially designed for people who need to improve the range of English language techniques used by those in leadership and management positions Courses offered include: International Business, Communication, Developing Funding Proposals, Presentation Skills, Minute-taking, Business Writing Skills and Report Writing
  16. 16. ISO 9001:2008 certified INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Professional Writing Skills Speaking with Confidence The International Business Communication course has been specifically design for international delegates comprising:
  17. 17. ISO 9001:2008 certified CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT The focus of this programme is on improving relationship between companies and their clients and to improve the standards of the service that the company provides Courses offered include: Customer Service, Skills and Techniques for Successful Selling, Customer Relationship Management and Marketing on a Limited Budget
  18. 18. ISO 9001:2008 certified HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT This programme focuses on how companies and organisation can ensure that they source and retain the human capital it needs while deriving optimal performance from this critical resource Courses offered include: Strategic Human Resource Management, Induction and Recruitment and Selection
  19. 19. ISO 9001:2008 certified PEER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT The premise of this programme is that building and maintaining relationships are essential at all levels of society, from the individual and family to nations and the world. Developing and enhancing relationships with peers impact on personal and business success Courses offered include: Conflict Management, Time and Stress Management, Integrated Life Management, Negotiation Skills, Team Building and Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  20. 20. ISO 9001:2008 certified ANTI-BIAS AND DIVERSITY FOR DELEGATES STUDYING, WORKING AND LIVING IN MULTI-CULTURAL CONTEXTS This course, which forms part of our Anti-bias and Diversity programme, is specifically designed to assist students to develop critical thinking about diversity, identity and culture Topics include: Understanding the issues of culture; Exploring culture and cross-cultural communication barriers and solutions, and; Strategies to create an harmonious working environment
  21. 21. ISO 9001:2008 certified ANTI-BIAS AND DIVERSITY FOR EXPATRIATES WORKING AND LIVING IN MULTI-CULTURAL CONTEXTS This training course is designed specifically to assist expatriates to develop critical thinking about diversity, identity and culture in the workplace Topics include: Understanding issues of culture, diversity and identity; African culture and its impact on multi-cultural working environments, and; Cross-cultural communication
  22. 22. ISO 9001:2008 certified FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT This programme is designed to assist participants who need to be able to understand financial systems and processes whether they have a financial background or not Courses offered include: Financial Management for All; Risk and Fraud Management; Forensic Auditing; Banking and Banking Systems; Basic Bookkeeping, and; Financial Auditing
  23. 23. ISO 9001:2008 certified TRAIN THE TRAINER This programme is designed to train participants (aspirant and current trainers) to develop the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and values so that they can facilitate skills transfer effectively through a well- structured and varied programme of learning Courses offered include: Presentation Skills; Facilitator Skills; Plan learning programmes, and; Methodologies for Education and Training Events
  24. 24. ISO 9001:2008 certified PERSONAL GROWTH DEVELOPMENT This programme focuses on self-development processes for individuals to function optimally on a on a personal and professional level, in all facets of life Courses offered include: Problem Solving and Decision Making; Personal Marketing; Creative Writing; Goal Setting; Applied Critical Thinking, and; The Theory of Self-Imposed Limitations
  25. 25. ISO 9001:2008 certified FTC FACILITATORS All trainers undergo regular monitoring and evaluation We have access to more than 300 highly qualified trainers Our trainers are specialists in a wide range of fields and are drawn from all sectors: business, academic, government and developmental organisations, for example All trainers meet our stringent performance standards It is required that our trainers have a thorough understanding of adult learning and that they can apply appropriate methodologies
  27. 27. ISO 9001:2008 certified FTC CAN PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING Accommodation Airport transfers Shuttle service to training venue Sight seeing tours Company site visits, relevant to occupational interests Catering Flight arrangements For the client’s account:
  28. 28. ISO 9001:2008 certified FTC WEBSITE Visit for more information HOME PAGE INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMMES SITE
  29. 29. ISO 9001:2008 certified The Fundamentals Training Centre CELEBRATE LEARNING! ADDRESS: 17 Garlandale Crescent Garlandale, Cape Town, 7764 PO Box 20, Rondebosch, 7701 Tel: ++27 (0)21 696 5003 Fax: ++27 (0)21 696 5002 EMAIL: WEBSITE: “Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.” Lord Brougham, House of Commons, Jan 29, 1828