May 2012 Around The Whip City, Westfield, MA


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Around The Whip City Newsletter May 2012
Westfield, MA 01085

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May 2012 Around The Whip City, Westfield, MA

  1. 1. WfCity Hall59 Court StreetWestfield, MA 01085 est ieldMay 2012 Business Focused ♦ Community Driven Westfield News during the month of a series of changes, they can Message from Mayor Knapik June. dramatically increase their visibility in the marketplace and provide their As we get closer to the month of customers with a great shopping June, so too we are closer to seeing experience. the completion of our “Municipal Makeover”. We will continue to feature our merchant success stories in upcoming To celebrate the completion of the issues of this newsletter. You will also Great River Bridge project the City will have a chance to see the results first be welcoming Governor Deval Patrick hand when the Westfield Business on June 29th for an official ceremony. Somewhat behind the scenes has Improvement District hosts another The festivities will take place on the been the continuation of the Shopping Evening on June 29th, 4:00 brick terrace of the South side of the successful Best Retail Practices pm -7:00 pm. bridge and extend across the river. program, funded by the Community Development Block Grant. This Lastly, June will see the completion This celebration will be part of a program provides an opportunity for of the Chapman Playground, series of events to celebrate the our downtown merchants to meet complete with a new Spray Park. rebirth of the City and the promise of one-on-one with a retail specialist. continued opportunities. Look for a The merchant receives a complete There is no better time to be part of complete listing of events in the customized report on how, by making the Westfield community! City Council Meeting Highlights April 5th, and April 19th, 2012 •ACCEPTED: $954,000 Grant for the •ACCEPTED: $74,029 from the Hazard Inside This Issue: construction of a new perimeter Mitigation Grant Program to the road in conjunction with the Engineering Department for the Williams GRP and EMS Gulfstream Expansion Project . Riding Way Flood Control Pump Station. Update 2 •ACCEPTED: $7,360 Gift for the •Appointment and Reappointments Children’s Learning Approved: World 3 Tornado Gift account . •Caitlyn Blanchard- Youth Commission Glitz Glamour •ACCEPTED: Donation in the •Andrea Pianka-Citizens with ‘n Elegance 4 amount of $250.00 to the Mayor’s Disabilities Easter Egg Hunt account from the •Michael Reinhagen-Citizens with Kiwanis Club of Westfield. Disabilities •Ramona Flynn-Cultural Council •Dawn Sienkiewicz-Parks and Recreation Commission •Edward Watson-Cable TV Commission Follow Economic •Melisha Weldon-Youth Commission Development Activities •Albert G. Giguere, Jr.-Flood Control Commission
  2. 2. May 2012 Business Focused ♦ Community Driven PROJECTS CURRENTLY INCLUDED IN THE CITY OF WESTFIELD’S GRP PROGRAM:  Highland Elementary: Roof & Boiler Replacement MSBA grant = $371,726W elcome to the first of our biweekly Green Repair Program andEnergy Management Service Community Reports. Our intent is to  Southampton Elementary: Roof & Boiler Replacement MSBA grant = $520,251inform you of what projects will be occurring and when they will  Westfield High School: Boiler Replacementoccur at the various municipal buildings that are included in the MSBA grant = $803,010GRP and EMS projects. We hope not to impede or disrupt the  Westfield Vo-Tech: Roof, Window & Boilercommunity and your daily activities, however you may see and/or Replacementhear various construction sounds and vehicles at different times MSBA grant = $5,296,989over the next several months.  Papermill Elementary: Boiler Replacement MSBA grant = $348,706This report will also provide you with an avenue for askingquestions and having them answered. Any questions you havespecifically regarding the GRP and EMS programs can besubmitted through the City of Westfields Project Management firm(P3) via email to and we will provide ananswer in the next report. For now, lets start at the beginning...W hat is GRP and EMS? PROJECTS CURRENTLY INCLUDED IN THE The Green Repair Program (GRP) is an initiative provided to CITY OF WESTFIELD’S EMS PROGRAM:cities and towns in Massachusetts with public school buildings that  Police Department: Boiler Replacementhave an immediate need for repair or replacement of  Southampton Fire Department: Boiler Replacementwindows/doors, roofs, and/or boilers. This is a reimbursable  Western Ave Fire Dept Garage: Boiler Replacementprogram directed by the Massachusetts School Building Authority.  Westfield Area Head Start: HVAC UpgradesThe City of Westfield was invited into the program enabling them to  Police Department: Roof Replacementcomplete the necessary repairs at the schools listed in the side bar  Fire Headquarters: Roof Replacementat right.  Athenaeum Library: Chiller Replacement  Franklin School: Roof ReplacementEnergy Management Services (EMS) are provided by companies  Westfield High School: Lighting Upgradesin order to assist building owners in developing energy conscious  Westfield City Hall: A/C Installationand financially efficient facilities. The programs offered by thesespecialized companies guarantee a savings to the building owner. UPCOMING CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITIESIf the guaranteed savings are not achieved, the EMS providerreturns the shortfall. The City of Westfield appropriated $17M for May 15 - Vo-Tech High School: Cupola restorationenergy managed mechanical upgrades to building systems such work will begin as it is least disruptive to the in-session educational high efficiency boilers, roof top unit ventilators and energyrecovery controls, and electrical system upgrades. June 1 - Vo-Tech High School: Abatement of hazardous materials in the line ofThe coordination and combination of these two programs - GRP construction, demolition of the existingand EMS - allows the City of Westfield to fully maximize the return windows on the upper campus, (1930’son their investment while providing much needed repairs, building), and removal of 5 boilers throughoutimprovements and upgrades to their Municipal buildings. the buildings. 2 │ Page
  3. 3. May 2012 Business Focused ♦ Community Driven Several arts and crafts for different projects fill the store, and all of Cheryl’s children work, or have worked in this store at different times in their lives. The Children’s Learning World carries Melissa and Doug, a popular company that has a multitude of different games, puzzles, puppets, arts and crafts, along with outdoor things, such as pails and shovels, bubbles, etc. They also have publishing companies for teachers and for home; Carson Dellosa, The Monday – Friday: 10 am – 6 pm Mailbox, Trend and Evan Moor, just to name a few! Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm Closed Sunday Phone: 413-538-9800 The Children’s Learning World, owned by CherylThivierge, in the Hampton Ponds Plaza on 1029North Road is your #1 resource for all youreducational needs! They say that you always excel in what you have apassion for in life, and Cheryl’s story is the primeexample. Cheryl was shopping at the HamptonPonds Plaza one day at a store called Hammetts Cheryl’s goal is for parents as well as teachers toLearning World. As she was checking out, Cheryl have a place to go when they need resources forasked the cashier for an application for her daughter. their children or students, whether it is a home orAt that time, her eldest daughter was 17 years old. public schooled child, they can be assured to haveSoon after, her daughter started working there, and the resources they need to do a project ornearly a year later rumor had it that the store was workbooks for extra help. Children’s Learning Worldgoing to close. This store sold a lot of educational has things from decorating a classroom to puzzlesmaterials not only for the parents, but for teachers and games for children. They also have games andas well. Cheryl’s daughter would come home from puzzles for adults! This is a business that Cherylwork and tell her how upset the teachers were that knows families need to help in their childrensthis store was going to close. This was the turning education, big or small, preschool to high school andpoint for Cheryl, and she was upset this store was then some! She hopes to be here in Westfield for agoing to close because she was one of the parents long time!who frequently shopped there. Cheryl’s daughter would always say “Mom, youneed to start your own business!” So the seed wasplanted. Growing up, Cheryl’s Father had owned afew businesses, and she would work for him. Shehad always wanted to own a business of her ownsome day. Cheryl felt that this store was the perfectbusiness to own. All the doors opened towards thisopportunity, and Cheryl officially opened up onFebruary 28th 2005, changing the name to ChildrensLearning World. 3│ Page
  4. 4. May 2012 Business Focused ♦ Community Driven She knew this business was what she truly loved and Stephanie had been asked on many occasions by her customers if she had a storefront. After discussing with her husband and family, the decision was made to follow her dream and open a store front. Thanks to family and friends, a loving and very supportive husband, a wonderful Mom who’s always willing to help to make dreams come true, a Father 160 Elm Street 413-642-1443 that’s always there to lend a hand, and everyone Monday – Saturday Closed Sunday else who helped make her dream come true, Glitz Glamour n’ Elegance opened their doors on Stephanie got it done! Stephanie decided to bring160 Elm Street on April 6, 2012, just in time for the store to Westfield because the demographics arewedding season! Glitz Glamour n’ Elegance, owned great for the market. Stephanie is still changing andby Stephanie Wesolowski is a full service florist and improving things in the store everyday. She wants itbridal accessories boutique. They have hand made to be just right!custom designed items that can be ordered for eachwedding, special events, or special gift occasion.Beautiful items fill her display cases, including hairpieces, clips, jewelry and floral arrangements. GlitzGlamour n’ Elegance will hand craft items if youneed a gift to walk out with or just want to buyyourself a special gift. These designs includeSwarovski crystal and sterling silver. Her current goal is to continue selling her customers quality products at a reasonable price. Everyone who came out for the grand opening was very welcoming and offered so much information to help her succeed in Westfield. She has received a wonderful response from customers and has already booked two weddings since she’s opened. Since she was a little girl, Stephanie has had apassion for floral and accessory design. Growing upshe loved flowers and always helped her parentsmaintain their gardens. She was able to arrangethem as she wanted, and now with owning her ownhome she has gardens filled with flowers! Prior to Add a touch of Glitz, Glamour n Elegance to youropening the shop, she was working full time as an special event! Reserve your wedding date today,accounts payable manager and running the Glitz, theyre filling up quickly!Glamour n’ Elegance business out of her home since2008. Visit them online at “Like” them on facebook For personal appointment: Call 642-1443 or email 4│ Page Phone orders and walk-ins are welcome!