Around The Whip City- November 2012


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November's Newsletter: Around the Whip City. News and information about Westfield, MA shared by Lesley Lambert of Park Square Realty

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Around The Whip City- November 2012

  1. 1. WfCity Hall59 Court StreetWestfield, MA 01085 est ieldNovember 2012 Business Focused ♦ Community Driven Message from Mayor Knapik We begin on Monday, November On Saturday night, December 8th 26th with the Lanternlight Parade that we will have Latkes & Lights, Mark your calendars for December ends with the lighting of the 22-foot beginning with lighting the Menorah 12th, 6:30 pm at South Middle School. holiday tree across from the soldiers and then going to the Amelia Park At this time an important public monument. Just one more year at Children’s Museum to enjoy Latkes. meeting will take place to unveil the this location while we wait for the plans for the redevelopment of Elm grass to take hold on the Park Square These are just a sampling of what’s Street, specifically 80 Elm Street where Green. happening in Westfield. All of these demolition has begun. events can be found by visiting the On Sunday, December 2nd there is Westfield on Weekends web site. This will be your opportunity to see a special stage performance of A what the plans currently are, what they Christmas Carol performed by the are not, and what you would like them great-great grandson of Charles to be. It is your chance to make Dickens. suggestions to what you would like to see in the downtown. Saturday, December 8th is a special day in Westfield as we have the December also welcomes to Dickens Stroll throughout the Westfield the 9th Annual Dickens Days. downtown. If you have not had the The events that takes place this month chance to come downtown to see the have become known throughout the new stores and sidewalks, this is your region and this year is no exception. opportunity. City Council Meeting Highlights October 18th and November 1st, 2012 PASSED: Inside This Issue: Appointment of Meghan Miller as Pioneer Valley Westfield City Treasurer Rider Training 2 Adopted Memorandum of Understanding for Joint Development The Batters Master Plan for the Westfield Elm Box 3 Street Redevelopment & Intermodel Westfield Glass Transportation Center. Company 4 Accepted grants from MassDOT Aeronautics Division for Airport noise Wreaths Across mitigation program. America 5 Accepted donations to the Westfield Bonus Pages Animal Shelter. Shop Downtown Accepted job description for Director This Month Westfield 6 of Community Development.
  2. 2. November 2012 Business Focused ♦ Community Driven Not sure if a full weekend course is the right step for you? Find out if riding is for you, Introduction to Motorcycling is designed specifically for the brand new motorcycle rider. This is a two hour, hands on, private lesson which introduces brand new riders to the Pioneer Valley Rider Training activity of motorcycling. Class sizes are a 1:1 student to coach ratio with a certified Motorcycle Safety 1029 North Road - Westfield, MA Foundation (MSF) Rider Coach. The pace is slow, 413-525-0049 allowing maximum time for coaching, skill development and confidence building. If you are Did you know that one of the best motorcycle riding unsure of your abilities, or unsure if motorcycle riding training schools in the north east is right here in our own is the right activity for you, or if you just want to take a Westfield? People come from all over the state to attend more gradual approach to learning to ride, consider one of the rider safety programs. Whether you are a the Introduction to Motorcycling course. beginner or an experienced rider, there is a course for everyone at Pioneer Valley Rider Training. On the other hand, even if you are an experienced rider, there’s always something new to learn. The school was founded 13 years ago by John and Increasing numbers of seasoned riders are flocking to Cindy Peles. John is a life long motorcycle enthusiast, and the six-hour Experienced Rider Course to hone their wanted to integrate his passion for riding with safety and proficiency and fine-tune the mental skills needed for solid riding skills, and make this fun way of life available to expertise in traffic. everyone. All instructors have many years of riding experience and have been through a rigorous training program at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). Both beginner and experienced level courses are held on the weekends beginning in April continuing through November. Motorcycles are provided, and helmets are also available if you do not have your own. In one weekend, you can go from being a novice rider to acquiring your M class license and being ready to ride your own bike. Qualified graduates of either the Basic Perhaps one of the most satisfying comments the Rider Course or the Experienced Rider Course are eligible instructors hear about these courses is that not only to receive their motorcycle license or endorsement. This does the school improve one’s motorcycle skills, the exempts these graduates from the Registry of Motor courses dramatically improve one’s overall driving Vehicle road test (and related $20 fee).
 Statewide skills. Teaching people to anticipate, scan ahead, and approximately 95% of students successfully complete the drive defensively are perhaps some of the greatest course the first time. skills anyone can learn when on the roads today. Taking a motorcycle safety class is not only fun but will If you wish to obtain a motorcycle license at the end of put some great driving skills in your tool belt. the course, an applicant must first obtain their motorcycle learner’s permit, which is a multiple-choice exam at the Motorcycle manufacturers such as BMW, Ducati, Department of Motor Vehicles. You do not have to have a Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, permit to take the course. Once you have your permit, Piaggio/Vespa, Suzuki, Vengeance, Victory and Yamaha you are ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime provide tuition reimbursements or other incentives for and a weekend of fun and learning. The course time is students who successfully complete a Rider one third in the classroom, and two-thirds time on the Course. Check with the manufacturer or your local range riding a motorcycle; so all riders learn both dealer for current incentive programs. classroom fundamentals and also have hands-on learning time. For more information, or to register for a class, check out our website: Happy trails! 2 │ Page
  3. 3. November 2012 Business Focused ♦ Community Driven Daniel and Tim, also known as T.K. on the Westfield High Baseball team, worked at the opening too, feeding the pitching machines with baseballs and instructed the younger players. Frank, their middle son also contributed to the success of the day by creating the website, logo and informational brochure! Over 200 visitors welcomed The Batter’s Box, the The Batter’s Box is a place where players of all agesbrand new baseball and softball training facility, to and abilities can come to improve on their game. ThisWestfield on October 6, 2012! training center offers five cages, three with 70-footOpening day was a huge success and assured Owner, tunnels and two that are 50-feet long. Each one has aTim Kelleher that this was exactly what the youth of pitcher’s mound, pitching machine, a bucket of balls,Westfield needed! a “L” screen and of course a “batter’s box.” The most important assets however, are the coaching staff. With his passion in coaching and Westfield being Tim says “there is surely no shortage in Westfield forsuch a sports oriented town, Tim felt this was the knowledgeable baseball and softball instructors!” Theperfect idea! name Jachym, and Westfield baseball go hand in hand. Coach Jachym, former WHS player and coach Tim and his wife Gina had looked at locations and has years of experience and is part of their coachingresearched this business for over two years before staff. Along with Coach Rob Atkocaitis, Coach Briandeciding on the current location. Tim has coached in McCann, and Coach Jeff Pluta, Batter’s Box has theWestfield for over 30 years and starting the business best of the best!here was a no-brainer. Tim says Westfield has such alarge base of baseball and softball enthusiasts and a Coach Kelleher knew that in order to continue tovery rich history as well. compete at a level that Westfield has traditionally competed at, an indoor facility within the city was a Tim feels that sports are a great tool to use in raising must! No longer will baseball and softball be a warmchildren, and that many life lessons are learned by weather sport in Westfield. The city now has a greatplaying a sport like baseball. Having raised four children new asset to the community where the sports can bein Westfield, Tim and Gina knew the importance of practiced all year round. The Batter’s Box will workgetting involved. Tim often began a season inspiring his with people individually or can accommodate anplayers to “Work hard, Improve, and Have fun!” Tim’s entire team!son Frank, to his surprise used those very words in hisgraduation speech for WHS. Tim has passed on his love for baseball to hischildren, and it showed in the preparation of openingday! The whole Kelleher family was on hand for thegrand opening of The Batter’s Box. Tim and GinaKelleher’s children each brought their own personalstrengths to the plate! Their daughter Allison wasthere to greet and keep visitors informed. Their sons 3│ Page
  4. 4. November 2012 Business Focused ♦ Community Driven 1 Montgomery Street ♦ Westfield 413-562-2505 Mon-Thursday 8 am -5 pm Friday 8am-4:30 pm, Saturday – Seasonal For three generations and nearly 70 years, the Westfield glass specializes in all types of auto Jarret family has been providing Westfield and glass. They offer professional installation of surrounding towns not only glass, but fast, reliable windshields, windows and side view mirrors. They will service with that personal, small business install your auto-glass with same day service in a touch. Northside Glass was founded by Robert Jarret in climate controlled shop where you can be assured that 1945, and in 1972 David Jarret Sr. joined his Father to your installation will be done properly. They even bill expand the business and make it thrive. your insurance company directly, no waiting and no hassle! They can diagnose and repair most car window Dave Jarret, Jr. started working right alongside his problems if your window just won’t go up or down. father learning the trade, and knows how to get the job done right, on time, and at the right price. In 2001, David’s goals for the future are optimistic and since when Dave Jarret, Jr.’s father retired, and Dave carried he is the only son, he hopes to have his son work with on with the business and continues to provide his him in the future like he did with his father. customers with the very best products and Dave hopes the bridge will re open soon, and invites services! Westfield Glass has been on the hill, 1 everyone to view his website and to come in to visit! Montgomery Street and in the same location since they first opened back 70 years ago. Their services include, but are not limited to: commercial storefronts, tabletops, screens, mirrors, plexiglass, patio door glass and insulated glass. Westfield Glass is known for their work, especially when it comes to storm door replacement glass, home and replacement windows, and windshield replacement. They also offer fireplace and woodstove glass replacement, large mirrors for gyms or dance studios, door mirrors, bathroom mirrors and pattern glass. They also replace insulated units in your window if your double pane window is fogged or if moisture is trapped between the panes. 4│ Page
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