Christmas in great britain


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Christmas in great britain

  1. 1. Start of Advent…1st DecemberChristmas Eve…24th DecemberChristmas Day…25th DecemberBoxing Day…26th DecemberNew Years Eve…31st DecemberNew Years Day…1st January12th Day of Christmas…6th January
  2. 2. We have an advent calendar to start counting down the days until Christmas day.We put up a Christmas Tree and decorate it with tinsel and baubles.We decorate the inside and outside of our houses with lights and tinsel.We send Christmas cards to wish our friends and family a Merry Christmas.We have Nativity plays performed by children (similar to pastorets)
  3. 3.  Some people go to church on Christmas Eve, the service is called The Christingle. Children leave a Mince Pie and a glass of milk or Sherry for Father Christmas and a carrot for Rudolph. Children (and adults) are very excited on Christmas Eve. Children leave a stocking for Father Christmas to put some presents in. Children believe that Father Christmas comes down the chimney to leave the presents under the tree.
  4. 4. Lots of families have their own traditions but here are the main ones: Families sit around the Christmas Tree to open the presents in the morning. We eat big meal at about 3 o’clock called Christmas Dinner. We eat a lot of food over the Christmas Period. In the evening, we relax and watch Christmas Television and play board games.
  5. 5. We visit our families and exchange more presentsWe eat leftovers (food that we didn’t eat on Christmas Day)We relax and play more games.Boxing Day is a Bank holiday (nobody has to go to work)
  6. 6. We have big parties all over the country to celebrate the new year.The biggest party is in LondonNew Years Day is a Bank Holiday (nobody goes to work)
  7. 7. On Christmas day we eat turkey/goose/chicken/beef.We eat a lot of vegetables: roast potatoes, sausages wrapped in bacon, Brussels sprouts, carrots, broccoli, stuffing, parsnips and lots more.For pudding we eat Christmas Pudding (fruit cake)People make Mince Pies or Trifle or Yule log (a rolled sponge cake)We eat nuts throughout December and January.
  8. 8. Carol singers go around people’s houses to collect money for Charity.There are a lot of Christmas songsThey are very popular in December.There are also a lot of Christmas films that we watch every year
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