Me aiesec and the world


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Me aiesec and the world

  1. 1. Leonardo Silveira
  2. 2. In general, presentations follow the order:
  3. 3. Me AIESEC World
  4. 4. But I’d rather use a Galileo’s statementto do it in an inverse flow, so people can imagine how I got to my why:
  5. 5. AIESEC MeWorld
  6. 6. We have reached an unprecedented number of inhabitants and resources utilization in our story
  7. 7. And sometimes I see that the world looks like a bunch of foundations managed by churches; although they cause positiveimpact, although their honorable purposes, this kind of organizations never get together; because they are ruled by creeds that do not gather at all
  8. 8. That’s why I believe in the power of Hubs (the center part of a wheel); because they can unite differentcreeds and realities under the same umbrella
  9. 9. Our wor l d in number s0 - 14 years old And there’s a generation more15 - 30 years old suitable to change31 - 64 years oldMore than 65 years old 8% 29% 25% 2.600.000.000 38%
  10. 10. The youth that has the power ofdrawing and leveraging the changes we want to see in a mid/long term perspective
  11. 11. And there’s one specific hub, that unitesthe expectations, time and resources of60.000 people divided in 110 countriesthat might have a significant role in thatchange
  12. 12. I see AIESEC as the most trustworthyand practical way to connect youth to positive impact
  13. 13. And this organization has provided mewith many opportunities to achieve my objectives, such as international experience
  14. 14. mc vp ogx gi p oc l og vpx/ogx gcdp i n l cp ocp ban gl adesh gcdp i n i n don esi a n oxt memberst eer i n g t eam n at i on al l eader sh i p member coor di n at or Effective management & Leadership opportunities
  15. 15. 3 year s of l eader sh i p exper i en ces (VP, l cp, n st , mc) 700% gr owt h X+L r e as l cp160% gr owt h t n r e 850% gr owt h ep r e as VPOGX as l cp 258% gr owt h t n r a as l cp br azi l t op 1 i n gi p eps r a an d ma as mc ch ai r ed 926 ai esec con f er en ces con f er en ces br azi l i an r el at i ve exch an ge gr owt h exch an ge r ecogn i t i on (mor e t h an 1000%) asr ecogn i t i on as vp vpogx Effective management & Leadership skills
  16. 16. Why How WhatI do believe life as a huge set of opportunities. Although there’s still no harmony in theway these opportunities are spread. I’ve had the opportunity to go on exchange 3 times,to study in a private school, to go to a public university, and I do believe that peopleshould have equality of opportunitites to achieve their dreams. So, my why is to bepositively relevant to make ideas possible and connect the right people to make ithappen.My idea is to spread the learning of 3 values to be the core of leadership development:Simplicity, Humbleness and Sensibility upon other and the environment. Everything puttogether in a constant chain of growth and learning environment.Create an borderless educational system that gathers capable people to interact withdifferent ways of learning, getting in touch with possible sponsors and connecting peoplewith similar purposes to help each other to achieve it. Discovering my personal mission
  17. 17. Personal mission Capt different ways of learning Contribution to the global network Collaborate with people to achieve their goals But the most important thing…
  18. 18. Be positively relevant to 2 billion people Gave me a practical way to achieve my ambition
  19. 19. Which connects me back to youth
  20. 20. And makes my existence relevant to the world